Monday, 2017-11-13

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tront_RP, great then; these 2 commits are fixing the same bug for me as in the description (aufs-util compile problem) when I build for the Intel Edison04:17
tront_and besides aufs-utils,  get the same stack smash protection compile bug with docker04:18
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mckoangood morning07:34
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xtronanyone there? I want to clean the build directory, I'm using bitbake -c clean but it is not removing all the build images and related stuff...09:55
LetoThe2ndxtron: thats because the clean command does not delete stuff, but only invalidate the tasks09:56
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LetoThe2ndxtron: you can try cleanall for a given target, otherwise just remove the tmp directory. that gives you the big rebuild09:57
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xtronLetoThe2nd: so it will clean core-image-minimal for all platforms like qemuarm, qemux86 and qemux86-64 (only minimal image) rigth?10:01
LetoThe2ndxtron: well what do you mean by "clean"10:03
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LetoThe2ndxtron: the definition of "clean" in the context of bitbake is "not available anymore, will be recreated if needed again"10:04
xtronremoving compiled images10:04
LetoThe2ndxtron: so your intent is to remove them from the disk10:05
LetoThe2ndthe just remove whatever you don't want anymore from the tmp/deploy directory10:06
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xtronLetoThe2nd: I want to make backup of poky so I case I need it later,10:07
LetoThe2ndwhy would i make a backup of poky? git clone git:// as many times as i want10:08
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xtronLetoThe2nd: isn't it will download poky again?10:09
LetoThe2ndthat will always give me a fresh download of poky, yes.10:10
LetoThe2ndwhich is actually a very good thing to always test against a clean, untinkered version10:10
xtronyes it is, but I want backup for when I'm not connected or can't download. anyway I got your point10:11
LetoThe2ndthen just tar it up.10:11
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xtronLetoThe2nd: yup exactly, that's my plan.. so I can copy on different computers (where I can't download or don't want to)10:13
LetoThe2ndxtron: technically thats no problem. if you don't want or need the full git history, you can also use git archive10:16
xtronLetoThe2nd: will look into what this git archive is... that can be an option10:18
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LetoThe2ndxtron: actually, i guess your build is *inside* the poky dir?10:24
LetoThe2ndxtron: thats another best practise: create your own layers and the build directory *outside* of poky.10:25
LetoThe2ndxtron: i recommend this layout:
xtronLetoThe2nd: yup, I did that mistake in start.. I should keep my build and download directories outside poky10:29
LetoThe2ndxtron: especially the build dir. by default the download dir is in the build dir, but of course you can share that one across different builds10:30
xtronLetoThe2nd: yup it take some time to be confident for such changes, :) I'm still understanding the yocto dir-tree, variables and basic build10:33
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RPtront_: can you propose them on the mailing list please?12:00
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halsteadRP, I knocked out power to a disk enclosure at the datacenter. The NAS is offline for a bit. I'll update soon.12:08
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RPhalstead: ok, np12:12
RPhalstead: thanks for the warning12:12
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xtronis there anyway we can find the value of variables available in yocto, for example I want to know where LAYERDIR is pointing? OR WORKDIR, BBPATH etc12:19
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rburtonxtron: bitbake -e [recipe]12:29
tront_RP, just did
open-nandrahi all12:35
open-nandraI'm trying to fetch rocko from : but it's not working12:35
open-nandragetting timeouts12:35
open-nandra--2017-11-13 13:34:08--
open-nandraResolving (
open-nandraConnecting to (||:80...12:35
xtronopen-nandra: why don't you use git clone method?12:36
open-nandraxtron: well we have script which will clone official reelase not git clone12:36
open-nandraI just bumped versions and it's not working12:37
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xtronopen-nandra: yup yocto server not responding...12:41
halsteadopen-nandra, We are currently recovering from a storage failure.12:41
open-nandrahalstead: ok thanks12:41
open-nandraI'll wait12:41
halsteadopen-nandra, xtron I'll notifiy as soon as we are back online.12:41
open-nandrahalstead: thanks a lot12:41
xtronhalstead: no worries12:41
kanavintront_: you need to actually do the backporting and send patches, I think :)12:44
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to fetch from <>12:44
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halsteadopen-nandra, xtron RP back online. Initial checks show no data loss.12:46
_julianHey, is there a way to list all tasks that would be executed for a given target?12:47
LetoThe2nd_julian: would be, in the meaning of?12:47
rburton_julian: --dry-run?12:48
RPhalstead: thanks!12:48
halsteadI'll count this as a successful practice session.12:49
xtronhalstead: yup its working fine now...12:50
LetoThe2ndhalstead: </mrburns>12:51
ossenot </billandted> ?12:52
_julianrburton: dry-run is not exactly what I want. I'd like to see a list of all tasks that will be executed. With dry-run I see how many tasks would have to be executed in the sammary, but not a list of them12:53
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tront_kanavin, I have seen this kind of request on the ml so I went for the faster way :); I'll add the patches then12:55
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_juliandifferent questions: Is there some source-location override mechanism? For development I'd like to build a linux kernel from a local tree, with potentially non-commited changes. It would be very handy if I could point bitbake to it somehow.13:01
LetoThe2nd_julian: or devtool, a bit depending on your exact usecase/setup13:03
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tront_no write access to poky-contrib ......13:04
_julianLetoThe2nd: externalsrc seems to be what I want. Thanks13:04
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rburton_julian: see the cooker log, or pipe bitbake to a file13:08
rburton_julian: ah i guess if you've already built the target then it won't help.  is that the problem?13:09
rburtonyou want to see all tasks that will be considered, not that need to be ran13:09
_julianrburton: I built the target, changed one package and would like to know what other packages will be rebuilt because of the changed package13:10
rburtonthen dry-run is exactly what you want13:10
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rburtondefault bitbake ui won't show the log but if you pipe bitbake to a file (or even just |cat) then youll see the task list13:10
_julianrburton: piping the output might do the trick indeed.13:11
rburton(bitbake switches UI depending on stdout being interactive)13:11
_julianok, understood13:11
_julianso when using externalsrc, what would be the best approach to trigger a rebuild? bitbake -c clean package && bitbake target-image will work, but would always do a full clean rebuild. I'd rather only rebuild what has changed in the package, is that possible?13:13
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rburtonbitbake targetimage should work as externalrc will look for changes afaik13:18
_julianah, neat. let me try :)13:19
kanavinrburton: just going through the list of fails in my mega-patchset - is this actually related to anything in it?
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rburtonthats a kernel race13:21
rburtoni was blaming the dnf packaging fails and gstreamer build fails on the series13:22
kanavinyep, those I reproduced13:22
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kanavingstreamer might take a while - " ELF file data encoding not little-endian" isn't obvious13:23
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rburtoncan't recall now, was that on specific machines?13:23
kanavinrburton: mips6413:23
kanavinrburton: | qemu-mips64: error while loading shared libraries: /home/ak/development/poky/build-mips64/tmp/work/mips64-poky-linux/gstreamer1.0-plugins-base/1.12.3-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/ ELF file data encoding not little-endian13:24
rburtonmaybe something is confused about endian in mips64?13:24
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kanavinrburton: my best guess is that somechange in glib broke endiannness13:24
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kanavinrburton: also, dwarfsrcfiles recipe isn't likely to change much - I can set up a variable, but I think it's fine as it is too13:25
kanavinit's just one source file bundled with the recipe13:26
kanavinrburton: oh, but the AB error was "/bin/sh: error while loading shared libraries: TOPDIR/tmp/work/mips64-poky-linux/gstreamer1.0-plugins-base/1.12.3-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/ ELF file data encoding not little-endian"13:27
rburtonwell, first step would be to verify that the endian of those files is right :)13:28
kanavinrburton: how? :)13:28
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kanavinwhat's also odd is that base gstreamer package is fine, even though it too has introspection13:32
kanavin"/home/ak/development/poky/build-mips64/tmp/work/mips64-poky-linux/gstreamer1.0-plugins-base/1.12.3-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/ ELF 64-bit MSB shared object, MIPS, MIPS64 version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, BuildID[sha1]=f67ccec6082f755a1d5cd686d1f64fa4166fa964, stripped"13:36
kanavinMSB == big-endian?13:36
kanavinthen at least that is correct13:36
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rburtonso why does the loader or whatever is making that line appear want little endian13:40
kanavinmaybe some kind of bizarre host contamination?13:43
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TurBossdoes anyone know what provides "BWidget"?13:47
TurBossok found some recipes13:48
kanavinrburton: bisection points to the first bad commit being "    gobject-introspection: update to 1.54.1"13:50
rburtonkanavin: not a huge surprise.13:50
kanavinrburton: which comes after the glib update, so I guess glib is not to blame13:51
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kanavinrburton: plenty of suspicious commits here
kanavinI guess I could bisect those as well13:54
rburtonkanavin: bisecting the development release might be worth it and trivial enough13:55
rburtonmy hunch would be something is looking at the host endian instead of target?13:55
kanavinrburton: not so trivial, as each step of the way we need to apply our custom patches13:55
rburtongood point :/13:55
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rburtonkanavin: looks like something i'd try reverting13:58
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kanavin"does not work for all of its supported compilers (Visual Studio is an example)" grrrrrrrr13:58
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kanavinrburton: revert is failing to apply, I guess I can carefully compare the linking command before and after instead14:09
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xtronI executed a command as <source oe-init-build-env test-build qemux86-64> now I'm getting error that <bitbake directory ../../poky/x86-64> doesn't exist, how can I fix this?14:12
rburtonthats not how oe-init-build-env should be called14:17
rburtondon't pass the machine name14:17
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xtronrburton: so how to fix it?14:18
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rburtongo to the top folder again and run . oe-init-build-env test-build14:18
xtronrburton: not working ... tried14:19
rburton(second argument is the path to bitbake which is why it isn't working)14:19
rburtonyou'll probab;y have to delete test-build as you've generated files in it which point to the wrong paths14:19
xtronalready deleted14:20
xtronrburton: same error, need to reset the environment14:21
rburtonprobably for the best, close and open a new terminal14:22
xtronerror message = Please ensure a copy of bitbake exists at this location or specify an alternative path on the command line14:22
rburtoncan i ask why you were passing qemux86-64 to oe-init-build-env? whatever told you do to that is very wrong14:23
xtronrburton: most lame solution ..... Worked!14:23
rburtoneasier than pruning the environment :)14:23
xtronrburton: actually I've another custom setup where I can pass machine as parameter...14:24
eduardas_mhello, I want to generate a single image that can be used both on SD card and eMMC with Yocto project tools ... the problem is that on i.MX6 the mmc device number used to boot Linux changes depending on whether I am booting from SD card (mmcblk1) or eMMC (mmcblk2)14:25
xtronand script handle stuff related to machine like update machine in conf/layer.conf14:25
eduardas_mhow can I configure the u-boot environment in such a way that it figures out whether it is located on SD card or eMMC automatically?14:25
rburtonxtron: ah, well oe-core setup script args are build directory and bitbake directory (both optional)14:25
xtroneduardas_m: reset the environment14:27
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eduardas_mxtron: not sure what you mean... I just want to write image to eMMC and u-boot has to figure out it was written to eMMC and not SD card and set the root partition for Linux on the correct device14:31
eduardas_mbecause mmcblk1p2 is valid for SD card and mmcblk2p2 is valid for eMMC in my case14:32
eduardas_mif I hardcode either one in my u-boot environment, it is inappropriate14:32
JoiFnrossi: For some reason, in u-boot, the "modeboot" environment variable doesn't get set when I'm booting from QSPI. Everything works fine when booting over JTAG. It's the same u-boot.elf I'm loading on both cases. If do some other changes to the environment variables I've set, they are reflected in both cases, but for some reason, it just doesn't seem to run the board_late_init() which sets the modebood environment variable.14:33
JoiFnrossi: Ever come across something like that?14:34
xtroneduardas_m: how will you put Linux image on eMMC ?14:35
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nrossiJoiF: nope not seen that, sure your mio strapping is right? shove a printf into the u-boot code that checks the register, see if it is what is expected14:36
eduardas_mxtron: tar -xOvzf /mnt/testing-image-var-som-mx6-20171109143316.rootfs.wic.tar.gz | dd of=/dev/mmcblk2 bs=16M status=progress14:38
eduardas_mthis is executed from sdcard14:38
eduardas_mthe only purpose for the scdard is to be able to write to eMMC with dd14:38
eduardas_mthen it is removed and I reboot from eMMC14:39
eduardas_mthere is a hardware switch to select booting from eMMC14:39
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xtroneduardas_m: so first you run Linux on i.MX6 from SD card also put a Linux image on SD card and then flash that image from SD card to eMMC using i.MX6 target, right?14:41
*** agust <agust!> has joined #yocto14:41
LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: actually that should just be clever u-boot scripting14:44
eduardas_mxtron: yes14:44
eduardas_mLetoThe2nd: yes, I assume so, but not sure what variables actually do what I want14:45
LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: neither do i. i guess you have to read some system registers to find out which boot path triggered.14:45
*** vertex__ <vertex__!4fb412df@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto14:46
eduardas_mLetoThe2nd: mmcinfo kinda gives me what I want, but not sure how I pass it on to a script14:46
xtroneduardas_m: are you sure that image is properly flashed on eMMC, like did you umount the eMMC before flashing the image?14:47
*** hamis <hamis!~irfan@> has quit IRC14:47
LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: agreed, the u-boot scripts are sometimes picky14:48
eduardas_mxtron: yes, I am sure it is properly flashed, as it actually boots after I change the rootfs partition number manually14:48
TurBossdoes anyone know why i'm getting ths error from a 3 year old recipe? : "autotools_copy_aclocal: not found"14:49
TurBossrecipe in question14:50
TurBoss3 or 414:50
eduardas_mLetoThe2nd: so you are not aware of how to pass the output of mmcinfo to a script in u-boot ant parse it somehow for example?14:51
eduardas_mI would kinda hate to have to generate a separate image just so that it has a slightly modified u-boot environment for booting from eMMC14:52
LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: i am not in particular. i personally probably would just patch uboot to add a specific command that tells me exactly what i need to know, and return that as a boolean value14:53
LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: as this is exactly what we do here, when we have to do boot time decicions :)14:53
LetoThe2ndas you have to patch it anyways to inject your particular machine/config, theres little magic involved in the end14:54
vertex__Hey is there a way to enable symlinks for busybox apps in my image?14:55
*** lsandov <lsandov!~lsandov1@> has joined #yocto14:55
eduardas_mLetoThe2nd: yes, my colleague is currently looking at the u-boot source and apparently patching u-boot looks to be the only way right now... thank you for your advice14:56
LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: np, good luck14:57
JoiFnrossi: Will do. Thanks.14:57
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JoiFnrossi: And I know I'm *really* pushing it when I'm asking you those questions that aren't really about Yocto or meta-xilinx per se... And I'm very grateful that you still respond to me at all  ;)15:06
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto15:12
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JoiFnrossi: Well, everything is actually fine .. it's just that the switch-statement in board/xilinx/zynq/board.c doesn't support all the available boot-modes defined in arch/arm/mach-zynq/include/mach/hardware.h15:15
JoiFnrossi: I guess I should submit a patch.15:15
nrossiJoiF: sounds like a good plan :)15:15
xtroneduardas_m: did you try bmode command on u-boot15:15
JoiFnrossi: I was (wrongfully) assuming that the "norboot" mode in that switch-statement was supposed to be a sort of catch-all for any sort of onboard-flash-boot .. and that if I was booting from QSPI, the "modeboot" would be set to "norboot"15:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Netbeans C++ project with existing Makefile hpp headers <>15:44
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tront_do contributions to poky now have to go through the poky-contrib approach?16:03
kergothfirst, contributions to "poky" need to go to the right repository in the end. oe-core to oe-core, bitbake to bitbake, meta-poky to the meta-yocto repo, etc. whether you use poky-contrib or oe-core-contrib or your own repo isn't as big of a deal16:05
kergoththe poky repo is just an integration of components from other repositories16:05
tront_I'm targeting a backport on the pyro branch of poky16:06
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto16:07
tront_for such a case should I use poky-contrib or the contrib for the specific component?16:07
kergothyou'd send them to the pyro branch of the individual component repositories.16:10
kergothwhat repo you put your commits in really doesn't matter, as long as you get them sent to the list, either as individual patches or as a pull request with the appropriate info on url and branch16:10
otaviozeddii: berton and I are looking at pypi fetch errors; they need to use https now16:11
otaviozeddii: the problem is that the error goes up to krogoth.16:11
*** ojdo <ojdo!~ojdo@unaffiliated/ojdo> has quit IRC16:11
otaviozeddii: we are seeing it on krogoth here and newer releases16:11
otaviozeddii: is it possible for us to provide a backport for it?16:11
*** GreenDude <GreenDude!cc3624f5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:14
*** jadersmith <jadersmith!~Smith@> has joined #yocto16:15
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GreenDudeDoes anyone know where the name "Poky" originated?  I know it came out of OpenHand, but I'm wondering if there's some significance behind it.  My Google-fu is failing me.  I even used Wayback Machine on OpenHand's site to see if it said anything there.16:16
*** jadersmith <jadersmith!~Smith@> has quit IRC16:16
GreenDudeWondering if "Poky" is named after a food, someone's dog, or what.16:16
*** jadersmith <jadersmith!~Smith@> has joined #yocto16:17
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xtroncan I deploy image of qemux86-64 on PC ?16:27
rburtonGreenDude: corruption of a japanese sweet (which was pokey, iirc)16:30
kanavinrburton: going slightly mad here - gstvideo library does not have this issue, it's specific to just gstaudio lib16:30
rburtonxtron: best to use a proper machine such as intel-corei7-64 as the qemu machine is tuned for virtual environments16:30
kanavinrburton: thinking of disabling introspection on mips64 gst-plugins-base outright, and moving on16:30
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC16:30
rburtontront_: patches *have* to go through the list, a repo is convenient16:31
GreenDuderburton: Thanks.16:33
xtronrburton: so I can deploy, can I make an .iso image from images generated by yocto system?16:33
rburtonxtron: set NOISO=0 and you'll get a .iso that boots an installer or live image.  isos are rubbish so dont set that and you'll get a hddimg which is the same thing for USB sticks.16:34
*** GreenDude <GreenDude!cc3624f5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:36
xtronrburton: what configuration I've to modify to get hddimg?16:39
rburtonwell strictly speaking you want IMAGE_FSTYPES to contain hddimg, but thats the default for most proper x86 BSPs16:42
*** melonipoika <melonipoika!> has joined #yocto16:42
kergothsounds like genericx86 or genericx86-64 might be a better bet than the qemu machines, perhaps?16:43
*** sgw <sgw!~swold@> has quit IRC16:43
*** eduardas_m <eduardas_m!~eduardas@> has quit IRC16:45
xtronrburton: how? where is this IMAGE_FSTYPES defined?16:45
rburtonin the core metadata, which BSPs can change, and you can override in local.conf16:45
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ranranyocto seems very complex,,, trying to upgrate jethro to glibc 2.x is almost impossible ?17:20
*** melonipoika <melonipoika!> has quit IRC17:23
rburton"just" upgrading glibc is non-trivial17:24
*** clsulliv <clsulliv!clsulliv@nat/intel/x-knnqwgtphsvwzhri> has joined #yocto17:25
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ranranrburton, if I understand correctly, each yocto version (jethro, morty, etc), has its own dependency "complex" tree between packages, that's why it is complex to start from a given version and try to modify a package version like glibc or gstreamer. Right ?17:28
*** bodangly_ <bodangly_!~bodangly@> has quit IRC17:28
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto17:28
ranranIs that a correct way to view the complexity of yocto ? I thought that a build system (any, not only yocto) should try to make this dependency issue simpler to work with, but seems that I was wrong :(17:29
kergothit's not magic.17:30
ranranThanks, I just wanted to be sure I am not missing something (I actually thought at first that there is a magic, but now that I now a bit more, I am awake to reality)17:33
joshuaglupgrading gstreamer is much less of a problem than glibc, glib as the system C library is much closer to the root of the dependency graph, whereas gstreamer is a leaf with far fewer connected edges17:33
*** bavery_fn <bavery_fn!~bavery@> has quit IRC17:37
rburtonranran: ewll, its complex to upgrade glibc because upgrading glibc is complex17:37
rburtonlike, upgrade glibc and boom lots of stuff that used to work now breaks17:37
rburtonyay glibc upgrades, so much fun17:37
rburtonalmost as fun as a new gcc17:37
*** egavin <egavin!> has quit IRC17:37
ranranThank you all for the comments !17:38
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Mads__Hi I am using Yocto Pyro where in libepoxy does not build, it says EGL requirements not met and fails, although I have proper EGL binaries18:04
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto18:07
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ulf`Mads__: that sounds sticky18:14
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to fetch from [on hold] <>19:15
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Crofton|workHmm, we get lots of questions being marked off topic. I kind of agree with reasons, but it is annoying non experts in "Yocto" are making the call19:20
Crofton|workand yes, I know that the use of Yocto in the that statement is absurd19:20
*** james <james!95c73efe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto19:25
*** james is now known as Guest8240619:25
Guest82406Hi I m using yocto pyro, wherein cairo failes at do_package_qa ""ERROR: cairo-1.14.10-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/lib/ contained in package cairo-gobject requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_cairo-gobject? [file-rdeps]""19:26
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ythlHow do I get the `work-shared` folder with `kernel-source` to show up after a bitbake?20:44
*** SoniaLeon <SoniaLeon!~sleonbau@> has quit IRC20:44
ythlI want to see if my kernel was correctly patched20:44
*** SoniaLeon <SoniaLeon!~sleonbau@> has joined #yocto20:45
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ythlNevermind, I figured it out21:10
*** sgw <sgw!~swold@> has joined #yocto21:10
ythlbitbake -c patch virtual/kernel21:10
*** Mads_ <Mads_!95c73efe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto21:13
Mads_Hi, I am building cairo in yocto pairo, it failes at do_package_qa:QA Issue: /usr/lib/ contained in package cairo requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_cairo? [file-rdeps]21:14
Mads_ERROR: cairo-1.14.10-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/lib/ contained in package cairo-script-interpreter requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_cairo-script-interpreter? [file-rdeps]21:14
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JaMaMads_: see for possible work arounds21:17
yoctiBug 9217: normal, Medium, 2.5, Martin.Jansa, ACCEPTED , Many unsolveable QA warnings from build-deps and file-rdeps21:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: add one more source to the repo manifest <> || A bb recipe to add file to both initramfs and root <>22:16
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bodanglyis there a point of diminishing returns on CPU cores / RAM?22:26
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bodanglyIE, over 16GB RAM, or greater than 8 cores, doesn't have a big effect?22:27
bodanglyI feel like I read something like that somewhere once, and now I am having trouble finding that info22:27
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bodanglytrying to spec out a build server for a client, not going for the Cadillac here but maybe the Hyundai Genesis or something lol22:28
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majukThat mentions the 8-core 'limit'22:32
bodanglyah yes that must have been where I saw that22:33
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rburtonthats ooold22:34
rburtonbulk of the page comes from 201222:35
rburtonbest approach is plenty of everything.  32gb of ram, dual processors that can go fast.22:36
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bodanglyI'll keep that in mind too, thanks rburton22:39
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