Saturday, 2018-01-27

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brianm_Often bitbake decides not to build a package because it's already been built00:45
brianm_How can I tell if a package has already been built?00:45
vmesonbrianm_:  maybe bitbake -n foo (trying that to to see how to best capture the output, I never use that option).00:58
vmesonit's not clear from building gettext-native so I'll try patch later01:03
vmesonthis does seem like I might not understand your question. brianm_ are you asking how you can know if the package was pulled in from sstate-cache? That should be in the build logs:01:04
vmeson eg:   tmp-glibc/log/cooker/qemux86/console-latest.log01:04
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brianm_vmeson: Thanks, this is kind of what I want, bitbake -n is pretty useful01:13
brianm_vmeson: My real problem is I have a task dependency from foo.a to bar.b, but for some reason a rebuild of bar.b does not always cause a rebuild of foo.a01:13
brianm_I was hoping to debug it by inspecting if bar.b was "already built" / look at the state01:13
vmesonbitbake -g foo maybe?01:16
vmesonthen look at the *.dot files01:16
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khembrianm_: DEPENDS is what you need to use to express build time dep01:47
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brianm_khem: I thought I had the dependencies set up right, but it seems there's a distinction between "B must be built to build A" and "if B is rebuilt, A must be rebuilt"01:53
brianm_I can't figure out how to explain "if B is rebuilt, A must be rebuilt" to bitbake01:55
khemif says DEPENDS += "b" and b changes then a should be rebuilt01:57
brianm_khem: what if b is marked as nostamp? What will happen when I try to build a?02:04
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brianm_Will it get rebuilt on a warm build, or not?02:04
brianm_it appears a is not rebuilt, even though I want it to02:05
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #778 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
khembrianm_: thats interesting, do you know what dependencies do you have on a ?02:18
khemlike .h or .a or .so02:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to build an app that can work on a Linux pc panel? [on hold] <>03:40
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #779 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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zarzari'm using yocto plugin for eclipse, cmake project option, i added a new yocto toolchain version in a new location, i tried switching to it using cmake but now the project folder structure has drastically changed, and when debugging files no longer display, is there a way to reconfigure a project for a new tool chain from eclipse instead of cmake command line?15:34
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khemRP: there is one patch we need to drop from gcc7, I posted a review to ml as well as to pull branch on contrib repo
khemRP: see if you can pull it into your next lot17:53
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* armpit hmm, AB website really really slow20:03
armpithalstead, are we doing maintenance on the AB's ?20:04
* armpit looks like old cluster20:04
halsteadarmpit: not at the moment. But I will this weekend.20:05
armpitgot a connection timeout on autobuilder.yoctoproject.org20:06
armpitshould ping work ?20:07
halsteadarmpit: Richard is using that cluster. Can you use the .io cluster?20:07
armpithe is on .io too. I stack my build after his current one20:08
halsteadOkay and I'll check out the time out there. The front page should load.20:09
armpithey its the old cluster and us old guys are slow20:10
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halsteadarmpit, is available again but I'm not sure it is in a state for doing regular builds because of the active dev work there.20:39
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* armpit hmm, still timing out.. new cluster web page ok.. must be me21:16
armpithalstead, thanks for check. I am not going to worry about it this weekend. I have the new cluster to use21:17
khemarmpit: may be you can throw meta-openembedded builds there :)21:30
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RPhalstead, armpit: The new cluster is not well :(23:10
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* RP managed to get it to limp through a build earlier but its unwell again23:10
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RParmpit: I've taken centos7 out the pool as it was holding download locks23:53
armpitisn't 7 a lonely number by Beatles standard?23:54
RParmpit: probably :)23:55
RParmpit: not sure what is going on with the AB, its not happy. Second worker to have long timeouts :(23:55
armpithehe, you can all ways blame my changes for this ; )23:56
RParmpit: second time today we've had problems :/23:58

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