Thursday, 2018-01-25

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learningcHow do I know in which order the tasks are being processed?01:01
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kergothsveinse: LIC_FILES_CHKSUM should refer to license/copyright _in the source tree of the project_, whereas the generic licenses in the layer are intended for use with the license file packaging, iirc. it's a pretty rare case where LIC_FILES_CHKSUM refers to a generic license01:35
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xthundermobilexI could use some help with a recipe I'm working on for dbus-cxx which isn't currently available in TO.03:39
xthundermobilexThe recipe fetchs and builds fine.03:39
xthundermobilexThe library and headers are packaged fine and make it into the deployable image03:40
xthundermobilexAnd the target sysroot03:40
xthundermobilexBut the headers are placed in a subdirectory of /usr/include03:41
xthundermobilexAs a result, when a new eclipse project can't find it.03:42
xthundermobilexI've tried 6 way from Sunday to figure out how to fix that a03:42
xthundermobilexTo no avail03:43
xthundermobilexShould I change where the header gets installed into the image?03:44
xthundermobilexWould I do that with a c03:45
learningchow do I completely restart bitbake my image?03:46
xthundermobilexlearningc: bitbake -c clean would do it I beleave03:47
xthundermobilexBut I think that removes everything from the download directory03:48
xthundermobilexSo it ends up fetching all the packages.03:49
xthundermobilexAny tips would be appreciated. Would really like to figure this out so I can use it myself and submit the recipe to YP03:52
learningcSomehow it des not do it03:57
learningcbitbake will read something from cache03:57
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learningcDoes -c clean cleans the cache?04:05
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learningcOtherwise how can I clean all including the cache?04:10
xthundermobilexIm pretty sure it cleans the whole nine yards.04:13
xthundermobilexGive me a second and04:14
xthundermobilexI'll loo, it up in sre04:15
xthundermobilexI'll look it up in Streif04:15
xthundermobilexLooks like bitbake -c cleanall flushes everything.04:20
xthundermobilexMight try a cleanstate first.  Looks like it leaves the downloads in t04:21
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learningcDoes it clean whatever is in build/tmp/cache as well?04:28
learningcFor me it does not04:28
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xthundermobilexSo bitbake -c cleanall <image> doesn't clean yo04:48
xthundermobilexOr image?04:49
xthundermobilexDood I'm a noob really so I can't answer defi i04:49
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xthundermobilexAs man ... I hate this Samsung touch it be.04:51
xthundermobilexThing stinks04:51
xthundermobilexMan was not meant to type with his/her thumbs ...04:52
xthundermobilexWhile working on a recipe recently, I did clean t04:53
xthundermobilexIt multiple times with -c cleanstate or -c clean wh04:53
xthundermobilexWhich seemed to work as expected.04:54
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sveinsekergoth: how do you do it when sources and layers are the same, e.g. in the case of mono-repo. Then there is no distinction between the layer and the source. LIC_FILES_CHECKSUM should then point to the layer license08:51
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sveinseBut I suppose Yocto isn't really designed for a mono-repo type thinking, where layer and source go together08:53
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guzukanavin, hello, using the direct download link worked for me08:58
guzuis there a document describing how to contribute a patch?08:58
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maxinguzu: this could help:
guzuthank you maxin , i was not sure that's the right way09:03
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guzuok, how do i get access to upload changes for review?09:41
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nayfeguzu:  access to what?09:43
guzuit's boost change09:44
guzunayfe, ^^^09:44
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nayfeguzu: i think it depends if your modification is Yocto integration or Boost modification09:47
guzunayfe, the change is in yocto recipe09:47
guzui change the SRC_URI from to boost.org09:48
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guzui want this to be reviewed because it failed to me often recently, and on the other hand such a move will put some pressure on downloads server09:48
nayfeguzu: boost recipe is in poky/meta so it's OE-core, you need to register mailing list09:48
guzuthank you very mcuh nayfe09:49
nayfeguzu: np09:49
ttllkkI have a recipe named as '' that inherits native, and it is working fine. I would like to include it in the sdk. how should the recipe be naemd so that it can be built as -native and as nativesdk?09:51
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ttllkkIn order words I want a recipe that can be build as -native or nativesdk- but not for the target10:00
nayfettllkk: maybe you need to add it to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK ?10:05
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ttllkknayfe: I think that is it, thanks10:35
nayfe<ttllkk> np :)10:35
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ttllkkStill not sure about how to define a recipe for a tool that can be compiled as -native and as nativesdk- but not for the target10:49
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nayfettllkk: BBCLASSEXTEND = "native nativesdk" ?10:58
ttllkkand what would be the recipe name? just <recipe>.bb with no nativesdk-prefix or -native suffix?10:59
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nayfettllkk: i understand this this way (never tried): if your recipe is pure native, inherit native and name it recipe-native, if it is pure nativesdk, inherit nativesdk and name it nativesdk-recipe, if it can be both, use BBCLASSEXTEND and name it recipe11:11
ttllkkthanks, that was my intention also11:12
ttllkkthe ''problem'' then is that if you 'bitbake recipe' it tries to compile it for the target and afils11:13
ttllkkbut I guess the fix for that is.. don't do 'bitbake recipe' xD11:13
ttllkk(as opposed to the nativesdk- and -native renaming methods, where if you try to bitbake recipe you get a message telling you that the recipe does not exist)11:13
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LetoThe2ndttllkk: if that puts you off, you can always pour the logic into an include file and provide the two renamed recipes as wrappers to call11:19
ttllkkThanks for the suggestion11:20
ttllkkI was also trying to find some example of what I am doing in some package in poky.. but seems like no one needs to do what I am trying11:20
ttllkkso maybe what I am tryign is just wrong11:20
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RPttllkk: you can make it raise a SkipRecipe in the non/native/nativesdk case11:27
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: KBUILD_DEFCONFIG_KMACHINE ?= defconfig_file does not work as expected <>11:31
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RPttllkk: - realised we never did make the rename :/11:33
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RPkanavin: :/11:50
RPkanavin: that was with mut last night which should have all your patches11:50
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kanavinRP: thanks, I'll look12:05
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hundebollI just noticed that our all-sources image created using `bitbake -c fetchall rootfs-image` doesn't contain the sources for debianutil(-native), which are needed by do_package_write_ipk when creating the rootfs12:09
hundebollis there any way to make do_fetchall include such dependencies ?12:10
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ttllkkRP: thanks for the reference12:30
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RPhundeboll: which version of the project is that?12:40
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hundebollRP: pyro at the moment12:45
hundebolllet me try with rocko12:45
RPhundeboll: ah, what you said isn't quite right12:48
RPhundeboll: debianutils comes from ca-certificates and PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS12:48
hundebollrunning `bitbake -c fetchall ca-certificates` doesn't fetch debianutils, which I would expect12:49
RPhundeboll: right. Hmm12:49
hundeboll(same on rocko, btw)12:49
RPhundeboll: I just checked master too12:49
hundebollI am quite clueless about where to inject the right dependency to make it fetch PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS...12:50
hundebollmaybe I should just create a bug for now...12:50
RPhundeboll: utility-tasks.bbclass:do_fetchall[recideptask] = "do_${BB_DEFAULT_TASK}" is the code which should do it12:52
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hundebollRP: yeah, did stare at that for a short while12:54
RPhundeboll: I suspect this is a bug in bitbake itself :(12:54
hundebollI have never completely understood the rec{,r,i}deptask magic, so I mostly work with those on a trial'n'error basis12:54
RPhundeboll: trying to make them do the right things that everyone wants/expects under all circumstances is hard12:55
RPhundeboll: - sounds familiar :/12:56
hundebollRP: i see12:57
RPhundeboll: paging this in from 4 years ago is hard :)12:58
hundebollRP: maybe adding do_${BB_DEFAULT_TASK} ro recidepstak for do_package_write_{ipk,rpm,...} then would fix this ?12:58
RPhundeboll: it may fix it but its a workaround, not a fix12:59
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hundebollRP: doesn't even fix it here...12:59
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RPhundeboll: I'm suspecting there is a problem with recursive use of recrdepends13:07
guzuwhat is the significanse of a file.lock in the downloads cache directory?13:08
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andrey_hi! Did somebody faces with this error "undefined reference to `__multi3'" during kernel compilation?13:20
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tsarrazinhi community,  did anyone ever integrate the log4cpp on krogoth library? because I'm having some troubles13:24
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #730 of nightly-deb-non-deb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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hundebollRP: I won't go deeper into the dependency resolving in, so let me know if should create a bug for this13:42
hundebollthanks for taking your time with this!13:42
RPhundeboll: yes, please create a bug. I've been playing with the code and I think I can see the problem, just not sure of a good way to fix it13:43
hundebollRP: OK13:43
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kanavinRP: seebs: so if this can be reproduced somehow without building all of yocto, seebs would appreciate :)13:48
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kanavinI can also try and enable extra debugging to get down to it, but remember I'm not really understanding pseudo :)13:49
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kanavinseebs: also, if you can take a quick look at custom patches that still remain in the new version, and if they're correct?13:50
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seebsI can try. I thought I had most of them, but I may have missed some.13:52
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yoctiBug 12510: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , fetchall doesn't fetch PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS13:56
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RPhundeboll: is a fix which does mean the missing dependency shows up14:07
RPhundeboll: it also kills performance even more :/14:07
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #728 of nightly-no-x11 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
jaeckeldoes someone know of a best-practice article of how to work with a monorepo in yocto?14:14
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john1987I have a bitbake recipe to create multiple user however in the end only the last user gets generated14:23
john1987should i place each user creation in it's own package?14:23
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kanavinjohn1987: it helps if you share the recipe14:28
john1987i have to find and alternative to pastebin to be able to share14:30
kanavinjohn1987: github :)14:31
john1987kanavin: inherit useradd \ USERADD_PACKAGES = "${PN}"  \  USERADD_PARAM_${PN} x 714:33
john1987kanavin: i chcked the resulting .spec file and has only 1 user(the last)14:34
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john1987kanavin: also i am using an old yocto --- 1.7.314:34
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ttllkkAnyone knows where is the code in poky that copies the kernel modules (,ko) int he image?15:00
ttllkkI was wondering if there is a way to blacklist some..15:01
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eduardas_mjaeckel: I actually try to use git submodules whenever possible so that I can avoid checking out unnecessary source for a specific component... bitbake recipes can be written to do a recursive checkout of git submodules15:14
eduardas_mjaeckel: are you in a situation where there is no way that you can split up your monorepo into multiple git submodule components?15:16
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nayfettllkk: maybe add this class ?15:22
ttllkkthat seems like exactly what I wanted15:23
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ant_workzeddii, welcome back in the ncurses/menuconfig horror park15:28
zeddii ;) :D15:29
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rburtonttllkk: don't install kernel-modules and then you can pick the ones you want to install yourself.  kernel-modules just installs *all* of them15:38
ttllkkThat would work for a whitelist but I'd like a blacklist instead15:39
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noway96yocto running out of disk space: what is the reason?16:35
noway96I have a 100GB partition16:35
noway96all for the build16:35
kanavinnoway96: how much do you have on /?16:36
kanavinand how does the error look like?16:36
noway96something like memory called "ABORT"16:39
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eduardas_mnoway96: after some experience with Yocto builds, I now use a 3 TB HDD, with four partitions of which  each has more than 400 GB of space... running out of disk space is not at all surprising16:47
kanavinnoway96: my best guess is that you need to clear out old stuff from sstate cache16:48
*** eduardas_m <eduardas_m!~eduardas@> has quit IRC16:49
noway96yup I deleted the tmp folder16:49
noway96but also what does sstate cache contain? Won't it slow down the build?16:50
kanavinnoway96: exactly opposite16:50
kanavinnoway96: it contains build artefacts, and reuses them when possible16:50
noway96but isn't the reusing part where the speedup will occur?16:51
kanavinah, "it" == "delete sstate cache"16:51
kanavinnot "it" == "sstate cache"16:51
kanavinnoway96: you can delete only really old stuff, like more than several weeks old - play with 'find <sstate-dir> -mtime (I think)"16:52
kanavinbut first check if it's really grown too big, or the issue is elsewhere16:53
noway96kanavin thank you16:53
kanavinnoway96: like a build directory that you've forgotten about, if you use several16:54
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kanavinnoway96: also 'du --max-depth=1" is really useful to determine where the available space disappeared16:54
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noway96du --max-depth=1 for the win!17:04
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JPEWhackerI was curious if anyone knows why mpg123 still has the "commercial" LICENSE_FLAGS? It seems like recent versions move to LGL might not have the old commercially restricted GPL license?18:50
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khemkergoth: I am not seen fails with argp-standalone19:11
khemkergoth: but then I am severly backed up19:11
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austenhcHey does anyone have experience stripping down systemd for an embedded system? I don't need or want udev, networking or any of the other junk it ships with. I also am not sure how to override a bbclass19:50
BubuIICaustenhc: I don't think you can have systemd without udev19:56
BubuIICyou can disbale the networking parts though19:56
austenhcHm. Maybe it doesn't fit my needs then. UDEV takes much longer than devtmpfs.19:57
BubuIICI think the two are complementory?19:58
austenhcudev seems to handle things like hotplugging. On an embedded system with no external ports, that seem unecessary.19:59
BubuIICI.e. you still get most things through devtmpfs nowadays even if you have udev19:59
austenhcYeah, devtmpfs enumerates all my hardware and populates /dev really quickly.19:59
BubuIICudev is doing less and less I think because most things can be done directly in the kernel now20:00
austenhcI'm working on a sub-5 second to app image. The pain points are the Init system, UBI (attach takes 2 full seconds!) and bootstrap.20:00
austenhcI guess I'm stuck with SysVInit for now.20:00
BubuIIChave you done some benchmarking systemd boot vs sysvinit?20:01
rburtonaustenhc: if you want to boot reallly fast and you have a single app, then use something like busybox init which is basically /init -> sh -> your app20:02
BubuIICdepending on what you are starting systemd might be faster. (or slower ...)20:02
austenhcYup. SysVInit takes about 6 seconds (mostly bluetooth daemon) Systemd takes about 20s20:02
austenhcWe're using busybox now! I'll check into it's init system20:02
rburtonsystemd can be incredibly fast, presumably your setup is just doing lots20:02
rburtonyou can probably just not install udev to be honest20:03
austenhcYeah, I couldn't find any good way of just building the core of systemd20:03
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rburtonaustenhc: who cares what you build, its what you install20:07
austenhcI mean, with Yocto building an installing are basically the same process.20:08
austenhcI couldn't find a way to tell systemd not to use udev or ntp services20:08
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noway96why? unparsed line: 'PV = gitr1'20:30
neverpanicnoway96: did you mean: PV = "gitr1"20:31
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noway96neverpanic: as a matter of fact, I did. Thanks!20:32
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joshuaglarmpit: sorry, had to cancel your build. The old cluster has some WIP code on and the build was failing21:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto do_package_qa hangs for bin_package nodejs recipe <>23:04
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