Friday, 2017-11-24

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wolfmitchellIs there a faster mirror of the git repos than I'm getting at most 30kbps on that...01:10
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Croftonhalstead, is there an issue ^^^02:54
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halsteadwolfmitchell: I do see the slow down but I don't see the cause. You can grab from git:// (git protocol only) if you'd like to test that.04:18
wolfmitchellMmk, I'll try it when I get a chance to, not working on that project rn so...04:18
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halsteadThere are several fast connections pulling from that server. It doesn't appear to be anything malicious.04:42
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cornelgood morning08:08
cornelanybody seeing mouse problems while using fedora 26/27 with gnome-shell on xorg?08:08
cornelit feels like the movement communication is lost and sometimes the mouse cursor does not move at all08:09
corneli have replaced one wireless mouse only to find that the problem was not the mouse08:10
cornelin windows 8 on same computer works fine08:10
cornelwrong chat :(08:10
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grokrealityhello friends08:21
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grokrealityhow do we solve ExpansionError during parsing, The issue is in meta-openembedded meta-ruby recipe.08:23
LetoThe2ndgrokreality: this is appearing when doing what? you have checked that you are not mixing branches? on which recipe?08:24
grokrealityits for the beagleboard xM (meta-ti) using daisy branch.08:25
LetoThe2ndthat is about as outdated as possible08:26
grokrealitydoing bitbake core-image-minimal08:26
LetoThe2ndso besides the advice to check everything is equivalently on daisy... well... maybe upgrade? ;-)08:26
grokrealitywhich is daisy branch...which do you think would be a better branch. plz help.08:26
grokrealityi mean is daily branch outdated?08:27
LetoThe2ndgrokreality: daisy is 3.5 years old08:27
grokrealitythanks for the advice...i was just following instructions from a n old blog...08:28
LetoThe2ndplus, beagle-xm is alsmost equivalently outdated and unsupported08:28
grokrealityoh. :(08:28
grokrealityjust wanted to start with yocto and have this hardware around...08:28
LetoThe2ndyou can easily start with openembedded without hardware, we have reasonably good qemu support08:29
LetoThe2ndbut the beagle-xm is really a bad choice08:29
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LetoThe2ndgrokreality: you can try about everything in qemu, just follow the yocto quick start guide. it also makes sure you don't run into problems with pesky hardware etc.08:31
nayfeHi everyone, do you know if we can override / with overlayfs if / is already mounted ? something like mount -t overlay ofs / -o lowerdir=/,upperdir=/data/overlay/,workdir=/data/work/08:43
neverpanicProbably possible at least in a mount namespace, unless your kernel doesn't allow overlayfs in mount namespaces08:44
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grokrealityThank you so much Leto...:)08:47
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LetoThe2ndgrokreality: have fun08:49
LetoThe2ndnayfe: maybe you can leverage some ideas from this:
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nayfeLetoThe2nd>  it should work with a separate partition for /boot and then mount rootfs partition to /readonly ... i'll probably try to mount only rootfs parts instead of all :p for example in ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND move /etc to /etc-ro  and mount /etc with overlayfs ..09:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Build yocto project on entirely encrypted ubuntu <>09:59
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1255 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests BuildImages_1] Build details are at
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: iMX27: Embedded Linux size to Run QT <> || YOCTO how to create a basic ubuntu 16.04 linux <>10:29
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nayfeok so use overlayfs directly for / is not working but for /etc it is working ( mount -t overlay ofs /etc -o rw,lowerdir=/etc,upperdir=/data/overlay/etc,workdir=/data/work/etc ) (mountpoint same as lowerdir)10:36
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fl0v0The recipe license for python3-pycairo is LGPLv3 in poky. Is this correct? On github it says it is 'licensed under the LGPLv2.1 as well as the MPLv1.1.'10:46
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wouterstreamitSuppose I want to be able to build 3 different types of images: factory (everything including bootloader and some other stuff), update (just a new kernel and rootfs partition) and SD (my bootloader will choose to load the SD kernel), how should I specify which type I want to build in Yocto? By adding a DISTRO_FEATURE? 3 different image recipes? Other command line variable? What is the best practice?10:56
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T_UNIXHi! I'm having issues (`tar: ./source/foobar: file changed as we read it`) with concurrent use of a SVN source repository by multiple recipes. Shouldn't bitbake lock it? If it does not: How can I force recipes to be not build in parallel?11:15
rburton_what task is causing that error?11:16
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1229 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests BuildImages_1] Build details are at
T_UNIXrburton: I think it's two seperate recipes sourcing the same svn repository11:21
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neverpanicNo idea of what the status getting this merged upstream is or whether that patch even applies anymore, I'm just dumping what we've done to solve this issue11:25
T_UNIXneverpanic: thanks :)11:27
neverpanicT_UNIX: if this works for you, I'd welcome if you cleaned it up and submitted it upstream11:27
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T_UNIXneverpanic: well I'm not even sure this will be an issue for us at all in the near future since we're migrating from SVN to git :-/11:28
neverpanicSure, maybe. It'll still be an issue in bitbake, even though fewer and fewer people are using SVN11:29
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neverpanicActually, we did submit that:
neverpanicTurns out nothing happened, even after a ping:
neverpanicrburton: ^?11:30
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rburtonneverpanic: can you ensure it still applies and reping?  i tend to ignore bitbake patches and let RP handle those11:34
LetoThe2ndrburton: RP == ReProducer? ;-)11:35
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neverpanicrburton: No time at the moment, but I'll ping somebody in our integration team to come back to it once they have time11:39
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RPneverpanic: hmm, we should really merge something like that11:43
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sveinseWhen a new project is started two things happen 1) Collect the layers, 2) Create the build/conf/local.conf and bblayers.conf and edit them with appropriate contents.12:18
sveinseThere exists systems, such as repo to the first, but is there a tool for the second item? In particular populating the bblayers.conf, Or do we always require the user to hand-edit the two config files?12:19
rburtonsveinse: bitbake-layers12:20
sveinsethanks, that makes it scriptable12:24
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rburtonkanavin: your patches to meta-selftest break the selftest.  does upgrade-test1 need both upstream check uri and no update reason? surely the latter means the former is pointless?12:54
kanavinrburton: I didn't make any patches to meta-selftest lately?12:56
rburton'meta-selftest: fix upstream version checks for devtool test recipes'12:56
kanavinupstream check uri is so that the recipe doesn't report that the version is unknown which improves the overall statistics12:57
kanavinno update reason is so that the tools won't attempt to update it12:57
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rburtonmaybe we should remove meta-selftest from checkuri runs12:57
rburtonanyway can you fix up the devtool selftest that uses those recipes?  it does an upgrade and then compares the values, and they don't match anyore12:58
kanavinrburton: that would work too or I can fix the selftest12:58
nayfeSO review system is fucked up13:00
kanavinrburton: i wonder who will fix the curl/dnf issue :)13:03
kanavinmaybe in the end I'll have to do it because everyone else is too busy....13:03
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kanavinrburton: fixed13:17
kanavin(the selftest, not the curl :)13:17
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rburtonkanavin: should there be two patches? the meta-selftest bit you've already sent.13:22
kanavinrburton: I squashed them into one - it contains both the original patch and the needed fix in the reference output for the test13:23
rburtonno it doesn't :)13:23
kanavinrburton: original patch  3 files changed, 5 insertions(+), new patch  5 files changed, 9 insertions(+)13:24
rburtonah ok sorry, i was thinking it was one of the tests where the new content is in the test case itself13:25
rburtonmy fault13:25
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto / Poky : Error at build - EGL functions feature could not be enabled <>13:29
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sveinseI'm currently experimenting with a Yocto build for an Intel FPGA SoC. I see that they setup a meta-linaro-toolchain. Why would they? Why is there a Linaro toolchain and how is it different from the one in stock Yocto/OE?13:53
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sveinseDoes og will Yocto have a scheme for LTS or similar?14:04
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sveinseWhen I changed gcc for my distro (from linaro to stock yocto), I get a lot of version-going-backwards messages. However my build was clean, so this is fetched from sstate cache. How can I avoid this error?14:12
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kanavinsveinse: you'll get it only once14:24
kanavinright after switching14:24
sveinsekanavin: good, thanks14:25
Tamis_I would like to ask what is the biggest advantage to use native recipe to build a tool instead of using the same tool from.14:26
Tamis_Do you have a link to read online about that?14:26
Tamis_from host*14:26
kanavinsveinse: LTS can be purchased from commercial yocto vendors; it's simply beyond the community's capacity14:26
rburtonsveinse: you'll have to ask the fpga bsp people the linaro question14:27
kanavinTamis_: in short, then we would know exactly what we're getting when we use that tool (or library etc.). Fighting with a zoo of desktop distributions is a major pain.14:27
kanavinTamis_: the downside is that building the tool takes time, maintaining the recipe and its dependencies takes effort14:28
rburtonTamis_: example: we build subversion-native because subversion had a few serious changes in behaviour where we can't cater for both at the same time.  build our own, we know what we're getting.14:30
Tamis_kanavin: I see. So the biggest advantage is that get the exact version and behaviour we want. Instead of fighting with what the current distro provides14:32
Tamis_But with all those new tools like VM's docker's etc. Wouldn't make above consideration a little bit obsolete?14:34
rburtononly if we start shipping a VM for people to build inside14:34
rburtonwhich so far, we're not14:34
Tamis_I see. Ok thanks.14:35
ramcqthe flatpak sdk can actually run yocto inside flatpak when building14:35
ramcqto avoid odd host systems14:35
sveinsekanavin, rburton: thanks14:36
sveinseallthou i've never really understood what linaro adds to the table (and not just for yocto-things) ...but yes, not a Yocto question14:38
ramcqupstream work on ARM support across the Linux ecosystem - for example upstreaming and maintaining good ARM support in gcc, linux, a u-boot that actually supports multiple boards, ...14:39
kanavinit will be a sad day when VM becomes a requirement for development14:39
kanavinyou can solve any problem with another indirection layer, except the problem of too many layer14:40
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neverpanicAnd those indirection layers often hide real issues, too.14:42
sveinseI can vouch for that: Before we changed our product to Yocto, we used Ubuntu (they were the first to have good support for armhf back in the days). We need to use docker and maintain a container with the host tools that matches the (old) version of the target system. It's a pain to maintain.14:43
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Tamis_From what I see here and there, devops and build systems are using heavily VM's and dockers and those stuff. So I guess that a lot of things are moving towards there.14:46
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neverpanicAbsolutely agree, but even those VMs and containers aren't stuck at fixed versions, so you either need to continuously test with newer containers (and then adapt your code to support both versions or drop support for the older version), or you're stuck with an old container (which is even worse)14:48
kanavinnot to mention that VMs and containers have their own bugs, too14:49
kanavinqemu can be very frustrating for us, and we only use it to do (simple) testing - the image boots, ssh works, etc.14:50
*** Tamis_ is now known as Tamis14:50
TamisThanks for all these inputs. I am really new to all these devops things so I want to know about all those considerations.14:53
TamisI am changing our development process to use yocto for all the image creation and those questions pop up all the time14:54
TamisI spent quite some time to make some java apps to build using ant-native and mvn so I really wandering if those time was well spend to make the yocto tools to work instead of just install those tools to the host machine14:55
neverpanicBtw, full disclosure, we're using a container for Yocto builds, too. It just takes another variable out of the equation when bugs occur. But we're also not very interested in finding every obscure bug that would make binutils or some other fundamental component fail to build.14:56
sveinseThe distro feature 'multiarch', does it affect non-intel architectures? From what I can see from code when grepping, it seems not, but does it have impact on host tools?14:59
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sveinseI wish bitbake would have a way to redefine a ?= value. The use case is that a machine conf includes which sets DEFAULTTUNE ?=, and that the machine conf also would like to that, but with a different default value.15:47
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nayfesveinse maybe change ?= by ??= in ?16:01
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sveinsenayfe: which is in poky :D16:02
nayfe???= lol :D16:02
nayfecan't you use something like DEFAULTTUNE_<machine> override ?16:03
nrossisveinse: you normally set the ?= value in the machine.conf before the include of the tune16:03
sveinsesveinse: lol :D, yes16:04
nrossisveinse: not sure your problem then? ?= behaves that why on purpose ;)16:05
sveinsenrossi: That would make more sense. But grepping a little bit around, it seems the DEFAULTTUNE_<machine> is more common?16:05
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nrossisveinse: i've never needed to set it with an override since that would break the nesting of DEFAULTTUNE16:06
nrossie.g. if someone wants to include the machine.conf to create a derivative machine, then the override would not work16:07
sveinsenrossi: nesting?16:07
sveinsenrossi: yes, I see, but this is the case from a 3rd party machine layer. And it's certainly not the first time I've seen this16:08
sveinseThe fix is that I need to fork this layer and do the appropriate reordering of the statements so that is defaults correctly16:09
nrossisveinse: ideally yes16:10
nrossisveinse: which/whose bsp layer is it out of query?16:10
nrossisveinse: which machine? none of them set DEFAULTTUNE?16:13
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sveinsePrecicely. It instructs to set DEFAULTTUNE="cortexa9hf-neon" in local.conf, while this is a machine layer task. For the cyclone5.conf machine16:14
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nrossisveinse: not sure exactly why it doesn't set the DEFAULTTUNE, i suspect it might be to play nicer with distro settings?16:17
sveinsenrossi: perhaps. no idea. I've forked the repo and will fix it, because I don't like having to rely on large edits in local.conf16:19
nrossisveinse: you can always do it from a distro config, like how meta-angstrom rewrites DEFAULTTUNE for arm targets:
sveinsenrossi: yes. I used to have DEFAULTTUNE in my own distro, but it doesn't feel right to have it there. It is a BSP-thing not a distro thing16:22
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nrossisveinse: others would have you believe its the oppose :). But the choice is yours :)16:24
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sveinsenrossi: I suppose it depends on how one interprets "distro". For some uses, like a complete image for a speicifc product or HW, then a distro can be machine specific. While if distro is a generic collection of functionlity, then I suppose machine shouldn't be a part of that equation.16:28
sveinseI've been using both variants, depending on what the purpose of what I'm building towards16:28
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sveinseI'm writing a layer setup script, and I use bitbake-layers to add the layers. First of all the tool is very slow, and in rocko I get messages "NOTE: Starting bitbake server...". Am I using the tool wrong?17:56
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rburtonno, it starts bitbake to do suff18:23
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armpitrburton, I started a built on .io AB. if you need it for mut, you can kill it19:18
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rburtonthats fine, i'll just fire and let it run over the weekend19:41
armpitthe original ab has hung but RP want me to look at it but I still don't have access19:46
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armpitrburton, have a good weekend19:47
sveinserburton: it is horribly slow thou. 40 secs per invocation of bitbake-layers. Takes time if you are manipulating 7 layers :(19:56
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sveinseI see that yocto now has the multiconfig feature. The manual sais "You can change the TMPDIR to not conflict" when setting up the multiconfig. But you don't have to make not conflict, but you /can/, right?20:49
sveinseWe're currently running bitbake three times in a row with three different MACHINE, since the basic arch is the same for all of these. So to adopt to multiconfig I only need to set MACHINE in the config file and I should be all set20:50
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1209 of nightly-mips-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests BuildImages_1] Build details are at
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kergothsveinse: yep, it's entirely safe to build multiple machines in a single tmpdir, it's other configuration changes that are more problematic22:02
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