Tuesday, 2018-02-13

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spierepfCan anyone help me add a kernel module to my image?01:29
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spierepfHow do I add a standard kernel module like xt_addrtype to my yocto image?02:15
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khemspierepf: firstly you need to check if its enabled in your kernel .config if it is then its is being generated as a separate ipk already and you need to add that ipk to your MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS in your local.conf03:01
moto-timokernel-module-foo or something like that03:02
khemI think you need to enable NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_ADDRTYPE = "m"03:02
khemmay be via a netfliter.cfg or somesuch03:02
khemand IIRC we had a session in YPDD om this in past03:03
khemit might be dated by now though03:04
* moto-timo intends to redo the materials for that at some point03:04
moto-timoit was updated by tom zanussi not too long ago03:04
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khemWe should just create living documents with branches in git03:05
moto-timoah, it was krogoth03:05
khemah ok03:05
moto-timo+1 khem03:05
moto-timowe do have living documents, but maybe we could make it more agile03:05
spierepfkhem: I've definitely enabled it in my kernel recipe. I've got an xt_addrtype.cfg file that is being included by a SRC_URI and everything.03:16
spierepfkhem: the .ko is getting built.03:17
khemok then whats remaining is adding it to image03:17
spierepfkhem: just not included in the rootfs image, or tarball.03:17
spierepfThat is the bit I am missing.03:18
khemso you add it IMAGE_INSTALL via a bbappend or03:18
khemwhich distro are you using and machine ?03:18
spierepfI am using yocto/poky/pyro, and the adzs-sc589-ezlite machine layer I created myself.03:19
spierepfI added an IMAGE_INSTALL += "xt_addrtype.ko" entry to my linux-yocto_%.bbappend file. but it had no effect.03:22
khemnot the bare filename03:26
spierepfI tried changing it to IMAGE_INSTALL += "not-a-thing.ko" and it didn't barf, so I don't know what to do with that.03:26
khemyou need to add ipk/package name03:26
khemwhere this goes into03:26
spierepfHow can I determing the ipk/package name?03:26
khemyeah IMAGE_INSTALL is an image thing so a package recipe like kernel wont entertain it at all03:27
khemthats why you dont see it03:27
khemmay be you can first find out to which .ipk is it going to03:27
spierepfIs there a document somewhere that identifies which kernel modules are assigned to which .ipks?03:28
zeddii_homethey follow a pattern: kernel-module-<name>03:30
spierepfso like kernel-module-xt_addrtype?03:31
zeddii_homeIIRC, it is a dash instead of _03:31
zeddii_homeso kernel-module-xt-addrtype03:32
zeddii_homeclasses/kernel-module-split.bbclass takes care of it, I was checking the code, but the regex’s aren’t easy to read :D03:32
spierepfCool, at least is barfed on kernel-module-xt_addrtype.03:34
spierepfNope. "No package kernel-module-xt-addrtype available."03:35
zeddii_homehead into <your build>/tmp/work/<your machine>/linux-yocto/<your version>/pkgdata/runtime03:35
zeddii_homeor better:  <your build>/tmp/work/<your machine>/linux-yocto/<your version>/deploy-ipks/<your machine>/03:36
zeddii_homeor deploy-rpms if you are using rpms03:36
zeddii_homeand you’ll see all the modules that were built and packaged.03:36
spierepfYes. I have kernel-module-xt-addrtype-...-yocto-standard03:36
spierepfand .packaged03:36
zeddii_homethere’s been a bunch of patches that have been merged recently for alternate kernel names, suffixes, and prefixes .. I wonder if they busted something. what ifyou use that entire name as the install name ?03:38
zeddii_homeif you look at: recipes-core/packagegroups/packagegroup-base.bb in oe-core03:38
zeddii_homeyou’ll see it should just be: kernel-module-<foo> for the install03:38
zeddii_homebut those are just RRECOMMENDS, so if something broke, I don’t think it would throw an error. so something may be busted.03:39
spierepfwith or without the .packaged?03:39
zeddii_homeare you using rpm or ipk ? you can always peek at the packaged module to confirm that it RPROVIDES what the install might be looking for.03:40
* zeddii_home is not a packaging guy though, so I get out of my depth :D03:40
spierepfI don't suppose there is a flag for "Install all the kernel modules you are directed to build"?03:42
zeddii_homeyup. “kernel-modules"03:42
zeddii_homethat’s basically a package that has nothing in it, but has a RDEPENDS on every individual module package03:42
zeddii_homeso when you install it, you get them all.03:42
spierepfPerfect. Let me try that.03:43
* zeddii_home almost always uses it .. since I’m working with more than really small systems.03:43
spierepfThanks so much zeddi_home!03:47
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spierepfzeddi_home: and khem: if there is any way I can buy you guys some beers, just let me know.04:11
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khemheh zeddii_home is taking you into the crawl space to show you all plumbing04:20
khembut we have some porcelain stuff too04:21
khemsee https://gist.github.com/d699532ee252c004d476ba7ef69aab6804:21
khemoe-pkgdata-util is quite handy tool04:21
khemI wish more people knew about it04:21
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Guest10887Hi all, is there a list if open issues I can go though (I am interested in contributing)05:49
Guest10887Hi all, is there a list of open issues I can go though (I am interested in contributing)05:49
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silviofkhem: There are a list and **short** explanation of all oe prodivded tools? I'm using yocto/oe with some timeouts for more than 7 years. But I don't know this tool. ^^06:28
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake: "The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed" <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48762459/bitbake-the-metadata-is-not-deterministic-and-this-needs-to-be-fixed>08:57
pnhi all, Doubt is regarding wic image creation. In source plugins (like rootfs.py), class pluginbase.py provides ways to prepare the partition using --source option. There are also ways to do some operations prior to creating the partition (like stage/configure).09:03
pnBut I would like to do some specific operations after the partition is created. Say for example, I want to ass signature to the end of my rootfs partition.09:04
pnAre there any ways to define some works after "do_prepare_partition" is called? How can I add signature to each partition after it has been created?09:05
hundebollwas is the reason to put systemd files in /lib/systemd instead of /usr/lib/systemd ?09:11
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hundebollguess that is why12:43
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MarexRP: hey, any plan to bump the -rt patch to latest in linux-yocto-4.9 ?13:18
MarexRP: it's currently on -rt18 while the latest is -rt61 and with -rt18 I'm triggering a BUG() in scheduler13:19
MarexRP: with -rt61 the bug isn't there13:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: kernel fragment not applied while other fragments are applied <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48767937/kernel-fragment-not-applied-while-other-fragments-are-applied>13:28
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luneffhello everyone! Could anyone help me with tricking udev into thinking about my touchscreen as a keyboard as well? I need to trigger specific part of wayland/weston that enables focus, and it happens only with a keyboard attached :-) And I can't really have one. Saw adding ID_INPUT_KEYBOARD=1 as a workaround for such issues, but really not sure where it is an appropriate place to put that given we have rules chain. Please :-D13:39
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architektIs there some rfkill unblock systemd service in yocto?13:40
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RPmarex: you need input from zeddii/zeddii_home13:50
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luneffarchitekt, just use connman for that; enable wifi :-)13:56
MarexRP: oh, that's Bruce's nick, thanks14:02
* zeddii reads.14:04
zeddiiyah. I have updates to the various -rt integrations under test now.14:04
zeddii4.14 and 4.9 mainly, but some of the older ones as well.14:04
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zeddiiI had to survive all of the -stable (CVE fun), 4.14 and 4.15 before I had enough time to loop back around and refresh -rt. I'll follow things closely from this point on.14:05
zeddiiIf all goes well, should be something in a day or so, I have to run some boot + latency tests.14:05
Marexzeddii: super !14:07
Marexzeddii: Im in no haste, for now I have a patch locally anyway14:07
RPzeddii: while I have you here, are you aware of the problem with kernel-devsrc?14:08
zeddiicool. the ping was well timed, since I was at it.14:08
zeddiiRP: about the size blowing out some of the images. yah.14:08
zeddiiI was looking into stripping it down to just enough to build modules.14:08
RPzeddii: right, trying to figure out what to do about it...14:08
Marexzeddii: btw linux-yocto-4.14 repo is not out yet ?14:08
RPzeddii: that would help a lot if we could figure out how to do it. I was toying with the idea of binning the drivers/ directory14:09
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RPzeddii: We have some confusion about what that code is actually meant to do, its uses are ill defined :/14:09
RPzeddii: Juro was suggesting we remove the used arch/* != $ARCH directories and the generated files, I was nervous about the latter14:10
zeddiiMarex. It is there, just in a different format this time. I was getting complaints over time about all of the kernel downloads, so I put 4.14 and 4.15 into a single repo and made them available. v4.14/* and v4.15/* along with an old v4.8/* that I did about two years ago. All in a linux-yocto.git repo.14:10
zeddiiRP: yah. let me poke at it a bit. There's a forumla for stripping it down into just what you need.14:10
zeddiiI used to do just that with the ancient LDAT build system, I just have to look and see how it applies to the modern kernel now.14:10
RPzeddii: ok, its blocking the other kernel changes getting in right now14:11
RPzeddii: I say that not as pressure, just a statement on where we are!14:11
zeddiiyou really want two packages. one that is "all the source" and one that  is "enough to build modules", but as you know, the entire kernel packaging is chaos and a tangled mess. so I'll be less ambitious and just get it working.14:11
zeddiiRP: no worries. I'm letting -rt kernels build and run in the background today, so I  can poke at it.14:12
RPzeddii: on the plus side, kernel-devsrc is now a separate recipe so we can more easily tweak it (or create two of them for different purposes if we really had to)14:12
RPzeddii: I'd be tempted to strip back the current set of files, see who screams ;-)14:12
zeddiithat was my plan as well. go for 'just enough' and let other use cases lazy initialize :D14:13
RPzeddii: good news is creating a new recipe like kernel-devsrc should be easy for people too14:13
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Marexzeddii: oh14:26
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zeddiiRP: what sizes are you seeing for the kernel-devsrc package at the moment ? mine come in around 109M for rpm. I just want to make sure I'm starting from the same baseline when I start tearing it apart.15:53
RPzeddii: compressed rpm is around 110MB, yes. Uncompressed is obviously larger and where the problem comes in15:55
zeddiiok. cool. so my baseline is comparable. digging in now.15:56
RPzeddii: drivers alone is 500MB uncompressed15:57
zeddii./amd/include/asic_reg is 89M !!15:58
* zeddii starts running the right clean targers15:59
zeddiitargets even15:59
paulgshame we don't know anyone who likes deleting ancient crap drivers....16:11
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seppeDoes anyone know if it's possible to create a disto based on fslc-base (freescale i.mx) and poky-tiny?17:00
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binarymseppe: the concept of distro is totally NOT linked to any machine so i guess yes.17:22
binarymfind/write the meta implementing the BSP for your board17:22
binarymand simply set MACHINE=<your machine> in build/conf/local.conf17:23
kergoththat's true unless the distro creator did bad things, yes :)17:23
binarymseppe: i would add that you mustn't use fslc-base but https://github.com/Freescale/meta-freescale which is the meta that have the BSP17:24
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ephraim613I am in need of some assistance regarding an issue with user permissions18:29
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ephraim613is this the right place to ask18:29
ephraim613I am using the meta-skeleton meta layer18:30
ephraim613in this I am using the useradd-example.bb recipe18:30
ephraim613I can add users but cannot change ownership of files18:31
ephraim613the created files are with correct ownership at the do_install() time but revert to root:root at run time on the target18:32
ephraim613has anyone encountered this issue ?18:32
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spierepfI keep approaching success asymptotically. :D18:55
spierepfDoes anyone recognize this error: https://pastebin.com/cPmJ6ckJ18:55
spierepfI believe that it has to do with a missing kernel config.18:55
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