Thursday, 2017-10-05

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learningcI'm confused with .config and defconfig.  When I bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig, it produce .config or defconfig?  Do I need both to bitbake virtual/kernel?02:27
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bluelightninglearningc: bitbake -c menuconfig will just write to the .config, if you wanted to include that in a recipe properly you would rename it to defconfig, put it next to the recipe and add it to SRC_URI; alternatively you can do bitbake -c diffconfig virtual/kernel and you'll get a config fragment you can use with just the changes in it02:42
bluelightninglearningc: you only need to do that when you're actually happy with the final configuration though02:42
learningcbluelightning, should I bother with defconfig file at all? If I bitbake virtual/kernel, does it require .config or defconfig?02:51
bluelightninglearningc: if you have done bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig you only need to go ahead and build the kernel, no need to worry about the defconfig02:52
bluelightninglearningc: but bear in mind that your config changes are temporary at this point, once you are finished making changes you should move it to a defconfig next to the recipe or a config fragment02:53
bluelightning(otherwise if for example you did bitbake -c clean virtual/kernel or deleted your TMPDIR your changes would be gone)02:54
learningcbluelightning, I see. Thanks. Getting clearer in my mind02:54
learningcbluelightning, Where is the recipe directory that I should put the defconfig located? There are so many directories in tmp/ that I'm getting lost02:56
bluelightninglearningc: the defconfig, should you want to preserve it, should go in a subdirectory named "files" or the same name as the recipe right next to the recipe file itself02:57
bluelightningthen you need to add "file://defconfig" to SRC_URI within the recipe if it isn't already there02:58
learningcbluelightning, After I copy the defconfig next to recipe and add file://defconfig to SRC_URI, the next time I do source poky/oe-init-build-env, bitbake virtual/kernel will use that defconfig file after renaming it to .config?03:02
bluelightninglearningc: yes03:02
bluelightningthough if you're in the same shell session, no need to re-source the environment setup script03:03
learningcbluelightning, But how will bitbake know the defconfig file has changed since it has already created the build directory?03:05
bluelightninglearningc: any changes to recipes or files they refer to (e.g. in SRC_URI) will be noticed by bitbake on the next execution03:06
learningcI see03:06
learningcbluelightning, But what will happen to the original defconfig file in the recipe directory? When I copy my .config file into a defconfig file in the recipe directory, won't it erase the original one?03:08
bluelightninglearningc: sorry I'm not following - the "original one"?03:14
learningcbluelightning, I suppose there must be an "original" defconfig file to use to build the kernel when I clone poky?03:16
bluelightninglearningc: with linux-yocto, no - the configuration is assembled from fragments based upon enabled features - for more details see our kernel manual03:17
learningcbluelightning, I mean, what file will bitbake use when I bitbake my kernel without creating any .config/defconfig file ?03:17
learningcI see03:18
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learningcbluelightning, I'm not sure where is the recipe directory to put the defconfig copy.  Is it in build directory created by source poky/oe-init-build-env or in the poky directory when I clone poky?03:22
bluelightninglearningc: the latter03:22
bluelightninglearningc: however note that as a matter of best practice you wouldn't modify the original recipe, you would create a bbappend with the changes in it in your own layer03:23
bluelightningthat makes it easier to handle upgrading in the future - i.e. you're not dealing with a forked repository03:24
learningcbluelightning, I see. Many thanks to you.03:25
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Ox4hello guys09:29
Ox4I need to place particular packages version to text file in the image. Is there elegant approach to do this?09:30
LetoThe2ndyou mean something like a version manifest?09:30
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Ox4LetoThe2nd: yep09:34
LetoThe2ndlook at the buildinfo stuff, i think it can do something alike. maybe with some massaging09:34
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Ox4LetoThe2nd: thank you09:36
LetoThe2ndgood luck09:36
Ox4LetoThe2nd: did you mean this bbclass -> ?09:38
LetoThe2ndOx4: yes i think so09:38
LetoThe2ndmaybe its not a perfect fit, but a start09:38
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Chepis it possible to include an inc file from an other layer? if the inc file does also include inc files, will path be ok?09:54
LetoThe2ndshould be ok, just give it the full path.09:55
ChepI tried but I got problem with SRCPV09:57
Chepif I put my recipe in the layer with inc files, SRCPV is resolved09:57
Chepif I put my recipe in another layer with full path includes, I got a "versions of u-boot available:  my_version+git${SRCPV}"09:58
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Chepmy bad there was an error in path ... thanks LetoThe2nd10:01
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Ox4When is manifest file generated?10:18
Ox4after which phase?10:18
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LetoThe2ndOx4: image preprocessing10:36
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RamoseI am seeing this error, can anyone please me out , how should I fix it11:44
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JaMaRamose: did you do what the last line says?11:50
RamoseJaMa: This conf/site.conf  doesn't exist11:52
RamoseThis *file11:52
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pevHey all12:03
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pevInteresting question : I've got an old project via yocto 1.6 thats been stable a long time, but needs dropbear updating for security. Now, normally id just copy in the suitable upstream recipe but theres already a in the common poky dir... What's the "right" way to do this? Obv I can just bodge over the top in the poky dir but isn't there a better approach?12:05
pev*copy the upstream recipe into my own layer12:05
RPpev: you can put a copy of the .inc in the new layer?12:06
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pevRP: Ah, grand! Will that then supercede the version under poky?12:21
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rburtonpev: the recipe will look in the same folder before hunting around12:37
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ChrysDHi, what does FILES_${PN} is it for ? And by adding -dev or -dbg or whatever ? Thanks.13:30
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LetoThe2ndChrysD: its for telling the package management what shall go into the package13:38
ChrysDLetoThe2nd : But when you do the " do_install ", it tell where to go to the sysroot. So implicitly it will go into the package no?13:39
LetoThe2ndChrysD: no.13:39
LetoThe2ndChrysD: usually FILES will be a subset of what goes into the sysroot. think manpages.13:40
ChrysDFor example, in that example, you dont have a FILE_${PN} :
LetoThe2ndChrysD: because some stuff is inherently in FILES_${PN} unless defined otherwise, like bindir, libdir, etc.13:42
LetoThe2ndbut it should all be in the docs, after all.13:42
LetoThe2ndin a nutshell, you probably need FILES_ if you install something to a non canonical /usr application part13:42
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ChrysDnot sure of understanding but i will still dig.13:46
ChrysDI already read but thanks.13:49
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ChrysDLetoThe2nd : what confuse me is the fact that with do_install, i have my file into my device without the need of putting FILES.13:52
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JoiFAny device-tree wizards around?14:23
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JoiFI have my amba { slcr@f8000000 { clkc@100 { foo; }; }; }; coming from upstream, but I would like to extend it.14:26
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JoiFI don't want to overwrite the file from upstream14:26
JoiFWhat is the correct syntax to do that?14:27
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nrossiJoiF: Does clkc have a alias, e.g. "clkc: clkc..."? then use &clkc { ...}; otherwise use the path /amba/slcr... {...}; in your top level dts14:31
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JoiFnrossi: As always, you're here to save me  ;)14:33
JoiFBut no, it doesn't have an alias14:34
JoiFI have to have the full reference, right? With the addresses and everything?14:34
nrossiJoiF: I think so, but dtc might have gotten smarter since i last had to use paths ;)14:36
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ChrysDWhat are all the way which kernel modules can be loaded automatically at boot ? I have a meta made by my own, which the image produced had the driver loaded at boot. Now i changed project but still the same meta and now it's not loaded automatically.14:39
ChrysDLocal.conf are the same.14:40
ChrysDthe image recipe is the same and distro is the same.14:41
ChrysDWith bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig , the driver is in "<M>" state14:41
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nrossiChrysD: most common is the KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD variable which results in the module package containing an entry in /etc/modules-load.d14:42
ChrysDnrossi : I know this one, but i didn't needed to set this variable to have my module loaded in the first project. That's why i'm wondering.14:43
nrossiChrysD: could be loaded by udev due to a device needing it, really depends on the module for that though14:44
*** kanavin <kanavin!~ak@> has joined #yocto14:44
ChrysDnrossi : it's a camera driver14:44
ChrysDnrossi : ov564014:44
ChrysDnrossi : to be more precise ov5640_camera_mipi14:44
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ChrysDWHich strike me is that the first project, i made my own image recipe which require core-image-minimal and added few packages14:45
JoiFnrossi: So we are on the same page that this is adding those two lines to whatever is already in clkc@100 at a higher level? ..and not overwriting the entire block?14:45
JoiFI guess I'm about to find out .. it just finished compiling  ;)14:46
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cpfI have a newbie question: I want to have libpcap in my image. I would usually use "CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL =+ "libpcap". Howewer I see that I can also do 'bitbake libpcap'. Does the latter also include libpcap in the image?14:47
rburtonno, the latter just builds the libpcap packages14:48
rburtondoesn't do anything with images14:48
ChrysDbitbake libpcap will only do the package, but doesn't mean that i will be put into your image.14:48
*** ipuustin <ipuustin!> has joined #yocto14:48
cpf<rburton>: so it is like a test run ?14:49
rburtonno, it just builds the recipe14:49
cpfOK so in my case I will use "CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL =+ "libpcap" since I want the package in the image.. thanks.14:50
ChrysDcpf : It allow to build only the recipe instead of all the image for testing purpose. Like if you change a recipe and want to know if it work, it's faster to do bitbake 'recipe' instead of bitbake 'image'14:50
nrossiJoiF: valid syntax, but no idea why you are trying to feed the gem1_emio_mux clock back into the clkc?14:51
cpf<ChrysD>: yes I see. it makes sense.14:51
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cdreherHello, I'm trying to build with a custom BSP and a custom toolchain. The manual14:53
cdreherstates that I shall add the layer that contains the toolchain to my bblayers.conf14:53
cdreherHow do I build such a layer ? What should I put in that layer ?14:53
JoiFnrossi: The reason I'm doing that may have something to do with the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing.  ;)14:54
*** ipuustin <ipuustin!> has quit IRC14:54
ChrysDnrossi : no more idea?14:55
JoiFnrossi: But it comes from here:
JoiFWith modifications from gem0 to gem114:55
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JoiFnrossi: My /sys/kernel/debug/clk/clk_summary at least shows me 25000000 for "gem1_emio_mux" and its child-node "gem1"14:57
JoiFBoth of which were previously zero14:57
ChrysDI have a strange behavior : I have an image recipe which "require recipes-images/images/my-other-image". But my new image doesn't include the image_install of my "required image". :s14:57
nrossiChrysD: hard to say tbh so many ways to load modules :|14:58
ChrysDnrossi : ok still thanks14:58
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nrossiJoiF: ignore me, i forgot you have to route the emio clock into the gem's :| which is done via through clkc15:02
ChrysDmhhh when i do -c clean of an image recipe, and i do bitbake image_recipe, is like if it i've done nothing.15:05
ChrysDeven with -cleanall15:05
nrossiChrysD: some things don't result in a change in the hashes, -c cleansstate to be sure your not using sstate cached content15:06
ChrysDnrossi : i've done an image, and after it another image. and the another image had problem so that i wanted to do a clean rebuild15:07
ChrysDnrossi : so i guess it was th eproblem15:07
ChrysDnrossi : doesn't do nothing. It only do the 'do_rootfs'15:09
ChrysDnrossi : the only way is removing tmp/download and sstate folders...15:10
nrossiChrysD: that will be a completely fresh build, and will rebuild everything...15:11
ChrysDnrossi : it's what i want15:11
*** eduardas_m <eduardas_m!~Eduardas@> has joined #yocto15:11
ChrysDnrossi : i've done a first image " bitbake image1" and from that i've done second image " bitbake image 2". But when i've done the second image, it was directlty to the case of "do_rootfs".  SO i wanted to do fresh build with only building "image2"15:12
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nrossiChrysD: sure, if thats what you want :) then you only need to delete tmp and sstate dirs, download is just whats downloaded from the internet15:14
ChrysDnrossi : SO what does cleanall do?15:15
ChrysDnrossi : fo ra recipe image i mean15:15
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ChrysDnrossi : It's what i've already read. But if i do a -cleanall of an image recipe, it won't clean the recipe which depends the image recipe?15:18
nrossiChrysD: -c clean* only clean the specific target recipe you specify and nothing else15:18
*** zeddii is now known as zedd_gone15:18
ChrysDnrossi : oh15:19
ChrysDnrossi : i thought -c cleanall <image-recipe> will do a kind of "cleaning"15:19
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alkinohi o/15:19
alkinoI got a ctc that is generated for a lot of HOST_TARGET: arm-overkiz-linux-musl, arm-overkiz-linux-gnueabi, arm-overkiz-linux-musleabi,15:20
alkinohow can we explain that?15:20
alkinoI need only one, the right one:p15:20
*** zedd_gone is now known as zeddii15:20
ChrysDI like that documentation.conf instead of the manual, thanks for the discovery ahah15:21
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eduardas_mhello, I am exposing a FAT32 partition on my SD card to Windows using g_mass_storage USB gadget driver... and yet it showing up as unallocated... the driver works fine when exposing the partition via USB on Ubuntu 16.0415:35
fberg I have a question.. I have a local poky repository along with the meta-openembedded layer15:35
eduardas_mthe partition I am exposing was created via wic15:36
fbergI have also create a build repository with the downloads directory15:36
fbergHow can I be sure that I have all the files that are needed to build the image w/o an internet connection ?15:37
rburtonfberg: bitbake image -cfetchall15:38
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fbergthank you rburton15:39
fbergonce executed, all the fetched sources will be in the build/download folder ?15:39
eduardas_mI am using: modprobe g_mass_storage file=/dev/mmcblk1p4 stall=no15:40
eduardas_mam I missing an argument to make this work properly with Windows?15:40
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ChrysDIf i do "require image....." into my new image recipe, what is inside the iMAGE_INSTALL of the required one should be into the new image right?16:08
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #528 of nightly-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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bodanglyI have a problem where GCC optimizations are itnerfering with a patch to some code. Is there a way to disable optimizations for a specific recipe?19:28
bodanglyI tried to do EXTRA_OEMAKE = " CPPFLAGS=-O0" but then my build fails, looks like its wiping out cppflags that were needed19:28
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zarzarwhat is the best linux distro for a dev machine for using yocto and cros development for embedded linux?19:32
bodanglyor how can I get yocto to spit out the log of a successful compilation so I could pull out the whole CFLAGS and hard code them?19:32
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kergothbodangly: CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS are bitbake variables, just modify them appropriately as you would any other bitbake variable, no need to muck with how they get passed in yourself19:38
kergoththat said, there are separate variables that hold the optimization flags, see meta/conf/bitbake.conf19:38
bodanglykergoth: can I adjust optimizations for just one recipe?19:38
kergothi don't understandt eh question19:39
kergoththey're bitbake variables, set them in the recipe as you would anything else19:39
kergothread the bitbake manual19:39
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bodanglygot it thank you19:52
bodanglyCFLAGS += " -O0" worked19:52
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lsandov1zarzar: there are several distros supported by YP,20:11
lsandov1zarzar: somewhere in the docs the exact distro-version map is defined20:11
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tcpdumpIs there a way to limit CPU in Yocto?  The CPU and GPU are getting pretty damn hot.20:42
tcpdumpIm wanting to reign it in, and see if that helps.20:42
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bluelightningtcpdump: you can set BB_NUMBER_THREADS and PARALLEL_MAKE to reduce the parallelism, see what's in your local.conf20:59
bluelightningby default these days it automatically scales those based on the number of cores in your system21:00
bluelightningif your GPU is getting hot that is something else (or just as a result of the CPU getting hot) - the build system doesn't use the GPU ;)21:01
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