Wednesday, 2017-10-18

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moto-timojust run 2to3 :)01:34
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open-nandraHi, I have strange problem using rocko07:26
open-nandramy app is uaing bluez507:26
open-nandraI've used preferred version in conf to 5.45 (I don't want to bump to 5.46 which is present in rocko)07:27
open-nandraI have in DISTRO_FEATURES bluetooth + bluez507:27
open-nandrathen during do_rootfs I get: - nothing provides bluez5 >= 5.45 needed by myapp07:27
open-nandra+ also - nothing provides bluez5 needed by packagegroup-base-bluetooth-1.0-r8307:27
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open-nandraanything missing in my config?07:34
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boucman_workhey all, if I have multiple versions of a recipe, is it possible for an IMAGE to select a specific version (i.e have yocto build the  right one on demand) ? AFAICT stuff like PREFERRED_VERSION is global, it can't be specified per-image09:01
boucman_worki.e is there a way to specify a software version in IMAGE_INSTALL ?09:02
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hmwelboucman_work: yes that is possible.09:16
boucman_worknice, how ? :)09:16
hmwelboucman_work: i must say i'm not shure how to do it but i guess it can be done whit PREFERRED_VERSION09:17
boucman_workhmwel: preffered_version can be defined in an image ? that would work ?09:17
hmwelI'm using PREFERRED_VERSION_linux_MyKernel = "4.4" to select the kernel from my .conf09:17
LetoThe2ndthe onlything that comes to my mind is doing some DISTRO magic.09:18
LetoThe2ndboucman_work: no, it certainly will not work in a .bb file09:18
boucman_workyeah, but DISTRO level stuff will affect all images, I want image A to have version A and image B to have version B09:18
boucman_worki'm not even sure the dependency logic can handle a recipe depending on a specific version of another recipe... can it ?09:19
LetoThe2ndboucman_work: split the recipe into an .inc, a and a WHATEVERB.dd09:19
boucman_workthat's ugly, but that would work...09:19
LetoThe2ndabusing the name as disciminator, as that is something you can set through the image09:20
LetoThe2ndboucman_work: hum, maybe you can use this?
boucman_workok, thx, I understand09:22
gunnarxHas anyone run into problems with archiver.bbclass lately?  I'm now seeing "quilt: not found" on many recipes.09:27
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gunnarxNot every recipe that uses patches need to depend on quilt-native, does it?  In any case, build is fine without archiver so it doesn't make sense.09:27
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_ppphi all, i am looking for a wifi PCIE dongle that can work as AP and Client and compatible with yocto on a embedded device, any recommendation?10:53
LetoThe2nd_ppp: probably anything atheros10:55
LetoThe2ndeasily available as mini pcie, rest is just mechanics10:59
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otaviodenix: sorry; it was a warning ...11:01
otaviodenix: btw ... we need a pyro branch of meta-ti11:01
otaviodenix: the removal on rocko and master breaks pyro use. So please branch for pyro before this change.11:02
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otaviorburton: I did rebase the patches I have pending here and resent11:17
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JoiFnrossi: My u-boot doesn't work!  :(12:02
JoiFnrossi:  :P12:03
nrossiJoiF: thats a common issue, google "my u-boot doesn't work", ~6M results :)12:03
JoiFnrossi: Hahaha12:03
JoiFnrossi: So. I basically scrapped my old layer, which was basically a fork from meta-xilinx.12:05
JoiFnrossi: (my layer is called "meta-foss") In my new layer, instead of forking meta-xilinx, I'm doing a LAYERDEPENDS_foss = "xilinx"12:06
nrossiJoiF: makes sense12:06
JoiFnrossi: And then I'm mostly doing bbappends12:07
JoiFnrossi: And I got it building and it all seems good, it's compiling what seems to be the appropriate version of u-boot and linux-xlnx, etc..12:08
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nrossiJoiF: so whats the error? failure state?12:10
JoiFnrossi: But when I JTAG u-boot-spl.bin it nothing works. The processor seems to go in some mode where I can't do anything else. It even fails to JTAG u-boot.elf, which is the next step, saying "Cannot halt processor core, timeout"12:10
JoiFnrossi: Have you come across a similar scenario?12:10
JoiFnrossi: Just wanted to ask in case there's something obvious I'm missing12:10
nrossiJoiF: does u-boot-spl.bin have your ps7_init setup in it? if not then the DDR is likely uninitialized caused bus timeouts12:10
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JoiFnrossi: How can I verify that?12:11
nrossiJoiF: the size of the .bin should be in the 60KB + range if the ps7_init is in it12:11
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nrossiJoiF: but you can also check the elf map for the special symbols12:12
JoiFdu -sh u-boot-spl.bin60K     u-boot-spl.binls -l u-boot-spl.bin-rwxr-xr-x 1 jofr jofr 60948 Oct 17 16:37 u-boot-spl.bin12:13
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JoiFSo in my layer, I duplicated recipes-bsb/platform-init and there I have which I coped over from meta-xilinx but replaced the picozed with my own board-name12:15
nrossiJoiF: double check the in the work dir, make sure it has .text.ps7_* symbols12:15
nrossiJoiF: doing that with should work12:16
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JoiFand then I of course douplicated the second platform-init folder (i.e. recipes-bsp/platform-init/platform-init/<myboard>/) and put my ps7_init_gpl.* in there.12:17
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JoiFThey do seem to be picked up, because if I put rubbish in either of them, the build crashes..12:17
nrossiJoiF: ok, then it looks like its building correctly. Might be a jtag/device issue? have you tested with a known working .bin file?12:19
JoiFnrossi: Yes. Works fine.12:19
nrossiJoiF: are the versions of u-boot the same for each?12:19
JoiFnrossi: Nope.12:20
nrossiJoiF: also if this is a custom board, have your made the associated setup for dts/kconfig in u-boot?12:20
JoiFnrossi: My old fork-thing was based on morty, but now u-boot seems to have changed. Can you tell me a bit about that? There is both u-boot-xlnx and also u-boot_2017.1 or something like that12:21
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JoiFnrossi: Yes. It's a custom board. I believe I've been able to put my configuration in u-boot .. but that's probably where I'm failing.12:22
nrossiJoiF: for your purposes u-boot-xlnx == u-boot12:22
nrossithey are pretty much equal source now12:22
nrossi(for zynq)12:22
nrossiJoiF: So you will need a .dts which goes in arch/arm/dts/ .... look at the existing for samples12:23
nrossiJoiF: and you will need a _defconfig, use an existing zynq_* one and update it with your parameters. You will at least need to change the DEFAULT_DEVICETREE value12:24
JoiFnrossi: So I should be using PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader = "u-boot-xlnx" in my machine config? Because some of most of the ones that come with meta-xilinx use "u-boot"12:24
JoiF(but not all of them)12:25
JoiFI mostly look at what's being done for either picozed or zybo when I'm constructing my own config, and both of them prefer on "u-boot"12:25
nrossiJoiF: You can use normal u-boot, there was a large discussion here:
nrossiJoiF: essentially Xilinx wanted to have there eval boards default to their tree, for the small set of uncommon features that are not upstream12:27
JoiFI see12:28
open-nandraI've asked in the morning but seems no reply so trying to ask again :)12:30
open-nandraHi, I have strange problem using rocko12:30
open-nandra my app is uaing bluez512:30
open-nandra I've used preferred version in conf to 5.45 (I don't want to bump to 5.46 which is present in rocko)12:30
open-nandra I have in DISTRO_FEATURES bluetooth + bluez512:30
open-nandra then during do_rootfs I get: - nothing provides bluez5 >= 5.45 needed by myapp12:30
open-nandra + also - nothing provides bluez5 needed by packagegroup-base-bluetooth-1.0-r8312:30
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JoiFnrossi: Would you be willing to see if I'm doing someting moronic in my u-boot configuration?
JoiF(those two bbappends are the same, just append to those two different u-boots)12:32
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nrossiJoiF: You probably want do_configure_prepend() to make it happen before the make config step12:33
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nrossiopen-nandra: I assume you have a recipe which is versioned 5.45?12:35
open-nandranrossi: yes andI can see it's build12:35
open-nandraI can see ipk is created12:35
open-nandraI tried to remove 5.45 recipe and use one from rocko (5.46) same issue12:35
nrossiopen-nandra: whats the actual PV? set by the recipe and by the package12:35
open-nandranrossi: Fo bluez?12:36
open-nandranrossi: Foe bluez?12:36
open-nandranrossi: For bluez?12:36
nrossiopen-nandra: bluez5 specifically12:36
open-nandraok sec12:36
open-nandranrossi: 5.45-r012:37
nrossiopen-nandra: This is with IPK yer?12:37
open-nandranrossi: bluez5_5.46-r0_cortexa8hf-neon.ipk12:38
open-nandrasorry rebuild now 5.46 vesion12:38
open-nandraso ipk is there12:38
open-nandranrossi: I have recipe which have DEPENDS on bluez512:38
nrossiopen-nandra: but your recipe is not specifically depending on "bluez5 >= 5.45" its just "bluez5" in DEPENDS?12:39
open-nandranrossi: exactly12:39
open-nandrabut I've set PREFERRED_VERSION to 5.4512:39
open-nandrato aoid building 5.4612:39
open-nandrain previous test12:39
nrossiopen-nandra: hmmmm sounds like ipk might have a bug, have you tried building the rootfs with rpm instead?12:40
open-nandranrossi: nope we stick to ipk12:40
open-nandraI can do clean build12:40
open-nandrato check12:40
nrossiopen-nandra: thats an easy way to narrow it down to a package manager resolution issue12:41
*** tavish <tavish!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has quit IRC12:41
open-nandranrossi: ok I'll try to change to RPM and rebuild12:41
open-nandranrossi: if it will work in rpm then I probably should fill a bug :)12:42
nrossiopen-nandra: yep :)12:43
open-nandranrossi: ok12:43
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open-nandranrossi: but if it won't work in rpm also12:43
nrossiopen-nandra: then further debugging is in order :)12:44
open-nandranrossi: that will be hard12:45
*** ant_work <ant_work!> has joined #yocto12:47
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open-nandranrossi: ok finished13:02
open-nandrabut new error: - nothing provides needed by myapp13:02
open-nandraand same with bluez5:  nothing provides bluez5 needed by packagegroup-base-bluetooth-1.0-r8313:03
nrossiopen-nandra: just to clarify, you built with only "package-rpm"?13:03
open-nandranrossi: exactly13:04
open-nandrajust change my local.conf and rebuild13:04
nrossiopen-nandra: pastebin the full log, might be something hiding in there :)13:04
open-nandranrossi: I wish but I cannot share, sorry about that13:05
open-nandranrossi: so I'm on my own :)13:05
nrossiopen-nandra: ahhh, that really limits how much i can help13:06
*** btooth <btooth!6cab81a4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto13:06
open-nandranrossi: I know13:06
btoothhi.. anyone has ipv4options for iptables built?13:06
open-nandranrossi: maybe just an small idea what else to check?13:07
open-nandrawhy packagemanager cannot see those packages13:07
nrossiopen-nandra: If you build without the PREFERRED_VERSION set does it work?13:08
open-nandranrossi: not because then it build rocko 5.46 and I have same issue but with different version13:09
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gunnarxOh, archiver bug is here
yoctiBug 11420: normal, Medium+, 2.3.3, ross.burton, IN PROGRESS REVIEW , archiver's do_unpack_and_patch task is failing for busybox target13:16
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gunnarxEarlier I searched the commit history but didn't find the patches.  Maybe just not looking for the right words. rburton?13:18
*** sgw <sgw!> has quit IRC13:20
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gunnarx"patches sent to list" ... hmm, sorry I don't find them.  Yocto list?13:26
*** mckoan|away is now known as mckoan13:28
mckoangood afternoon13:28
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nayfemckoan: hey13:49
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lsandovhalstead: patchtest cron stopped. New version of patchtest coming, now using tinfoil to parse patch metadata!14:56
lsandovhalstead: I will enable asap14:56
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halsteadlsandov, excellent. Please let me know if any issues arise.15:28
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armpitrburton, ping16:48
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rburtonarmpit: yo18:09
armpitrburton, our mut builds, you want me to open bugs?18:10
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armpityour "fire in the hole" statement.. mean swat take cover?18:11
rburtonarmpit: i'd be happy with a summary email.  i've been quite horrendously ill today so haven't really looked at the failures.18:11
rburtonand yes18:11
rburtona mail with one line per issue and a link to a sample errors.yp page would be so useful18:12
armpitok. take care.. I will look at the logs later18:12
rburtonthe buildlog *should* almost be that18:12
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amf99good day all19:04
amf99how does one get zImage and dtb in the rootfs boot folder19:05
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laplanteHello all - does anyone have a few minutes to discuss the external-linaro-toolchain recipe inside meta-linaro?21:13
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xzhey guys, I'm working on a project that involves building multiple pieces of firmware (e.g. coreboot) and stitching final image as a result. Currently we have bunch of hand-made bash scripts. I'm trying to figure out if some neat and clean solution can be applied on top of that to take care of the build process. Bitbake might be an overkill but what about emerge or make? Do you have any suggestions?23:51
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