Thursday, 2018-02-08

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learningcWhen trying to build chromium, receive message: NOTE: Runtime target 'chromium' is unbuildable, removing...01:22
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learningcWhat is wrong?01:22
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khemlearningc: this means some distro policy or dependency not being met01:54
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lukmaDear All,10:53
lukmaI do have a question regarding wic10:53
lukmais there any way to use wic to produce binary image?10:53
lukma(I mean to replace hand crufted "dd10:54
lukmain a shell script10:54
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lukmaNow I do have my own image.bbclass, which provides support for my image10:54
lukmabut I think that wic will pose less maintanence in the future......10:55
lukmaso is it possible to ask wic to place u-boot.bin at offset X10:56
lukmaand some rootfs at offset Y10:56
lukmaand some other binary data (like first bootloader) to offset Z10:56
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #755 of nightly-no-x11 is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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mcfriskhi, is yocto 2.5 release on schedule? Are there updates coming soon to milestone 2 of ?11:18
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rburtonmcfrisk: in qa now iirc11:20
rburtonm2 was a little delayed thanks to meltdown11:20
mcfriskrburton: understood. I'm planning a yocto update so would like to jump to master/2.5 directly11:21
bertonlukma (IRC): see this wks file
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parthiberton: "--source rootfs" this points to which file in tmp/deploy directory?11:59
parthiberton: is there a way to specify specific file to "--source" ?11:59
lukmaberton: It looks like a solution12:00
bertonparthi (IRC): What file do you need to add?12:00
lukmait is just a pity that it has only 1KiB granularity (with --align XX)12:00
bertonYou can write a recipe to install files in rootfs12:00
bertonso this files are part to "--source rootfs"12:01
lukmaberton: I also would need to specify the exact size -> like 16 MiB12:01
parthiberton: ok, my question is not about including some binaries or files into the rootfs.12:01
parthiberton: "part / --source rootfs --ondisk mmcblk --fstype=ext4 --label root --align 4096" which rootfs file will be used in this case?12:02
parthiberton: I have a rootfs image file named "beld-image-base.ext4.signed". I want this to be flashed.12:03
bertonparthi (IRC): if you're building a core-image-minimal, is a core-image-minimal rootfs file foung in deploy directory12:03
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parthiberton: ok, the "rootfs" plugin of wik looks directly into my rootfs directory and builds the ext4 image. It's looking into the deploy directory I believe.12:11
parthiberton: Correct me if I am wrong?12:11
parthiberton: s/wik/wic/12:12
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lukmaberton: Do you maybe know how to make the exact size of the generated image?12:16
lukma(like 16 MiB, sharp)?12:16
bertonparthi (IRC): Do you want to set a size for a partition?12:17
bertonpart / --source rootfs --ondisk mmcblk0 --fstype=ext4 --label rootfs --size 16M --align 8192 --extra-space 012:18
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parthiberton: no, I need to sign the image after it prepares the ext4 file12:24
LetoThe2ndoO( i just read: "i need to sing the image" )12:26
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parthiLetoThe2nd: Yeah, I have bbclass functions written to append the sign using openssl to the image.12:36
parthiLetoThe2nd: wic picks the rootfs image, but not the signed one.12:37
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LetoThe2ndparthi: hehe i know. all is well. (in case you wonder why i typed it, read again *very* precisely.)12:38
parthiLetoThe2nd: :-)12:40
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #784 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Failure [failed Running ESDK Sanity Tests] Build details are at
parthiberton: wic command either in raw/cooked mode takes the path to rootfs files and prepares the fstype'd wic image.13:25
parthiberton: What I wanted was to prepare ext4 image and append signature to it. Then use wic to prepare wic image. Is this possible?13:26
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eduardas_mhello, I am trying to use bmaptool as described in the Yocto manual for the first time and failing:
eduardas_mWhat am I doing wrong?13:57
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eduardas_mI have run bitbake bmap-tools-native as described in the documentation, have the appropriate fod-testing-image-fod-som.wic.bmap in my deploy directory too13:59
nayfedon't know if it could help someone, i made usbmount recipe to automount usbstick
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LetoThe2ndbehanw: ping concerning ypdd beginner track14:55
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* armpit doesn't think LetoThe2nd needs beginner track15:33
jaeckelI'm on the latest krogoth branch and I can't build because of the same error as reported here does someone know how to fix that?15:34
mckoanjaeckel: I'd ask to meta-udoo people15:35
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LetoThe2ndarmpit: in fact, i will be doing something comparable to the beginner track on a conf in june, and have some material licensing questions :)15:37
LetoThe2ndarmpit: but thanks for your confidence!15:37
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T_UNIXis UPSTREAM_CHECK_URI the intended way to force bitbake to refetch source code using the same SRC_URI?16:08
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rburtonT_UNIX: no16:18
rburtonT_UNIX: if you want bitbake to fetch latest srcrev every build just set SRCREV="${AUTOREV}"16:18
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sgwMorning all16:27
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behanwLetoThe2nd: pong16:32
LetoThe2ndbehanw: \o/16:33
behanwWhat’s your question?16:33
ulf`behanw: Are you THE Behan Webster?!?!?!16:33
ulf`OMG OMG!16:33
LetoThe2ndbehanw: guess for you its rather simple to answer: what is the licensing on the ypdd materials? is it encouraged, tolerated, discouraged to base other workshops off it?16:34
T_UNIXrburton: problem is, it's a `` that contains the version info file.16:42
rburtonT_UNIX: well that sounds like fun. how do you know when it changes?16:42
LetoThe2ndbehanw: (i need to afk now, maybe laters)16:42
T_UNIXrburton: I won't. At least by the url16:43
T_UNIXit's kind of like ``16:43
rburtonwell thats non-trivial to know when it changes unless you want it to rebuild *every* time16:43
T_UNIXrburton: it's bin_package.bbclass derived16:44
rburtonif youre happy for that to rebuild *every* time then you can probab;y force that16:44
T_UNIXfor some context: gitlab's artifacts api allows to fetch the most recent succesful build artifacts for branches and tags.16:44
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T_UNIXso I'm using that to compose a 'nightly'  image, containing the binaries genrated by the various teams.16:45
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T_UNIXthe `` contains a file `versions.txt`. AFAIK there is some sort of "I'll provide the version on my own" thing, right? But how do I force bitbake to refetch by the recipe's means?16:49
behanwulf`: you laugh. But I’ve heard that before. And having a unique name I always inwardly have to answer “duh”16:52
behanwLetoThe2nd: as it states on the website all material is CC by-SA and all related lab code GPL/MIT16:54
behanwSo as long as attribution is given the Yocto training bits are freely usable.16:54
behanwLetoThe2nd: oh sorry. Missed you. I was driving when you asked your question. (At destination now of course)16:55
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khemrburton: I am sending a v2 of binutils patch, I saw aarch64 build regressions which should be addressed there17:19
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:19
khemT_UNIX: are you dealing with maven ?17:21
T_UNIXkhem: no, just gitlab's Ci17:22
*** needmoarram <needmoarram!b8178784@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto17:22
khemonce upon a time, I dealt with maven which had similar setup where was what contained the version17:22
needmoarramhi, does anyone know how I can pass in SSH_AUTH_SOCK variable to a recipe from my environment?17:23
khemsolved it in fetcher17:23
khemneedmoarram: for doing what ?17:23
needmoarramI tried to `export SSH_AUTH_SOCK` in my conf/local.conf, but that triggers a rebuild of all packages everytime my agent socket name changes17:24
*** gtristan <gtristan!> has joined #yocto17:24
needmoarramI need to scp some files in addition to installing them17:24
needmoarramkhem: ^17:25
T_UNIXkhem: yeah, I'm just trying to stick to the default as much as possible17:25
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*** scottrif <scottrif!~scottrif@> has joined #yocto17:31
khemneedmoarram: add it to bb env whilelist17:36
khemrburton: patch is on ml now and here too
rburtoncheers khem17:37
khemjust finished a aarch64/rpi3 build17:37
khemthis should also fix the glibc issue you were seeing with bintutils 2.30/glibc 2.2617:37
khemso next issue was meta-gpl2 make and glibc locale issue in eSDK right17:38
rburtoni've just done a tweak to the bbappend in meta-mingw so that can get exercised next build run17:39
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T_UNIXis there a recommended way to add systemd drop-ins?17:55
*** vdehors <vdehors!~vdehors@> has quit IRC17:55
T_UNIXI assume automounting via udev rules+script is broken ( for many rocko users currently?17:56
needmoarramkhem: thanks for the suggestion17:58
needmoarramadding it to BB_ENV_WHITELIST didn't work b/c an empty path was somehow added to the PATH variable17:59
needmoarramadding it to BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE generates a lot of complaints about metadata not being deterministic17:59
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xtronhow to ensure that a specific  image feature can't be added in variable like IMAGE_FEATURES, I do remove a value but later another recipe add it again, any way ?19:09
khemIMAGE_FEATURES are not global, they just define what options you want to select to include in image19:14
*** learningc <learningc!~User@> has joined #yocto19:20
xtronkhem: is it something done at parsing time, I don't how value is still there19:20
xtronso If I remove a value at parsing time, it shouldn't be added any way19:20
*** hyde <hyde!uid25660@gateway/web/> has quit IRC19:20
khemwhich feature are you looking for19:21
xtronI'm removing a feature like read-only-rootfs19:22
khemok and how are you doing it19:25
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xtronIMAGE_FEATURES_remove = "read-only-rootfs" should work, but in environment -e, it do exist19:27
*** smurray <smurray!sid98062@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto19:28
khemrburton: I am trying to run bitbake core-image-minimal -c testsdkext and its complaing about python being python3 however in env I set the right paths so bitbake <imahge> works fine19:28
khemrburton: I wonder where is testsdkext poking for python19:28
khemit seems to be ignoring my env19:28
*** basic` <basic`!> has joined #yocto19:28
LetoThe2ndbehanw: ah kay. /me ponders actually tpying something into the e-ale chat now :)19:29
behanwLOL. It just gets to me.19:30
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LetoThe2ndguessed that.19:30
behanwLetoThe2nd: For those who don't know how to ask questions on IRC or $WHATEVER19:31
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khemxtron: bitbake -e should tell you where its being added19:32
*** sgw <sgw!~swold@> has joined #yocto19:32
LetoThe2ndbehanw: nah, seriously. especially the "what is yocto" bits, the data flow diagram of the build and such are things that i don't want to re-invent. i feel its better if the attendants can remember those if they hopefully check the docs then later19:32
LetoThe2ndso those are the bits i'd actually like to take out of the existing material. for the contents, i'll probably pick up some ideas, re-vamp them to latest devtool and see how much i need to mix in. running time is 7hrs, so i'll totally have a sore throat afterwards.19:36
behanwYah big baby. I have to do this 4 or 5 days in a row most classes.19:37
behanwAnd the worst is when people want us to squish a 4-5 day class down into 2-3 days19:37
behanwOr my personal favourite. With one customer I taught the entire 4-day LF yocto course in 1 day. (no labs however)19:38
behanwJust me talking very fast and them taking notes.19:38
behanwThat was very unfun.19:38
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batman_Hello, Is there a C like struct "data structure" in bitbake?19:46
kergothnot with the bitbake file format, anyway19:50
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khembehanw: 4 day course in 1 day, it seems that manager was performing some rituals19:55
behanwkhem: There were $REASONS. But indeed it was insane. It was meant as review.19:56
behanwWhenever people do these sorts of rush jobs, they *ALWAYS* regret it.19:56
behanwI've even had a VP apologize to me personally for not just doing the longer version.19:57
behanwWhich is one of the reasons I've learned never to complain about the people making the decisions about a short day. Because sometimes they're in the room. ;)19:57
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batman_kergoth: Thanks19:59
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!> has joined #yocto20:00
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LetoThe2ndbehanw: hehe. one thing i hope that i can push is the 50/10 scheme.20:05
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LetoThe2nd<- attended a 2-day seminar by alexei alexandrescu some time ago. he was super strict about talking 50mins straight, then 10min break. best thing i ever saw in respect to retainning attention by the audienc.e20:08
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rburtonkhem: damned arch20:12
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khemrburton: heh, I think we are just trailblazing for slackers20:19
rburtonkhem: the cause of a world of pain by making python v320:19
khemrburton: I am sticking symlinks in openembedded-core/scripts but it still ignores20:20
khemsomewhere this testsdk is re-invoking setup script after pruning my env20:20
khemsecond time20:20
khemthis is wierd20:21
rburtonwhen you find the offending script that is using python instead of python2, at least that's an easy fix :)20:23
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khemi think the script is scripts/oe-buildenv-internal20:28
khembut it depends on what one fed into it20:28
khemthere is a check for py2 and py320:29
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