Wednesday, 2017-09-13

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #480 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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momofarmhi, is there any one know something about Sierra Wireless stuff?01:48
momofarmI'd like to build image without legato stuff01:49
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boucman_worknefethael: I was talking of the overlay patch that was pointed to you...07:22
boucman_worklocal overrides at imge-generation time07:23
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nefethaelboucman_work: ok, it's strange that kind of stuff is not already mainstream :)07:42
boucman_worknefethael: my guess is that the way the yocto people think yocto is used and the problems I have in deep embedded systems are a bit different. That patch was also there to make them aware that the "distro+local administrator" doesn't relly work when there is no user07:45
boucman_workthe only place to do admin-level modifications is at image generation time, but yocto is not geared for that07:45
boucman_workmy patch is one way to do that but there may be other ways... the yocto people might have other plans, or no plan at all. Any way, my patch doesn't need deep surgery, it can be added as a separate layer, so no big deal07:46
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nefethaelboucman_work: indeed. btw, any public layer using that class ? or your work is private ?07:48
boucman_worknefethael: it's kinda private... our private layer is "stuff we need but should be mainlined" so we don't want external people depending on it. We remove recipes without warning when they are mainlline07:49
boucman_workbut the patch is in the ML, so it's trivial to add to your layer if you need it07:49
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nefethaelyes sure, just french curiousity07:52
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boucman_worknefethael: hey, french here too, I can understand that :P08:02
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #511 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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mschoepfHi guys, I emailed yesterday on the yocto mailing list regarding gdbserver debugging and missing /usr/src/debug in -dbg packages or files not found respectively. Can anyone here help, or shall I submit a bug report?!10:35
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rdanterHi all, I have two variations of a library (diff configs), one installed under /usr/lib and the other under /opt/xxx/lib. Checking the generated RPM files all files are under the right dirs but I get warnings  "The recipe xxx is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist."  How can I stop this warning since they are completely independent?11:48
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neverpanicrdanter: did you clean your build directory, just in case these conflicts are leftovers from before you had the libs separated correctly?11:53
neverpanicAlso, it's probably a good idea to set PRIVATE_LIBS for these to avoid automatic dependency calculation jumping around between providers, depending on which one of them was built later11:54
rdanterneverpanic: yes, even tried recreating the whole project11:54
rdanterI will take a look at PRIVATE_LIBS, thanks for the hint :)11:55
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neverpanicrdanter: Did you check that the files staged into the sysroot do not conflict?11:59
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rdanterI will check, just building at the moment with PRIVATE_LIBS set12:12
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aurelewould it be possible to get the recipe wich builds a package?12:25
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rdanterneverpanic: adding PRIVATE_LIBS removed half the warnings, now I only get those about runtime-reverse manifests, before I had that and runtime.12:34
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rdanterany ideas for these other warnings?12:36
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neverpanicpastebin please.12:39
rdanterwarnings or recipe?12:40
neverpanicwarnings, I'd say.12:41
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neverpanicAh, so the problem are the runtime-reverse files, which are generated from the libraries automatically and installed in the pkgdata folder. Those then conflict with the original ones.12:46
neverpanicI would have assumed setting PRIVATE_LIBS would no longer generate those files, but it seems that's not the case. You'll probably have to do some digging in the bbclasses that generate those files to find out how to avoid them for your boost-cpp11.12:47
rdanterok, thanks again12:48
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peacememorieshey, what would i do if i want to use a .bbappend only if a certain image is being built?12:58
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FabKnapeacememories: different options exist. You could use a different layer for this bbappend and include this layer only for the specific image. You could also use BBMASK. But maybe there are better solutions out there.13:05
neverpanicYou cannot make packages behave differently using the images in which they are going to be included. You could use a different MACHINE, a copy of the recipe with a different PN, a layer only enabled when you build packages for this image13:05
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peacememorieshmm okay. different question: say i wanted to change my u-boot package when building for flash storage (enabling ubivol support), could i do this with some sort of machine/image "feature" that i can enable in local.conf?13:07
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peacememoriesone of our test boards already has a complete bsp, and i am loathe to create another one just for adding ubivol support to uboot, but i don't want to add it to the image either. and i also might not always want to build it that way13:08
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neverpanicpeacememories: wouldn't the usual way to do this be creating a disto for this specific use case, add a layer in your distro config and put a bbappend that enables ubivol support into this layer?13:10
neverpanicthat distro config can of course also re-use the bsp you already have13:11
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peacememoriesokay, i guess i'll need to look into distro configs^^13:15
peacememoriesthanks for the info :)13:15
aurelepeacememories, why don't you use a variable wich disable by default the ubi in the recipe, then when you want to enable it you overide the variable from the local.conf?13:15
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peacememoriesaurele i could probably also just add a bbappend-file to my current layer and just deal with the fact that i may have added useless features in some builds for the time being. it's only a test system after all, i will need to write a bsp for our target platform anyway^^13:18
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coldZEROi want to install festival on the target image,  it gives me this error "ERROR: festival-2.3-r0 do_compile: oe_runmake failed" i have added the meta-oe to bblayer also .  how to solve this error ?13:30
peacememoriescoldZERO, does it give you more error information that you could post in a link? the error says it failed running make on the package, but there should be more details :)13:32
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eduardas_mhello, is it possible to write a bitbake recipe that creates an sdcard image that includes two very different rootfs in different partitions? assume I do not want to use wic for sdcard image creation and want to get away with just one bitbake command13:38
eduardas_mwhat would be the proper procedure for implementing this if at all possible? a custom bbclass?13:39
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rburtoneduardas_m: sounds like you want to write a class that replicates wic :)14:00
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coldZERO@peacememories : it gives me another error now and here is the log :
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eduardas_mrburton: is there a wic source that simply lets add files to a partition?14:20
eduardas_mbecause I need to add an initrd inside one of the partitions14:21
eduardas_mwhich is built differently than the other two rootfs'es I need14:21
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janhoHi, Does someone know a place where bitbake recipes for the x86-64 compiler target could be found ? something like udev-native or things like that ?14:41
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ed21eduardas_m: bootimg-partition plugin can do that. files should be in deploy directory and mentioned in IMAGE_BOOT_FILES variable.14:42
ed21eduardas_m: you can see examples in meta-yocto-bsp/conf/machine/beaglebone.conf  and meta-yocto-bsp/conf/machine/edgerouter.conf14:42
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ed21eduardas_m: and in correspondent wks files meta-yocto-bsp/wic/beaglebone.wks meta-yocto-bsp/wic/edgerouter.wks14:43
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eduardas_med21: thank you a lot, will take a look at it right now14:53
ed21eduardas_m: no prob. btw, files can be renamed. you can see it in edgerouter.conf14:54
neverpanicjanho: Are you looking for poky/meta/recipes-devtools/gcc?14:55
neverpanicAlthough IIRC bitbake does not build a separate compiler for your build machine, it uses your system compiler.14:55
janhoneverpanic, no, I'm looking for udev-native :/ to compile tools14:56
janhoI need the libudev headers and library from host compiler14:56
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neverpanicpoky/meta/recipes-core/udev, seems like you'd to add a bbappend that adds BBCLASSEXTEND = "native", though.14:59
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janhooh tks, I didn't think to bappend for this purpose15:00
*** mrpelotazo <mrpelotazo!> has joined #yocto15:00
janhoI try it15:00
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tcpdumpIf I want yocto to run my cronjobs can I just create a custom file in cron.d?16:06
tcpdumpIm installing the crony package.16:06
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JaMaRP: IIRC you have once described some issue in pseudo, which wasn't completely fixed only improved to be a lot more rare, I'm still seeing some recipes to sometimes create files with UID/GID of the user running bitbake, but only very rarely (like 2 times in 1000 rebuilds of given recipe with latest pseudo) with the version in morty it happens a bit more often (like 5 times in 1000), does it ring a bell? The16:20
JaMapseudo log shows many errors, but with both versions and in both builds when the UID is correct and when it's not16:20
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC16:21
RPJaMa: the issue I 'fixed' was a hang which was replaced with a slight chance of data corruption with high numbers of processes. There is something odd goes wrong with glibc-locale and others and I have no real understanding of that except that its to do with deleted files and reuse of inodes from previous files which were deleted outside pseudo16:22
*** colrack <colrack!~colrack@> has quit IRC16:26
neverpanicJaMa: FWIW, I've also seen this issue16:26
*** gunnarx <gunnarx!~user@unaffiliated/gan> has joined #yocto16:27
JaMaRP: neverpanic: yes that looks like related to inodes, in my logs I see:
RPJaMa: I'd guess rm_work makes it worse16:28
*** stephano <stephano!stephano@nat/intel/x-awmyenzvnuhnfply> has quit IRC16:28
JaMaby removing the pseudo database from previous run?16:29
JaMaor rather recreating files all the time? because I'm not sure if pseudo directory is removed by rm_work16:29
*** yann <yann!> has quit IRC16:30
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*** Sandrews <Sandrews!6b001996@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:32
sveinseI have a imx6 system running krogoth and systemd. I want it to log verbosely to the console, but currently it doesn't. How do I enable this?16:33
SandrewsHey everyone, I'm trying to do an rsync with to get all of the IPK files for a given release, but it seems to be password protected. Does anyone know how to circumvent this/a mirror?16:34
sveinseInterestingly I have a console=ttymxc0,115200 console=ttymxc0,115200 console=tty1 statement in the kernel cmd line. On ubuntu systems this should be enough to get logging, but apparently not here16:35
kergothsveinse: check for 'quiet' or a change to the log level on the commandline16:36
kergothkernel commandline, that is16:36
sveinsekergoth: I have level 4 on loglevel.16:36
sveinseWhat direction is more level? Do you know16:36
sveinse7 is nice :D16:38
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sveinseHow is a service stopped under systemd? Isn't SIGTERM sent to it?16:41
RPJaMa: pseudo directory is removed I think so perhaps its related to rebuilds?16:41
JaMaRP: neverpanic: I've tried to find the more significant difference in pseudo.log files with: for E in "inode mismatch" "creat ignored for existing file" "path mismatch" "creat for.*replaces existing"; do echo $E; for L in WORKDIR.*/pseudo/pseudo.log; do grep -q "$E" $L && grep -c "$E" $L && echo $L; done; done16:42
sveinseMy service has some important cleanup to do before a shutdown, and the service use 10-20secs in response to SIGTERM. But systemd kills it withing 2 seconds. The DefaultTimeoutStopSec is set to 1m30s, so apparently something else is happeneing16:43
JaMaand "path mismatch" is very common shown at least 231 times in small component, but builds with wrong UIDs have slightly different number16:43
JaMabut other 3 log entries are shown usually only in build where the UID was wrong in the end16:44
JaMabut I have also one build where they were shown, but UID correct16:44
*** lilbby <lilbby!~liberta1@> has quit IRC16:44
fraywhat is your filesystem?16:45
fraythere are two causes (that I know of) for the inode mismatch.. either the file was modified outside of pseudo control -- or you are on a filesystem that does not have persistent inodes16:46
*** ed21 <ed21!~Adium@> has quit IRC16:46
JaMafray: ext4 (rw,noatime,barrier=0,commit=6000)16:46
RPfray: I think we have many issues with modified outside pseudo control (deleted)16:46
frayya, that should not have the persistence issues16:46
RPfray: I think it can under certain circumstances :/16:47
* RP just doesn't know what they are16:47
fraythere is the potential for inode truncation on '32-bit' with larger then 32-bit number of inodes on the system... but that should also be rare16:48
fray(with LFS enabled, which I believe is the default -- I don't think it will actually occur in practice)16:48
JaMaRP: I'm restarting the test, but it looks like rm_work wasn't used in my previous loop, because I'm doing bitbake -c cleansstate foo && bitbake -c build foo in Yocto 2.2 Morty where it doesn't trigger rm_work task16:49
*** milindur <milindur!> has quit IRC16:50
JaMafray: Filesystem features: has_journal ext_attr resize_inode dir_index filetype needs_recovery extent flex_bg sparse_super large_file huge_file uninit_bg dir_nlink extra_isize16:57
JaMafray: if LFS is the large_file ext4 feature than I have it enabled as well16:58
frayI don't remember how to do it, but you'd need to check the total number of inodes on the device.. see if it's larger then 32-bit..16:58
fraythat would be the corner case that -could- trigger a problem, one that I've not seen because LFS should prevent that16:58
JaMa/dev/mapper/vg00-jenkins                                 65798144  10108243  55689901   16% /jenkins16:59
RPJaMa: I would love a way of reproducing it. rburton and I do see this on local rebuilds now and again, usually glibc-locale, usually when large parts of the system have changed sig16:59
RPJaMa: I have to suspect inode numbers since it isn't always reproducible :/16:59
JaMaRP:  maybe we can make those 3 pseudo log entries more visible/fatal for the build and then it might be easier to spot what leads to it, than noticing it afterwards from wrong UID17:00
JaMaor at least to find out if there are valid reasons for those to happen at all17:01
*** jmcruzal <jmcruzal!jmcruzal@nat/intel/x-ksrwkfezmachzzjf> has quit IRC17:02
RPJaMa: "creat ignored for existing file 'file-with-wrong-UID'." does sound very like the file was deleted but had an ID in the pseudo database17:02
RPJaMa: I wonder if we could/should add some kind of sanity test17:03
*** dave0x6d <dave0x6d!uid190567@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto17:03
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JaMaRP: it's also interesting that these UID issues seems to be triggered only for some files, e.g. in the component I'm testing it's always one from 2 files and in glibc-locale I also remember seens just few files, so it's not completely random17:04
*** zarzar <zarzar!b84be93a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has left #yocto17:04
frayis some task running in parallel w/ othe rprocessing that is under pseudo control?17:05
fraythe other cause could be something (on the host) with setuid running (since that would prevent pseudo).. but I can't think of ANY standard tool that should/could be under setuid17:05
*** FabKna <FabKna!> has joined #yocto17:06
JaMaRP: sanity check just grepping pseudo.log like we do for configure issues? that's good idea and easy to implement17:07
JaMafray: in my case while rebuilding the same component 1000 times, there is very little parallelism involved, but I can set BB_THREAD to 117:08
*** spooky_d <spooky_d!~spooky@> has quit IRC17:09
JaMaon the other hand with 2 failures in 1000, it won't prove anything to do another 1000 without issue with BB_NUMBER=117:09
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto17:10
JaMawe need at least a bit more reliable reproducer17:10
frayparallelism I was thinking was something that a make or do_install or something was running..17:10
JaMaRP: I'll add that sanity check and give it a spin17:10
fraylets say do_compile runs and spews off some background processes.. finishes, and bitbake moves on to do_install (under pseudo) and starts doing things..17:10
frayif somehow they 'clash', that could cause a problem.. I have seen that in some of the more complicated builders (in the past)..17:11
fraybut nothign recently17:11
JaMaI see, but I doubt that it happens in my component17:11
*** Sandrews <Sandrews!6b001996@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC17:12
JaMait doesn't do anything special, for the file which ends with wrong UID it calls qmake REPLACE and that's it17:12
fraybe interesting to know what this 'qmake REPLACE' does internally..17:13
frayuses some kind of syscall of function not emulated?17:13
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dl9pfkergoth: ping ... i found your message about: "| build.exe: error: Option -n only allows one instance in command line! "  (ovmf)   do you remember how that was fixed ?17:31
kergothdl9pf: it just needs PARALLEL_MAKE = "". the recipe already disables it for native, but it can fail on target too17:33
kergothhaven't had a chance to submit it17:33
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dl9pfkergoth: aah, tnx.18:00
kergothnot a very informative error, took some trial and error :)18:01
dl9pfkergoth: i bet. i can offer to take care18:02
dl9pfI assume pyro + master needs it.18:02
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tcpdumpis there a way to disable IPv6 in Morty?19:07
rburtonremove ipv6 from distro features?19:09
rburtoni presume you're writing software for The Past :)19:09
*** milindur <milindur!> has joined #yocto19:10
D0lapevichafternoon. I have a question: I am finding it hard to change kernel configuration.19:10
D0lapevichI do a -c menuconfig19:11
D0lapevichand it utterly ignores my changes.19:11
D0lapevichI just need to add some options to the standard configuration.19:11
D0lapevichWhat would be the best way to do that?19:11
tcpdumprburton: yes - making a time machine, it only goes backwards.  :(19:13
tcpdumpDoes anyone know, is that a bitbake argument to tell it to ignore hash mistmatches on builds?19:13
tcpdumpIm getting that, basically, its showing a mismatch for a remote file it tries to pull down.19:15
tcpdumpIm not sure how to work around that.19:15
lsandov1tcpdump: why not placing the correct checksums, as indicate in the log?19:17
tcpdumplsandov1: im not even sure where thats being called from?19:21
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tcpdumpFigured it out.19:35
tcpdumprburton:   DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "ipv6"19:35
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lukmaDear All,20:26
lukmaCan somebody explain me following phenomen:20:26
lukma1. I do have on meta-foo,20:26
lukmaWhich has two recipies -> which has a lot of stuff in IMAGE_INSTALL and is large (300 Mib) and, which is supposed to be tiny one.20:26
lukmaThe problem is that for both of them (bitbake -e recipe | grep ^IMAGE_INSTALL) I do have a lot of packages defined with IMAGE_INSTALL.20:26
lukmaShouldn't those two packages have disjont IMAGE_INSTALL settings?20:26
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*** kpo_ <kpo_!> has joined #yocto20:28
lukmaIt seems like IMAGE_INSTALL for gets some stuff appended:20:28
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kergothuse bitbake -e, it'll show a history of changes to the variable, and its final value, so you can see how precisely it got set the way it is20:33
*** joshuagl <joshuagl!joshuagl@nat/intel/x-lkmlykiouktelxwt> has joined #yocto20:33
lsandov1kergoth: without bitbake -e, one would be lost!20:34
kergothconsidering how few inspection tools we have, the ones we do have are even more important, yes :)20:34
lsandov1hehe right20:35
lukmakergoth: especially handy bitbake -e | grep ^IMAGE_INSTALL20:35
lsandov1kergoth: the other inspection tool I can think of is git grep20:35
lukmabecause the bare bitbake -e is to verbose20:35
kergothlukma: if you grep it out, you can easily miss the variable tracking history that immediately precedes the variable definition itself20:36
kergothif you want to see that info, pipe to less and searchf or it instead20:36
lukmakergoth: Ok20:36
lukmakergoth: And the penny has dropped20:38
lukmait seems like the problem is with common ./conf/xxx.distro file which adds to IMAGE_INSTALL20:38
kergothno distro should ever be touching IMAGE_INSTALL20:39
kergoththat violates our independent axes of distro/machine/image20:39
kergothif the distro really wants something in its default images across the board, there are better variables for that20:39
lukmakergoth: I do have a set of 'base' packages20:41
lukmaand I thought that it would be nice to "pack" them all to *.distro file20:41
lukmaWhat other technique shall I use to achieve that ?20:41
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has quit IRC20:41
kergothwe already have packagegroup recipes with sets of packages, can you not use and/or modify those?20:41
kergothpackagegroup-base, etc20:41
lukmaThose are embedded oriented one, also the rootfs is pretty tunned20:42
kergothif your rootfs is that tuned, you should just create your own image recipes and packagegroup recipes20:42
kergothand install htose packagegroups in your images20:42
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has quit IRC20:42
kergothif something is truly common to them all, just create a bbclass with the bits common to your images, and inherit it in them all20:43
kergothlots of cleaner ways than doing things in your global configuration20:43
lukmaI've thought that *.distro is for this (I do create my own distribution of SW, with _<machine> appended for different ones)20:44
lukmakergoth: I'm just curious:20:45
lukmaIn the distro I do use: IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " nano " (which is as you said wrong)20:46
kergothyeah, that's completely wrong, and not at all what distros are for in the yocto universe20:46
lukmabut then in the there is IMAGE_INSTALL = "list of packages"20:46
kergothdistros are global configuration and policy. how things are built, what feautres are supported, either globally or in particular recipes, what packaging formats are used, etc20:47
lukmawhy thins IMAGE_INSTALL = behaves like IMAGE_INSTALL_append ?20:47
kergoth_append is a postponed operation, it'll happen after the assignment int he recipe, so will be added to both20:47
kergothit doesn't20:47
kergothas i just said, _append isn't immediate, it appends to the value of th evariable later on, when it's used. the assignment in the recipe won't override that20:47
lukma kergoth -> so now it is clear .... :)20:47
kergothsee the bitbake user manual for detials on the file format20:47
lukmawith _append OE waits till IMAGE_INSTALL =20:48
lukmaand then "appends" to it20:48
lukmaOk, I will poke around for packagegroup way of definition20:49
kergothappend, prepend, and remove are all postponed operations. they occur at when the variables are used, which is long after the parsing of the recipes20:50
lukmakergoth: Thanks for your support.20:54
lukmaI now do understand where I did the mistake20:54
lukmakergoth: Is it possible to make RDEPENDS_${PN}_machine = conditional assignment?20:55
lukmaI do have some packages which are applicable only to special machines20:55
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JaMaRP: that insane check for pseudo.log was just RFC, the v1 from ML might be a bit too strict, I can send v2 without inode mismatch and bb.error like in
*** klynn <klynn!> has joined #yocto21:26
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JaMaRP: thanks for quick merge of the backports to pyro and morty21:26
*** scottrif <scottrif!> has joined #yocto21:27
RPJaMa: I wasn't planning on taking that to master, just playing with it21:32
RPJaMa: I'm curious if those other errors in dbus for example might let us spot real issues21:32
RPJaMa: np on the backports, those ones should be easy/safe I hop21:34
JaMasome people at work got new fast machines and were complaining about this glibc-locale QA issue recently21:38
JaMaRP: the dbus and systemd pseudo erorrs were both about passwd and group files, so maybe all recipes with useradd trigger this21:39
JaMaand there weren't the other errors shown in the pseudo.log with UID issue21:39
*** kpo_ <kpo_!> has joined #yocto21:40
RPJaMa: I wondered about useradd...21:43
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RPJaMa, fray: bitbake dbus; bitbake dbus -c install -f; bitbake dbus is a reliable trigger for creating messages22:31
JaMaRP: only for the inode mismatch right?22:34
JaMabtw: my last buildhistory diff shows a lot of packages differences like:22:35
JaMa-PKG = libcairo-staticdev22:35
JaMa PKGR = r0pro522:35
JaMa+PKG = libcairo-staticdev22:35
JaMais the order of lines undeterministic or was it changed recenly? This build is from Morty and I haven't seen any buildhistory related changes there22:35
ant_homeI am still using sysvinit and serial console is b0rked22:38
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ant_homeculprit seems to be ac0e9541f start_getty: Over added SERIAL_CONSOLE cause error in userspace log YOCTO #1084422:39
RPJaMa: yes, but I think these other issues can grow from the inode mismatches...22:39
ant_homegrep fails on 'PXA serial'22:39
RPJaMa: nothing changed afaik22:39
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JaMaRP: I just got another wrong UID issue, but this time from CONTROL file (with ipk package class) "QA Issue: foo: /foo-dbg/CONTROL/control is owned by uid 1101, which is the same as the user running bitbake. This may be due to host contamination [host-user-contaminated]"22:54
sgwant_home: there a space in there?  which grep fails?22:56
ant_homefirst one, finds just PXA22:56
JaMaand this time nothing interesting in pseudo.log22:57
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ant_homesgw, root@c7x0:~# cat /proc/tty/driver/PXA\ serial23:01
frayI got a failure (master-next)23:02
fraypoint to:23:02
fray    lf = bb.utils.lockfile(d.expand("${PACKAGELOCK}"), True)23:02
fraygot failres related to recipe-sysroot-native/installeddeps/...complete  as well23:03
sgwant_home: not sure why the first one would fail  I think this one is failing maybe, we need quotes around the $line?23:03
frayPresumably this is a similar lock file dumped out by bitbake (outside of regular pseudo)23:03
sgw+               activetty=$(grep -v "unknown" /proc/tty/driver/$line | tail -n +2 | grep -oh "^\s*\S*[0-9]")23:04
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ant_homesgw, not enough. still wrong $line from before23:05
ant_homeroot@c7x0:~# grep "serial" /proc/tty/drivers | grep -oh "^\s*\S*[0-9]*"23:05
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ant_homesgw, but:23:07
ant_homeroot@c7x0:~# grep -v "unknown" /proc/tty/driver/PXA\ serial | tail -n +2 | grep23:07
ant_home-oh "^\s*\S*[0-9]"23:07
ant_homeimho is just the first grep to fix23:08
ant_homesorry, lost the last char hee...23:09
ant_homesecond grep is fine once we fix the $line23:09
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JaMaRP: in slightly bigger build I got errors from this do_qa_pseudo (even after ignoring inode mismatches) from 51 recipes including some packagegroups, so it might be still too much23:22
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JaMaif I filter only those from oe-core: update-rc.d glibc linux-yocto glibc-locale packagegroup-core-boot packagegroup-core-ssh-dropbear ncurses util-macros util-linux lttng-ust python3 glib-2.0 python libconfig nettle flex curl sed llvm perl coreutils elfutils pango libnl openssh iptables strace nss alsa-plugins  grub-efi sysvinit systemtap gdb lttng-modules23:24
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