Friday, 2017-10-20

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styler2goUsing a predefined wic file, how can i alter grub arguments for the mkefidisk?06:18
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styler2gocan someone tell me what exactly this means? 2 installed and not shipped files. [installed-vs-shipped] Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package:07:22
styler2goI did a package where i replace etc/inittab using install -m 0755 ${WORKDIR}/inittab ${D}/etc/inittab07:22
open-nandrastyler2go: you need to add all paths to FILES_${PN}...07:25
open-nandrato avoid this QA issue07:25
styler2goin which receipt?07:25
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styler2goin my scritp which replaces the inittab?07:25
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open-nandrastyler2go: yes07:30
styler2goopen-nandra, thank you07:30
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styler2gooh well.. actually i just forgot to add it in there07:43
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open-nandraHi all07:49
open-nandraI have some issues with metadata hashes: the basehash value changed from 2707:50
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open-nandraI have custom class which is running some scripts07:50
open-nandraand I'm using date command in class07:50
open-nandraI've added class[vardepsexclude] = "DATETIME"07:51
open-nandrabut I still see an issue07:51
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open-nandraany idea how to debug that?07:51
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styler2goCan i somehow override a file if another package already installed it?07:58
styler2gocheck_data_file_clashes: Package recovery wants to install file /mnt/upboard/build-recovery/tmp/work/up_board-poky-linux/recovery-image/1.0-r0/rootfs/etc/inittab But that file is already provided by package  * sysvinit-inittab07:59
LetoThe2ndstyler2go: the correct way is to have an append to the original recipe, instead of trying to overwrite its outcome08:05
open-nandraLetoThe2nd: any idea how to debug metadata hash issue?08:06
LetoThe2ndopen-nandra: no.08:06
open-nandraLetoThe2nd: I checked it can be disabled but I'm curious why I see such issue08:07
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LetoThe2ndopen-nandra: if i had an idea, i would've told you, don't worry. but the hashing respectively sstate altogether is basically a piece of "magic" i just use08:08
open-nandraLetoThe2nd: yes sure, sorry for bothering ;)08:09
LetoThe2ndopen-nandra: np, good luck08:09
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styler2gowhat does the operand ?= mean?08:42
LetoThe2ndstyler2go: only set if not already set08:43
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styler2goIf i add the IMAGE_FSTYPE in my local.conf, can i prevent any other script from overwriting it? i have the problem that i just want to create the wic file but for exmaple in the machine.conf there it states ext409:00
nayfewhich operand you use ?09:01
nayfein local and in machine ?09:01
styler2goor, at least be sure that no other script overwrites it by using IMAGE_FSTYPE =09:01
styler2gothe machine is a predefined, not from me. there therey used = operand09:02
styler2goin my local.conf i also used =09:02
styler2gonow i changed the machine.conf to += and it works09:02
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styler2goAlso, i always need to execute bitbake 2-3 times until i get my .wic file because it gets the error: cp recovery-image-1.0/hddimg/EFI/BOOT/* boot/EFI/BOOT returned '1' instead of 009:12
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nayfemaybe change cp by cp -f09:19
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styler2gobut that's somethin wic does, i do not do that in any of my scripts09:24
styler2gomaybe my bitbake version is too old and has bugs.. i am using 1.30.009:28
LetoThe2ndstyler2go: i already told you yesterday. try to find out what in the cp fails, it can't be much. usually either the source file doesn't exist, or the destination directory.09:28
styler2goLetoThe2nd, yes the source doesn't exist. but how can i possibly fix this when it's wic interal?09:29
LetoThe2ndstyler2go: i don't think thats "internal", but some step earlier in the process missing. have you modified the .wks file?09:31
styler2goi am using mkefidisk09:31
LetoThe2nded21: ping ^^^^^09:32
LetoThe2ndstyler2go: be patient and hope the wic guy is around :)09:34
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ed21styler2go: Can you create bug for this issue? It looks like a bug in wic code.09:49
styler2goIt seems like i found the issue. It first creates the ext4 file, then it fails. When i reexecute it, it create the hddimg file but wic fails again. when i then execute it again, it works (the iso file does exist now)09:51
styler2goSo it seems like wic doesn't wait until all image types (especially the iso file) are created09:51
styler2go see the timestamps09:52
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styler2goin my IMAGE_FSTYPE i only have "ext4 wic". could that be a problem?09:55
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styler2goed21, any idea about that behavior?10:42
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styler2goDoes anyone else know how i can set the order in which the image types are created?11:17
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boucman_workstyler2go: there is a variable somewhere that can specify dependencies between image types, I'm not sure what it's called11:25
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styler2gosounds like an idea, will try that, thanks11:26
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styler2goboucman_work, did not fix it11:36
styler2goI guess i'll just have to live with it11:36
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boucman_workstyler2go: I use that feature a lot, i'm pretty sure it works; could you pastebin your type definition ?11:41
styler2go that's my image stuff inside local.conf11:43
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robstaone recipe we got from someone else is using "source"12:33
robstamy suspicion is it fails for us because ubuntu/dash12:33
robstais there a way to force bitbake use bash?12:33
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boucman_workstyler2go: that looks correct...13:08
styler2goit just executed do_image_wic and do_image_hddimg simultanously and therefore wic fails..13:09
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nayferobsta: you have the fail log ?13:14
joshuaglrobsta: can you submit a change for the recipe to use . instead of source? otherwise you might want to change the shell you use for OE builds :-/13:17
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boucman_workstyler2go: please run "bitbake -e" and check what exactly is in the IMAGE_TYPEDEP* variables... chances are that wic has other deps that you implicitely break... so it's worth checking13:24
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styler2goIs that enough? I tried to collect it from that huge output13:28
nayfestyler2go: maybe add do_image_wic[depends] += "xxx:do_image_hddimg" in your machine conf ?13:28
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rburtonrobsta: fix it to use . as source is a bashism and you can't rely on bash13:31
rburtonrobsta: there's verify-bashisms in scripts/contrib to run all the recipe script fragments through a bashism detection tool if you want :)13:31
styler2gonayfe, i then get errors like depends upon non-existent task do_image_iso (tried hddimg too)13:32
nayfeyou replaced xxx with correct recipe name ?13:33
styler2goit might work now.. i did do_image13:34
styler2gono error till now13:34
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*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto13:36
styler2goyepp, that worked, nayfe :)13:36
nayfe\o/ bitbake magic13:36
styler2gonow i willn clean up the folder and do one final test :D13:37
boucman_worknayfe: that works but it's not "the proper way"13:37
boucman_workstyler2go: lool line 1..7 of your pastebin13:37
styler2goit's the magic way13:37
boucman_workline 2 is the line from your local.conf13:38
boucman_workline 4 is the line from image-live.bbclass13:38
nayfeboucman_work: why it isnt correct ?13:38
boucman_workas you see, the yocto-provided class overrides your local.conf changes13:38
boucman_workbecause both of you write the variable using "="13:38
boucman_workyou need to do it that way :13:38
boucman_workIMAGE_FSTYPES_iso_append = "hddimage"13:39
boucman_workas a general rule, learn "bitbake -e" and "bitbake -e <recipe>" it's one of the best tools to debug yocto13:39
styler2gonayfe, oh well, this magic failed too :(13:40
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto13:40
styler2goboucman_work, but that won't fix the problem i am having :/13:41
boucman_workwell, yes it should, IIUC13:42
boucman_workright now you have the following dependencies13:42
*** rburton <rburton!> has quit IRC13:42
boucman_workiso after ext413:42
boucman_workwic after iso13:42
boucman_workhddimage after ext413:43
*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto13:43
boucman_workyou lost iso after ext4 in the process13:43
boucman_workwhich is what I fix13:43
boucman_workand that explains your ordering problem, right ?13:43
styler2goi am so confused now13:43
boucman_workstyler2go: do you know how to read the output of bitbake -e that I asked you to pastebin ?13:43
styler2goi didn't know about -e yet, so probably no. what does the pre-expansion value mean?13:44
styler2gothe default value before any script?13:44
boucman_workbasically, for each variable it gives all the operations that were done to the variable and in what order13:44
boucman_workso, for IMAGE_TYPEDEP_iso13:45
styler2goso, a history of all vars?13:45
styler2gothat really sounds awesome13:45
boucman_workit is :)13:45
styler2goif it only would be sorted by var names :P13:45
boucman_workyocto will never be the same for you, once you know that :P13:45
boucman_workso in your case, for IMAGE_TYPEDEP_iso13:46
boucman_workit is first set to "hddimage" by your local.conf13:46
boucman_work(line 2 & 3 in your pastebin)13:46
boucman_workthen set to "ext4" by image-live.bbclass (thus overriding what you did)13:46
boucman_workthe pre-expansion part is only usefull when your variable contains some variables to expand (${..} blocks)13:47
boucman_workso, we need a way to append something to the variable, without colliding with image-live.bbclass13:48
boucman_workwhich we do using the _append mechanism13:48
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto13:48
boucman_work( styler2go if you read french I did a blog article about variable expansions in bitbake, not in english unfortunately)13:49
nayfeça m'intéresse :)13:50
styler2goNo, i'm noth french actually13:51
styler2gowhy am i appending hddimg to iso?13:52
boucman_workyou are appending hddimage to IMAGE_TYPEDEP_iso13:53
boucman_workoh wait13:53
boucman_workI wrote something stupid earlier13:53
boucman_workgimme a sec13:53
boucman_workIMAGE_TYPEDEP_iso_append = "hddimage"13:53
boucman_workand check that what I wrote is correct with "bitbake -e" after that :P13:54
styler2goIMAGE_FSTYPES_iso_append = "hddimg"13:54
styler2goIMAGE_FSTYPES_hddimg_append = "wic"13:54
styler2goshould i do it like that? append wic after hddimg?13:54
nayfeboucman_work: merci pour les liens13:55
styler2goboucman_work, now it's even crazier13:57
styler2go why is iso now ext4?13:57
boucman_workstyler2go: could you pastebin the extract of your local.conf ?13:58
boucman_workstyler2go: it's my fault, I told you to append to IMAGE_FSTYPES when I meant IMAGE_TYPEDEP14:00
boucman_workso replace line 51 and 52 with14:00
boucman_workIMAGE_TYPEDEP_iso_append = "hddimage"14:00
styler2gooh wow14:00
styler2goi didn't notice it14:00
boucman_workIMAGE_TYPEDEP_hddimg_append = "wic"14:00
boucman_workand check that the resulting variables are what you expect with bitbake -e14:01
styler2goi will use -e forever now14:01
styler2goi just wish it would be a bit easier .. like grepping the results or just having a second parameter where i can say i jzst want to see IMAGE_TYPEDEP*14:01
styler2goboucman_work, _append doesn't add spaces so i also need to add spaces, right?14:02
styler2goIMAGE_TYPEDEP_iso="ext4hddimg" is the current result14:02
boucman_workstyler2go: note that when using -e bitbake will not compile, it will only print its variables14:02
boucman_workstyler2go: probably... I am not very clear on which call adds space... I just check what happens with -e14:03
styler2goyes, -e says ext4hddimg14:04
boucman_workok, so yes add a space (or use += which adds the space for you)14:04
styler2goappend with spoaces would be +=14:04
styler2goyeah, well, i just added the spaces manually now14:04
styler2golooks good now, i will try building it14:04
boucman_workstyler2go: no, you need bot append and += (the explanation is a bit complicated for IRC)14:04
styler2goactually i didn't notice it's that late already.. i gotta go14:05
styler2gothanks for your assistance, i really appreciate <314:05
boucman_workno prob14:07
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nathani_updating to pyro, menuconfig gives me an error:
nayfenathani_: why not rocko if I may ask ,14:40
nathani_something to do with ncurses. using imx-linux kernel.14:40
nathani_buying a SOM from a 3rd part and they haven't updated their bsp yet for rocko14:41
*** laplante_ <laplante_!~laplante@> has joined #yocto14:42
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nayfedid you have a try with linux-fslc or linux-fslc-imx14:42
boucman_worknathani_: that's a pure host problem, do you know the kernel version you are using ? do you have ncurses installed on your machine ? did you clean everything when updating ?14:43
nayfeyou had a look on that topic ? ?14:43
*** Adam_ <Adam_!0c30d402@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto14:44
Adam_Hello! I am looking for some tips on getting my Yocto SDK configured with X11 libraries. The target uses Wayland unfortunately and I can't seem to add libx11 as X11 has been removed from the DISTRO_FEATURE. Has anyone ran into this issue?14:46
nathani_yeah i built from scratch. menuconfig still works on my other builds, so i assumed my host was good14:46
Adam_I also am building the SDK from scratch via with -c populate_sdk14:48
nathani_kernel is a linux-imx6 fork by boundary devices14:48
Adam_Nathan, sorry I am confused. Are you talking to.. me?14:49
nathani_no, sorry Adam, you signed on mid convo14:49
Adam_Haha sorrry apologies14:50
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*** jcstach__ <jcstach__!~jcstach@> has joined #yocto14:54
nayfenathani_: did you made a clean new environment after upgrading ? or still with sstate-cache or build ?14:57
nayfeAdam_: maybe add libx11 in your image recipe ?14:58
nathani_did $sudo apt-get install libncurses-dev, works now14:59
nathani_nayfe, thanks for the help15:00
nathani_FYI, i did make a clean enviro and started a new build from scratch.15:01
nayfenathani_: ok, great!15:01
*** diego_r <diego_r!> has quit IRC15:02
Adam_neyfe, adding libx11 to the image is not possible as long as Wayland is included. X11 and Wayland cannot co-exist.15:04
rburtonwell thats not true15:04
rburtonyou can run xwayland to have x11 apps under weston15:04
Adam_I think I should still be able to build libx11-native or nativesdk-libx11 into the SDK however, regardless of X11 inclusion in the target15:04
Adam_rburton, right that is true. However, I can't figure out how to include libx11 along with xwayland15:05
rburtonyou *cant* build libx11 if the DISTRO_FEATURES have had x11 removed, but you can easily add it back15:05
*** nighty- <nighty-!> has joined #yocto15:05
rburtonthat refusal to build is to stop things building with X if the distro disabled X15:05
rburtonyou want X, so don't disable it15:05
Adam_rburton, but I can't put X11 back in DISTRO_FEATURES as long as Wayland or XWayland is included.15:05
rburtonyes you can15:06
Adam_Hmmm let me look at that. I am using TI's AM57xx EVM image. I believe TI's graphics driver doesn't play well with X11. It likes Wayland better. But let me check.15:07
rburtonif you're using xwayland then that's irrelevant15:07
*** hanthings <hanthings!~nandor@> has quit IRC15:08
rburtonalso, bsp having bad drivers is a bsp problem, you can build wayland images with libx11 in if you want.  how else would xwayland work?15:08
Adam_rburton, so you are saying I do not put x11 in the "DISTRO_FEATURES_remove" and only include xwayland in "DISTRO_FEATURES", right?15:08
rburtonxwayland isn't a DISTRO_FEATURE, unless your distro has added it15:09
rburtondon't remove x11 if you want to use x1115:09
Adam_rburton, that's right - libx11 shouldn't be a prolbem to Wayland/Xwayland. I believe TI's graphics driver needs improvement15:09
rburtonif you want xwayland in an image, add it to the image.15:09
rburtonas i said we *do* have logic to abort builds of libx11 if x11 isn't in DISTRO_FEATURES but that's a sanity check to stop apps building against X when the distro said it didn't want X15:10
Adam_I see. I will add xwayland to the IMAGE_FEATURES15:11
Adam_and leave wayland in DISTRO_FEATUERS15:11
Adam_ah ok15:11
rburtonsee core-image-weston15:11
rburtonas the package you want isn't called xwayland15:11
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robstajoshuagl: it's not a public recipe15:13
robstaquestion is how to force bash for bitbake, yes15:13
robstawhen /bin/sh is dash15:13
joshuaglyou can't15:13
robstaand the bitbake is running on a jenkins where you can't tweak everything to your liking15:14
joshuagleither you need metadata which is POSIX sh compliant or to force /bin/sh to bash15:14
Adam_rburton, ok thank you let me check on the weston image15:14
robstajoshuagl: . <script> seems to work fyi15:14
joshuaglrobsta: yeah, that was my first suggestion. Fix it to be POSIX sh compliant by using . not source15:14
robstaso we can patch the other department's recipe, which is a fix15:15
robstaoh ok, just skimmed the backlog15:15
robstathanks joshuagl15:15
joshuaglrobsta: it's generally advisable to use bash for /bin/sh on YP CI machines15:15
robstait's outside of our control15:15
*** grma <grma!~gruberm@> has quit IRC15:15
robstayou know the company's IT department i'm referring to15:16
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Javier_RomeroHi people, my name is Javier, live in Argentina and would like to know if it can be useful for Yocto Linux, to run test of it's kernel on my Raspberry PI 3 and report bugs that may appears17:00
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lsandovJavier_Romero: useful. which tests?17:33
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Javier_Romerolsandov: well I think in running tests like Sub-system Testing, CPU and Memory Stress Testing, Kernel Testing17:45
Javier_Romeroon Yocto running in RasPI 317:46
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lsandovJavier_Romero: are those 'standard' tests? like the LSB ones?18:52
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Javier_Romerolsandov: They are standard test19:00
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bodanglyis there a way, aside from looking at git branches, to tell in a yocto build what version of yocto it is a build for?19:51
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