Friday, 2017-09-22

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bodanglydoes anyone here have experience with building qt for imx based boards? I have a board I am building qt5 for, and a qt app, when I try and use qt media player from the qtmultimedia recipe, I get an error complaining that the service isn't found. Wondering if I am missing something in my yocto config02:43
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khembodangly: what errors do you se03:24
bodanglydefaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "org.qt-project.qt.mediaplayer"03:26
bodanglyI am thinking the gstreamer plugin didn't get built03:27
bodanglyso I made a patch to the file to force it03:27
bodanglyis there a way to see all output from the configure step as it runs? I see the log.do_configure file in the tmp/work dir, but it seems truncated to me03:28
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bodangly apparently I didn't RTFM, missed this doc03:41
bodanglylets see if it ends up helping...03:41
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nefethaelthere is also /tmp/work/XXX/recipe/version/build/config.log07:30
CoLa|workcan I generate an SDK with different architectures? I want to have the target device ARM libraries but also x86 libraries to have an easy way to setup a developer machine...07:30
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marble_visionshi all, is anyone doing yocto-based stuff for allwinner a10/a13/a20/r8? how's support?08:21
marble_visionsi see the meta-sunxi BSP on openembedded08:22
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joshuaglRP: rburton: that row of purple on the .io cluster is intentional, no need to panic09:26
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RPjoshuagl: thanks, /me notes not to panic09:37
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User12345678I would like to turn my linux SBC into a USB video class device so that I can connect to the PC USB port and see video streaming from that board. Any idea on how I can achieve this?10:12
jomaghi. i'm banging my head on this one. i have written a recipe for a python application, but it refuses to build because of an import error. it imports another module that i'm sure is installed, and i've added that recipe to RDEPENDS. any ideas?10:13
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RPjomag: You probably need to depend on the native version since python during the build would be native, not target?10:16
jomaghm, ok? how would i do that? and the python package the import fails on is universal...10:18
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jomagmy recipe inherits setuptools3, which i think adds native python to rdepends10:25
jomaguhm, DEPENDS that is.10:25
jomagi guess the packages required at build time should be placed in .../tmp-glibc/sysroots/x86_64...linux/usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages/, but it is mostly empty except for setuptools10:31
jomagi got the path by starting a devshell for my recipe and checking sys.path in the python interpreter10:32
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rburtonjomag: if you need to run stuff installed there then inherit python3native in your recipe10:56
jomagrburton i think that is done automatically by inheriting "setuptools3"10:56
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rburtonah yes.  been meaning to make that not happen :)10:58
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* rburton didn't see the problem earlier so sort of guessing10:58
jomaghere's the recipe:
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User12345678Do I have to download bitbake from openembedded git repo and add it to Poky?11:07
LetoThe2ndUser12345678: poky already contains bitbake.11:07
rburtonUser12345678: no, poky includes bitbake.  maybe you should read the quick start11:08
rburtonjomag: what is it looking for?11:08
LetoThe2ndUser12345678: poky is basically correlating bitbake and oe-core versions plus some special sauce11:08
jomagit's fails importing "prettytask"11:08
rburtonbecause you don't depend on the native form11:08
jomagrburton how would i do that?11:09
rburtonif you need to run python code that does import prettytask at build time, you need to depend on python3-prettytask-native11:09
rburton(imagine the module had built code in, you can't run the target code at build time)11:09
jomagrburton and it's strange, because i have a much bigger python app that imports lots of third party modules, but the recipes are more or less identical, except that RDEPENDS includes more recipes in that one11:10
User12345678Sorry if I ask many dumb questions. I'm still new to Yocto and company11:10
rburtonjomag: its probably finding them on the host? or they're coming in indirectly.11:10
jomagrburton oh. i think i know what's happening. imports __version__ from the module, which cause this to happen!11:10
LetoThe2ndUser12345678: asking a dumb question is totally fine. we usually just don't like if a person asks the same dumb question a third, fourth and fifth time because of lazyness or because he/she didn't like the given answer :-)11:11
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pagioshi how cani mount Disk /dev/mtdblock2: 2129 MB, 2129657856 byte ?11:29
LetoThe2ndpagios: depends on the filesystem in use11:30
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eduardas_mhello, when using the wic tool and trying to create four partitions, the fourth partition becomes an extended partition... how can I tell wic via kickstart file to make all four partitions primary partitions?11:31
LetoThe2ndgiven the size, its probably either ubi (when using raw nand) or something ext, when using an emmc11:32
pagiosLetoThe2nd, ubi it reads11:32
LetoThe2ndpagios: here you go:
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joshuaglRP: rburton: I've fixed the convenience dropdown issues you reported, thanks12:57
RPjoshuagl: thanks!12:57
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User12345678Is there a difference between MACHINE = "stout" and MACHINE ??= "stout"  in the local.conf file?14:17
sveinseUser12345678: not other than if MACHINE is set anywhere else the MACHINE ??= value is ignored14:21
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User12345678I see! thanks14:28
boucman_workUser12345678: if you start dealing with the different levels of default values, I highly recommand learning about "bitbake -e"14:30
User12345678Ok. Lots to learn14:31
User12345678How di I find the kernel name for my board so I can bitbake -c compile?14:35
User12345678*how do14:36
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eduardas_mUser12345678: bitbake virtual/kernel14:37
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eduardas_mUser12345678: if I understand correctly, that will build the preferred kernel for the machine selected in local.conf14:39
User12345678I see14:39
User12345678Can there be a selection of kernels to built?14:40
eduardas_mUser12345678: as far as I understand, yes... but I never had to use the functionality myself14:42
eduardas_mI just built the default one provided by the machine configuration of my vendor BSP14:43
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armpitzeddii, are we going to add 4.13 kernel ?15:07
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armpitRP, morty qemu kernel updates are done and in -next. locally boot tested. working on bsp updates today.15:59
armpitI plan on hitting the AB this tonight or sometime this weekend if there is some idle time16:00
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RParmpit: cool, I think there should be time16:02
khemRP: you can unbolt the go fixes I sent, Matt has done parallel patches which are better, I am testing them right now16:03
RPkhem: ok, good. They seemed to cause build issues :/16:05
armpitah, no-go16:05
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RParmpit: not sure I can take things like that :)16:06
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khemgo no-go16:08
khemRP: I will send Matt's patches once I have verified them here on mips and other arches16:08
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RPkhem: fair enough, thanks16:10
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User12345678What is bitbake -c fetchall? Is it optional step?16:59
RPUser12345678: its optional17:00
User12345678What will happen if I skip it ?17:00
RPUser12345678: its usually skipped17:01
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yateswhere is the window manager specified (e.g., matchbox)?17:10
RPhalstead: master-next should be good for a run when you're done...17:14
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halsteadRP, started.
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sveinseWhat is the relationship between Yocto and OE? Same team?19:27
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kergothyocto is an umbrella project, whose build system is oe components (bitbake+oe-core) along with the poky reference distro (meta-poky)19:28
sveinseright, so suggestions for improvements to bitbake is actually more a oe matter?19:29
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trunkjr44hi guys21:05
trunkjr44could anyone tell me if there is a path variable that applies to anything referenced within a .scc file?21:05
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