Friday, 2018-01-26

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learningcWhat package will provide udev automatically?07:25
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hmwel<learningc>: i think its udev-extraconf08:15
learningci see08:15
hmwelI'm using a bbappend on it for a extra rule08:16
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Aur313hi everyone08:28
Aur313is there a way to apply patches wich are inside the sources of a package?08:33
Aur313(add patches to do_patch or SRC_URI after unpacking...)08:34
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mckoanAur313: override do_patch and get patches from {S}08:40
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hundebollRP: Your fix for the missing dependencies not only kills performance: it loops forever here...09:17
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sveinseIn an attept to see how our yocto image runs on qemux86-64, it stops on MACHINE_FEATURES ext2 isn't set. No idea why. Is this something I can or should add to in local.conf?10:18
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brrm`bitbake my_package` builds my_package, but how can I build my_package-dev?10:31
rburtonsveinse: what actually fails?  never seen anything check that before10:31
rburtonsveinse: its not set, and arguable it should be (there's a few others with the qemu machines override which eg x86-base sets)10:31
brrmif I call `bitbake my_package-dev` I get: ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'my_package-dev'. Close matches: my_package my_package PROVIDES my_package-dev10:32
rburtonbrrm: you bitbake a recipe, not a pacakge10:33
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rburtonbrrm: building the recipe will generate all the packages10:33
brrmrburton: ok, thanks10:33
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brrmhow can I add to the `EXTRA_OECMAKE` macro for the dev package only. I tried `EXTRA_OECMAKE_${PN}-dev += "-DTARGET_GROUP=test"` but it doesn't seem to work10:43
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LetoThe2ndbrrm: not without massive recipe manipulation. the two packages are created from the artifacts of ONE compilation step. so if you want two different configuration steps, it would mean actually splitting the build completely.10:47
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sveinserburton: my image recipes depend on packagegroup-base-ext2, which the qemu machine does not provide11:09
rburtonsveinse: personally i'd be not using that pacakgegroup ;)11:09
rburtonhdparm?  :)11:09
rburtonthose groups, basically, are showing their age11:10
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sveinserburton: ok, they're just.. convenient. Is is of course possible to split them into individual deps11:13
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sveinseI'm really excited to see if Qt is runnable without x11 on qemu. *That* would open up a new world in terms of debugging platform11:17
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spierepfI am looking for some help integrating a .dts and a .dtsi file into my bsp. I've added entries to my SRC_URI in my recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto_4.12.bbappend file, but I keep getting an error: "No rule to make target `sc589-ezkit.dts'."12:30
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lpapphi, what is the recommended way to clone a submodule in a recipe?12:55
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rburtonlpapp: use the gitsm fetcher13:23
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kanavinSon_Goku: are you same as Neal Gompa? :)13:31
Son_Gokukanavin: indeed13:31
Son_Gokuwhat's up?13:31
kanavinSon_Goku: we're investigating into replacing bdb in rpm with lmdb13:31
kanavinSon_Goku: what's your take on that?13:32
Son_Gokuaren't we all? ;)13:32
Son_GokuI don't like the approach of the Photon patch13:32
kanavinit seems as though you can't actually replace one with the other? for some reason rpm still looks for bdb, if I read the correctly13:32
kanavinSon_Goku: what is a Photon patch?13:32
Son_GokuVMware Photon (Linux distribution)13:33
Son_Gokuthe needs to be adjusted, but one of the pre-requisites for Panu considering it is that libsolv doesn't care what database it looks at anymore13:33
Son_Gokuhe has a proposed patch for this, which I turned into PR form for easier viewing:
kanavinSon_Goku: right. I guess the outcome is that I should stash the recipes and other oe-core fixes into a separate branch, and come back to them later when the situation settles?13:34
Son_Gokumy suggestion is to use that patch and have a patch developed for fixing and throw that into an experimental branch13:35
Son_Gokubut Fedora wants to be able to use NDB _or_ LMDB13:35
Son_Gokuand everyone wants out of BDB13:35
kanavinSon_Goku: what is a NDB?13:35
kanavinI saw the configure switches, but it isn't actually explained anywhere!13:36
Son_GokuRPM's own internal next-generation database13:36
Son_Gokuexplained here:
kanavinSon_Goku: it doesn't actually explain, is the database storage handled by some external library, or is rpm code taking care of it all?13:37
rburtoni was hoping "lets make another database!" wasn't the answer to "the existing databases are rubbish what shall we do?"13:39
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kanavinrburton: it seems like ndb is an internal thing13:40
kanavinanyway, we're not switching until fedora does13:41
lpapprburton: yep, saw that, too bad we have not upgraded daisy :/13:41
kanavinlet them work out all the kinks first13:41
lpapprburton: so maybe fetch_ ... _append?13:41
rburtonlpapp: might be worth reminding management how many critical security bugs are in daisy13:41
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Son_Gokukanavin: rpm code internally13:42
lpapprburton: yeah, banged my head against the wall a couple of times the last couple of years to no avail... but I am completely with you.13:42
Son_Gokurburton: well, that's why LMDB got merged in13:42
lpappI should change the status quo and I wish I could.13:42
Son_Gokubut there are a few problems with LMDB that make it so it's still considered experimental, even within RPM13:42
Son_Gokuthe biggest being the key size limit:
yoctiBug 1086784: was not found.13:44
Son_Gokuyou'd think the bot would know this is not a yocto bug...13:44
rburtonlpapp: i'd do a do_fetch[postfunc] so you could write it in shall, as do_fetch is python so an append would need to be python too.13:45
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rburtonwell, it mightneed to be an unpack postfunc actually13:46
Son_Gokurburton: the ndb creation, iirc, was motivated primarily by lmdb dragging their feet on fixing the issue with it13:47
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spierepfIs there a step-by-step guide to writing a board support package? I cannot get mine to produce a dtb.13:52
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spierepfIs there a better forum for me to ask my question?14:01
kanavinspierepf: yocto mailing list perhaps?14:02
kanavinas for step by step guide, there is a bsp guide in the yocto docs14:03
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spierepfkanavin: I did ask on the mailing list. My question was of the form "I have problem 'X' and have tried solution 'Y' and got failure 'Z'"14:05
spierepfkanavin: My only response was did you try solution 'Y'?14:05
spierepfkanavin: The bsp guide doesn't talk about dtb files.14:06
kanavinspierepf: sadly, there is no guarantee of a useful response, that's why commercial support contracts and yocto consultancies exist :)14:08
ant_workspierepf, source of all infos is meta/classes/kernel-devicetree.bbclass14:11
ant_workit is not so easy to read and immediately understand14:11
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spierepfkanavin: Do you mean that I can pay someone to answer my questions? Can you point me in that direction?14:18
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kanavinspierepf: off the top of my head
kanavinspierepf: the first one in particular has this right on the frontpage :) "Spinning up a new board but need help with developing a Board Support Package? "14:23
spierepfkanavin: Perfect! Thanks so much!14:24
ant_workspierepf, just to let you know, line #16 of that class normalizes the name...14:29
ant_workbasename "sc589-ezkit.dts" | sed 's,\.dts$,.dtb,g'   sc589-ezkit.dtb14:29
ant_work(I have just read your first email)14:29
spierepfant_man: Indeed. But it looks like the kernel is trying to generate a .dts file and not a .dtb file. This suggests to me that normalize_dtb is not being called.14:31
ant_workdoes your recupe include that class?14:31
spierepfant_work: my conf/bblayers.conf file includes a reference to meta if that is what you mean.14:35
spierepfant_work: do I need a more specific reference to meta/kernel-devicetree ?14:36
ant_workno, not anymore. long ago there was an .inc14:37
ant_worksorry I was confusing you14:37
ant_workKERNEL_DEVICETREE is enoughù14:37
spierepfant_work: np. I appreciate you taking the time to look into it. Thanks.14:39
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ant_workspierepf, I think indeed the problem is KERNEL_DEVICETREE, try renaming it to .dtb15:02
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lpappwhich is the best variable in my buildsystem to see whether I am building with yocto?15:25
lpappifeq ($(ARCH),arm) and else ifeq ($(HOST_ARCH),arm)15:29
lpappwere not good enough.15:29
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lpappthe SDK environment script seems to use export ARCH=arm, so that is why I used that15:31
lpapphmm, maybe my mistake, bitbake -e says HOST_ARCH="arm"15:33
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rburtonlpapp: you want your makefile to detect if your building under yocto?  sounds... horrible15:38
rburtonwhy not patch the environment script to set a variable, as you're building the sdk15:38
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lpapprburton: I want to detect whether it is an arm or intel build15:42
lpappwithout further complication from the user.15:42
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john1987was there any bug at some point related to useradd not adding user in passwd file in the sysroots?16:11
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john1987when i do chown/chgrp with username/groupname does not work16:15
john1987i am doing this in do_install16:16
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spierepfant_work: Same error, but new file: "No rule to make target `arch/arm/boot/dts/sc589-ezkit.dtb'"16:24
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majukHey all, I am wondering if someone can show me an example of a recipe properly editing a system file, /etc/network/interfaces specifically.18:01
majukI only need to add lines, although totally overwriting the file would be workable too.18:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to build an app that can work on a Linux pc panel? <>18:08
brianm_majuk: I believe the proper way is to find whatever package is generating /etc/network/interfaces, then write a .bbappend file for that package that overwrites it with your version18:08
majukbrianm_: Ah, ok, that hadn't occurred to me. Seems feasible. Thanks for the input.18:09
majukbrianm_: by the by, my funky repo path thing I 'fixed' by just cloning it locally onto my machine and pointing the SRC_URI at that local copy.18:10
majukWork-arounds ftw18:10
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brianm_majuk: np. Probably you'd add a do_install_append that copies your version over, or edits the existing one (e.g. echo 'my_extra_config' >> ${D}/etc/network/interfaces)18:11
brianm_majuk: that works as a workaround, though good luck getting someone else to compile it :)18:11
majukbrianm_: lol, yea. One day we'll get a repo I can address properly. Hopefully.18:13
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nathani_So I have a native recipe that is broken because it's looking for /usr/include/asm/errno.h18:30
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nathani_creating a symbolic link to /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/asm/ fixes it, but is there a better way to handle this? it's a cmake based recipe18:32
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lpappso this is apparently not the default do_install action in Yocto? "make install prefix=/usr localstatedir=/var sysconfdir=/etc"18:33
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lpappI am actually not even sure what to specify for those variables as /usr, /var and /etc/ might be some system-wide directory in this context?18:34
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moto-timofray: would you be ok with audit defaulting to python3? Seems like we should be moving away from python2.18:51
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spierepfI think my bsp layer is putting my .dts and .dtsi files in the wrong directory. How do I specify a destination location in a SRC_URI entry?19:58
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kergothkhem: hmm, does your meta-clang stuff support using clang as the toolchain used to produce the nativesdk binaries? i guess that'd be crosssdk20:09
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khemkergoth: I intended to. but there is a problem I have been lately22:03
kergothno worries, was just wondering about the current state22:03
khemthe problem is that it can not change -dynamic-linker22:03
khemother than that it works great22:04
khemthis is because unlike gcc where we have seprate binaries for cross target crossdk in clang its a single compiler22:04
khemwith different drivers22:04
kergothoh, right22:05
khemand nativesdk case is a bit unique, I have a solution in mind which needs enhancing clang driver a bit22:05
khemso we can inject a prefix to dynamic-linker path22:06
khemthen it will come out to be fine and SDK installer then can fix it correctly during install22:08
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto22:08
khemexcept dynamic-linker libraries seems to be loaded correctly22:09
RPkhem: I have a gcc 7.3 upgrade in testing. Assuming I squash that are you ok with it. I had juro's help with some of the patches22:10
RP(its in master-next and building now)22:11
khemRP: yes22:11
khemsend a note to ml too22:11
khemi will take a look at master-next22:12
RPkhem: yes, will post the patch. This one is rather awaited though so now its released will need to get on with it! :)22:12
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khemRP: looks good22:16
khemthats what I was worried about22:16
khemI guess you will squash these all gcc commits into 122:17
RPkhem: right, Juro sorted that22:17
RPkhem: correct22:17
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RPkhem: just left them separate for testing22:17
khemcool, btw. gcc8 is coming out in april22:17
khemand glibc in second week of feb22:17
khemso I think we can get glibc upgraded for 2.522:18
RPkhem: so gcc8 in the next release, glibc probably this one :)22:18
RPkhem: snap :)22:18
moto-timoas always khem you rock!22:18
khemon fridays definitely I rock22:19
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moto-timome too. team lunch with an adult beverage really helps the motivation22:19
RPmoto-timo: We need to sort some (non)-virtual beer sometime :)22:19
khemllvm6 is released soon that we can plan for 2.5 as well22:20
moto-timoRP: anytime22:20
RPperhaps when I'm not supposed to be avoiding alcohol :/22:20
moto-timoRP: perhaps that would be a good idea22:20
moto-timokhem: do you run the gtest llvm tests?22:20
moto-timojust read about it today22:21
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khemmoto-timo: yes I use gtest not for llvm but for lot of other stuff22:27
khemif you have lot of c++ it is helpful22:27
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