Monday, 2017-11-27

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1246 of nightly-ppc is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I use new toaster version in old yocto <>09:39
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jdmssmkrHow do I solve the error "multiple providers are available for runtime python3-setuptools (python3-setuptools, python3-distribute)"? I've added "PREFERRED_PROVIDER_python3-setuptools ?= "python3-setuptools"" to my but I keep getting that error...10:06
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open-nandrahi guys, anybody here with experience with networkmanager? I've used recipe from meta-openembedded it builds fine but not working with wifi10:14
open-nandracannotbring interface up10:14
open-nandraso I was curious if somebody hit same issue10:14
LetoThe2ndopen-nandra: the most obvious things first: have you enabled its wifi supprt?
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open-nandraLeoThe2nd: yes I've enabled it10:41
open-nandraI have wpa_supplicant installed10:41
open-nandraLeoThe2nd: I tracked it down that nm is trying to bring up interface and also wap_supplicant which then fails10:42
open-nandraLeoThe2nd: and then basically it's dead (I just want to be sure that I'm not doing anything wrong)10:43
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LetoThe2ndopen-nandra: and the interface works if you manually bring it up?10:45
LetoThe2ndopen-nandra: hint: if you use tabcompletion, then you'll also get my nick right and highlighting works :-)10:45
open-nandraLetoThe2nd: if I stop nm and do ifconfing eth0 up then it works fine10:45
LetoThe2ndopen-nandra: um, eth0 is not wifi, i assume10:46
open-nandrasorry wlan010:46
open-nandraI have this log in syslog:10:47
open-nandraNov 25 22:40:58 rpi user.warn kernel: [    9.803109]10:47
open-nandraesp_op_add_interface interface 2 requested by - wpa_supplicant - 26910:47
open-nandraNov 25 22:40:58 rpi wpa_supplicant[269]: Could not set10:47
open-nandrainterface wlan0 flags (UP): Operation not supported10:47
open-nandraNov 25 22:40:58 rpi wpa_supplicant[269]: nl80211: Could10:47
open-nandranot set interface 'wlan0' UP10:47
open-nandraesp_op_add_interface is kernel driver where I've added some printouts10:47
open-nandrabut same request came before from nm10:47
open-nandraesp_op_add_interface interface 2 requested by - NetworkManager - 23110:48
open-nandraNov 25 22:40:58 rpi user.warn kernel: [    9.512234]10:48
open-nandraesp_op_add_interface only support MAX 2 interface10:48
LetoThe2ndno idea then10:48
open-nandraLetoThe2nd: ok thanks anyways10:49
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rburtonarmpit: can i kill the processes that are hanging on f26?11:59
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TamisIf you want to create an image that will contain only a singe recipe inside, no kernel, no pkg manager, no anything else. What is the best approach?13:41
LetoThe2ndTamis: there nothing wrong with having an image recipe that sets IMAGE_INSTALL = "yourpackage"13:43
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LetoThe2ndthat pulls in that one package and its dependencies. the kernel does not get installed anyways unless you explicitly add it. and you can also keep it from getting built by using linux-dummy13:44
TamisLetoThe2nd: You gave me the answer I wanted.13:45
LetoThe2ndTamis: you can find some inspiration here:
LetoThe2ndTamis: thats basically the infrastructure to do exactly that :)13:45
TamisLetoThe2nd: My problem was the kernel. That was getting build.13:45
LetoThe2ndTamis: well then wwhy don't you ask "how do i keep the kernel from getting built?" ;-)13:45
TamisLetoThe2nd: :) sometimes you need to ask some more to get what you want :)13:46
LetoThe2ndTamis: maybe in real life. on IRC, its like this: ask the question that you want an answer for. works out waaaaay better, usually :-P13:47
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nayfeHey, after hostnamectl set-hostname XXX, avahi-daemon still respond to previous hostname, do we need to restart avahi-daemon on hostname change by hand ?13:59
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kanavinnayfe: this should be asked from avahi developers and users13:59
kanavinyocto is not an all-purpose channel ;)13:59
nayfekanavin>  indeed but just in case :)14:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to determine dependencies of recipes in yocto? <>14:40
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zarzarconsole output of eclipse mars and oxygen is broken when using the yocto plugin and creating an yocto project15:06
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luneffcan I remove an inherit in a recipe in bbappend?15:42
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luneffbasically, the parent recipe wants a update-rc.d, but I do not15:44
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luneffoh, found another way around. let it start on unneeded runlevel15:47
neverpanicluneff: update-rc.d.bbclass does nothing if a) DISTRO_FEATURES does not contain sysvinit, b) INHIBIT_UPDATERCD_BBCLASS is true, c) INITSCRIPT_PACKAGES is set and empty15:47
neverpanicSo I suggest you choose one of those.15:47
luneffoh, thanks a lot!15:48
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TamisLetoThe2nd: I saw your example and I made it work. It works on the images that I don't want the kernel to be built.15:59
LetoThe2ndTamis: :)15:59
TamisLetoThe2nd: But the same happens also on one image that I want the kernel to be built16:00
TamisLetoThe2nd: I tried to override the option on the image. but it doesn't seem to work16:00
LetoThe2ndTamis: i don't get what you are asking.16:01
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LetoThe2ndTamis: its a question of the MACHINE. the example i gave you implements a MACHINE with linux-dummy as the selected kernel. hence, it doesn't get built.16:01
TamisLetoThe2nd: ok I see.16:02
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TamisLetoThe2nd: What I wanted was to have a layer with some image recipes. Which all of them expect one do not build the kernel.16:03
rburtonlive with it?16:03
LetoThe2ndTamis: if the kernel gets built or not primarily depends on the MACHINE, not on the image16:03
TamisLetoThe2nd:  hmm the machine is the same on both situations.16:05
rburtonpersonally i'd live with the kernel being built.  it will be built once and hardly rebuilt again.16:05
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LetoThe2ndTamis: if it doesn't get installed, and nothing else happens besides one time build cycles wasted, i agree with rburton.16:06
TamisI think that's what I will go for also16:06
Tamisthanks a lot for your input guys16:06
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zarzari'm trying to use libxml with a yocto generated toolchain, the includes are not set up properly, libxml include files are not found, how do I fix this? i have tried adding include paths but they do not get used during the build, the includes are not passed to the toolchain command line16:16
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zarzarcontinued: i am using yocto plugin for eclipse16:16
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LetoThe2ndzarzar: here, have a look: OE carries quite some patches for libxml, probably also to take care of thing like that:
nayfe<zarzar> : what do you mean by yocto generated toolchain ? yocto sdk ?16:18
zarzaryocto sdk16:18
nayfezarzar: you need DEPENDS = "libxml2" on your recipe16:19
zarzarnayfe: libxml is in the image16:19
nayfethen if it's not included in sdk, you maybe need to add it with TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK += " libxml2 "16:19
zarzari am trying to use the toolchain installer with yocto plugin, trying with a cmake project now16:20
zarzari am writing applications not trying to build the image just to be clear16:20
nayfezarzar: yocto sdk does not include all stuffs, you may need to add some stuff with TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK variable16:21
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LetoThe2ndah yes, ignore what i jsut said. didn't read properly16:22
zarzari do not build the image or toolchain16:22
nayfeyocto sdk is not a toolchain, it's an environment16:23
rburtonzarzar: i'd first check that it does contain the libxml2 headers :)16:23
zarzarnayfe: yocto generates a toolchain installer does it not?16:24
zarzarrburton: already have16:24
nayfeyocto sdk includes everything you need to compile an application, gcc + headers + some packages etc16:25
zarzarall the headers are there, i just am not sure how to set the paths for headers and libraries in the yocto cmake project16:25
rburtonnayfe: sdk contains everything that was in the image you generated it from16:25
rburtonzarzar: the cmakelists should search for libxml2 as usual, and then it *should* just work16:25
zarzarrburton: how do i tell it to search for them?16:26
rburtonzarzar: dunno, never used cmake16:26
rburtongoogle libxml2 cmake i guess :)16:26
zarzarhas nothing to do with libxml216:27
nayfedo you inherit from pkg-config ?16:27
zarzarnayfe: i have no idea16:27
zarzari'm trying to use the yocto plugin with and installed sdk16:28
rburtoni've never used the eclipse plugin directly but its a lot easier if you use something like cmake/autotools that can find the libraries. which is why i said google libxm2 cmake.16:28
rburtonotherwise you're writing bare makefiles and that means pain16:28
zarzari created a yocto cmake project16:28
rburtonthen use the right function in cmake to find libxml216:29
rburton <-- first google hit16:29
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zarzargood thing yocto is free16:29
rburtonor pay for it and you get paid support16:29
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mrc3hey, all. i have a problem with do_package_qa and a virtual/pkg: my recipe rdepends on that virtual/pkg but it ends in error (rocko): ERROR: kmscube-git-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/bin/kmscube contained in package kmscube requires, but no providers were found in RDEPENDS_kmscube? [file-rdeps]16:36
mrc3i looked at insane.bbclass and certainly, by the time the virtual/pkg is being examined (oe.packagedata.read_subpkgdata()), it comes up empty16:37
mrc3would it make sense to retrieve instead the runtime-rprovides for that virtual/pkg?16:38
rburtonit should have a rdepends on a real package name not virtual/pkg16:39
rburtonbecause virtual/pkg is a *build time* name16:39
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zarzarcmake and autotools were bad choices for yocto plugin, includes show as unresolved, are never resolved in the IDE because they are dependent on sysroot parameter thqat is not known to eclipse IDE16:41
rburtonthey're also used by 99% of all free software out there16:41
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rburtonso not supporting them would be stupid16:42
rburtonthe eclipse plugin does need a bit of love unfortuntately16:42
zarzaralmost everything in a source file has either yellow warning or red error, but it does build16:43
zarzarCDT managed make project is superior16:43
RPzarzar: we would love some help improving the eclipse experience16:44
zarzarwouldn't be that hard ro generate text file listing of configs needed to allow users to set up a CDT managed project, so they can use eclipse CDT features instead of negating almost all the good features16:45
mrc3rburton, all right, i may have gotten wrong my naming here. case in point is kmscube, which requires; the mali driver rprovides libgbm, but rdepending on it is still not enough16:45
zarzarRP: i can work on this, how do i get started?16:46
RPzarzar: its open source, take what we have improve it, send the changes back (or write a new plugin or whatever makes sense)16:46
zarzarok i don't know where to get the project files16:47
*** jkridner|pd <jkridner|pd!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto16:47
zarzarRP: where do i pull the source?16:48
RPzarzar: for the existing eclipse plugin?16:48
*** rajm <rajm!~robertmar@> has quit IRC16:49
zarzarRP: yes if you don't mind, i'm not sure where to find16:49
rburtonmrc3: if i build kmscube then i get a RDEPENDS=libgbm and no qa warning, which suggests that its the mali driver's fault16:50
rburton(i'm using mesa)16:50
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zarzarRP: would it be better to generate the needed info during the build of the sdk installer?16:51
RPzarzar: I don't know enough about what is needed to be able to answer that16:51
mrc3rburton, right, mali4xx-userland rreplaces, rprovides, and rconflicts libgbm16:51
zarzarRP: ok16:51
zarzarRP: thanks for the link I will look into it16:52
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mrc3rburton, after tweaking a few things and making sure that kmscube rdepends on libgbm (but depends on virtual/gbm, now provided by mali), during inspection of libgbm (file-rdeps in insane.bbclass) there are no FILERPROVIDES with libgbm.so17:18
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto17:18
rburtonmrc3: sounds like a mali bug :)17:18
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mrc3rburton, i take that for a given17:19
rburtonmesa builds libgbm with FILERPROVIDES_/usr/lib/
mrc3i'm just trying to understand what needs to be fixed in mali4xx-userland so that it builds17:19
mrc3rburton, yes, because mesa depends on mali provides instead17:21
*** aragua_ <aragua_!> has joined #yocto17:23
mrc3i could only get the right FILERPROVIDES by fetching the runtime-rprovides for said rdependency, in this case rprovided by mali17:24
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zarzarcmake uses hard coded paths, breaking CVI builds: CMake Error: Cannot open file for write: /home/nth/Desktop/eclipse-ws-3/yocto_cmake_project/Debug/CMakeCache.txt.tmp18:20
zarzaryocto plugin should not use cmake projects18:20
zarzarCi builds***18:20
zarzarvery bad18:20
khemare you using SDK18:20
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zarzaryes with the eclipse yocto plugin, its not looking good, so many bad things abot cmake projects18:23
zarzarhard coded paths, so very very very very very very very bad18:23
khemare you sourcing the environment script18:29
khemusually the environment script should do the needful18:30
khemfor containing the SDK cross compile env18:30
*** bavery_fn <bavery_fn!~bavery@> has joined #yocto18:35
zarzarkehm: "are you sourcing the environment script" ???18:35
zarzarno idea what that means, i ran the script if that is what you are asking18:35
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nathani_so I'm trying to build an eSDK for my image, but it complains that I don't have the qt layer, by I'm BBMASKED the recipes that require the qt layer. eSDK seems to ignore18:54
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto18:54
kergothbbmask prevents recipes from even being parsed. it's impossible for anything to ignore that18:54
kergoththose recipes don't exist from bitbake's perspective18:54
*** bmalehorn <bmalehorn!b8178784@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto18:55
khemmay be you need to include qtbrowser-qt5 in your BBMASK regexp18:58
khemzarzar: can you build this app on cmdline ?18:58
nathani_I'm just confused where it's picking up the qtbrowser recipe from, because I have /meta-boundary/recipes-qtbrowser in my BBMASK18:58
khemnathani_: perhaps your BBMASK is not what you are expecting it to be18:59
khemmay be btbake -e can show you what it actually is seeing19:00
nathani_-e confirms that it is as expected. it only complains on the populate_sdk_ext. Not on a normal build or on populate_sdk19:03
zarzarkhem: yes, but CI clones to temp workspace, so the hardcoded paths are all wrong19:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I use new toaster version in old yocto? <>19:41
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*** Guest51 is now known as flashburn20:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: build a library with yocto <>20:11
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flashburni'm somewhat new to yocto. my understanding is that oe_make runs a Makefile. Where can I find parameters and options that I can pass to it?20:12
kergothoe_runmake just runs 'make'20:13
kergothsee the gnu make manpage for details20:13
kergothEXTRA_OEMAKE variable is used to pass arguments along tom ake20:13
bluelightningnote that what vars you can set on the make command line are of course dependent on the makefile itself20:13
rburtonflashburn: oe_runmake is just a convenience wrapper around calling make directly, you can see what it does in base.bbclass20:17
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flashburnrburton: thanks20:19
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flashburni'm doing testing. the source code for one library keeps changing. how do i force a reload of the source every time i run the recipe? looked online but couldn't find the answer20:40
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rburtonAUTOREV if its a git/svn/whatever SRC_URI20:43
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zarzaris the environment file generated as part of sdk installer supposed to run as a bash script?\20:48
rburtonyes, don't run it under a silly shell like csh20:49
rburtonits posix sh20:49
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zarzardioesn't run in dash i thinnk20:53
bluelightningzarzar: are you sourcing it? i.e:   . /path/to/environment....20:58
zarzarbluelightning: kehm asked the same, i have no idea what you mean21:04
zarzar ./scripts/ 5: export: -march: bad variable name21:04
bluelightningzarzar: the shell script is designed to be sourced, not run - so that variables it sets are actually set in the environment afterwards21:05
bluelightningzarzar: you do that by preceding the shell script with ". " (or "source " with some shells)21:05
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zarzarsource variable not found21:10
zarzarwith "." same error march bad variable name21:10
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flashburnrburton: for some reason it doesn't work. i'm still getting the older coder version21:19
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rburtoni do love how we excel at finding race conditions in build systems21:37
rburtonso close21:37
rburtontodays failure is bash erroring out because its trying to compile a .h at the same time that its being written21:37
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halsteadRace conditions: from intriguing to frustrating in 60 seconds.21:48
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rewittdoes devtool work with menuconfig? and if so is there documentation?22:46
rewittThe dev-manual still says to run "bitbake -c menuconfig", but I don't want to recommend that if devtool can do it and has docs22:47
*** rburton <rburton!> has quit IRC22:48
rewittbluelightning: ^22:48
bluelightningrewitt: work with? yes, it should, but it has no built-in front-end to menuconfig22:49
bluelightning(which means you can't use it in the eSDK, only next to the build system)22:49
rewittbluelightning: I think that's fine, I just need the *best current way* to tell them how to change the kernel config. But honestly even menuconfig won't be enough on it's own if they want persistence. There is no, easy button.22:51
bluelightningrewitt: the persistence comes when you do the next step i.e. devtool finish - that should take what changes you have made, generate a config fragment and put it next to the recipe22:52
rewittbluelightning: Oh, I was not aware it did that. It diffs versus the default?22:52
bluelightningrewitt: yes22:52
rewittbluelightning: Oh that's sweet22:53
rewittbluelightning: Still trying to figure out if they even need it though. They say they just want to turn of some modules. Do you know if you can remove some from "kernel-modules-all" or whatever the meta package is?22:54
rewittbluelightning: I think that would be the idea solution, don't change the config for the kernel, just don't install some of the modules in the image22:54
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bluelightningrewitt: I think you'd have to generate your own packagegroup / more specific selection of modules22:54
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rewittbluelightning: So then is there documentation for using devtool with menuconfig?23:16
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bluelightningrewitt: I don't think there is I'm afraid, but apart from the menuconfig step it's pretty much the same as any other recipe23:55

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