Sunday, 2017-11-26

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grokreality1hi all05:19
grokreality1Im using the morty branch of meta-ti. I face a compiler error while building u-boot. Its the PLAIN_VERSION undeclared issue. I think this is the fix But even after using morty this error is stopping the build ...plz help.05:26
grokreality1I can see the commit in my git repo. but why is this commit being applied. The changes dont reflect on the u-boot .inc and .bb files as specified in the commit.05:27
grokreality1i mean. why is this commit not being applied?05:28
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grokreality1plz some help. some ideas?06:07
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luneffhey guys! Is there a way to get wlfreerdp .bb recipe anywhere? I want to run RDP under Wayland/Weston and it seems it is not as easy as I have hoped :-)15:46
luneffit seems like it gets built so I just need to install_append it, I suppose15:47
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top22I'm trying to setup a yocto environment for a mini pc based on amd E2-1800 APU; I've looked at the different meta-amd layers but I don't think they support this. Should I just try creating a machine conf from scratch ?16:31
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luneffis it ok that freerdp recipe doesn't build any clients at all, only libs? I try to install a client binary and I got RPATH issue, not sure what to do :-(19:44
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luneffhow to I disable a QA check in Yocto?21:03
top22Hello, I'm trying to append a recipe but I'm under the impression it's not taken into account21:06
top22show-layers show my layer21:06
top22show-appends doesn't show my append21:06
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luneffneverpanic, thanks! found better thing to do, which is to use chrpath-native and remove the damned rpath; hope, the binary will work21:09
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neverpanicthere's almost always a better solution; the QA checks are there for a reason.21:09
luneffyeah, but I just can figure out how to fix installation of what seems like not supposed to be installed part of freerdp21:11
luneffthere's a mess of cmake and a lot of flags, and stuff like SKIP_RPATH did not work21:12
luneffdon't have that much time to spend there ;-(21:12
luneffI suppose, if rpaths are actually required, I could still bypass it with LD_LIBRARY_PATH, that's acceptable for me21:13
neverpanicCmake has a variety of options to deal with rpaths21:13
luneffyeah, been there. Maybe, 'don't use rpath at all' setting is overriden by freerdp internals...21:15
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