Thursday, 2017-10-26

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osseIs there a recommendeded way of versioning yocto configuration files?07:52
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nayfeosse: what kind of cfg files ?08:14
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ossenayfe: good question. My first instinct is conf/local.conf but I'm not sure that's a good way of doing things. I guess it's a more general question of versioning all the input, like which layers are used and which version of them08:20
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nayfeosse: for reproductible builds ?08:23
osseYes, I suppose.08:25
osseBut also for simply having a log of how things changed over time08:25
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nayfeosse: for logs, put everything in git repository08:26
nayfeosse: avoid using local.conf, make a custom layer and put stuff in it08:27
nayfeosse: i don't know if you use it, but if you use repo google tool, use only hash version in manifest, and keep that manifest in a SCM08:29
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eduardas_mhello, as far as I understand BBMASK is only usable in bblayers.conf? It can not be used in a recipe .bb file?09:58
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Croftoneduardas_m, I don't think it makes sense in a recipe11:19
CroftonYou can use it in a conf file though11:20
Croftonlike local.conf11:20
ossenayfe: we have a repo which contains a conf/local.conf and a list of repos and sha1s, layers and others. the latter is read by a script (in a different repo) to checkout repos out. the list of repos is probably similar to the manifest you mention, but in some DIY format11:23
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ossenayfe: hmm, local.conf includes the custom machine name, for example, and a BBMASK. How else should this configuration be stored?11:29
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eduardas_mCrofton: thank you for the explanation11:36
CroftonI'll use BBMASK to remove a broken recipe from a build temporarily, so just put in local.conf11:44
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Croftonanyone know what would happen if you set BBMASK in a recipe, and then (possibly) how much confusion you could cause?12:00
Croftonhalstead, you awake?12:04
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eduardas_mCrofton: if I set a BBMASK in a recipe, it just gets ignored as far as I can tell12:13
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smurrayit probably needs to be up in non-recipe namespace since it's used in parsing12:19
mnsgsAnyone aware when Rocko is expected released? I thought it should have been Oct. 20th...12:20
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joshuaglReal soon now12:21
joshuaglwe had to re-spin and run QA again after some late breaking security fixes in the kernel and bluetooth stack12:21
halsteadCrofton: not quite, but I can be. What's up?12:26
mnsgsArh, I see - thanks...12:28
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RP1mnsgs: I'm hoping today/tomorrow12:33
Croftonhalstead, I was wondering if yocti can read rss feeds12:33
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RPCrofton: don't scare halstead as I suspect he worries about the devday ;-)12:33
halsteadDevday was my first thought. Or maybe something had gone down .12:34
Croftonno just thinking12:34
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Croftonwondering is we could rss feed stackoverflow into here12:34
Croftongnuradio does it into a slack channel12:34
Croftonslack is evil though12:35
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halsteadCrofton, yocti is a supybot so if that can do it yocti can.12:35
halsteadCrofton: looking at it should be possible. Want to make a feature request in bugzilla  for it?12:38
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Croftonwhat component?12:39
CroftonHopefully it raises awareness of S-O without being annoying12:39
halsteadAny component indeed infra should work. Not sure anything fits.12:44
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halsteadProbably should have a generic infrastructure component12:47
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yoctiBug 12280: normal, Undecided, ---, stephen.k.jolley, NEW , Try adding RSS feed to yocti so irc is notified of questions in stack voerflow12:54
halsteadThank you.12:55
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btoothhi.. i need to install packages (ipks) using opkg and --offline-root option. but right now i face issues with preinst and postinst scripts because $D is not set. Any idea how to solve this?14:52
neverpanicAre preinst and postinst scripts even run with --offline-root?14:54
neverpanicInteresting, then it always worked for me for some reason. I regularly update using --offline-root and then manually run 'opkg configure' in the target system later14:55
btoothso, i use --force-postinstall also14:55
btooththats why14:55
btoothand yes, 'opkg configure' is good, but i can not use this14:56
btoothi need a solution w/o14:56
btoothand i am close, but unset $D is the problem right now, i have a workaround for this.. but that is not the best one14:57
btoothone more question: how to overwrite useradd.bbclass and/or systemd.bbclass, ie systemd_postinst without changing systemd.bbclass from poky?14:58
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How do I deploy a Python PyQt5 Application to an embedded Linux? || Poky, targets devshell task broken, workarounding this || How to override optimization level for a single package in bit-bake recipe? || Swig dependency error while building firmware with apparmor in openembedded || -sh /usr/local/sbin/wpa_supplicant no such file or directory || Is there a way to check the exact list of packages that will be installed in the image in Yocto? || OSError 105 : No buffer Space - Zeroconf || Error when I run bitbake || bitbake ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES Raspberry Pi || how to group device name in yocto || ./runqemu qemux86 command failed || Yocto build not including files in sdcard image || Issue with gdkpixbuff || YOCTO: "error: cannot run ssh: No such file or directory" || bitbake error package not found in base feeds || Working with core-image-minimal-initramfs yocto image || Dallas 1 Wire Protocol with Yocto/Raspberry Pi 3 || Controlling architecture in resulting RPM's || aarch64-poky-linux-gcc: error: : No such file or directory || yocto vmdk, iso image rootfs is read only || How to modify a kernel based on what top-level recipe is being built using openembedded and bitbake? || QML debugging & qmljsdebugger profiling is not working on RPI with Yocto (poky-pyro) || How to force package to be recompiled on Yocto || intel galileo gen2 programming in yocto linux || yacto build using own souce mirro || Bitbake fetch layers from github repo || YOCTO how to create a basic ubuntu 16.04 linux || yocto: failing to find Python.h and cross compiling fails || Uncomfortable difference between machine libraries and SDK libraries || why u-boot source code remove while compiling?15:11
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alkinopaulbarker: hi o/15:13
alkinois it possible to talk to you about runc-opencontainers?15:13
alkinoabout the recipe in meta-virtualization to be precise15:14
paulbarkeralkino: yes sure15:14
alkinodo you try to compile after having delete tmp directory15:16
alkinothere is some weird tricks with this "src/vendor"15:17
paulbarkerAh ok, not sure about that15:17
paulbarkerI'll have to take a look at it when I'm back from ELCE/Dev Day15:18
alkinoFirst the patch doesn't apply --- a/src/import/Makefile => --- a/Makefile15:18
paulbarkerHmmm it applied for me, might be some inconstancy somewhere though15:20
alkinoI have no src/import in my "git" directory15:21
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paulbarkerThat's part of recent changes to the go tooling in oe-core15:24
paulbarkerAre you on the latest commits on master branch?15:25
alkinofor oe-meta-go or for meta-virtualization?15:25
alkinoyes in both cases15:25
alkinolast patch for oe-meta-go is from 2017-04-2515:26
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paulbarkerAh that might be an issue15:33
paulbarkerYou shouldn't need oe-meta-go anymore15:33
alkinoand what should I need?15:35
alkinoI don't want to annoy you15:35
alkinois there any documentation about go in yocot?15:35
alkinoI can't find any15:36
paulbarkerFor go in general, not sure. For the stuff in meta-virtualization you should just need what it lists as deps15:39
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alkinopaulbarker: README tell that meta-virtualization depends on oe-meta-go from "errordevelopper" which is really old (does not contain class for example)15:58
alkinoI find my mistake sorry16:01
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bodanglyI tried to mask out a recipe with BBMASK in local.conf, but its still appearing when I do bitbake-layers show-recipes. Normal?19:45
bodanglyBBMASK += "imx-gst1.0-plugin" also tried BBMASK += "*imx-gst1.0-plugin*" same result19:45
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lsandovbodangly: interesting. Can you try building it?19:57
lsandovbodangly: the value is actually a regular expresion, same as the ones in re module19:58
lsandovso, I wonder if you to escape the dot for example19:59
lsandovthe dot has a meaning (match any character) so try a backslash before it19:59
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bodanglyah right it is a regex good point, but a dot should still match in this instance. I'll try backslashes though thanks20:04
alkinoregex or wildcard?20:11
alkino".*" instead og "*" maybe20:11
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