Wednesday, 2018-02-14

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Add packages to yocto host sdk <>01:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Project usb sensor acces <>03:30
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acrapHi, folks! Do you know how to determine why package is installed? I use grep to see where is packagename, but i see it only inside IMAGE_INSTALL. I tried IMAGE_INSTALL_remove+="packagename", but with no luck.07:28
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mckoanacrap: it may be a dependency for something else08:13
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acrapsure, but i can't find any other mentions of the package08:14
acrapi ask about the opportunity to get it with bitbucket or some yocto utils08:15
acrapand yes i know about -g, but it can't give me enough information08:16
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acrapi even tried to draw dependency graphs, but tools that must draw it just can't do that cause file size. I saw it is normal in yocto FAQ, but why? Why can yocto do that if it useless? This .dot files are useless, cause graphviz can't process it.08:20
LetoThe2ndacrap: because there are smaller ones too.08:22
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acrapok. i get it. sometimes it isn't useless :)08:22
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acrapany ideas? Only grep all the recipes and *.inc(obviously, i don't use all the recipes)... Is there another way?08:26
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LetoThe2ndthe simplest trick probably is to deliberately break the package, for example by renaming int from .bb  to .bbroken, and kicking off the build again. then bitbake should err out with the unsatisfiable dependency chain.08:29
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hawkrilHI. I'm new here and I started working with yocto a few weeks ago. Up until now I could manage every problem with documentation and reading old posts on the mailing list. Now I have a weird problem regarding postinst functionality. Is this the right place? Or should I better write to the mailing list?08:39
LetoThe2ndhawkril: try to describe your problem as concise as possible, and we'll try to help. of course there's no guarantee that we succeed, in which case you probably need to continue to the ML.08:40
hawkrilBoard: Digi Connectcore6. Yocto: Morty | I have written a recipe to include our software in an image. and that works, the problem is I wrote a package_postinst function to cerate a database for it,that should be executed on the first boot according to the Maunual, but it doen't get executed. Here is the basic function:08:45
hawkrilpkg_postinst_aoftware() {08:45
hawkril    if [ x"$D" = "x" ]; then08:45
hawkril        if [ -d database ]; then08:45
hawkril            ..updatedbscheme..08:45
hawkril        else08:45
hawkril            ..createdb..08:45
hawkril        fi08:45
hawkril    else08:45
hawkril        exit 108:45
LetoThe2ndhawkril: use a pastebin, please.08:45
hawkril    fi08:45
hawkril    }08:45
LetoThe2ndhawkril: s/aoftware/software/g :-)08:46
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hawkril^^ just a typo while reducing/cleaning the script08:48
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LetoThe2ndchances are that you just are referring to the wrong package name. usually this is done by variable expansion magic: pkg_postinst_${PN}08:48
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LetoThe2ndi'd try to get it right with something simple, like a "touch test.txt" or such for starters. once that works, replace it with the full magic command.08:51
hawkrilOkay, I will try that. Haven't thought about that possibility of a wrong package name. And sorry about my violations to IRC etiquette. Haven't used IRC in forever.08:52
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LetoThe2ndno problem at all. its just annoying if people don't even try. the point of the mass paste is that it is jsut so much more complicated to read and reason about than in a pastebin :)08:53
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hawkrilSadly, that dind't help. I simplified the postinstall:
hawkrilBut still no execution on first boot. But the condition should be correct?09:53
LetoThe2ndi personally haven't used it so far, so i cannot answer for sure, sorry.09:54
hawkrilThanx for your help.09:56
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kanavinhawkril: check that postinst file gets written to tmp/work/..../your-image/rootfs/etc/rpm-postinsts (I think)09:57
kanavinhawkril: can't remember exact directory names now09:57
kanavinand that postinst package gets installed into your image09:57
kanavinalso inspect log.do_rootfs which might contain a clue09:58
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eduardas_mhello, bitbake is failing to parse my distro configuration I try to derive from poky:
eduardas_mI am getting unparsed line: 'def arm_tune_handler(d):'10:06
eduardas_mwhich is strange since I am trying to just copy-paste stuff from in meta-freescale-distro for now10:07
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grmahi, is there a way to set in yocto to set QMAKE_LRELEASE Variable before qmake is run in a bb file ?10:57
LetoThe2ndgrma: basically anything that is set in a .conf file is visible everywhere. not sure if you need to whitelist it, though10:59
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grmaLetoThe2nd: that means i have to set a .conf file, put it to my SRC_URI and then in im .bb file how do i source thes conf ?11:08
grmathis conf11:08
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LetoThe2ndgrma: erm, no. as i understand it, this is something that would be distro specific?11:14
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phatinaHi all, I added a patch to SRC_URI in my recipe but do_patch doesn't get called - any tips, how to fix this?11:17
grmaLetoThe2nd: thx, i will do it with patching the .pri file. to complicated for me with a conf file11:19
LetoThe2ndgrma: :-)11:22
grmaLetoThe2nd: i do not like this too, to change a general .pri file to host OS specific thing, but updateing from old yocto to rocko needs some hacks :-)11:24
LetoThe2ndgrma: i didn't object, did i?11:24
grmaLetoThe2nd: no, you didn't object, you tried to help me, thx11:28
LetoThe2ndgood luck11:28
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ggtkhello guys. Do you have any ideea why installing the dhcp-client into an image also installs the bind package ? I noticed this in rocko, in krogoth this was not the case. Inspecting the dhcp-client ipk it shows(on rocko, not in krogoth) Depends: bind (>= 9.10.5-P3), dhcp-libs (>= 4.3.6), libc6 (>= 2.26)11:44
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ggtkin not just installs it (bind) in the image but it also starts the bind server ...11:45
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eduardas_mggtk: well, there is DEPENDS = "openssl bind" if you look here:
eduardas_mggtk: also EXTRA_OECONF sets --with-libbind=${STAGING_LIBDIR}11:55
eduardas_mso I guess the recipe does not allow for bind being optional11:55
erboeduardas_m: but that's only during build time, doesn't mean that the dhcp-client package needs to RDEPEND on dhcp-server11:58
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eduardas_merbo: yeah, I've just noticed that... seems weird there is no RDEPEND for bind11:58
erboif the dhcp-client library links toward a lib that's in the dhcp-server package it would be added automatically11:59
erboI have no rocko build available for me to look around in, but I would guess that is what is happening if dhcp-client indeed has a dependency on dhcp-server12:00
erbocheck rpm -qRp path/to/dhcp-client*.rpm12:01
erbooh, I see that ggtk already checked the dhcp-client ipk deps12:03
eduardas_mggtk: I'm just wondering why use the dhcp recipe and dhcp-client package in the first place if you are making an embedded system?... I am currently using connman and it's built-in dhcp client... busybox-udhcpc is also an alternative12:03
eduardas_mI currently do not seem to have a bind package in my distro12:04
ggtkerbo: exactly, it doesn't specify RDEPENDS, it's just depends, so just for build as I see it12:07
erboggtk: if you run ldd on the dhcp-client binary, does it link towards some lib provided by bind package?12:08
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ggtkerbo: yes... it's
ggtkboth provided by bind ...12:13
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ggtkso it needs those libs and then it installs the bind ipk, and that installs the init script and there you go, you just got yourself an extra server running12:15
erbofeels weird that those are not shipped as separate packages. I've mostly used rpm, but then the libs are usually split out into it's own packages called libfoo-something12:16
erbomaybe ipk packaging works differently, or the bind package does something that prevents this12:16
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erboggtk: I guess this is fixed after rocko release, see
erboI guess you can just backport that yourself using a bbappend12:31
ggtkerbo: just looked at the krogoth dhclient binary and there it depends only on libcrypto and libc so not so many dependencies12:31
ggtkerbo: yeah it looks ok, I'll try that. Thanks for the finding!12:32
ggtkand I guess I also need to update the DEPENDS in the dhcp recipe , right ? or it will just use the correct ipk instead ?12:34
erboIt will magically work. The DEPENDS works on recipes, so that the bind recipe it built before dhcp, and then during packaging of dhcp it should find the link and add the approriate dependency to the package containing the lib12:36
ggtknow that is nice and the change is minor12:36
acrapLetoThe2nd: yep. I tried to put recipe to blacklist and after it i got some useful info :) It's a pity that we don't have normal way to get info about dependency chains.12:38
ggtkerbo: now the dhcp-client.ipk has Depends: bind-libs (>= 9.10.5-P3) :) so it's fixed , no bind dependency anymore12:39
yourfatemy etc/network/interfaces config get overwritten on boot12:39
yourfateother files I change stay changed12:39
yourfateany ideas?12:39
LetoThe2ndacrap: we certainly have, i jsut don't know about it :P12:42
acrapLetoThe2nd: or we don't. By the way, thank you for the response.12:44
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yourfateok, I think I just shut it off too quickly after changing the file, wasn't properly written to card12:45
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lukmaDear All,13:11
lukmaI do have observed a strange thing - namely13:11
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lukmapackagegroup-foo-backup  works but packagegroup-foo-BACKUP silently ends its execution and then13:13
lukmaI do see "No package packagegroup-foo-BACKUP available. Error: Unable to find a match13:14
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lukmaWhen referenced from core-image-*13:14
lukmaIs there any convention with this?13:15
LetoThe2ndlukma: -> naming the recipe, basically.13:16
lukmaLetoThe2nd: " Use lower-cased characters and do not include the reserved suffixes -native, -cross, -initial, or -dev casually (i.e. do not use them as part of your recipe name unless the string applies)"13:20
lukmaBut why it is like that?13:20
lukmaIs there any rationale for this? Like upper case naming is reserved for ....... ?13:20
LetoThe2ndlukma: in short: historic reasons. in long: ask kergoth. in personal: i don't have a clue.13:20
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lukmaLetoThe2nd: Ok :)13:22
lukmakergoth: Do you maybe know why only lower letters are allowed with naming recipes?13:23
lukmakergoth: Is there any rationale for this? Like upper case naming is reserved for ....... ?13:23
RPlukma: it breaks some of the package managers e.g. I think its against debian rules so this makes life simpler13:29
lukmaRP: I'm just curious.......13:30
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RPlukma: also, we stopped supporting uppercase overrides and the packaging code assumes it can use the package name as an override13:32
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mckoanwould be possible to build an image including Qtcore only (no graphics)?14:58
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kanavinmckoan: I think meta-qt5 has a recipe for qtbase, just make sure your image includes only that15:04
mckoankanavin: thx, unfortunately qtbase includes some basic graphical dependencies15:09
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kergothlukma: yep, as RP says, it's due to the package naming coming from recipe naming, and the limitations of the binary package managers we support15:09
* kergoth yawns15:10
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tgoodwin  Has anyone tried to build with a meta-xilinx machine (master or rocko branch) recently with the yocto rocko release?  I'm getting "login: can't set groups: Operation not permitted" when trying to log into the microzed and zedboard targets but not a qemu-zynq7 target.  I found an old e-mail thread from a year ago that didn't seem to have a resolution other than identifying the kernel as a possible cause.15:25
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kanavinmckoan: then file an issue with meta-qt5, I'm not sure where they hang out15:26
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RPvmeson: your spelling patch makes me cry as it will trigger a full rebuild :/15:49
RPvmeson: I just triggered one of those already today :/15:49
joshuaglvmeson: also, if we're going to do it "# Check its an executable" → "# Check it's an executable"15:55
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tgoodwinIs there a final 'check' that is supposed to run that ensures the root file system ownership is set (e.g., /usr owned by root:root)?16:25
ant_workzeddi: there must be some new default for crypto modules in 4.16-rc116:26
kergothtgoodwin: what exactly are you looking to check? and check against what?16:26
ant_workzeddii, my build fails if I don't add openssl-native (or diable crypto and libs stuff)16:26
tgoodwinkergoth: I'm unable to log in as root to non-QEMU rocko-based build (the error is: login: can't set groups: Operation not permitted).  When I mount the file system on my build computer, I see it's owned by an unknown set of IDs almost throughout.16:27
kanavintgoodwin: look for IMAGE_QA_COMMANDS in image.bbclass16:28
kergothis the user id the user id of the user you used to build?16:28
kergoththere's a check you can enable to catch that16:28
kanavintgoodwin: you can add to that any image qa checks you want16:28
tgoodwinkergoth: no, my build system doesn't recognize it (lists 39054:38465, which I don't see for any of my users or groups))16:29
kergothnot all of the rootfs is owned by root, so i don't really see how such a check would know what to check the ownership against, short of manually maintaining a list of permissions16:29
tgoodwinRight, but certain parts should be.  I would imagine most of the top level directories would be.16:30
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tgoodwinkergoth: When I pull up an older build (jethro, I think), my resulting root /bin, etc. are all root:root.16:35
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MisbahFor x86 platform, do we have yocto support16:36
RPMisbah: yes, yocto supports x86 extensively16:37
tgoodwinkanavin: thanks for that -- I'm trying to cross-reference what that variable gets set to now vs. in a previous working build.16:38
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mjourdanHas anyone ever been successful at compiling python-scipy via bitbake ? Between the distutil, fortran, lapack/blas.. it's not a pleasurable experience. I've gotten somewhat far but now gfortran tries to compile a lib as an executable, which leads to an undefined reference to main..17:54
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moto-timomjourdan: fortan and lapack/blas would be the biggest hurdles, since fortran is not officially supported in oe-core18:12
moto-timomjourdan: I am working on packaging the R language, which also requires gfortran (or f77 or f95 or...)18:13
moto-timomjourdan: I am also working on a major change in python-matplotlib18:13
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has joined #yocto18:13
moto-timomjourdan: please let us collaborate on scipy and get it into meta-python?18:13
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Crofton|workIt would be nic to see someone conquoer scipy!18:20
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tgoodwinkergoth: if I unpack my rootfs tar ball, preserving permissions (-p), should the resulting file system have things like /bin owned by root?18:33
kergothonly if you run tar as root18:33
kergothbut then, yes18:34
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tgoodwinkergoth: I re-built this same manifest on a system that isn't connected to an active directory domain controller (so the user ID is 1000 vs. 6 billion-something).  In that case, the resulting rootfs partition was mostly owned by that user.18:40
tgoodwinI have no idea where those other user and group IDs came from other than that they appeared to be a consistent hash of something common between the two systems (which is the directory server).18:44
tgoodwinAlright, found a related bug.
yoctiBug 12412: normal, Medium+, 2.5 M3, stephano.cetola, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , WIC: rootfs wrong file ownership on rocko branch18:49
tgoodwinThanks for the sanity check, kergoth.18:49
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aehs29mjourdan: I did get scipy working a couple of years ago19:58
aehs29mjourdan: as moto-timo says, lapack was the most challenging19:58
aehs29mjourdan: at the end I thiink the only way I got it to work was using ATLAS, cross compiling any of the math libraries was a pain19:58
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aehs29mjourdan: even ATLAS took many hours to cross compile but at least it was successful19:59
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aehs29mjourdan: I only got it to work on x86 though, no arm, and I tested it on an Intel Galileo and a Minnowboard20:00
aehs29moto-timo: I might have the code somewhere, but the reason I didnt send it to meta-oe was that it only worked on arm20:00
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rob_wi am looking into u-boot to be able to delete a file from a fat20:20
rob_wfatwrite() is possible but i actually wanted to delete a file ?20:21
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mjourdan1moto-timo,aehs29: fortran/blas was actually the easiest part. Thanks meta-gnss-sdr.. I ended up skipping on ATLAS and instead telling scipy to use the blas implementation from lapack. Though ATLAS seems to be the preferred implementation so I'd have to give it a go probably.20:28
mjourdan1moto-timo,aehs29: my biggest pain right now is the fortran compilation of some of scipy's parts. I'll gladly have any bit of information you have about it..!20:30
mjourdan1moto-timo: I'd love the cooperation, just be mindful that I'm doing it on krogoth right now. Would be great to have python-scipy in meta-python though that's for sure..!20:31
mjourdan1lapack/blas* and not fortran/blas of course20:32
fmeerkoetteris GCC/address sanitizer supported in recent (rocko) ARM toolchains?20:32
fmeerkoetteri'd really love to have a faster alternative to valgrind20:33
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