Thursday, 2017-11-23

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mckoangood morning08:19
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Tamisif you have 2 different recipes that provides the same thing (but in a different path). You cannot build them both and have them both is sysroots and use whatever you like?08:53
LetoThe2ndTamis: sounds like you want the alternatives system or virtual packages08:54
TamisLetoThe2nd: I haven't used before the alternatives. I will search for it.08:55
LetoThe2ndTamis: alternatives is basically runtime, virtual is build time08:55
TamisLetoThe2nd: Actually I am speaking about java. I use meta-java. And I want to use meta-oracle-java.08:56
TamisLetoThe2nd: I have the PREFFERED_java... like it is state in meta-java08:56
TamisLetoThe2nd: But yocto does not let me build oracle java because the PREFFERED is set recipes from meta-java08:57
sagnerRP: Am I expected to do something regarding my OpenSSL patches?
LetoThe2ndyeah, PREFERRED is a selector for virtual packages. and if you select one thing, the other doesnt get built.08:57
sagnerAfaict the patchtest is a false positive...08:57
RPsagner: as per the weekly status email, things are merging very slowly as we've testing problems08:58
LetoThe2ndTamis: without looking at the layers, my guess is that you have to set PREFERRED_java to the oracle provider08:58
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sagnerRP: ok, just wanted to be sure that it did not got ignored due to the patchtest failure08:59
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TamisLetoThe2nd: I have done that. But then some recipes from meta-java are not build eg ant-native. Because they need older javac. Like ecj.09:00
RPsagner: no, we're struggling to get good test results :(09:00
tasslehoffAnyone know of a recipe for a tool that can be used to test displays? Applying various test patterns.09:00
LetoThe2ndTamis: well then you're in for some fun :)09:00
TamisLetoThe2nd: I thinking the other think. If I remove the PROVIDES=virtual... from oracle java. Then yocto will build both of them09:01
LetoThe2ndTamis: that would be basically lifting the decision from build to compile time, and if done right into the alternative system09:01
TamisLetoThe2nd: I am in that fun for a week now. Trying to solve that issues.09:04
TamisLetoThe2nd: I think I will do like that (remove the PREFERRED...). icedtead does not PROVIDES anything in recipe. yocto builds it. And you can have both icedtea and ecj.09:07
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nayfeHi, any documentation about volatile-binds somewhere ?09:08
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nayfesome explanations in poky/meta/recipes-core/initscripts/initscripts-1.0/volatiles09:16
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nollanHello, folks! I'm struggling with some build failures. I get "| arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc: error: FORCE: No such file or directory10:13
nollan*from u-boot-fslc. I suspect there is no input file, hence I've forgotten to set some variable. Help appreciated. Thanks.10:14
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I add or delete the recipe in Yocto image by toaster <>10:25
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aratiudo you guys support pseudo on non OE distros? for exmaple I'm having a bug using pseudo on Arch Linux which I couldn't reproduce inside OE (cp a directory inside pseudo with the sticky bit set is loosing said sticky bit in the destination)12:41
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aratiuI can reliably reproduce it on Arch Linux with a coreutils build flag12:42
aratiubut I'm not familiar at all with the pseudo code base to debug it further12:42
aratiuI'm wondering wether it's worth it to file a bug report12:42
RParatiu: We are interested, no promises though. We do have some local patches to pseudo12:53
RParatiu: - the patches we have on top. Nothing jumping out about the sticky bit12:55
aratiuRP: thanks, I know about them, some of them are backports from master pseudo with which I've tested on Arch12:56
aratiuI'll file a bug report with all the info + debug logs12:56
RParatiu: sound good12:57
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Shureloushi guys, there is a way to set changelog's package field?13:04
Shurelousvia a recipe or class?13:05
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ShurelousI would like to change the package_rpm.bbclass13:09
Shurelousthrere is a way to append a class?13:09
Shurelousor rewrite it?13:09
Shurelousor just append a python function inside it?13:09
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RPShurelous: you can do total replacement of the class by putting your own version higher up BBPATH13:17
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kanavinShurelous: I'm not sure what existing class is doing with changelogs, but you could look at that and see what it does13:49
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ranrananyone knows how to install snmp ? I don't have /etc/snmp/snmp.conf only snmpd.conf14:04
ranranI added CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "net-snmp net-snmp-server net-snmp-libs net-snmp-mibs" , yet snmp.conf is missing14:05
kanavinranran: where is the recipe for it?14:09
ranrankanavin, I'm checking, please wait...14:10
ranrankahavin, git://
kanavinranran: yeah, but what is the recipe file specifically?14:13
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ranranMaybe this one git://   ?14:15
ranranno sorry, my mistake14:16
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sagnerHm, should not mention that layer priority is in play too?14:17
ranrankanavin, I think this one /net-snmp_5.7.3.bb14:17
kanavinranran: then you need to check the build directory of it, and see where the files that you need are installed, which package they go to, or whether this recipe provides them at all14:18
kanavinlook in tmp/work/<machine>/net-snmp etc...14:18
ranranI am not sure what to search for. I don't see also in, that it use /etc/snmp/snmp.conf, so maybe it is not required ? Yet trying the following also fails:  systemctl restart snmp.service Failed to restart snmp.service: Unit snmp.service not found.14:19
ranranBut snmp does work: systemctl restart snmpd.service14:20
ranransnmpd service exist, snmp service - doesn't. What file should I search for ?14:20
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kanavinranran: that recipe does not provide snmp service, only snmpf14:21
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kanavinso you probably need to find a different recipe, or figure out otherwise where snmp.service comes from14:21
ranranwhere can I search for this recipe ?14:22
kanavinranran:, but I think you might be confused, and you don't actually need snmp.service14:23
kanavinwhat's your goal?14:23
kanavin(no, not the 'add snmp to yocto' goal, the actual goal :)14:23
ranranMy goal: I try to integrate some protocol named openvivoe,  , and it seems to require both snmp and snmpd14:24
ranranI have some hard time with it. I tried to integrate it to yocto morty. But I fail to start it on the shell.14:25
Shurelousthank you kanavin and RP14:26
ShurelousI will test it14:26
kanavinranran: you need to build this image, it includes the file that you're after
ranranI understand, yet, it does not install  snmp service, only install snmp.conf14:34
ranranI think snmp service should use snmp.conf14:34
ranranSo if I don't have snmp service, using snmp.conf in /etc/snmp, might not be suffecient14:34
xtronhow to trigger make command in yocto?... in my example recipe I'm fetching vim source code and then I've to trigger make... anyone can discuss?14:35
kanavinranran: there might simply be no such thing as 'snmp service', as that file is not provided by anything14:37
kanavinranran: generally, you should direct your questions to maintainers of that layer :)14:38
xtronrburton: any simple way? I'm just experimenting with do_fetch and do_compile.. so for now a minimal approach would be sufficient :P14:40
Shurelouskanavin and RP, I found how to add changelog to the RPM spec. There is a variable called PACKAGE_ADD_METADATA that you can put custom metadata14:40
rburtonxtron: do_compile has a default implementation that calls make already14:40
Shurelousit is implemented on package.bbclass14:41
Shurelousthank you for the help guys14:41
rburtonxtron: unsurprisingly, it essentially does "make"14:41
xtronrburton: then can I leave do_compile blank?14:42
rburtonno as that will replace the default one with one that does nothing14:42
rburtonremove it entirely if the provided one is good (as in the vim recipe i showed you)14:42
xtronrburton: ok let me give it a try14:43
rburtonfor vi, inherit autotools and no fetch/unpack/compile/install should work14:43
ranrankanavin , how can I add to my image ? Is it by just adding IMAGE_INSTALL += "openvivoe-image-testpattern"14:43
rburtonthe recipe i pointed to has a custom configure but that might be historical14:43
xtronrburton: and how to tell bitbake about the script... or what to do in do_install?14:44
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kanavinranran: that recipe itself is an image, so you simply build it with bitbake14:44
rburtonxtron: are we still talking about vim?  it has a make install target, which inherit autotools will do for you14:45
xtronrburton: yup14:45
rburtonxtron: do_install is a shell function, so write the shell you need to run to install.14:45
rburtonthe autotools class do_install is essentially just make 'DESTDIR=${D}' install14:46
xtronrburton: I don't wanna use provide vim recipe..14:46
xtronrburton: so I can leave do_install blank too?14:46
rburtonfine, but it uses autotools so as i've said, inherit autotools will do configure/compile/install for you14:47
rburtonusing devtool create on the vim tarball would have done all this for you14:47
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xtronI don't know about devtool.. for now...14:48
xtronrburton: I leave do_install and do_compile blank and there is not error... so what it mean?14:48
rburtondid you inherit autotools?14:48
rburtonnot blank, literally no mention of them in your recipe.14:49
xtronrburton: no.. just inherit core-image14:49
rburtonwhy would a vim recipe inherit core-image?14:49
rburtonplease read the documentation on writing a recipe14:49
rburton(or use devtool)14:49
xtronrburton: yes I mean it... I comment them out14:49
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xtronrburton: Oh... core-image is inherited in image-recipe... in application-recipe there is nothing inherited14:50
rburtonfor the final time, inherit autotools in your vim recipe and it will provide configure/compile/install functions for you14:51
xtronrburton: ok14:51
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ranrankanavin ת אישמלד14:56
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: trying to create squidguard recipe in oe-core <>14:56
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #15 of eclipse-plugin-oxygen is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #580 of nightly-no-x11 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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armpitRP, I plan on getting on the builds today. it looks like they hung17:19
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neverpanicIn which order does bitbake apply overrides?17:29
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* armpit bah, still can't get on the ab18:35
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JaManeverpanic: in OVERRIDES order19:28
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