Monday, 2018-04-23

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #994 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Failure [failed Building Toolchain Images Running SDK Sanity Tests Building Toolchain Images_1 Running SDK Sanity Tests_1 BuildImages_2 Running ESDK Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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mcfriskhow to add source file to image recipe? I want to check that some files exists on target image as ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND but I need the reference as source file for each image.07:17
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nayfemcfrisk: in do_install_append, add source in deploy dir  install ${S}/stuff.c ${D}/${datadir}/stuff.c  , then   FILES_${PN}-dev += "${datadir}/stuff.c"07:24
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mcfrisknayfe: I don't want to install files to the image. I want to check after do_rootfs that certain files exists in image. These certain files are a list of files and metadata that I would like to refer within do_rootfs. Adding SRC_URI and a file://my_file_list.txt doesn't work. The SRC_URI files are not addressable at image recipe build time...07:37
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to port grpc helloworld(CPP) example on yocto <>07:43
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nayfemcfrisk maybe you can look at sanity.bbclass & utility-tasks.bbclass for examples07:50
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mcfrisknayfe: those classes do check rootfs files but not against input data.. image bbclass doesn't derive from base so fetch and unpack aren't available..08:09
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acrapHi, folks!08:43
acrapI know about this syntax to run bitbake "DISTRO=mydistro bitbake my-image-minimal"08:44
acrapcan I pass more than one variable like DISTRO and how?08:44
LetoThe2ndAFAIK you can have multiple recipes to build and even multiple package managers being fed, but MACHINE and DISTRO are singular.08:45
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acrapLetoThe2nd: you mean i can't do smth like that:"MACHINE=mymachine DISTRO=mydistro bitbake my-image-minimal"?08:47
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LetoThe2ndyou can do that, but there is only one value for DISTRO and MACHINE08:50
LetoThe2ndthere has been some work on multimachine, but i don't think its worth recommending:
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acrapLetoThe2nd: ok. thanks08:53
acrapLetoThe2nd: i asked just about setting of variables. Not about multimachines08:54
LetoThe2ndacrap: ah, the question was about more distinct variables? sure, no problem at all.08:55
LetoThe2ndbasically anything in BB_ENV_WHITELIST is allowed:
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mcfriskwhy doesn't image.bbclass import base.bbclass?08:57
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acrapLetoThe2nd: by the way. Syntax what I showed before doesn't work for me. DISTRO part does work, but machine doesn't08:58
acrapMACHINE=qemux86 DISTRO=mydistro-cgl bitbake my-image-cgl08:59
LetoThe2ndacrap: then look at your local.conf, probably you're assigning MACHINE by '=', and DISTRO by '?='08:59
acrapMACHINE assigned with ??=08:59
LetoThe2nd'=' means "always assing", '?=' means "only assign if not set already, like with the env"09:00
LetoThe2ndthen i'm pretty sure you reversed your last post.09:00
LetoThe2ndhere, see
acrapi found the error09:01
LetoThe2nd(3.1.3, 3.1.4, 3.1.5)09:01
acrapMACHINE was also assigned in layer.conf with "="09:01
acrapLetoThe2nd: thanks for the support09:02
acrapLetoThe2nd: I very appreciate that Yocto community is so friendly and helpful.09:02
LetoThe2ndnow i'm sad.09:03
LetoThe2ndseems like i totally failed to live up to my grumpy old guy image. :-(09:03
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acrapLetoThe2nd: my English is not so strong to detect sarcasm09:05
LetoThe2ndacrap: all is well, no worries09:05
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ostenHello, i'm trying to make my own class (.bbclass) file to generate an custom image for me. (Custom partition layout, but including efi boot loader) But where can i find more information about all the variables and stuff that i can use in a class file ? And also some basic information about how to write a class from the very start ?09:38
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LetoThe2ndosten: whatyou can use inside a class is actually not different from what you can use in a recipe, AFAIK09:47
LetoThe2ndosten: here is the official (albeit short) explanation as well as a lot of examples:
LetoThe2ndosten: in fact, i'd actually say that a bbclass is jsut "an include file that you can reach from anywhere"09:49
rburtoneffectively that's close enough :)09:50
rburtonosten: have you looked at wic for custom partition layouts?09:50
LetoThe2ndrburton: i'm sure there's a handful of corner cases :)09:50
ostenLetoThe2nd: Thanks, that's probably a good way to see it :)09:50
ostenrburton: i want to add some specific files when i do the partitions, as for example all my applications should be moved to the right partition. The reason behind this is because i want to use rauc as update system. With an a+b update structure for my applications.09:52
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tasslehoff_should both syslogd.service and busybox-syslog.service be running on a system? I have two syslogd running.10:15
paulbarkertasslehoff_ do you know which package is providing syslogd.service?10:18
tasslehoff_paulbarker: which package puts it into the image, you mean?10:20
tasslehoff_paulbarker: searching now. might take a while10:21
paulbarkerOk. Which branch of yocto project are you using?10:21
* paulbarker looks at pyro10:22
tasslehoff_paulbarker: seems to be sysklogd10:22
tasslehoff_I have two of those as well :)10:22
tasslehoff_sysklogd and busybox-klogd10:23
paulbarkerYou may want to try backporting
paulbarkerOr at least using a bbappend to set RCONFLICTS_busybox-syslog10:24
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tasslehoff_paulbarker: ooh. highly relevant. thanks!10:25
paulbarkerI'd recommend taking a look at to see what gets packaged and how it gets pulled in as an RRECOMMENDS10:26
paulbarkerYou could also try adding busybox-syslog to BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS ( if you want to make sure you get the sysklogd version10:28
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tasslehoff_paulbarker: yeah. I just wondered which one I actually want :)10:30
paulbarkerPick one and see if anything breaks :p10:31
tasslehoff_paulbarker: my thought exactly. thanks :)10:31
paulbarkerThe scream test strikes again10:32
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acrapI can't access to Yocto manual from Russia without VPN O_o11:01
LetoThe2ndacrap: does your ISP maybe do some fancy filtering?11:08
tasslehoff_paulbarker: nothing broke. I lost /var/log/messages, but I don't miss it :)11:09
acrapLetoThe2nd: I've never seen this issue before... Looks like our censorship blocks Yocto resources accidentally.11:10
acrapI share this issue through Twitter and mentioned Roscomnadzor (our censorship bureau). But I am not sure they going to fix it. They are too busy with their process of blocking Telegram now.11:14
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tasslehoff_paulbarker: it's my adding of packagegroup-core-full-cmdline that causes ksyslogd to enter the image11:40
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #945 of buildtools is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
tasslehoff_I have a recipe that depens on proj being installed in the image as well. What is the proper way to add it?12:20
tasslehoff_RDEPENDS_${PN} was seemingly not the way to go12:21
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rburtonyes, RDEPENDS is exactly what you want12:27
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tasslehoff_rburton: hm. perhaps all the packages were already in my image then, since the manifest did not change.12:32
rburtonor, you didn't actually install PN12:32
rburtonbut yes, both possible12:32
tasslehoff_they were already in the manifest, but I was missing proj-dev, instead of proj.12:33
rburtona runtime package depending on a -dev is pretty unusual12:35
tasslehoff_rburton: yeah. investigating that now. seems maybe proj doesn't give me in my image12:35
rburtonif the .so is what you actually need and not a development-only symlink then fix the packaging12:36
rburtonassumption is that .so is a development-only unversioned symlink to the versioned library in PN12:36
rburtonif thats not true, change the packaging12:37
tasslehoff_rburton: and its target is indeed in the image, so I think proj behaves well.12:39
tasslehoff_will have to see what gdal is doing.12:40
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #940 of nightly-arm64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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daniele_dhi all13:24
daniele_dI'm trying to build a gtk3 application in yocto13:24
daniele_dI configured eclipse and the hello world prog is ok in the remote machine13:25
daniele_dbut I can't figure it out how to add library to project13:25
daniele_dsomeone can help me?13:25
LetoThe2nddaniele_d: you mean you are missing the library on the target?13:27
daniele_dgtk/gtk.h is missing13:27
LetoThe2ndand you aretrying to compile *IN* the target? why that?13:28
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daniele_dI use ecplise as decribed13:28
daniele_dBut I don't know how can I compile and then move to the target13:28
LetoThe2ndi mean, usually you would have your application recipe DEPEND on all your libs, and thats it. during dev time, you would add all needed libraries/dependencies to the image, then build image, build sdk, and use that sdk to cross compile13:29
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daniele_dso after i install the toolchain I need to create a recipe and bitbake my c prog against it?13:29
LetoThe2ndinstall which toolchain?13:30
daniele_di use a terminal in which I installed yocto13:30
LetoThe2ndthe steps are: 1) create an image that has all the libraries you need. build that.13:30
LetoThe2nd2) create a sdk that fits the image. its basically just bitbake -c populate_sdk $YOURFUNNYIMAGE13:31
LetoThe2nd3) use that sdk for cross compiling13:31
daniele_dok I'll try13:31
LetoThe2ndits all neatly laid out here:
mckoanLetoThe2nd: very well explained :-D13:32
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #979 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
daniele_dbut it will work in my environment? I have a variscite product13:33
mckoandaniele_d: Yocto is platform independent13:33
LetoThe2ndits the generic yocto/openembedded way.13:33
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daniele_dso I nedd to check all library for my peripherals are installed13:34
LetoThe2ndas long as you don't have a recipe for your application, yes.13:35
LetoThe2ndyou can also first create a dummy recipe for your application which does not yet install anything of its own, but already pull in the dependencies13:35
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daniele_dif I add libgtk-3-dev to local-conf bitbake gives me error13:40
daniele_dwhere can I found syntax for the packages?13:40
daniele_dexcuse  me my error... missin \13:41
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: OTA update with SWupdate in yocto [closed] <>13:44
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #956 of nightly-mips is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #989 of nightly-x86 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #995 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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fberghello guys, I'm adding vsftpd to my yocto image. The install task of vsftpd needs to be customized installing some files. Among them I need to add a file called is a symbolink link to in particulare is provided by libapm-pwdfile-dev and by libpam-pwdfile. Both packages Are correctly generated by a custom recipe called libpam-pwdfile. So in my14:11
fbergvsftpd_%.bbappend I have added RDEPENDS_${PN} += "libpam-pwdfile libpam-pwdfile-dev". If I run "bitbake vsftpd" I get the following error: do_package_qa: QA Issue: vsftpd rdepends on libpam-pwdfile-dev [dev-deps]14:11
fberghow can I fix it ?14:11
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JPEWfberg: You shouldn't need the -dev package at runtime (via RDEPENDS), only build time (via DEPENDS).14:27
JPEWDEPENDS += "libpam-pwdfile" should be sufficent14:27
fbergJPEW: Maybe I'm wong but as far as I know I need the at runtime14:28
fbergand this file is shipped with libpam-pwdfile-dev package14:28
JPEWfberg: Usually at "runtime" you link against a versioned library. The unversioned library is only for deveopment14:29
rburtonfberg: then the libpam-pwdfile package is broken14:30
fbergyes, in fact is a symbolic link14:30
rburtonoh its even more broken14:30
fbergthe versioned library is shipped with libam-pwdfile package14:31
fbergrbuton: :o14:31
rburtonPAM modules are in /lib/security/libpam_*.so14:31
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rburtonthats a real file, not a symlink, and there should not be symlinks14:31
rburtonits not a library, it's a module14:32
rburtonassuming this is the makefile, it does the right thing:
fberglet me explain. I need to use vsftpd with virtual users. To enable virtual user I must have the Since ther is no any out of the box recipe that ship, I have created one14:33
rburtonwhere to start14:34
rburtonline 5, no PR required14:34
rburtonline 7, don't use /archive/ links as they'll change14:34
rburtonline 15, name the recipe correctly and you can remove14:34
rburtonline 18 onwards, why are you inventing versions?14:35
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4000:1184:adb4:757c:de15:c877> has joined #yocto14:35
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rburtonit comes with a makefile which does the right thing.  just have a do_install that does 'oe_runmake DESTDIR='${D}' install'14:36
fbergrburton: I have named it 1.0.0 since tha erchive referes to the 1.0.0 tag14:36
rburtonfberg: that's not what library versions are14:36
rburtonthe question you should be asking is "why doesn't the makefile do this"14:36
rburtonthe answer is because PAM modules are not libraries, they're modules.  they don't get versioned.14:37
rburtonthere's no development package for a module because you can't link to a module14:37
fbergrburton: please be gentle with me. I'm not a software developer :)14:37
rburtonjust put $base_libdir/security into FILES_PN and you're done14:37
rburtonto expand on the /archive/ thing, those tarballs are generated on demand by github.  it's very annoying when the day after you ship something the tarball regenerates and your checksums are wrong.14:38
fbergrburton: thanks, so I will remove the version number and use oe_runmake DESTDIR='${D}' install14:38
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #977 of nightly-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
rburtonthis package doesn't have proper tarballs so best practise is to do a git fetch14:39
fbergok, I will remove the archive SRC14:39
fbergthanks !14:39
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daniele_dthanks for now and bye!14:47
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prabhakarladHi, does DEPENDS also affect TARGET_CFLAGS  ? for example I want to add DEPENDS = "glib-2.0", so that I can include glib.h in a application, but I dont see the CFLAGS appended am I missing something ?14:53
LetoThe2ndprabhakarlad: nope, that are two independent thngs.14:55
LetoThe2ndprabhakarlad: DEPENDS tells bitbake that it has to make sure everything is in place.14:55
LetoThe2ndprabhakarlad: the actual generation of flags etc is up to the buildsystem that the source code uses internally, e.g. autotools, cmake, meson,...14:55
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1027 of nightly-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
rburtonprabhakarlad: if your code wants to use glib then it should use pkgconfig to get the flags as usual14:56
*** AbleBacon <AbleBacon!~AbleBacon@unaffiliated/ablebacon> has joined #yocto14:59
prabhakarladLetoThe2nd: rburton: thank you for your suggestion I did manually add the includes something like this "TARGET_CFLAGS += "-I${STAGING_INCDIR} -I${STAGING_INCDIR}/glib-2.0 -I${STAGING_LIBDIR}/glib-2.0/include/"" , as  I am adding my custom application14:59
prabhakarladsince I am not using the autotools, cmake I had to manually add them..14:59
LetoThe2ndprabhakarlad: then you're doing it wrong, cmake can certainly use pkg-config to properly detect them15:00
prabhakarladLetoThe2nd: sorry for my typo earlier I meant I am not using cmake/autotools/meason, I have just a simple Makefile15:02
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #954 of nightly-mips64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
LetoThe2ndprabhakarlad: well then, enjoy the pain :-D15:04
LetoThe2ndyou should *totally* still pour pkg-support into it15:04
rburtonprabhakarlad: use pkgconfig from your makefile15:05
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prabhakarladrburton: Yes thats a good option to use pkgconfig from your makefile thank you :)15:13
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JPEWI know it is possible to share sstate between mulitple builders over NFS, is it also possible (safe?) to share the download cache over NFS?15:23
*** rajm <rajm!> has joined #yocto15:28
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rburtonJPEW: i wouldn't trust nfs locking enough to do that15:38
JPEWrburton: sstate, downloads, or both?15:43
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #968 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1049 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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rburtonJPEW: anything.  don't trust nfs :)15:58
khemwe have been using nfs for quite some time now without issues, there was a locking issue we faced which is already upstreamed into bitbake15:59
*** rovanceo <rovanceo!~rovanceo@> has joined #yocto15:59
rburtoniirc you potentially have races to write to DL_DIR but the worst case is two machines download the same file and put it in the cache, there's no corruption16:00
khemyeah ofcourse, we do not write to it simultaneously16:01
khemthere is one autobuilder task to rsync it from official builds16:01
khemone good thing with nfs is that it will symlink into dldir of the consumer build so kind of saves space16:02
mckoanJPEW: it is possible to share sstate between mulitple builders over NFS but is not working though16:02
khemI dont think if you want consumers to share its possible but if you want to write to sstate cache at same time I would recommend not to16:03
rburtonJPEW: fwiw the yocto autobuilder has the master do a fetchall to populate DL_DIR once, and then sstate is rsync'd to the master after every build (using the master as a read-only sstate mirror)16:04
JPEWkhem: Hmm, ok. Do you know when that bitbake issue was fixed?16:04
khemso have a official build like nightly or something populate/refresh the sstate everyday and then run with that ssate for rest of day16:04
khemlog time ago probably a year or so16:04
JPEWK, that might not be recent enough for us, we are sadly still on morty16:05
khemyou can choose to do official builds more often than 24hrs16:05
khemmorty will have it16:05
JPEWYa, we have been using sstate over HTTP, but our nightly builds are.... questionable to say the least (which is an entirely different story)16:06
JPEWkhem: so you are using NFS for read-only sstate?16:07
khemand also for download mirror16:07
mckoanJPEW: NFS and sstate works only as read only16:07
khembased on ubuntu 14.0416:07
JPEWOK, that makes sense. Thanks all16:08
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1011 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
armpitRP, don't take any stable/*, I broke all of them :)16:24
RParmpit: nice :)16:24
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:25
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rburtonarmpit: skills!16:48
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aarcanewhy is there no image feature for wayland/weston like there is for x11, x11-base, and x11-sato?  Seems like a majour oversight...17:56
aarcanelike how is one supposed to do something like "${@bb.utils.contains('IMAGE_FEATURES', 'wayland-base', "packagegroup-mygroup-wayland", "", d)}"17:57
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gabriel_Can I fetch files for a .bbappend though a git repo?18:28
gabriel_I tried adding the git path to the SRC_URI but it doesnt seen to work18:29
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otaviois anyone involved in mingw layer maintenance?18:35
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto18:35
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add a new library using Yocto <>18:45
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ksjhow would I make a do_unpack_append? doesn't seem to work for me19:00
paulbarkerFetch & unpack are pretty special. You might be better with a _prepend on a later function instead of an _append on do_unpack19:02
ksjah okay, what about do_patch? could I make an append on that then?19:02
paulbarkerI've never actually looked where do_patch is implemented. Give it a try and see what happens :)19:03
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paulbarkerare you trying to write your append in shell or python?19:04
ksjin shell19:04
ksjbut I really need to either make a shell script execute after either unpack or before patch19:05
paulbarkerAh ok. Those early tasks are in python19:05
ksjah I see19:05
paulbarkerYou could define a new task between unpack and patch that can be in shell19:05
ksjpaulbarker: I need the WORKDIR definition in the bb file which I am writing a bbappend for19:06
ksjit seems it can actually call my new task after do_patch but it can't see the WORKDIR definition now19:06
ksjI used do_patch[postfuncs] to call this shell code19:07
paulbarkerI think postfuncs is the wrong approach, not sure what that has access to19:07
paulbarkerHave a look at
paulbarkerbut obviously substitute a shell function instead of the python function used in the example19:08
ksjpaulbarker: seems like it adds my function now but something odd about it as it doesn't seem to be run19:18
aarcaneoiy, why does my packagegroup (seem to) RDEPEND every packagegroup defined inside it?  I want to be able to choose either x11 or wayland or both, but I always end up with both...19:19
paulbarkerksj: could you post the bbappend via a pastebin?19:19
ksjyea will do that19:20
aarcaneeven if I bitbake -g packagegroup-myproject-cli (Which specifically doesn't include -x11 or -wayland ) I get *both* versions of chromium showing up in the files and the pn_buildlist19:21
paulbarkerksj: You've said your task needs to be after do_patch but not before anything. So nothing depends on your task19:22
ksjI can see thatt he files are put into the $(WORKDIR) folder19:22
ksjpaulbarker: there's nothing running after this task19:23
paulbarkerTry "addtask something_j120 after do_patch before do_configure"19:23
paulbarkeror "before do_patch"19:23
ksjpaulbarker: ah that seemed to work but now it says it can't see my directories in the $(WORKSPACE)19:24
ksj"cannot create regular file '/Linux_for_Tegra/': Not a directory"19:25
paulbarkerYou need to use {} not ()19:25
ksjoh lol19:25
paulbarkeraarcane: Not sure you need to set PROVIDES, that might be causing bitbake some confusion19:26
ksjpaulbarker: wait I am using {}19:26
ksjI mistyped in irc19:26
paulbarkerksj: In the pastebin file you have both {} and ()19:26
ksjoh god what am I doing19:27
ksjhuh would you look at that, it did the trick :p19:28
ksjthanks a lot paulbarker19:28
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aarcanepaulbarker, if I do that, I get "Nothing PROVIDES 'packagegroup-myproject-cli'. Close matches:"19:48
paulbarkerLooking at for reference you shouldn't need to set PROVIDES19:52
paulbarkerI would avoid making PACKAGES conditional on DISTRO_FEATURES. Maybe define packagegroup-myproject-gui where the contents of it's RDEPENDS is dependent on DISTRO_FEATURES instead19:53
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aarcanepaulbarker, I used core/packagegroups/ as a template, built up from there19:57
aarcanepaulbarker, anyway, if I just throw both packages into PACKAGES then I just get both installed no matter which I request.20:00
paulbarkerok, that is strange. Just read through and looks like you're doing pretty much the same as it is doing20:01
paulbarkerI hadn't seen PROVIDES set for a packagegroup recipe like that before20:01
*** AbleBacon_ <AbleBacon_!~AbleBacon@unaffiliated/ablebacon> has joined #yocto20:01
paulbarkerOne concern is that you're mixing quotes when you use bb.utils.contains20:02
aarcaneshould I use all ' or all " ?20:02
paulbarkerIf your outer quotes for PACKAGES is "", you should probably stick to '' inside as I'm not sure how bitbake's parser handles nested quotes20:02
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paulbarkerOh, hang on. You don't define packagegroup-myproject in PACKAGES but you set RDEPENDS for it20:05
aarcanepaulbarker, I've added and removed both extensively20:05
aarcanepaulbarker, no change on either20:05
paulbarkerI'm a bit lost then and I need to get going sorry. Last suggestion is to do a really basic check, run `bitbake packagegroup-myproject -e` and check that DISTRO_FEATURES, PACKAGES and RDEPENDS for each package is set as you expect20:07
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aarcaneand of course a packagegroup apparently has no knowledge of IMAGE_FEATURES because keying on that does no good...20:17
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aarcaneuhm...  since I'm planning largely a read-only rootfs and no installable packages..  can I configure yocto to not build packages, and if I do, will it still be able to populate the rootfs and create a functional image?21:42
JPEWA read-only rootfs still requires packages. They get installed into build the image, then it is made read-only after that21:43
aarcaneJPEW, I was afraid of that, but was hopeful it could use the built software without first packaging and then depackaging it.21:44
aarcanebasically to save some CPU time and maybe disk space (I don't know how much of the built files are kept around...)21:45
JPEWIf you're worried about the disk space, you can do INHERIT += "rm_work" in local.conf21:47
aarcaneJPEW, not that worried.  It just seems a waste to package and then unpackage if I'm never going to update as a single package, y'kno?21:48
JPEWaarcane: Sure. I assure that as you get more use to it, you'll realize it makes perfect sense to do it that way :)21:50
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kergothIMAGE_FEATURES is image-specific by definition. it can differ from one image to another, at the time we build a packagegroup we have no idea what images will install it.22:51
kergothaarcane: ^22:51
aarcanekergoth, that makes sense, except that if we build an image, we have IMAGE_FEATURES set when we include the packagegroup, and can therefore only build or provide the packages and packagegroups we need now, and build the rest later.  Anyway...  Not sure what I changed, but I got it working finally.  also, pn_buildlist and the other .dot files build with -g don't accurately reflect the image output...22:53
kergothno, you're misunderstanding how the build works22:53
kergothrecipes produce binary packages which are then installed by image recipes22:54
kergoththat binary package is created once, not once per image22:54
aarcanekergoth, correct22:54
kergothpackagegroups emit empty binary packages with specific depnedencies22:54
kergoththey are not pure metadata22:54
aarcanethat makes sense and is pretty much what I expected22:54
kergothit sounds like you might just want to bypass the packagegroup entirely in favor of explicit dependencies in the image, either directly in IMAGE_INSTALL or via image features22:55
kergothor alter how both the image and packagegroup are constructed with a distro feature, depending on your requirements22:56
aarcaneI just want to key off IMAGE_FEATURES to know which packagegroups to install...  and I have that working finally.  I had to create a new bbclass that inherits core-image and adds some new FEATURE_PACKAGES and IMAGE_FEATURE_CONFLICTS tags to it.22:57
kergothah, yes, that's definitely doable22:57
aarcanesince I have one distro, one basic everything, and the only difference between the two images (Future: 3) is which graphical environment loads the webpage and throws it onto the touch screen.22:58
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aarcanenow I'm struggling slightly with needing a package version other than the latest and no option to specify RDEPENDS pkgname == version and therefore which .conf file to plug it into.  It's in layer.conf now since the version requirement is for a package in the layer and I'm not building a *custom* distro, just using poky.23:01
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