Sunday, 2017-09-10

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black_13this is a dead city00:25
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uhaiderRecommend specs for a yocto machine07:01
uhaiderRAM, processor etc07:01
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uhaiderRecommend specs for a yocto machine07:25
uhaider.RAM, processor etc?07:25
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paulbarkeruhaider: For a build machine? I'd say start with a good 4-core/8-thread i7 or Xeon processor, at least 4GB RAM and at least 1TB disk space. Double the RAM if you're building a GUI stack/web browsers/etc08:14
uhaiderpaulbarker yes for a build machine08:16
uhaidercan you recommend a workstation08:16
uhaiderI am really new in this area.08:16
paulbarkerI can't recommend a specific machine but look for that sort of spec08:17
uhaiderOk. Thanks.08:18
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zzerooHi, my u-boot .bbappend fails under the yocto master. The error is: "ImportError: No module named libfdt". I've heard that it maybe has to do with python but I don't know where to start.11:16
nrossizzeroo: try DEPENDS += "dtc-native" since you want to run on the build host ;)11:44
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nrossizzeroo: thought that might not be enough to get pylibfdt, adding swig-native might help since u-boot can build its own pylibfdt?11:49
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zzeroonrossi: No luck, I've added the DEPENDS to my bbappend, now I get stranger errors
nrossizzeroo: bananapro is not x86-64 is it?12:22
zzerooI only added `DEPENDS += "dtc-native swig-native"` and called then `bitbake u-boot -c clean; bitbake u-boot` nothing more.12:25
zzerooIt's the `swig-native` that seems to have problems with my bananapro BSP env12:26
nrossizzeroo: yer it looks related to python setup tools, you could always just walk around the issue and install pylibfdt on your build machine12:28
nrossizzeroo: though i am surprised that there is nothing in the meta-sunxi layer to handle it :|, but that might just be because that layer doesn't use mainline u-boot12:30
zzerooI thing thats not possible, because we use a easy-build/ Docker environment. Our Build env has only the offical dependencies and is more or less read only for our use case. Do you have more info about the python/ setuptools issue, I'm willing to fix that.12:31
zzerooI have to use Mainline linux and u-boot beside other bleeding edge, but that's another storry ><12:32
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nrossizzeroo: sorry was afk. I am not sure, but maybe a better solution its to update the dtc recipe in oe-core or have one in your repo, since upstream dtc now ships pylibfdt12:55
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