Monday, 2017-09-11

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tasslehoffHow dependent is an SDK on the host distro? Can I build an SDK on Ubuntu 17.04 that can be used on 16.04?06:37
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tasslehoffWhen I change git repo for my u-boot recipe I get a "Package version went backwards". What's the proper way to handle that?06:56
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zzerootasslehoff: You have to create a layer and a .bbappend under "recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot_%.bbappend". I the .bbappend add 'SRC_URI = "gitsm://YOURREPO.git;branch=YOURBRANCH"'. If you just want a different commit/branch you can use 'SRCREV = "GITHASH"'.07:27
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nefethaelHello everyone, anyone using meta-oracle-java on arm here?07:28
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tasslehoffzzeroo: I have that under control, but that makes the package version go backwards. Some SRCPV magic that does not like me switching repos I think07:41
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zzerootasslehoff: If not only the git URL changes, then you should vlt. create a complete recipe `cp -Rv meta / recipes-bsp / u-boot YOURLAYER / recipes-bsp / u-boot-custom`07:48
zzeroovlt. == perhaps ^^07:49
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cornelis there something like a yocto changelog?09:28
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corneli'd like to see what changed between 'jethro' and 'pyro', for example09:29
zzerooThe latest yocto master prints "Host distribution "ubuntu-14.04" has not been validated". Which version is the latest minimal for future versions?09:29
joshuaglcornel: we highlight major changes in the migration guide:
cornelthank you zzeroo09:34
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corneljoshuagl, thank you, this looks more like what i am looking for09:34
cornelhowever, it would be nice to have a list for example of what security bugs were fixed between two releases09:34
joshuaglthe release notes for a release in a stable series include a list of CVE's which have been addressed09:35
joshuagli.e. see the security fixes tab of
zzeroocornel: Such information are on the project website, too.
corneljoshuagl, zzeroo thank you very much. this is the main info i wanted to find09:38
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bluelightningcornel: one thing to keep in mind though is that may not cover all CVEs fixed through recipe upgrades (since it isn't trivial to track that across all of the recipes we maintain)10:28
cornelbluelightning, thank you, i was afraid of that10:32
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vsivanaguluhow can i integrate kivy to yocto10:53
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zzeroovsivanagulu: Search if there is already one recipe If there is no recipe (I found no kivy) create a new recipe
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FabKnaHeyho, anyone uses CLion and knows how to setup in order to use the poky sdk?12:25
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rburtoned21: can you ack enrico's wic patches from friday?12:41
ed21rburton: sure, just a moment.12:42
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otaviohello folks12:46
otaviorburton: did you see the kernel class patches?12:47
rburtonyes, was about to look at the new ones12:47
rburtonotavio: stop sending go patches! :)12:48
rburtonevery time i merge a series you send a new one ;)12:48
otaviorburton: the patch 1 and 2 are ok to go, the patch 3 I will try to simplify it12:49
otaviorburton: also I just sent a giant Go update12:50
otavioMatt and I been working on it12:50
otaviorburton: this is the one to be skipped for now12:51
rburtonotavio: so in that series 1 and 2 are good but skip 3?12:53
otaviorburton: yes12:53
otaviorburton: I am finishing something on meta-freescale which uses the 3; I want to try to simplify it12:54
rburtonotavio: is the go patchbomb on a branch somewhere?12:55
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otaviorburton: it is but with the patman headers13:00
rburtonyeah i guess i can apply that to a temporary branch off master and then rebase13:03
aurelehi everyone13:03
otaviorburton: it has a missing patch header13:04
otaviorburton: want me to send v7 fixing it?13:04
aurelewould it be possible to apply a patch contained in the sources of a package (inside a repository)13:04
rburtonotavio: you can just resend the one patch but please13:04
otavioaurele: hello13:04
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wouterstreamitI am trying to compile my kernel with a custom device tree but I get an error message make[2]: *** No rule to make target 'rk3288-boardcon.dts'.  Stop. (where rk3288-boardcon.dts is my custom dts file) - how can I fix this?13:53
paulbarkerwouterstreamit: Have you set KERNEL_DEVICETREE to the name of your dts file?13:55
zzeroowouterstreamit: It depends on your .bb/ .bbappend file. If you just add the .dts to SRC_URI, then this is not enough.13:56
wouterstreamitI have added the dts in my devtool workspace and yes I set KERNEL_DEVICETREE to this file13:57
wouterstreamitI also added it to the Makefile in arch/arm/boot/dts13:58
paulbarkerOk, I think you need to change KERNEL_DEVICETREE to have the '.dtb' extension instead13:59
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zzeroowouterstreamit: you have to place it under arch/arm/boot/dts/ I think14:00
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zzeroodont change the extension IMO14:00
wouterstreamitpaulbarker: Trying with the changed extension now14:01
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RPramcq: still around? I think I have bbappends which change the program-prefix too15:46
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ramcqRP: oh! neat15:48
ramcqRP: yeah have been a bit all over the place so not really checked out the builds I did on Friday15:48
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kergothHmm, do_kernel_configme is failing, but there's nothing in the log, no indication of why15:56
kergothAnyone have any tips?15:56
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JaMabug zeddii15:57
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RPramcq: seems to build anyway :)16:04
RPramcq: not the nicest thing I've ever written but it does what you wanted afaict16:04
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RParmpit: I have some patches in morty-next which deal with the hanging morty-next selftests. Ok to merge those?16:08
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kergoth$ .kernel-meta/cfg/merge_config_build.log17:07
kergothThe base file '[ERROR]:' does not exist.  Exit.17:07
kergoththat's useful17:07
kergothwhy it'd suppress the output from merge_configs into a log and then not even bother telling the user about the log if it fails is beyond me17:08
FabKnaI want to use log4cplus in my application project. There is a working openembedded recipe. Im wondering what is best practive for getting headers and lib in my application project without using the sdk.17:09
kergothif your project is outside oe/yocto, that's what the sdk is *for*. don't go poking around tmp directly17:10
FabKnathe problem is, Im using CLion and I have no clue how to use the sdk inside of CLion.17:10
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kergoththen you should read about how to configure clion17:12
kergothavoiding the sdk isn't going to magically tell you how to get it configured17:12
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otavioRP: rburton: I did fix the Go patches to fix the patchtest errors and rebased on top of master. The new 12 patches are good to go as well.18:29
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RPotavio: I think some merged to master, are these on top of those?20:50
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otavioRP: yes; I did rebase them21:00
otavioRP: btw, thanks for merging those21:00
otavioRP: the deprecation will be merged on 2.4?21:01
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RPotavio: I think that caused build failures...21:04
otavioRP: I fixed21:06
otavioRP: it did; but I fixed it right after Ross reporting on mailing list21:06
otavioRP: it was failing for qemuarm21:06
RPotavio: ok, sounds like we need to test the new version21:07
*** marka <marka!> has joined #yocto21:08
otavioRP: patch 221:09
otavioRP: If you want,  I can send a new patch version as the first was merged.21:10
RPotavio: updated patches would be good please21:10
otavioRP: ok; will do.21:10
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RParmpit: I've merged the pending pyro patches. Tempted to try a release build with f25 disabled?21:18
otavioRP: I sent v721:18
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armpitRP, k, do with builder so I can monitor21:18
RParmpit: with builder?21:19
armpitRP, did you start a build ?21:19
RParmpit: not yet21:19
RParmpit: I was planning to though if we're ready?21:20
armpitah... s/with/which21:20
RParmpit: ah :)21:20
armpitready if there is spare build time21:21
RParmpit: triggered:
armpitk, I will keep an eye on it.. thanks21:22
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sagnerCan I set varflags with override style? E.g. UBOOT_CONFIG_machine[config] = ...21:50
sagnerIt seems not to work, but maybe I miss something?21:50
*** garbados <garbados!~garbados@2601:1c2:303:6b0:59a5:a124:4e15:bae2> has joined #yocto21:53
kergothsagner: nope21:53
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1202 of nightly-x32 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests Running Sanity Tests_1] Build details are at
RPkergoth: I did wondering about VAR[flagname][override] = "xxx" as a syntax22:10
RPEr, I did wonder or was wondering...22:11
*** maudat <maudat!> has joined #yocto22:11
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otavioRP: VAR[flagname]_override = "xxx"  is ugly but more idiomatic22:20
kergothyeah, VAR[flagname][override] is cleaner, but inconsistent.. i think we'd be better off introducing an entirely new override syntax that applies to both flags and variables, and start deprecating _override in the long term22:22
* kergoth shrugs22:23
RPkergoth: it would stop us having to play guessing games about what is/isn't an override22:23
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto22:28
frayI'd say changing the override format would be grounds for a 3.0  :P22:30
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC22:30
fraybut I'm not against it.. current syntax certainly has issues at time22:30
fraythe option is to introduce a different special character for the override, such as () -- i.e. VAR(override) or VAR[flag](override)22:31
kergothwhile we're at it, we can mull over whether ot keep the _append/_prepend syntax or switch that too, as people are always asking whether htat's cumulative or not, thinking it's part of the name22:33
kergoth() doens't seem unreasonable. anything but _, really..22:34
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RParmpit: not sure what happened with the pyro branch :(22:47
RParmpit: think I slipped a bad patch in :(22:51
*** majuk <majuk!> has quit IRC22:53
RParmpit: retrying22:53
* armpit heart skipped a beat22:54
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JaMaRP: yes the expat patch doesn't apply23:01
*** kpo <kpo!> has quit IRC23:06
RPJaMa: its reverted, I messed up branches somehow :(23:08
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #563 of nightly-no-x11 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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