Thursday, 2017-09-14

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needmoreramHi guys00:29
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angspatt03I'm writing a custom recipe for my app and it depends on (provided by dtc package)00:36
angspatt03Since it's a runtime dependency I listed "dtc" under RDEPENDS variable00:36
angspatt03however the configure step for my package fails saying not found00:36
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angspatt03however if I move dtc to DEPENDS variable, everything works well00:38
angspatt03but why is this the case? Shouldn't runtime dependencies be in RDEPENDS as a matter of principle?00:39
sagnerangspatt03: RDEPENDS influences which packages get *installed*. Using DEPENDS is the correct variable here.00:41
angspatt03hmm, so rdepends is for library that are not linked during compile time, but used in other ways: like dlopen()00:42
angspatt03is my understand correct?00:43
sagnerangspatt03: (R)DEPENDS sound very similar but are quite different: RDEPENDS is a list of packages, whereas DEPENDS is a list of recipes...00:43
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sagnerangspatt03: yes, DEPENDS is for build time dependencies, and RDEPENDS you would use for something which is really only required at runtime (e.g. library loaded via dlopen())00:43
angspatt03that makes sense00:44
angspatt03thanks sagner!00:44
sagnerFWIW, the ref manual has also a rather good documentation about it:
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angspatt03cool! All I consulted were some SO posts, but this makes it clear00:48
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User12345678Between framebuffer and x11 build, which do I need or choose, or how do I choose?03:04
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drnotion3Hi guys, does anyone know how to configure fpu support for arm v8 64-bit processor?04:41
drnotion3I'm looking at, and I see that TARGET_FPU_64 is simply set to ""04:42
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User12345678I cannot find: refs/heads/imx-4.1.15-krogoth04:52
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eduardas_mhello, how can I tell wic to use a specific rootfs from the deploy directory when creating an image?07:28
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eduardas_mi.e. I have different rootfs'es that I got building different images there, and I want to use both of them in the same sdcard image on different partitions07:29
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eduardas_med21: hello, how can I tell wic to use a specific rootfs from the deploy directory when creating an image? i.e. I have two different rootfs'es that I got building different images there, and I want to use both of them in the same sdcard image on different partitions08:18
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ed21eduardas_m: you can use rootfs plugin to do this. you can see multi-rootfs example in scripts/lib/wic/canned-wks/directdisk-multi-rootfs.wks08:22
eduardas_med21: thank you08:23
ed21eduardas_m: note, that there are 2 ways of specifying rootfs. both are explained in the comments of directdisk-multi-rootfs.wks08:24
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nefethaelboucman_work: Hi, i'm trying to integrate image_overlay class, and use it in a recipe, but i'm not sure how to use OVERLAY_ROOT_DIRS. Let say we need to change /etc/avahi/services/ssh.service for example?09:07
boucman_workthe idea is that you create a file $OVERLAY_ROOT_DIR/etc/avahi/services/ssh.service09:11
boucman_worknow, for the details, i'll have to check the code :)09:11
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nefethaelboucman_work: back09:14
nefethaelI didn't get your answer09:16
boucman_workboucman_work: the idea is that you create a file $OVERLAY_ROOT_DIR/etc/avahi/services/ssh.service09:17
boucman_workboucman_work: now, for the details, i'll have to check the code :)09:17
boucman_workso OVERLAY_ROOT_DIR is usually a sub-directory of your WORKDIR where the files to overlay have been pulled in by do_fetch (I'm not sure if SRC_URI works for image tasks... I think it's reactivated by our patch but i'm not sure... gimmme a sec to check)09:18
boucman_workok, my bad, that's not exactly how the patch works09:20
boucman_workyou devine OVERLAY_SRC_URI with a file/directory/archive to fetch09:20
boucman_workthe archive is unpacked, and create a subdir under WORKDIR09:20
boucman_workyou give the name of that subdir un OVERLAY_ROOT_DIR09:20
boucman_workthe content of that subdir is written as-is on the target rootfs (so the archive needs to have a rootfs-like directory structure)09:21
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nefethaelI understand for an archive, but for a file ?09:24
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boucman_workhonestly, i'm not sure if/how it works for a file, you probably want to do it with an archive, it's the simplest way to do it...09:28
boucman_workno, it wouldn't work with a simple file.09:29
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eduardas_med21: can I use the part command in wks file without specifying the mount point? I do not want my fstab to be modified09:51
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ed21eduardas_m: yes, you can.09:54
eduardas_med21: I simply omit the mountpoint part in part [mntpoint]?09:56
ed21eduardas_m: you can also use name there without leading slash, e.g. "part second_root". It's more informative and also doesn't cause fstab update.09:57
ed21eduardas_m: yes, you can simply omit it. it's optional.09:57
ed21eduardas_m: "wic help kickstart" may help you :)09:58
eduardas_med21: thank you... one more thing... I have added an initrd to a partition using the bootimg-partition approach you told me about yesterday... but can I also tell wic to create a folder "boot" in a partition and add the initrd inside of it?09:59
eduardas_mthe initrd is added to IMAGE_BOOT_FILES in my machine .conf file10:02
eduardas_mi.e. I want the partition to have /boot/initrd and not just /initrd inside10:02
ed21eduardas_m: yes, you can specify path I guess. Try this IMAGE_BOOT_FILES ?= "initrd;boot/initrd"10:03
ed21eduardas_m: i've never tried it, but it should work I guess.10:04
ed21eduardas_m: if it doesn't - file a bug. I'll try to fix it.10:05
eduardas_med21: thanks again... this is very useful to know10:05
rburtoned21: the wic series that you were debating for ages over, is that to be merged and cleaned up further, or rejected and wait for v2?10:09
boucman_workI havn't been following the partitionning stuff in yocto recently, is there a mainlined way to have /usr on a separate partition ? I had customer ask me to do that multiple times, and I have some hacky ways to do it...10:10
boucman_work(/usr or other... the generic problem is read-only rootfs with read-write partitions mounted in strategic places)10:11
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ed21rburton: I don't know. We haven't come up with solution yet. you can merge 2 first patches I think.10:13
rburtonok thanks10:13
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ed21boucman_work: It can be done using —exclude option in wks. Here is what 'wic help kickstart' says about it:10:27
ed21--exclude-path: This option is specific to wic. It excludes the given10:27
ed21                         relative path from the resulting image. If the path10:27
ed21                         ends with a slash, only the content of the directory10:27
ed21                         is omitted, not the directory itself. This option only10:27
ed21                         has an effect with the rootfs source plugin.10:27
eduardas_med21: I can confirm that the approach of adding a folder into the partition that you just described works for me10:27
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ed21eduardas_m: great, thanks!10:27
eduardas_mthis is using freescale community bsp morty release10:28
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lukmaIf I may pose a question :)10:41
lukmaare FOO and FOO_mymachine separate variables?10:42
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lukmaI suppose that FOO_mymachine overrides FOO when MACHINE=mymachine10:42
lukmaand all operations (+=, _append, etc) must be done for FOO and for FOO_mymachine separately?10:43
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bluelightninglukma: += etc, yes - _append/_prepend no (since the latter are deferred, they will conditionally apply depending on whether the override applies)10:53
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bluelightninggenerally I wouldn't mix overrides and += as the results aren't as immediately obvious10:53
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lukmabluelightning: So it probably would be better to:11:05
lukmaFOO = (set of defaults)11:05
lukmaFOO +=  "${@bb.utils.contains("MACHINE", "mymachine", " extras_for_FOO", "" ,d)}"11:05
bluelightninglukma: no, I'd do that using FOO_append_mymachine = " extras_for_FOO"11:06
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boucman_worked21: thx, i'll look into that, sounds interesting....11:33
lukmabluelightning: But with your approach other "images" (like rootfs initramfs) would get corrupted because extras_for_FOO could be big11:43
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bluelightninglukma: not sure I follow... ?11:54
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CoLa|workI have a few recipes where BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS=1 does not generate tarballs but checks them out into downloads/git2, does anyone have an idea what I might be doing wrong?11:57
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JaMaCoLa|work: it always needs to clone them to downloads/git2, the tarball is created after that just packing the downloads/git2/repository12:00
lukmabluelightning: I do experience issues when I had IMAGE_INSTALL_append in one image recie12:01
lukmaand those IMAGE_INSTALL_append images were large12:01
lukmaand other image (initramfs) was also using IMAGE_INSTALL = to specify only required images12:01
lukmaI was very surprised when the initramfs grown considerably12:02
lukmabecause the IMAGE_INSTALL packages were appended to initramfs IMAGE_INSTALL12:02
bluelightninglukma: IMAGE_INSTALL set in one recipe can't affect another unless that recipe requires/includes that recipe12:06
bluelightninglukma: on the other hand if you were to do that IMAGE_INSTALL_append at the configuration level, it'll affect all image recipes12:07
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rburtonlukma: if you put IMAGE_INSTALL_append in a local.conf or something for testing, then you can use the pn-imagename override to restrict it to just that iage12:26
CoLa|workJaMa: OK understood, but when there is already a tarball, how can I enforce bitbake then to take it and not trying to access the (possibly access protected) git repository?12:29
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lukmabluelightning: OK, I see12:46
lukmaIs this approach acceptable: FOO +=  "${@bb.utils.contains("MACHINE", "mymachine", " extras_for_FOO", "" ,d)}"12:46
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lukma(it works on my setup)12:46
*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning12:47
bluelightninglukma: that'll work, but I don't see how it relates to the issue you mentioned12:48
lukmaJust by mistake I did:12:49
*** CoNFiDeNT <CoNFiDeNT!d5f89001@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto12:49
lukmaFOO = packagegroup-core ...... and some one12:49
lukmaand this was the "default"12:49
lukmaand then for one machine (baz)12:49
lukmaFOO_baz = special packages12:50
lukmaand for baz only special packages were available12:50
lukmaso FOO was overriden12:50
CoNFiDeNTHello everybody im newbie and i need some information about  yocto linux project12:51
CoNFiDeNTim trying to use Hob i need to compile it for sma-imx612:52
CoNFiDeNTany help will be appreciated...12:52
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CoNFiDeNT Hello everybody im newbie and i need some information about  yocto linux project  im trying to use Hob i need to compile it for sma-imx6 any help woul be appreciated...12:59
CoNFiDeNTare there any human?12:59
FabKnayes, why hob?13:00
CoNFiDeNTbecause im newbie on embedded systems13:01
CoNFiDeNTi couldnt compile yocto via ubuntu yet..13:01
FabKnaYou should read the manual, the documentation is really good and if you have specific question you can ask them here13:01
CoNFiDeNTCanu please send me the documentation link?13:02 -> Documentation13:03
FabKnayou can also use this docker image on ubuntu
CoNFiDeNTThank u FabKna ur the man..13:03
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JoiFCoNFiDeNT: In your case, you should probably also look at the relevant Freescale documentation: http://freescale.github.io13:35
JoiFCoNFiDeNT: Some of it probably assumes you're using some of the c13:35
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto13:35
JoiFCoNFiDeNT: Some of it probably assumes you're using some of the most common dev-boards, but since it's the same processor, it should help you get started.13:36
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kanavinseebs: is there a part 3 to this?
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seebsthere was once long ago?14:54
seebsi don't know if it's still up, dW seems to be a bit vulnerable to bitrot14:54
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halsteadrburton, May I close
yoctiBug 12078: normal, Medium+, Q3, ross.burton, IN PROGRESS REVIEW , Change default Owner15:43
* rburton looks15:43
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otavioWho we can contact to cherry-pick a couple of fixes on meta-oracle-java?18:21
otaviotwo fixes from master to pyro18:21
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clevernicknameYocto noob here.  I've tweaked conf/local.conf using IMAGE_INSTALL_append to customize the specific packages for my target system.  What's the best practice for sharing that config?  Seems to me creating a new layer w/a .bbappend for the related image name.18:33
clevernicknameWhat's not clear to me is when I should define a completely new distro.18:33
*** rob_w <rob_w!~rob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has joined #yocto18:34
FabKnacreate different images with different packagegroups18:34
FabKnamostly found in recipes-images18:34
neverpanicclevernickname: Sounds like you should add a new layer in which you define a new disto which comes with a new image, which contains packagegroups, which pulls in the content you want18:35
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neverpanic(That may or may not be overkill depending on the size of your project)18:35
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clevernicknameIf I define a new distro, with a new image recipe, then that is *only* viewable if conf/local.conf references that distro.  Is that correct?  I thought my core-image-minimal.bbappend in the new layer would only be picked up if a distro defined by that layer was selected, but it's being used regardless from what I can see.18:40
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neverpanicIIRC you can ship a template for the local.conf with your source code, so you can more or less define what the contents of your local.conf should be by default18:41
neverpanicPlus you can ship a local.conf template that includes a file under your control, where you set up your disto18:41
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clevernicknameneverpanic: Thanks.  Looking up Custom Template configurations right now.18:46
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clevernicknameneverpanic: Ok.  Looks like I can use TEMPLATECONF to create default bblayers.conf and local.conf files -- thanks for the tip!19:09
clevernicknameneverpanic: Now I'm wondering -- what's the benefit of defining a whole new distro?  If I don't need to change DISTRO_FEATURES or anything else, is there any advantage to doing that?19:10
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neverpanicclevernickname: Extensibility, separation, flexibility. You might need it in the future, you might want to switch the distro to a different set of layers later, etc.19:14
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clevernicknameneverpanic: Maybe I'm being dense here, but isn't switching layers a function of modifying bblayers.conf?  I have to admit, I don't fully understand what is intended by the 'distro' concept.  I thought it was a defined permutation of the various packages on a system, but I can jack with layers / image contents until the cows come home without having to update the DISTRO variable.19:19
frayDISTRO is a configuration.. a configuration the affects the whole of the recipes you are building to produce your 'custom' distribution19:20
fray'project' settings go in local.conf... this can reference other settings such as MACHINE (BSP/hardware), DISTRO (confgiurations for the overall system), etc.19:21
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neverpanicclevernickname: you can also provide a template for bblayers.conf and put an include in it.19:23
clevernicknamefray: thanks.  I'm currently reading to see if I can wrap my head around this.19:23
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clevernicknamefray: Boiled down, the distro is the "how" and the image is the "what".  One distro might define using uclibc, while another one defines using glibc.  An image might include an app or might not (regardless of distro selected.)  How the app is specifically built (using uclibc or glibc) is determined by the distro.19:34
clevernicknameAm I close or off the mark?19:34
fraydistro sets configurations, recipes say 'how' to build (using the configuration info)19:35
fraythe image is 'just a recipe', but instead of outputting a package -- it outputs an image..19:35
frayso the 'what' is the output of a recipe.. either a package or an image.. (usually)19:35
frayyour 'how the ... is built..' is generally correct19:36
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clevernicknamefray: thanks for the clarifications.19:56
clevernicknameI'm coming at things from a buildroot perspective if that helps.19:57
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vickylinuxer_while using externalsrc for recipes, i have found two issues20:03
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vickylinuxer_1. debug packages doesnt contain sources at /usr/src/debug20:04
vickylinuxer_2. sstate is not working for externalsrc packages20:04
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vickylinuxer_i have fixed the debug packages issue by patching package.bbclass20:06
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vickylinuxer_for sstate issue in externalsrc recipes, is it possible to enable setscene tasks if srctree_hash_files reports nothing changed20:09
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Croftonkanavin, turns out I need python-mako22:41
CroftonWhat is the suggested fix for this?22:41
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