Tuesday, 2017-10-03

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bluelightningdushara: nothing built-in, you'd need to follow the debian packaging guide00:19
dusharabluelightning: ok thanks00:22
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User__How can I auto start an application after the kernel loads?03:37
User__How can I reset bitbake to rebuild my image after changing a branch of poky?03:43
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melonipoikais this page up to date? https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Releases06:36
melonipoikaI see that there is a tagged release yocto-2.3.2 but can't see it in the page above06:36
melonipoikawe are going to upgrade to pyro, just wondering if we should use 2.3.2 or 2.3.106:37
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kanavinmelonipoika: wikis are notoriously prone to getting out of date :) I suggest you follow yocto-announce list instead, and yes 2.3.2 is fine06:49
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melonipoikathank you :-)07:25
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eduardas_mhello, how do I checkout source via git in a bitbake recipe when git submodules are in use (i.e. I need a git clone --recursive to be done automatically)?08:04
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waschli all, I am starting with poky recently, working through the quick start tutorial. During my first bitbake, I am struggling with very low download/fetch speeds (0: binutils-cross-i586-2.28-r0 do_fetch (pid 3105)   8% |#######                                                                                     | 13.5K/s). My normal connection is 48 MBit/s (checked). All I could find was tutorials/hints on setting up my own local mirror.08:34
waschlWhen I download files from upstream sources mirror http://downloads.yoctoproject.org/mirror/sources/ directly, it gives the same slow speeds...08:34
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open-nandraHi there09:16
open-nandraI'm trying to bump yocto version to pyro09:16
open-nandrawhat influence can have that sysroot is splitted to packages not per machine09:16
open-nandraI was using yocto generated sysroot to cross compile my app using cmake09:16
open-nandrahnje: ok fine09:19
melonipoikaopen-nandra I am starting the upgrade too. I run into the first issue: Execution of event handler 'staging_taskhandler' failed09:20
melonipoika${@oe.utils.build_depends_string(d.getVar('PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS'), 'do_populate_sysroot')} which triggered exception AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split'09:20
melonipoikatoo bad pastebin is blocked in my company's network :-(09:20
open-nandrabut it means also that I need to somehow change cmakelist.txt to be able to work with sysroot per package (when I want to recompile by hand only app and not whole yocto)09:20
melonipoikai haven't investigated this further yet, but just a heads up if you see something similar09:21
open-nandraor it will be done automagically?09:21
open-nandramelonipoika: thx09:21
melonipoikaI am on this rev for poky: 6a1f33cc40bfac33cf030fe41e1a8efd1e5fad6f09:22
bluelightningmelonipoika: er - I just checked out that revision, PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS isn't even referred to there... ?09:23
bluelightningopen-nandra: you shouldn't need to change your cmakelists.txt - just ensure you specify all of your dependencies and it should build09:24
bluelightning(by "specify all of your dependencies" I mean in DEPENDS within the recipe)09:24
open-nandrabluelightning: ok thanks09:24
open-nandrayes sure09:24
open-nandrathanks for info09:25
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melonipoikaups, sorry bluelightning... i was on the wrong path10:17
melonipoikathis is the commit I have checked out for my pyro build: ce26a57 (HEAD, tag: refs/tags/yocto-2.3.2, tag: refs/tags/pyro-17.0.2) Revert "expat: Don't use getrandom() in the -native case"10:17
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bluelightningmelonipoika: can you see which recipe this is triggering in?10:28
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bluelightningmelonipoika: this is weird... the error you mentioned pretty much means that PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS is not set, and yet I can't see how that is possible - it gets defaulted to ""10:29
bluelightningspecifically it gets defaulted in package.bbclass, and the code referred to in the error is in the package_deb/package_ipk/package_rpm classes, which all inherit package, so the default should definitely be set10:30
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melonipoikathanks bluelightning. I will check if any of the recipes in our layers are changing this variable10:37
melonipoikathe first recipe that returns this error is python3-pycrypto_2.6.1.bb10:38
melonipoikabut i can see from the error that some our our classes are being execute... let's see what we are doing here :-)10:38
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melonipoikano, we are not modifying PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS10:41
melonipoikathanks for your help, without being able to share logs I am afraid it will be very difficult for you to help more...10:42
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melonipoikabluelightning, I think I found the problem... we are importing package.bbclass in one of our layers insted of using the one from poky...11:32
skipHi, I have a question about yocto linux on raspberry pi. I am using systemd as an init manager, which works fine for the most part. But when I run systemd-analyze directly after i logged in, it says that it is still booting. After 1:30 minutes this is done. I have checked the boot plot from systemd-analyze plot, and i see that /dev contains a lot of devices that aren't on the py. What is causing this?11:33
rburtonmelonipoika: that would do it.  now you get to figure out what was changed in your layer and how to port it to the new package.bbclass...11:35
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zerus_Hi. Is it correctly assumed that custom IMAGE_FEATURES cannot be added (seems to be a validation of existing IMAGE_FEATURES)? I can of course use DISTRO_FEATURE or MACHINE_FEATURES instead, but IMAGE_FEATURES naming convention feels more correct in my situation.11:46
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bluelightningmelonipoika: ah that would explain it11:50
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melonipoikayep, that was it... building now :-D thank you!12:01
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melonipoikaso we copied that class to our layer since we don't want to modify upstreaming layers directly. Now I need to see if the changes we made to package.bbclass need to be upstreamed12:02
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melonipoikaso all changes we made to package.bbclass are so that we can produce a single file with all the open source licenses for the open source packages that we ship with our devices. I guess this could be useful upstream too12:04
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rburtonwhy does that needs to be done in package.bbclass?12:05
melonipoikai don't know, let me see the git history12:08
rburtonnot sure *how* that can work in do_package, as images contain different sets of licenses12:09
rburtonas a rootfs hook, sure12:09
zerus_Regarding my question about IMAGE_FEATGURES. If I remember it correct, MACHINE_FEAURES cannot be set from an image recipe context. So what I need is probably IMAGE_FEATURES after all.12:09
zerus_So back to the original question, can I make my own customized IMAGE_FEATURES without edit the validation part in image.bbclass?12:10
melonipoikarburton we tried using the manifest but there were some fields that need to be read directly from the recipe12:11
melonipoikai am trying to understand why the developer that made these changes had to use this class...12:11
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melonipoikarburton we use package.bbclass to extract some info about the packages from the recipe, then we added another class to generate the package list12:34
melonipoikaand we use a rootfs hook: ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_append = "create_packagelist"12:34
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rburtonyou can almost definitely do that without needing to patch package.bbclass12:34
melonipoikaI will add a story to our backlog to try upstreaming our changes, probably there are better ways to do it :-)12:35
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otaviodenix: thx for adding the patch to meta-ti12:54
otaviodenix: /but/ we need to branch for pyro12:55
otaviodenix: 511b167f6683b76ea8f3853e3b8ea0199b0fa25d is good for pyro12:55
otaviorburton: a prove about lttng issues: https://ci.ossystems.com.br/view/All%20failing%20jobs/job/fsl-community-bsp-master_x11/lastBuild/console12:57
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ChrysDHi all ! I'm doing a meta that can be share for two differend board. So sometimes i could have recipes that could apply only for one board and not for the other one. Such as for exemple u-boot-variscite that is for only variscite board... What is the best way ?12:58
ChrysDThanks by advance.12:58
ChrysDWhat is the best way, to apply recipes depending machine*?12:58
otavioChrysD: check how we did for meta-freescale13:00
otavioChrysD: it has a bunch of them13:00
otavioChrysD: meta-freescale-3rdparty offers variscite support13:01
rburtonChrysD: COMPATIBLE_MACHINE etc13:02
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tcpdumpHey everyone.  Does anyone know, does Yocto have the Qualcomm Diag support installed?13:19
Ox4hello guys. Could somebody help me with syslog and systemd in krogoth? I send a message to the remote host using logger, I see the message in the tcpdump, but I don't see it in the logs :-(13:19
Ox4btw syslogd is from the busybox package13:20
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ChrysDotavio : thanks13:30
ChrysDrburton : ok thanks13:30
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sjolleyYPTM:   - dial into: 1-800-262-0778/404-397-1527  - enter the bridge number: 88748961#14:58
sjolleyYPTM: sjolley joined14:58
armpitYPTM armin is on14:58
stephanoYPTM: stephano joined14:58
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sgwYPTM: Saul joined15:00
* sgw waves morning all15:00
frayYPTM: Mark here..15:00
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halsteadYPTM: Michael on the call.15:02
joshuaglYPTM: Joshua joined15:02
bavery_fnYPTM: brian joined15:02
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rburtonYPTM ross trying to join but fatfingering15:02
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JPEWhackerYPTM: Joshua Watt here15:05
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vmesonYPTM: Randy joined the YP Tech call15:07
wmillsypttm, Bill Mills here15:07
fraysjolley for next YP -- my intention is to resume to bitbake/setup/layerindex working15:10
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vmesonfyi: https://www.openembedded.org/wiki/OEDEM_201715:14
bavery_fnMArch 12-14 201815:14
bavery_fnnp :), ptr to oedam prague? I keep finding the old ones15:15
bavery_fnsilly search :/15:15
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ChrysDWhat does "COMPATIBLE_MACHINE="(label1|label2)" means ? Does label1 is something that contain in the MACHINE variable or is the exact name ?15:21
SaurChrysD: COMPATIBLE_MACHINE contains a regular expression.15:22
ChrysDSaur : ok perfect thanks.15:23
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SaurIs there any reason to use d.expand("${FOO}") instead of d.getVar("FOO") ? My guess is that the result is the same, but that d.getVar() may be slightly faster.15:26
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kergothSaur: the only reason to use expand is if it's more complex and you don'tw ant to assemble the string piecemeal, i.e. you have a bunch of vars involved15:36
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Saurkergoth: As I assumed then.16:08
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kergothkhem: seen http://undeadly.org/cgi?action=article;sid=20170930133438 ?16:31
kergothrather interesting16:31
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tcpdumpHey everyone.16:53
tcpdumpIm running yocto on my dragonboard 410c.   How can I reset it back to factory?16:53
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zzerooAre here some Rust user? I've a question about the meta-rust layer?17:00
zzerootcpdump: delete your tmp within your build.17:01
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khemkergoth: we force -fvisibility=hidden in OE17:06
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otaviozzeroo: are you using rust?18:04
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mtahmedIs it possible to have base-files override a config file provided by a different package in a straightforward way?18:27
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tcpdumpAre there any native apps in Yocto that show cpu volatages, power usage, temps, etc?18:42
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #517 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-x86-64-lsb/builds/51718:46
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ntlotavio: fyi lttng-modules has a tagged 2.9.4 release now, which has the fixes for supporting 4.1318:51
kergothkhem: ah, right, forgot about that18:52
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otaviontl: great! rburton would you guys accept this upgrade as it is a bugfix release?18:52
bluelightningtcpdump: I believe lcdproc (in meta-oe) will show you that sort of information18:55
bluelightningpossibly not the kind of UI you are after though18:55
tcpdumpIll check it out bluelightning thanks.18:57
kanavinotavio: yes, if you make the 'bugfix release' clear in the commit message, and follow the policy of master first, releases second when sending patches19:04
kanavinI think there is a rocko branch now already19:05
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zzeroootavio: Yes20:27
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otaviozzeroo: how has been the experience? we are using go a lot20:35
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otaviobut my interest for rust is growing lately20:36
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #527 of nightly-ppc is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-ppc/builds/52720:36
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #554 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-oe-selftest/builds/55421:19
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sgwotavio: that patch from mattsm(?) for go and musl on x86-64 did not work, I guess he is working another fix for bug #1213622:14
yoctiBug https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12136 critical, High, 2.4 M4, matt, ACCEPTED , go-dep and go-helloworld fail to link with MUSL on x86-64 machines typesj22:14
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