Friday, 2017-10-27

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SlickTrickGood evening, I was hoping someone could shed some light on a task I am trying to complete for work. I want to use the smart package manager, which is included in the build, but I don't know any URL to use for fetching packages I wish to install. Can anyone shed some light on this?00:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What is cfinteractive process in Yocto? <>01:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: why u-boot source code remove while compiling? <>03:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto beaglebone black pru configuration <>05:43
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ismail_I am getting an error while building an image on Ubuntu 16.04. I think i have installed all the required packets.. What does "WARNING: Unable to get checksum for linux-libc-headers SRC_URI entry shallow: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:" warning means?06:34
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ismail_Any idea about ""WARNING: Unable to get checksum for linux-libc-headers SRC_URI entry shallow: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:" warning?06:36
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bluelightningismail_: sounds like you have a bbappend or overlayed recipe for linux-libc-headers with a bad SRC_URI entry?07:09
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styler2goGood Day. I wanted to change my grub version in my image and now i get the error: ERROR: grub-efi-2.02-r0 do_populate_sysroot: The recipe grub-efi is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist. (with a big wall of text afterwards) It advises me to delete tmp folder, but i already did that and ran the build completely new. any ideas?07:20
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nayfeHi, i was wondering, besides script, do you use other scripts to cleanup yocto env?07:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: qt5 yocto support for i.mx7 with pxp support <>09:14
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nayfemaxin:  Hi, i'm trying to build meta-oracle-java with rocko on headless arm, and it fails because it detects use of When creating JRE with JRECreate tool, if I select full profile, it includes swing/awt support (, do you how to fix this ? INSANE_SKIP ?09:29
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kanavinnayfe: maxini is on vacation I think09:32
nayfekanavin: ah thkx, maybe someone else can answer :)09:32
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joshuagloh, yocti is sharing stack overflow Q's. That was fast.09:37
ramcqanyone got any clues how to proceed with
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto kernel ti network error <>09:44
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nayferamcq: it's missing libicudata, so you should add DEPENDS = "libicudata" ?09:46
ramcqnayfe: er... it's compiling icu09:51
ramcqthe lib it's looking for is in the library path (the first dir in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH) there09:52
ramcqand I even added LD_DEBUG=all to that Makefile line09:52
ramcqLD is actually looking at the path which has the library in...09:52
ramcqand not finding it?!09:52
ramcqI am really confused :/09:52
nayfemaybe try icu 59 from master ?09:56
styler2goGood Day. I wanted to change my grub version in my image and now i get the error: ERROR: grub-efi-2.02-r0 do_populate_sysroot: The recipe grub-efi is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist. (with a big wall of text afterwards) It advises me to delete tmp folder, but i already did that and ran the build completely new. any ideas?09:58
nayfestyler2go> did you try bitbake -c  clean grub ?09:59
ramcqnayfe: I can't change version, it's in the ABI for flatpak's SDK10:06
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Croftonjoshuagl, we are interested in feedback about the stack overflow messages10:08
Croftonhopefully they are useful, but not so many they disrupt the channel10:08
joshuaglCrofton: I'll let you know ;-)10:14
joshuaglcertainly I never remember to look at StackOverflow and have already been once today10:15
nayferamcq: maybe LDFLAGSICUDT flag to set ?10:15
CroftonSo far it looks sane10:16
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nayfearrggz, patching binary to remove dynamic library dependency with patchelf looks the only way to override automatic SO dependency from yocto :x missing something ...10:39
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neverpanicYou could remove the libraries that link against libXrender10:55
neverpanicOr, you could set PRIVATE_LIBS for the JDK, making package.bbclass assume JDK ships a copy of libXrender10:57
nayfeneverpanic: that thread was not made by me, but looks quite the same problem11:01
nayfeneverpanic: my issue is depends on but i'm in headless arm machine11:02
nayfeneverpanic: i tried to remove every lib. depending on libX11, but it removes too much stuff :p11:03
nayfeneverpanic: i don't know PRIVATE_LIBS, i'll take a look11:03
neverpanicWell, those libs cannot be used anyway, so I don't think that would remove too much stuff, would it?11:03
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nayfeneverpanic: i'm tring one more time, and then i'll use a compact profile :x oracle java is sooooo .... well11:17
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styler2gonayfe, just tried bitbake -c clean but the error still occures11:35
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nayfestyler2go> did you also cleaned your image recipe ?11:59
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styler2gowhat exactly do you mean?12:00
nayfebitbake -c clean grub; bitbake -c clean image-X12:02
styler2gooh sure i did try that12:02
styler2goi also tried completely rebuilding everything12:02
nayfemaybe try to delete manually conflicted files in error message ?12:02
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styler2gowell, that's an idea haha12:06
styler2goOh well, no, in this case the next tasks throws an error too12:07
styler2gocannot stat '/mnt/upboard/build-recovery/tmp/deploy/images/up-board/bootx64.efi': No such file or directory12:07
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luneffhey guys! I'm wondering on how do I bundle a custom crontab with cronie. My .bbappend says FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:" and in files/ I have my crontab. Cronie doesn't seem to catch that :-(12:07
nayfewell, rm /tmp then :x or wait a guru to wake up :)12:07
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nayfeluneff: i should be enough to work .... strange, did you look at env variables with bitbake -e ?12:10
luneffnayfe, FILESPATH seems to use original paths, not mine. Maybe, the wrong variable is substituted12:12
nayfeis it cronie_%.bbappend ? maybe check bblayer priorities ?12:14
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: WARNING: No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_core <>12:14
luneffnayfe, it's not 'files' but 'cronie' path in my case :-) thanks12:15
luneffstill not working, though12:16
nayfewhat is your path to cronie_%.bbappend ?12:20
nayfeFILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:" allows you to put files into files folder12:22
luneffnayfe, oh, thanks :-) for some reason, I've decided to put .bbappend right to recipes-extended  without a 'cronie' subfolder12:22
luneffnow it worked12:22
nayfenice :)12:22
luneffFILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend  seems to be really convenient for custom recipes12:24
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styler2gonayfe, i also tried rm /tmp12:35
styler2goit didn't work12:35
nayfestyler2go> maybe means that you have two recipes in conflict ?12:35
styler2goi also think that12:37
styler2gobut how do i find the one in conflict12:37
styler2gothere's a /mnt/upboard/meta/classes/grub-efi.bbclass12:39
styler2gobut only one file12:39
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nayfestyler2go> if a remember well, you trying to make wic image ?12:43
styler2goYes, but i tried updating the grub-efi version12:45
nayfedid you check commits between version to see if there is something new ?12:47
nayfei don't use grub :)12:47
styler2gobut grub is awesome! :<12:47
styler2goi think i found another grub bb file12:47
styler2goi deleted it now it seems to work12:48
styler2goit was in meta-debian o.O12:48
nayfeUBOOT_EXTLINUX_ROOT = "root=/dev/mmcblk0p${distro_bootpart}"12:52
nayfeoops paste error12:52
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ChrysDSome people have used udoo here ?13:53
ChrysDI mean the UDOO x86.13:54
ChrysDI don't know what to think about this product.13:55
ChrysDIt's a project from kickstarter in 2013 and i don't know if they are reliable....13:55
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mterwoordHi All! I'm trying to make a recipe which includes random binary files (already built). Got something working, but now it doesn't redo the magic when the files are changing.16:03
mterwoordWhat am I missing here?16:03
neverpanicYou will have to show some recipe code, or this will be a wild guessing game.16:04
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mterwoordok. so what I have is the yocto files in a git repository. there's also a submodule pointing to a .net core project. that project is built outside of the recipe, and files are places in the files/ folder next to the recipe file16:05
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mterwoordfiles are being copied to the rootfs, but the old (first) version. not the freshly built version16:06
mterwoordI'm guessing somehow I have to include a magic version number somewhere16:06
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mterwoord@neverpanic help would be greatly appreciated! :)16:09
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has joined #yocto16:09
nayfe<mterwoord> is that kind of pointer helps ?
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mterwoordtried that already. doesn't help.16:10
mterwoordmaybe i have to put in some value in PV?16:11
neverpanicmterwoord: Is your SRC_URI literally file://* or did you modify that for the paste?16:11
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nayfemterwoord> instead of putting it  in local, put it in a repo :)16:11
neverpanicYep, that would be the best solution16:12
mterwoordi have, but i have it in a private repo, and i want to use submodules, instead of a hash..16:12
mterwoordie, manual hash16:12
mterwoordit seems like putting a value in PV works.16:12
neverpanicSo you want your recipe to not change while the actual content shipped by the recipe changes, right? That's not really how bitbake is designed to work.16:13
neverpanicYeah, changing PV or PR should trigger a rebuild16:13
neverpanicIdeally, you'd actually list the files in SRC_URI, though.16:13
mterwoordcan I point the recipe to "submodule root/my-submodule" and it automagically use the commit info for that?16:13
nayfethere is autorev maybe16:14
mterwoordso instead of *, put them all there?16:14
neverpanicWell, you can have it check out a git repository, and you could write a python expression that determines SRC_URI from the git repository the recipe file is in16:14
neverpanicNot sure that's a good idea, though, because that code will be run every time your recipe is parsed16:14
neverpanicYou're breaking the 1:1 mapping between the contents of a recipe and the output generated by it.16:16
neverpanicMuch better to automate changing the recipe, IMHO16:16
mterwoordautomate as in have the SRCURI point to a git url? or you mean like patching up the bb file?16:16
mterwoordsetting the pv value works btw.16:17
mterwoordcould work with that..16:17
neverpanicpatching the bb file, e.g. by pointing the recipe to a git repo and automatically changing SRCREV16:17
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*** ojdo <ojdo!~ojdo@unaffiliated/ojdo> has joined #yocto16:17
mterwoordthen i'd have to manually set the git commit hash.16:17
neverpanicunless you automate setting that16:17
mterwoordright, i could have the script also building the .net core thingy figure out the submodule hash, and then patch the bb file16:19
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