Monday, 2017-08-14

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rheagarhi ,  i tried to upgrade my glib from 2.46 to 2.50.1,  i meet such error,  ERROR: Required build target 'nativesdk-glib-2.0' has no buildable providers07:36
rheagardoes anyone know how to fix it, this error bothers me07:36
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LetoThe2ndrheagar: on which release, and how did you do the version bump?07:41
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rheagarLetoThe2nd: my local yocto is 2.1, i synced a new yocto project , and check out the glib version tag , then i move all glib related file to my local build.07:43
rheagarLetoThe2nd: i make some changes like downgrade python3 to python2 , remove manpages support , for other changes, i think they don't matter07:44
LetoThe2ndrheagar: i'd suggest to give it a clean approach first. e.g. 1) get a fresh clone of poky on your desired branch 2) add an empty custom layer 3) in that custom layer, do the version bump07:46
LetoThe2ndplus for bumping, i'd say to try and get the last 2.50 state from poky mainline, like
LetoThe2ndthen you can be pretty sure that you did not accidentially do something wrong in the version forwarding07:48
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rheagarLetoThe2nd:  thanks for your help , from my new observation , i find  in new glib added  PACKAGECONFIG[libmount], which will make something like nativesdk-coreutils(libmount), this fails.08:24
rheagarLetoThe2nd:  so seems as glib is nativesdk, all PACKAGECONFIG in it should be nativesdk too.08:25
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LetoThe2ndrheagar: at least all that are enabled, yes08:38
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alexlarssonI'm having problems building morty12:11
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alexlarssonERROR: slang-2.3.0-r0 do_configure: This autoconf log indicates errors, it looked at host include and/or library paths while determining system capabilities.12:11
alexlarssonRerun configure task after fixing this.12:11
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alexlarssondue to:12:11
alexlarssonchecking for ncurses5-config... /mnt/ssd/vcs/gnome/freedesktop-sdk-base/build/x86_64/tmp-glibc/sysroots/qemux86-64/usr/bin/crossscripts/ncurses5-config12:11
alexlarssonchecking for terminfo... ERROR: /usr/bin/ncurses5-config should not be used, use an alternative such as pkg-config12:11
alexlarssonIs this a known issue?12:11
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yatesERROR: The hw-test-image recipe is an image, and therefore is not supported by this tool13:46
yatesfrom the command "devtool modify -x hw-test-image src/hw-test-image"13:46
yatesyet "bitbake hw-test-image" works fine.13:46
yatesany ideas why ?13:54
zeddiiRP: ping. I wanted to confirm some kernel version plans with you. Now that I'm back from vacation and will finish up my features.13:55
yatesTafThorne: any ideas?13:56
TafThorneyates: I am not that familiar with the devtool commands.13:57
TafThorneI tend to write and edit lots of things myself in a text editor.13:58
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yatesno this isnt' a gui. the name sounds like it, but it's not.13:59
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TafThorneIt may be a ui though14:00
yatesone of the things it does is keep the modified tmp/work-space/kernel-source directory available for further tweaking.14:00
TafThorne"devtool helps you easily develop projects whose build output must be part of an image built"
TafThorneAn image cannot be part of an image.14:01
TafThorneSo you get the "recipe is an image, and therefore is not supported by this tool" error message to tell you that.14:01
yatesfrom, "$ devtool modify recipe"14:03
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yatesyou give it a recipe name.14:03
yatesthis worked on another recipe anme. must be something it doesn't like about this one..14:04
TafThorne"The hw-test-image recipe is an image,"14:04
TafThorneIt will not work on image recipies.14:04
yatesok, it's monday...14:04
TafThorneWell that is how I read its error message and the sections in the manual.14:04
TafThorneWas the other recipie that it did work on for something smaller than a whole image?14:05
TafThorneLike a kernel, application, patch or something?14:06
RPzeddii: hi!14:07
zeddiihey ... digging out from email backlog, but I'm skipping the usual catch up to get some code out the door.14:08
zeddiiRP: my issue is that looking at the release date, I had targetted 4.13 as the kernel and set the -dev kernel in motion for that, but it is on rc5 right now. which means the full kernel won't be out before the feature freeze.14:09
zeddii4.14 will be the next LTS, which means once again, I can't target it in the fall as a reference.14:09
zeddiiso either I do a -rc recipe for feature freeze, or fall back to 4.12.14:09
RPzeddii: will we get 4.13 final before the release?14:10
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RPzeddii: or cutting it fine?14:10
yatesTafThorne: i guess it was a kernel-recipe14:11
zeddiicode freeze is the 18th of september, right ?14:11
yatesyeah, the kernel recipe worked with devtool14:11
RPzeddii: For M4, yes14:12
TafThorneyates: a kernel-recipie is not an image recipie.  If my reading is correct that would be why it worked.  Could you try modifying a component of the hw-test-image instead of the whole image?14:13
zeddiiRP: yah. so the timeline would be Sept 3rd if linus does a -rc8. there wouldn't be any surprises now in the kernel, so if I do a -rc kernel right away, we'd be bumping the REVs and doing one last round of sanity about 2 weeks before M4 cutoff.14:14
zeddiibut honestly, I can go either way on this. 4.12 is just as random a version as anything else, it'll just be a few months more stale, but just as short a maintenance window upstream.14:15
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RPzeddii: I'm tempted to say 4.12 and give us all a little bit less pressure14:16
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RPzeddii: we don't have any pressing need for 4.13?14:17
yatesTafThorne: isn't the kernel recipe a component of the image? that's what i did14:17
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zeddiiRP: I'm also leaning that way, since I'm sure there will be other issues in M4 (as usual). I'll troll 4.13's logs and see if anything jumps out. but assume 4.13 unless I find something 'must have' .. and that is unlikely.14:17
zeddiiassume 4.12 !!!14:18
RPzeddii: was about to say :)14:18
zeddiithat was an important number to not typo!14:18
RPzeddii: sounds like a plan14:18
zeddiicool. I'll go get it done now. I'm prepp'd so it shouldn't take long, just builds and sanity booting.14:18
RPzeddii: sounds good. I'm drowning in build failures :(14:19
zeddiiI'm two weeks out of date, will see what I find lurking.14:19
RPzeddii: never did reply to you directly about those long standing bugs but I think we did get movement on some of them at least14:20
zeddiiRP: no worries. and yes, they both finally moved along. the perf one is still outstanding, but I'll check in to see what exactly has happened on it (did you grab it ? I recall something like that as the last update).14:20
RPzeddii: I have a large pile of problem bugs :(14:21
RPzeddii: the bitbake server changes are keeping me busy14:21
zeddiiRP: :( .. assuming I can get the 4.12 + frags stuff done as planned, I'll loop back around and see what I can pick up.14:22
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hmwelIm trying to auto start a gui application on boot using systemd on a waylad/weston system but when i start the service it complains about error: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set in the environment.14:33
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jpewhmwel: Yes you need to set that variable in order to start weston14:46
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TafThorneTafThorne: Yes, I think the kernel-recipie is part of the hw-test-image recipe.  I was more asking if you needed to use devtool modify -x hw-test-image at all?14:49
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brrmis this the right place to ask about openembedded layer contents?14:58
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TafThornebrrm: You can try asking15:00
TafThornebrrm: One of us can then try answering.15:00
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brrmI added recipes-support/libbsd/ to my image. I expected it would install queue.h, but it doesn't.15:01
brrmdo I have to do sth. special to get the header files installed?15:01
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zepto88i have an .deb in SRC_URI, do_unpack fails, feels like yocto cant find xz or something15:02
zepto88anyone had a similair issue?15:03
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TafThornebrrm: does anything require the recipe?  I guess you have added it to an append in local.conf or something?15:08
TafThornezepto88: what is the error message?15:08
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brrmTafThorne: I wrote my own image recipe, based on an existing image. there is no error message. is installed, but without the headers15:15
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zepto88ar x <deb package> data.tar.xz && tar --no-same-owner -xpf data.tar.xz && rm15:21
zepto88data.tar.xz failed with return value 215:21
zepto88do_unpack cant extract the deb package for some reason15:21
zepto88found this mailthread with the same error that links to this commit:
zepto88this is the commit
zepto88i have this patch, still doesnt work15:23
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TafThornebrrm:  there are not many headers here:
TafThornebrrm: now wait.  I found them in the include directroy  Looking at the recipe it does not do anything that exotic with the source .tar file.  Does `inherit autotools pkgconfig` sort out the deployment of recipe results automatically?15:35
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majukHey all, trying to get some more control over the packages present in my image. I kinda understand the structure under the image definition, however there is something that I don't understand. core-image.bbclass installs packagegroup-base-extended. It looks like the -extended revision of package-base does... nothing. It includes 3 blank variables.17:06
majukCan someone confirm that I'm right there? Any questions or comments appreciated.17:07
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majuk*4 blank vbariables17:08
nrossimajuk: look further down in ->
majuk <-relevant snip from packagegroup-base.bb17:09
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majuknrossi: Not sure what you're referring to. Those packagegroups are included per MACHINE/COMBINED/DISTRO_FEATURES, _not_ as a result of the ADD_* variables in packagegroup-core-extended.17:13
majukIf that's wrong, please correct me.17:13
nrossimajuk: the ADD_* variables are set to non empty depending on distro/machine features17:15
majuknrossi: Ah! ok, I see what it's doing now. Thanks.17:16
nrossimajuk: np, can be easy to miss those anonymous functions :)17:16
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yateswe are hijacking several GPIO pins from enet2. so it seems that, in addition to reconfiguring the pin muxes for those pins, we somehow need to turn enet2 off: ->
yatesis this correct? if so, how would we do this?18:08
yates(see line 176, e.g.)18:08
yatesis it via the status ?18:08
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yatesdoes yocto leave sources/poky/build/tmp/work-shared/<machine-name>/kernel-source/... intact after a successful image build?18:42
yatesif so, then if i subsequently change something there, then will "bitbake image-recipe" rebuild the changes there or will they be overwritten?18:44
kergothworkdirs aren't wiped at all by default, for anything, unless you're inheriting the rm_work class18:44
kergothand even then i don't know if it wipes work-shared18:44
kergothand no, it doesn't monitor files in already unpacked sources for changes18:45
kergothif you want that, use the externalsrc class / `devtool modify -x`18:45
yatesthat's what devtool is for18:45
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto18:46
yateswould patching the fs_enet_probe() function in fs_enet-main.c to return a failure for a specific network device be a reasonable way of disabling that network interface?18:48
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majukTrying to understand defconfig/kernel setup. In my machine conf, PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= "linux-wandboard". Found which includes The .inc seems to declare which defconfig is being used, but I don't understand the syntax.20:40
majukThis is from meta-fsl-arm-extra layer20:40
majukCan someone shed light on this? I see there is a linux-wandboard_VER/ folder and a defconfig file under that. Is it that simple? It's going to find the recipe folder and use that defconfig?20:42
kergothsee the bitbake user manual on how fetching works, specially file://20:45
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has quit IRC20:45
RPhalstead: did something happen to the autobuilder?20:46
majukkergoth: Cool, thanks, I'll check that out.20:46
RPhalstead: specificially?20:46
halsteadRP, I used it to test the proxy settings a little bit ago.20:46
RPhalstead: it seems rather unwell and the current build is struggling20:47
halsteadRP, Not sure. I'm getting alerts. Let me see if I can get console access.20:47
RPhalstead: I can log in and its idle :/20:47
RPhalstead: it shouldn't be:
halsteadRP, I got network unreachable at first. But I'm in now. Hrmm.20:48
*** klynn <klynn!> has joined #yocto20:48
halsteadRP, I see some nfs timeouts but new locks are working fine. And I see the twisted process running but just sitting in epoll_wait.20:51
*** scottrif <scottrif!> has joined #yocto20:52
halsteadRP, I haven't seen this before. Shall I investigate or just get it back up now?20:53
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has quit IRC20:59
RPhalstead: you can investigate21:02
RPhalstead: when done retrigger the build of master-next?21:02
halsteadThanks RP. Will do!21:02
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garbadoshello! i'm having issues running `-c testimage` against built images21:09
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto21:09
garbadoswhile do_testimage is trying to set up tap interfaces, i get this error: `sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified` and `Failed to setup tap device. Run runqemu-gen-tapdevs to manually create.`21:10
*** phako[m] <phako[m]!phakomatri@gateway/shell/> has quit IRC21:12
garbadostrying 'sudo `which runqemu-gen-tapdevs`' raises questions about which user will own the tap device -- it's unclear to me what any of this is trying to accomplish, or how i'm supposed to resolve it. googling about yocto tap devices didn't yield much insight, so i'm asking here.21:13
*** moto-timo <moto-timo!~ttorling@> has joined #yocto21:15
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halsteadgarbados, I know how to create the tap devices for the autobuilder. Maybe I can help a little? We specify the builduser's uid21:17
halsteadIn our poky/scripts directory we run "./runqemu-gen-tapdevs 6000 100 32 /opt/poky/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/" to make 32 of them at boot.21:17
garbadosah, ok21:19
garbadosi got it to run but i'm still not sure what a tap device is or why i'd need 4 or 32 or however many of them21:19
*** joshuagl <joshuagl!~joshuagl@> has quit IRC21:25
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RPgarbados: you need one per image you're testing so if you test 3 images in parallel you'd need 321:29
garbadosRP, ah, ty21:29
RPgarbados: the tap device is how it connects into the host networking and allows network communication21:29
RPgarbados: setting up the device is a privileged op and we don't want the build user with such privs in general21:30
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto21:31
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garbadosRP, i understand wanting to restrict those privileges, but runqemu-gen-tapdevs requires root privileges21:31
garbadosunless i misunderstand what you've said?21:31
RPgarbados: it needs root so the main build doesn't need it21:32
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fray  - package librepo0-1.7.20+git0+e1137cbbda-r0.core2_64 requires, but none of the providers can be installed22:02
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RPhalstead: much progress?22:38
RPhalstead: should I run the build on the other AB?22:38
halsteadRP, processes on the nas and on caused me to need to restart the cluster. Working on getting it back up.22:39
RPhalstead: ok, np22:40
halsteadRP, Waiting on failed disks to timeout so I can get the nas mounted again.22:40
halsteadRP, I'll queue the build as soon as possible.22:40
RPhalstead: ah, so it was disk failures causing nfs to slow?22:41
RPhalstead: I could use the other builder if that helps22:41
halsteadRP, No, that's just slowing down a reboot. It looks like hosting the SSTATE directly from the NAS overloaded nginx somehow. I'll try to find out how once I have it back up.22:42
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC22:43
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RPhalstead: ok, np22:43
halsteadRP, ready to queue. Shall I go ahead or would you rather?22:45
RPhalstead: go for it :)22:47
* halstead nods.22:47
RPhalstead: thanks22:49
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