Wednesday, 2018-02-07

armpit_ISTrocko-next was clean last weekend00:00
armpit_ISTpryo and morty have build failures00:00
RParmpit_IST: you mean an upgrade to fix it?00:01
armpit_ISTno, it was upgraded to 2.4 for webkitgtk update to fix spectra00:02
armpit_ISTI don't know if we got a clean build with that update00:02
RParmpit_IST: we have and haven't, depends which host gets it to build. I think it broke before too :(00:03
* armpit_IST brain is scattered this week. in India and not sleeping much00:03
armpit_ISTRP, ah, ok00:03
RParmpit_IST: np, sorry to ask tricky questions00:03
RParmpit_IST: I know there is another ruby upgrade in master with claims of fixing some other issues :/00:04
armpit_ISTI'll look00:04
armpit_ISTI have not seen ruby fail on pyro or has it ?00:04
RParmpit_IST: It may have, I'm lost off though :/00:05
armpit_ISThave we seen ccache fail on other releases?00:06
RParmpit_IST: I have the added complexity that I'm testing the new AB code :/00:06
RParmpit_IST: I don't remember ccache for a while00:06
armpit_ISTit failed on pyro.. maybe morty and the fix seems to be in a version newer than master00:07
RParmpit_IST: "great" :/00:08
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #748 of nightly-mips is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #763 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
armpit_ISTccache version 3.3 + included c99 support so may be why pyro and up are fine00:21
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bluetooth over serial (SPP) configuration and setup <>00:28
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tasslehoffRP: fyi. the u-boot issues I asked about the other day was due to yocto building with V=1. that causes the log files to appear inline in do_compile instead of as files.08:04
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RPtasslehoff: ah, interesting. I didn't know it did that!08:49
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto recipe python whl package <>09:30
parthiI have written a new recipe for my source and I am able to compile it using bitbake. I also able to find the corresponding ipk's generated. But the binaries (bins, so's) are not included in the final rootfs image. How should I add this to final rootfs?09:33
parthiShould I need to use "IMAGE_INSTALL_append" in local.conf?09:34
mckoanparthi: yes09:34
parthimckoan: Is adding to "local.conf" is the only way?09:35
parthimckoan: will RDEPENDS packages will be added automatically to rootfs or I need to specify them as well in "IMAGE_INSTALL_append"?09:36
mckoanparthi: you can add it in loacl.conf or into your '' if you have it09:40
mckoanparthi: the RDEPENDS are added automatically to rootfs09:40
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parthimckoan: Thanks.09:46
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needmoreramhow can one pass in SSH_AUTH_SOCK variable to a task that calls scp in a recipe?09:53
needmoreramwhen I try to pass in through local.conf - like so: export SSH_AUTH_SOCK - i get a lot of complaints about taskhash mismatch09:53
needmoreramthat's understandable, except SSH_AUTH_SOCK is listed under BB_HASHCONFIG_WHITELIST09:54
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cannot build C project by Eclipse when two c sources are in the project <>10:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: install qcharts module to yocto sdk <>10:30
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xtronhow to check multiple conditions in a recipe like [ if DISTRO_FEATURE contain A and IMAGE_FEATURE contain B, perform TASK]12:53
rburtonyou can't check image features from a non-image recipe12:54
rburtonwell you can but won't do what you expect12:55
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xtronrburton: IMAGE_FEATURE is a variable, we can check does it contain some value or not,12:57
rburtonare you checking it inside an image recipe though?12:57
xtronrburton: yes, this recipe will be included in image recipe12:58
rburtonso the answer is no12:59
rburtona recipe that generates packages will be built *once* for use by *all* images12:59
rburtonif if i'm building image-big and image-small and they both contain busybox, i can't control how busybox is configured from image-big and image-small.13:00
rburtonbusybox will be built once, and then the resulting packages used to build both image-big and image-small13:01
rburtonduring the build of busybox, asking what the value of IMAGE_FEATURES makes no sense if i'm did "bitbake image-big image-small"13:01
xtronbut I can control image feature through image-bit and image-small13:01
rburtonand both image-big and image-small change IMAGE_FEATURES13:01
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rburtonzeddii zeddii_home: does building out-of-tree modules really need the whole of kernel-devsrc?13:03
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zeddiirburton. it need headers +  minimal Kbuild infrastructure.13:34
zeddiiin previous build system(s), it was a stripped down setup. if you can run 'make modules_prepare', it is enough to build13:34
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rburtonzeddii: so can we have a recipe that builds that instead of kernel-devsrc?  (or do we have one)14:06
rburtonzeddii: devsrc is 600m and slow/huge14:06
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zeddiirburton. I think so, I'll poke at it a bit today to understand the options a bit more.14:09
zeddiiI'll use that bugzilla in my inbox as the reminder/trigger, even though that isn't exactly what it is about.14:09
rburtonwe pull devsrc into a couple of images to test out of tree module building but obviously thats 600mb in images which are constantly at the edge of the 4gb limit for hddimg files14:09
rburtonanother option is to forcibly not build hddimg for those14:10
rburton(or both)14:10
zeddiiahah. yah. not optimal. we can do something about that. I have some scripts around that hand craft out of tree builds, I'll rummage around a bit and find them.14:10
zeddiias a guy who built "core-image-kernel-dev" for 2 kernel versions, 6 architectures and 2 c-libraries. I watched kernel-devsrc package more than a few times ;) :D14:11
rburtonwhat a time to be alive14:11
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zeddiiwe can put a tesla in orbit, but i/o still inflicts pain.14:12
T_UNIXwhat's shareable between mulitple parallel `bitbake` invocations on the same host? downloads? sstate? both?14:16
T_UNIXeven more?14:17
T_UNIXe.g. tmp? deploy?14:17
rburtongod no14:17
mcfriskhi, is there a way to stop bitbake from generating packages which have zero files inside? using opkg and am seeing too many empty -dev, -dbg and -doc packages being built.14:17
rburtonmcfrisk: ALLOW_EMPTY. default to 1 for -dev14:17
rburtonyou shouldn't have empty -doc packages14:18
rburton$ grep ALLOW_EMPTY *14:18
rburtonbitbake.conf:ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN}-dev = "1"14:18
rburtonbitbake.conf:ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN}-dbg = "1"14:18
mcfriskrburton: so setting that to 0 would stop empty packages from being built? on jethro so maybe empty -doc are not disabled there. and seeing -locale packages too.14:19
rburtonjethro wasn't different afaik.  setting it to 0 for -dev packages will break dependency chains if you do it globally14:20
rburtonunless you're paying per package you'll never know14:20
rburtonzeddii: good news: only failure with your kernel changes was lsb-sdk tripping over the 4gb limit14:20
T_UNIXrburton: so I cannot build two images simultaneously via seperate bitbake invocations?14:21
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rburtonT_UNIX: you can build two images simulataneously with a single bitbake invocation in the same tmp14:21
rburtonyou can't share tmp between multiple concurrant bitbakes14:21
zeddiirburton, well, that's not too bad then. I did queue a lot of builds, so I was quietly hoping it would go pretty well.14:22
T_UNIXrburton: okay, thanks. unfortunate. More than 50GB per individual job then...14:23
mcfriskrburton: thanks, will try to reduce the amount of empty packages we build14:23
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HavoK__hey, should a systemd service restart itself after the package it was contained in upgrades itself via smart update?14:50
HavoK__I’m seeing this with b2qt-launcher14:50
rburtonHavoK__: presumably that's what the recipe does14:51
HavoK__i’m looking at the recipe and can’t see what might be triggering that. I wanted to disable it14:51
rburtonsystemd.bbclass has bits in there for that14:51
HavoK__ah thanks looks like i need to set SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE to disable14:55
zarzarto use posix message queue do i need to set POSIX_MQUEUE=y and POSIX_MQUEUE_SYSCTL=y? my system uses sysvinit14:56
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morthey, I'm having some issues with yocto. It seems to me that the CFLAGS env variable should have existed and had a --sysroot flag, but that doesn't seem to exist for me?16:09
mortMy recipe inherits from module, and is a kernel module, but in 'module.bbclass', the 'module_do_compile' step includes 'unset CFLAGS' before running the makefile16:10
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kergothsysroot is passed via CC, generally speaking, not CFLAGS16:19
mortkergoth: my CC env variable is just aarch64-poky-linux-cc -fuse-ld=bfd, no mention of sysroot16:20
mortCXX on the other hand includes a --sysroot argument16:20
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mortkergoth: any idea what could make the CC variable not contain a --sysroot?16:25
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parthipart / --ondisk mmcblk0 --label primary --fstype=squashfs --fixed-size 500M --source rootfs --align 409617:01
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parthiI have the above entry in my wks file. So the final image includes all the partition similar to this.17:01
parthiI wanted to select/use a specific image (signed rootfs). I have the signed rootfs built in tmp/deploy/images. How can I select the specific file or some generic option to instruct the wic to use signed rootfs?17:03
khemrburton: do we have issues with glibc 2.27 that are pending ?17:06
rburtonkhem: aarch64 was failing? or was that binutils.17:06
rburtonmaybe i should fire both at the ab17:07
rburtonJust two actual problems:17:07
rburton- The non-gplv3 build failed as the make fix needs to be backported to meta-gplv217:07
rburton- The eSDK selftests all failed with en_US.UTF-8 problems, the new glibc shouldn't be causing a problem with uninative so this is interesting, maybe the new one is behaving slightly differently.  Should be easy to replicate.  The same problem caused selftest to fail.17:07
rburtonmeta-gplv2 needs fixing still17:07
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:07
khemthe make fix is gpl3 so backporting that can only be done if author agrees17:09
khemaarch64 is due to binutils upgrade with glibc 2.26 I think17:10
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khembut I will try to to reproduce here17:10
khemcan you post the UTF errors ?17:10
rburtonkhem: try to setup the eSDK and it says it can't find en_US.UTF-817:13
rburtoni don't *think* we'd need to build a new uninative17:14
RPrburton: we will need to, question is whether that would help that problem17:17
RPrburton: note that if you can reproduce, you can hack in a url to a test uninative17:18
rburtoni'll fire a esdk build tonight17:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto with Jethro 2.0 and meta-altera <>17:32
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spierepfDoes anyone know what layer provides kernel-module-nf-nat?18:07
zeddiiit won't be a layer, it will be built/provided if the right option is turned on in your kernel configuration.18:08
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spierepfAwesome! Any guess as to the kernel option? Might I be able to find it under bitbake linux-yocto -c menuconfig?18:09
spierepfMy thanks zeddi!18:11
zeddiiit's one of the options we turn on for docker in meta-virt:
zeddiiso that's a bbappend reference on how to enable it if you need to do it that way.18:12
* zeddii becomes zeddii_home after transit in snow.18:12
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spierepfOk, I'm using the meta-virtualization layer, I must be missing something. Thanks, at least I know where to look!18:13
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xtronin a function I'm removing a value from a variable, but on getting environment [bitbake -e recipe-name] value is still there, I added this task to be execute before do_compile, is it should be visible in environment (some thing wrong with function) or will update before do_compile ?18:35
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khemyou might want to do it in a do_compile_prepend19:03
khemmetadata may not be visible across functions19:03
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xtroncan we perform bitbake expression in shell functions?20:37
*** comptroller <comptroller!> has joined #yocto20:38
rburtonxtron: yes but they'll be evaluated before the shell sees it20:42
rburtonie bitbake expressions are expanded then passed to the shell20:42
xtronin a shell function I'm trying to use IMAGE_FEATURES_remove, but bitbake says variable not found. so how to include it?20:43
kergoth_remove is an operator, not a variable name20:44
kergothit removes something from IMAGE_FEATURES when it's expanded20:44
kergothso there's no way to look at that20:44
xtronyes, but this expression should be executed20:45
kergoththat doesn't really make sense20:46
kergoththe only way to use anything from bitbake in shell is ${@}, which is evaluated at expansion time, not run time, and it's python, not bitbake file format20:46
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xtroncan we use _remove in python function?20:48
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xtronkergoth: ^20:52
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kergothwhy would you want to? sounds pretty pointless. if you just want to remove something from a variable, you can do that programmatically any number of ways if your'e in python code, without using _remove21:07
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lukmaDear all,22:26
lukmaIs there any way to force wic to behave like dd ?22:26
lukmaI mean to just copy the binary data to proper offsets ?22:26
lukmaI do see that now only part and bootloader commands are supported22:26
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