Monday, 2017-10-02

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sr105Can I put DEBUG_BUILD="1" in my image recipe instead of local.conf00:56
sr105I have a production and a development image. I'd like the dev one to use DEBUG_BUILD.00:57
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bluelightningsr105: I'm afraid not, the image recipe can't make any changes to how other recipes are built, it can only select packages to install (and tweak the resulting files after the fact)01:17
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sr105Is there a way I could have two different distros where the debug one requires the regular one and sets debug flags?01:18
sr105It seems like the distro is set in our local.conf currently.01:18
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bluelightningsr105: yes, certainly - you'd just need to have a separate .conf file that "require"s the main one - see meta-poky/conf/distro/poky-bleeding.conf for an example01:33
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sr105But since the local.conf is the place that determines the DISTRO to use, can I make it use a different distro for different image recipes or do I have to setup some sort of multi-build environment?01:38
sr105I should probably ask the real question: Is it possible to change local/distro configuration depending on the image being built? i.e. Can I set it up to know to use DEBUG_BUILD="1" if I build my dev images, but not for production images?01:42
sr105Thanks for the help.01:42
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bluelightningsr105: I'm afraid not, you'd effectively need two separate build environments (though DISTRO could be set from the command line i.e. "DISTRO=abc bitbake my-image" as long as you ensure DISTRO is set using ?= in local.conf)02:54
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mckoangood morning06:56
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momofarmI have a question about "OVERRIDES" in bitbake07:13
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momofarmin the manual, this OVERRIDES="arch:os:machine"07:13
momofarmso if i use TEST_arch = "foo" that means this will basically replaced by my assign value, right?07:15
momofarmas long as I've set this _arch variable?07:15
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bluelightningmomofarm: TEST will take the value of TEST_arch if arch is in OVERRIDES, yes08:14
momofarmor can someone explain to me the bitbake evalutaion order when mutiple operator operate on same variable ex: A_foo_append08:15
momofarmthis is really confusing08:15
momofarmbluelightning: thanks08:16
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mckoanbluelightning: do you have any thoughts about this?
bluelightningmomofarm: A_foo_append would append if foo is in OVERRIDES08:30
mckoanbluelightning: in case we can move in #OE if you prefer08:30
bluelightningmomofarm: bitbake -e is useful to figure out how specific variables are being set (just pipe into less, not grep)08:31
momofarmso the evalution order is backward, right?08:32
bluelightningmomofarm: well, no, for simple assignment statements it's the order parsed08:32
bluelightningmomofarm: but _append and _prepend (and _remove) are deferred operations so they happen at the end08:33
momofarmappend evaluate first, then if "foo" appears in OVERRIDE, it do override?08:33
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momofarmso it's a delay evaluation operator08:35
bluelightningmomofarm: I don't think that's quite the way the code works but you pretty much just have to learn that its _append_<override> and not the other way around08:35
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momofarmbluelightning: any recommend books better than the doc on website, it's kind of confusing08:44
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bluelightningmomofarm: the bitbake manual covers the operations stuff but I guess that is what you have been reading08:45
momofarmbluelightning: yes, some part of this operator thing really confusing08:46
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lpapp_hi, I am trying to write a Makefile that builds fine for both arm and x86_64/i686 desktop. I would like that make (all) builds properly both with the Yocto generated SDK as well as inside Yocto when creating the image, as well as on my desktops.11:45
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lpapp_I can see that the Yocto SDK sets up the ARCH variable that I could check for, but there does not seem to be such a variable set up inside Yocto. There are MACHINE_ARCH, etc, though, so I could eventually check for more than one variable to be safe, but I am wondering whether there is one "build arch" variable that works both with the generated SDK as well as inside Yocto?11:46
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kanavinseebs: how swamped are you now? would you be able to take at some point?12:00
yoctiBug 11996: normal, Medium+, 2.5 M1, alexander.kanavin, ACCEPTED , pseudo: cannot use unnamed temporary files (O_TMPFILE)12:00
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ChrysDHi All, little question about patches. I'm doing 2 patchs for modifying the same file and they could be applying in the same time. For example, it's about a dts file. I would like to disabled/okay one of two node. So I've made a patch that can chance one of the node, and another patch for the other one.12:33
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ChrysDthat can change*12:34
ChrysDSo i have two patch files.12:34
ChrysDIs it a problem ?12:35
LetoThe2ndno, should be fine12:36
ChrysDSo the order i put into the .bbappend, will be the order to apply the patch.12:37
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ChrysDok, i just need that when i apply the second patch, the line i would like to modify still be the same after the first one have been applied12:39
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bjornar_How is the prelink-cross package supposed to be used?14:38
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sgwarmpit: morning14:54
armpitsgw morn14:54
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sgwarmpit: I am still trying to figure out the actual failure for that morty build, do you still have the AB log link?  It's not in the bug14:55
seebskanavin: still pretty swamped but i can try to get a look.14:55
seebsi'm in "yes, i'd like this done too, could you answer my questions about the requirements" land14:56
* armpit thought I added it.. 14:56
* armpit checks14:56
kanavinseebs: I've done a stupid clueless patch, so you could maybe just comment on what's wrong with it (probably everything)14:57
seebsI'll see if I can scrape some brain cells together.14:58
kanavinseebs: attached to the bug14:58
seebsIt looks like this should be reasonably straightforward to special-case, but what an awful API.14:58
seebsThere was already a defined way to use linkat() to make a new link to an unnamed file by file descriptor, why add another one? Probably because they hate me. :P14:59
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armpitsqw do you mean the stdio output ?15:01
armpitthe logs for that build did not land in wiki.. wiki was timing out that day15:02
armpiti would have had new builds this morning but my build hung15:03
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sgwarmpit: thanks, looking15:05
armpitI add the log to the url link in the bug15:06
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ChrysDI have problem when doing bitbake -c populate_sdk <image>. The image is a custom one that inherit from core-image-minimal. When I see the logs, he does lot of "make[x] : Nothing to be done" or "make[x]: Entering directory".15:14
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sgwarmpit: so it appears that qemu just quit, maybe it could not find the right HW or something. This is a transient failure, we have not seen this multiples, correct?15:38
*** bavery_fn <bavery_fn!~bavery@> has quit IRC15:38
armpiti could not reproduce it but the host was tumbleweed so wasn't sure if it was related to it15:39
sgwarmpit: thanks15:44
armpitthanks for checking15:44
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sgwrburton: armpit: I think I am OK dropping the 12124 (qemu fails with Morty on a Tumbleweed host) priority to Medium from High. Unless we can get a more reproduible case16:12
rburtonagreed fwiw16:13
rburtonworth release noting?16:13
sgwrburton: agreed Release note it, we can either keep the bug open or close it not sure16:14
*** jku_ is now known as jku16:15
armpitsqw maybe wait for another build. this changes are not in morty yet.16:17
kergothAny thoughts on ? I still need to write some more unit tests to expand on the relatively weak existing coverage of it, and integrate it into the main fetcher, but could use another set of eyes on the code16:20
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:21
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*** momofarm <momofarm!sid85433@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto16:39
momofarmI have a already built project using yocto, right now there is a problem that I want to add everything to a git repository16:40
*** jg_ <jg_!~jg@2601:18f:981:82c5:dcf5:a42b:c8a:e425> has quit IRC16:40
momofarmbut the problem is inside yocto's directory, there is a kernel folder contains another hidden git directory16:41
momofarmthe remote git server seems like can not accept another hidden git folder (for some reason)16:42
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*** ChrysD <ChrysD!c16cc543@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:43
momofarmand after some reading, I found in yocto's kernel bb files there seems to have a lot of operation related to git (branch and something...)16:43
*** vdehors_arc <vdehors_arc!> has quit IRC16:44
rburtonmomofarm: what directory?16:44
momofarmis there a way that I can get rid that .git folder or there is / should be a better way to upload / freeze the built directory to remote16:44
momofarmrburton: a directory called kernel, and there is a linux kernel source code inside with a hidden .git foder16:45
rburtonmomofarm: yeah don't put the tmp/ or download directory into git16:46
momofarmrburton: but if I remove that .git folder, the build process will fail16:46
momofarmseems like there is some operation related to that .git folder16:46
rburtonthe files you add to a git repo should not include a kernel checkout16:47
rburtonif you are trying to put a kernel checkout into git then  you are either adding DL_DIR (don't do that) or TMPDIR (don't do that either)16:47
momofarmbut I need everything can be built off line,16:48
*** yann <yann!~yann@> has quit IRC16:50
rburtonso have a local source mirror16:51
momofarmI need to keep  kernel source local, so if next time we need to build something, we can just checkout from my server and build everything without to download from internet16:51
rburtonyes, that's exactly what a source mirror is for16:51
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rburtonthe path you set DL_DIR to is sharable.  just don't put it in git, mainly because git is *terrible* for storing lots of large files.16:52
momofarmrburton: so if I have this local source mirror, then should I keep the kernel source folder?16:52
rburtonthen put your layers and so on in git.16:54
rburton*do not* put your build/tmp/ into git as that will be a massive waste of time and space16:55
*** jg_ <jg_!~jg@2601:18f:981:82c5:dcf5:a42b:c8a:e425> has joined #yocto17:01
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gunnarxrburton, props to your experience.  The permissions on the dir were 755 and 775 in two different RPMs, as you predicted.17:34
gunnarxstill a mystery why one package ends up installing the dir with 775 though.  Some UMASK issue? Have no idea... I don't see it explicitly in any recipes.17:37
gunnarxthey run some special fakeroot job, which is doing the mkdir, that's all I can see17:37
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otaviorburton: did you see the lttng-modules?18:12
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@> has quit IRC18:12
otaviorburton: it is an important fix specially as people is using newer kernels with rocko18:12
*** igor <igor!~igor@> has joined #yocto18:13
otaviorburton: 4.14 being a LTS is likely going to have a good adoption and it is important to be compatible18:13
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clsullivarmpit: did you see this?
clsullivnightly-x86-64-lsb failed to start qemu on morty18:44
armpitclsulliv, I have seen that issue before.. is this a new build?18:46
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC18:48
* armpit mmm tumbleweed again18:48
armpitclsulliv, I first saw that on akuster/morty-next but now on morty18:50
armpitbug 1212418:51
yoctiBug normal, Medium, 2.2.3, akuster, ACCEPTED , [morty-next] nightly-x86-lsb failed18:51
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* armpit hmm new build18:53
armpitthe last clean build I had was on commit
armpitthere are 3 new ones past that I personnel have not run a build on18:54
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rburtonotavio:     lttng-modules: Backport fixes for kernel instrumentation?19:04
otaviorburton: yes19:06
otaviorburton: I'd prefer to upgrade but due the imminent release, backport makes more sense19:07
rburtonotavio: very high bar for 2.4.0 right now, but i have just picked it in the 2.4.1 queue (which depending on how RC1 QA goes may pick a few patches, or none)19:07
otaviorburton: no problem; is master open for 2.5 material?19:08
ntlwell. 4.14 isn't even released yet, there's no guarantee that updating lttng-modules right now will ensure it works with 4.1419:09
rburtonotavio: currently no, focus on 2.4.019:10
rburtonobviously i've been queuing stuff for master, i have a ross/sumo branch19:10
otaviontl: you're right but it fixes 4.13 that we use on meta-freescale, for example19:17
otaviontl: we are supporting new kernels on meta-freescale due the i.MX mainline support19:17
otaviorburton: I have a cmake update ready to go19:19
otaviorburton: also I have mesa update19:19
otaviorburton: so once it opens, I can send it19:19
rburtonsend them now if you want, they can go in my queue19:20
rburtoncurrently got ross/mut, ross/sumo and ross/rocko on the go :)19:20
otaviorburton: ok; I send them tomorrow or so. So you have your test results before19:23
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josvHi! I started to scratch the surface of yocto and have the following question: why should IMAGE_FSTYPES go into local.conf and not in an image recipe? This in contrary to other variables like IMAGE_INSTALL which could apparently go in both.19:41
LocutusOfBorgotavio, you there?19:45
LocutusOfBorgI have to send you a bug report :)19:45
LocutusOfBorghello btw19:45
LocutusOfBorgI'm doing a bitbake linux-mfgtool in my recipe19:45
LocutusOfBorgERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'virtual/mfgtool-arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-binutils'. Close matches:19:45
LocutusOfBorg  virtual/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-binutils19:45
LocutusOfBorgI intercepted with a bbappend PROVIDES += "virtual/${MLPREFIX}${TARGET_PREFIX}binutils"19:46
LocutusOfBorgand now it works19:46
LocutusOfBorgnow, I don't know why MLPREFIX is there, but this seems to be an issue, because that recipe looks unbuildable as-is19:46
otavioLocutusOfBorg: oh my God. Do you use MfgTool?19:48
otavioLocutusOfBorg: poor you19:48
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LocutusOfBorgotavio, I'm sooo sorry19:52
LocutusOfBorgbut whatever who makes the board uses, I have to use it19:52
LocutusOfBorgand two different board makers, use mfgtool already on i.MX619:52
LocutusOfBorgnever had to do something different19:53
LocutusOfBorganyhow, do you have any sort of bug-report or fixes that won't require a bbappend of binutils-cross?19:56
otavioLocutusOfBorg: I use imx_usb for manufacturing19:56
otaviowhich avoids the use of Windoze ;-)19:57
otavioLocutusOfBorg: I don't. I will need to look at it19:57
otavioLocutusOfBorg: are you in pyro or older release?19:57
LocutusOfBorgI always track the latest branch :p20:04
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lsandov1otavio: so the MfgTool is still in used? :p20:12
lsandov1otavio: for parallel flashing I believe it is useful, isn't it?20:12
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ntlotavio: ok. FYI I've just bumped the lttng people to tag 2.9.4, they say they'll do it soon20:16
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otaviolsandov1: well, you can do it with imx_usb_loader ;-)20:49
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lsandov1otavio: right, even better20:50
otavioLocutusOfBorg: I need to dig deeper. It is not something obvious ...20:53
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gwilsonI'm trying to create a new recipe for YP, I've used devtool to create it, now I would like to run up through the compile task, is there a way to just run some of the tasks with devtool, or a way to use bitbake to run a recipe that is managed by devtool?21:28
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bluelightninggwilson: assuming you aren't using devtool from inside the eSDK all the normal bitbake commands will work21:48
bluelightninggwilson: e.g. bitbake -c compile recipename21:49
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gwilsonbluelightning: Yes, I just figured that out. I had been trying 'bitbake build recipe -c task', which didn't work. removing 'build' un-confusses bitbake. Thanks for the tip all the same.21:52
kergothbitbake isnt' subcommand driven, devtool/recipetool are21:53
kergothsee also bitbake --help21:53
gwilsonkergoth: thanks21:54
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LocutusOfBorgotavio, FWIW it was fine on jethro21:55
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dusharaIs there a way to build a deb of an SDK?23:07
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