Tuesday, 2018-04-03

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how can i include python 2.7.x in an embedded linux yocto image? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26066780/how-can-i-include-python-2-7-x-in-an-embedded-linux-yocto-image>07:42
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angelo_tshello, i am trying to build a kernel image and geting the following error: https://pastebin.com/m1TTLUgq   seems to complain about missing GLIBC_2.27 but my sistem has GLIBC_2.2709:51
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nayfeangelo_ts> hi, did you check host system requirements? https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/mega-manual/mega-manual.html#qs-native-linux-build-host09:54
angelo_tsnayfe: ok thanks, will check, i am totally new09:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Python3 multiprocessing module not found with yocto/poky install <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49627913/python3-multiprocessing-module-not-found-with-yocto-poky-install>10:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to setup a bitbake/Yocto recipe to use only a subset of the boost library? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49630172/how-to-setup-a-bitbake-yocto-recipe-to-use-only-a-subset-of-the-boost-library>12:43
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fberghello guys, I'm bitbaking the core-image-minimal image for a raspberry PI3. I've added u-boot to the installtion, and there is a problem with meta-raspberrypi/recipes-bsp/u-boot%.bbappend:13:09
fbergThe following packages have unmet dependencies:13:09
fberg u-boot : Depends: rpi-u-boot-scr but it is not installable13:09
fbergE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.13:09
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nayfefberg: that git repo is yours ?13:21
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nayfefberg: maybe you'r trying to install rpi script, and COMPATIBLE variable does not match your machine?13:22
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fbergnayfe: hello, no, it's not my repo, I'm trying to figure out the problem13:28
fbergif I do bitbake rpi-u-boot-scr no error is thrown13:29
nayfewhat is the name or your MACHINE ?13:29
LetoThe2ndi guess the point is that u-boot is usually not *part* of the image13:29
LetoThe2ndor at least there are cases where it is not.13:30
fbergnayfe: MACHINE ?="raspberrypi3"13:30
LetoThe2ndfberg: whats wrong with starting out with core-image-base, like the documentation of meta-raspberrypi suggests?13:30
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fbergLetoThe2nd: No strict requirement13:31
fbergI've used core-image-minimal to keep it "minimal" but I don't really know the difference13:32
LetoThe2ndfberg: well then i'd start to look at the difference, because if the layer says to start with a particular one, i'd guess they have reason to do so (and have it include all needed bootloaders, so you should be able to see what they do)13:33
fbergLetoThe2nd: seems a good advice to me13:35
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g0hl1nhi, I'm trying to get mainline linux||linux-fslc itbImage booting on my i.MX6 board. When I compile the dtb and zImage by hand (using the bitbaked toolchain) it boots, nonetheless if I build the same kernel using bitbake it fails with "data abort". Does anybody of you has a hint for me? Thanks!14:15
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bparmentierHi all, last week I asked help to set up a mirror for yocto builds (my local machine can't fully access internet to clone git repo or ssh to outside), I did succeed one time but now on a fresh new instance I'm unable to set it up again...14:22
bparmentierI've modified my conf/local.conf to add SOURCE_MIRROR_URL, INHERIT += "own-mirror" and BB_FETCH_PREMIRRORONLY14:22
bparmentierbut no way, when I launch bitbake the URL of the recipe is not replaced by the one specified in SOURCE_MIRROR_URL and stops because of failure14:23
bparmentierany help or advise ?14:24
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nayfebparmentier> : what kind of failure?14:32
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bparmentierhi nayfe, you are the one who helped me last week :p the failure is that the url of the recipe is no more replaced by the url of my mirror, so that yocto can't reach the url14:41
nayfebparmentier: maybe try to first verify variables are correclty set via bitbake -e ?14:43
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bparmentierwhat should be the output of bitbake -e ?14:45
bparmentierI get the content of bitbake source file (I guess)14:45
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stephanoThe Yocto Project Technical Team Meeting will begin in about 10 mins.14:51
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bparmentierdon't know if you saw my answer nayfe, what should be the output of bitbake -e ?14:55
vladzouthHi, i would like to add libreoffice package in my yocto build. This package depend on libreoffice-native package that i try to build. In do_compile task, it fail with the following error: "cannot find -lpython3.4"14:56
vladzouthi verify in my /usr/lib/ directory, it have the libpython3.4.so available. How can i fix this?14:57
armpitYPTM - is on14:57
stephanoYPTM: current status: https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2018-April/040606.html14:58
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nayfebparmentier: i.e. bitbake -e | grep ^INHERIT= to see if own-mirror is present, then bitbake -e | grep MIRROR  (don't have things in mind)14:59
bparmentierokay let's try this15:00
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RPYPTM: Richard joined15:00
kanavinYPTM: Alex K joined15:01
mdickoppYPTM: Martin is on the call15:01
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JPEW_YPTM: Joshua Watt here15:01
denixYPTM: Denys is in15:02
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bparmentiernayfe: it seems it's ok, my vars are correctly set15:02
halsteadYPTM: Michael on the call.15:02
nayfebparmentier: see pm15:02
bachpYPTM: Pascal Bach joined15:03
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neverpanicvladzouth: sounds like the libreoffice-native recipe needs python 3 in its DEPENDS?15:03
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vmesonYPTM: Randy is on the call15:04
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maxin1YPTM: Maxin is on the call15:04
Amanda_YPTM: Amanda joined15:04
tlwoernerYPTM: Trevor has joined15:05
vladzouthneverpanic: yes it does.15:05
vladzouthneverpanic: but i have python3 package on my distro15:06
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AbleBaconso, i'm getting this "Function failed: base_do_unpack" error that kills my build. what's the typical approach for these things? i'm gonna have to find a work-around, but i don't want to have to manually unpack something every time i run this build15:11
AbleBaconand there could be dozens of errors like this that i haven't even encountered yet15:11
kergothread the log, or post it somehwere that someone can look at it15:11
kergothguessing isn't going to help, nor are general questions that fail to tell us anything15:11
AbleBaconwell, i just want to know what the general approach is to problems like this15:12
AbleBacondo you write a script to solve it?15:12
AbleBaconor i can find a way to disable that step and manually unpack it15:12
kergothi'd examine the log and fix the real problem rather than trying to skip the task15:12
kergothyou can't solve a problem without information, and you've not given us any15:13
kergothagain, read the do_unpack log15:13
neverpanicvladzouth: python3 isn't python3-native. If libreoffice-native fails to build, you need python3-native.15:15
neverpanic(Or, possibly, you need python3-dev installed in your system, that depends)15:15
tlwoernerYPTM: is there an obvious link to the wiki from https://www.yoctoproject.org/ ?15:16
vladzouthnewerpanic: Thanks, i am going to install python3-dev on my host and try to build again.15:17
AbleBaconnot even sure where to start debugging this: https://pastebin.com/e2zdzkFh15:18
halsteadstephano, https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Poky_Contributions15:19
halsteadstephano, and https://www.openembedded.org/wiki/How_to_submit_a_patch_to_OpenEmbedded15:19
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stephanohalstead: thanks!15:20
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neverpanicAbleBacon: There's probably relevant log output above that. You should paste more.15:24
AbleBaconwell, i can't seem to find the log file for it. most of the tasks post a message saying what log file it's in15:25
AbleBaconbut this one just gives me that15:25
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neverpanicAbleBacon: ${WORK}/temp/ should contain a file matching *do_fetch*15:27
vladzouthneverpanic: I still have the same error even with python3.4-dev installed on my host. Here is the libreoffice-native log.do_compile file: https://pastebin.com/gU5jVJGZ15:27
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AbleBaconoooooh okay--thanks. i'll take a look15:28
neverpanicvladzouth: It's been a while since I've done a bitbake build – I'm not sure whether bitbake will pick up native dependencies from the host; you may have to add a dependency to python-native in your recipe.15:29
neverpanicMaybe somebody else knows that.15:29
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kergothAbleBacon: most likely the actual errors from tar are in the do_unpack log, which should be in the output either above or below the line you pasted. there's no reason tar should fail to extract that unless it's corrupted. absolute worst case, rm -f /home/user/poky/downloads/quilt-0.65.tar.g*, rm -rf tmp*; then try again15:30
AbleBaconoh! it looks like it just failed to download!15:31
AbleBaconthey hardcoded a URL into the thing and that site doesn't work anymore lol15:31
AbleBaconseems like a bad move... shouldn't they require you to get a layer for something like that?15:31
kergothwhat do you mean?15:33
AbleBaconoh wow... like five minutes later and the build is still going! this is exciting!15:33
kergothevery recipe downloads from remote locations by design15:33
vladzouthneverpanic: ok, i will see in that direction.15:33
kergothand we have mirrors to handle missing usptream sources15:33
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manjuhi all, should we set RPM_SIGN_PACKAGES='0' by default in bitbake.conf ? if you dont use rpm-sign.bbclass then having RPM_SIGN_PACKAGES='0'  by default will ensure gpgcheck=0 in oe-remote-repo.repo16:24
manjuif you dont have it then while using dnf on target, you have to explicitly use dnf install --nosigngpg command16:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How is poky platform independent <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49134798/how-is-poky-platform-independent>17:14
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kergothmanju: probably.. should email the list abouti t17:38
manjukergoth: will do, probably will send a patch as RFC :)17:39
kergothgood plan17:39
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noway96what does ${B} mean?18:28
neverpanicthe build directory18:29
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #964 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-oe-selftest/builds/96419:11
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* armpit wow Windriver is being sold19:36
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JaMaftw is TPG19:37
fraysame investment co that bought MacAfee..19:38
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* armpit that changes things19:45
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noway96sometimes when I modify a file in the files directory for a recipe the modificatoins don't get uploaded. how to force it?20:09
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matt___hi everyeone.  does anyone know where i can find information about making a newer version of hplip work in yocto than what is currently available20:46
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noway96why is there a build directory inside my build directory?22:53
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AbleBaconis there a way to know what what "features" are being included in my build?23:14
AbleBaconi mean like... all available ones, even ones that you haven't explicitly included23:15
AbleBaconlike it's installing x11 and i haven't said anywhere for it to do that23:16
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noway96just grep x11 and see if anything pops up23:17
noway96inside your recipes layer23:17
AbleBaconyeah, but i don't want to have to check for the name of every single features23:17
AbleBaconi just want to be able to list the features that are going to be in the build and the ones that are available but aren't going to be in the build23:18
noway96oh no clue here23:18
AbleBaconthis whole yocto/poky thing perplexes me if i'm being honest23:19
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