Tuesday, 2018-04-24

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aarcaneif I switch from rpm to ipkg, after an initial repackaging of everything, can I reasonably expect improved times for do-rootfs?  right now it takes several minutes...  or is it more likely IOP bound and not worth switching?00:10
aarcaneif I don't have to rebuild everything, it'll be worth it, if I do have to rebuild everything, it won't be...00:12
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JaManot a best day for dear bitbake06:56
JaMa[Tue Apr 24 05:31:40 2018] Killed process 23781 (Worker) total-vm:405792kB, anon-rss:274604kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:0kB06:56
JaMa[Tue Apr 24 08:46:15 2018] Killed process 6988 (Worker) total-vm:406252kB, anon-rss:275056kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:0kB06:56
JaMa[Tue Apr 24 08:46:29 2018] Killed process 6100 (PRServ) total-vm:322660kB, anon-rss:180652kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:0kB06:56
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* LetoThe2nd kills some more bitbake processes, just becuase.07:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: YOCTO - MTD drivers implementation <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49996120/yocto-mtd-drivers-implementation>07:48
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CYB3RHello! Why is the field "Filename" disallowed in opkg-build? Does it break something?08:09
jwwHello !08:10
jwwI'm trying to add an user in a bbappend file with EXTRA_USERS_PARAM, I get not error but the user is not added.does someone have any clues ?08:12
jwwops I forgot my bbappend file : http://dpaste.com/38AA40808:13
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TafThorne1Good morning.08:49
TafThorne1Been a while since I used Yocto, so I a little rusty.  Is there an easy way to list out all the URIs used for a target?  I need to give IT a list of protocols and ports I want allowed through a firewall.  I can guess SVN, Git, etc but an exhaustive list would be good.08:50
jwwoh nvm I found that useradd-example.bb, I should not be using EXTRA_USERS_PARAM.08:51
LetoThe2ndTafThorne1: usually you should be fine with git svn http ftp08:55
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jwwLetoThe2nd: I'll add https :)08:59
LetoThe2ndjww: i personally don't make a distinction there, but technically you're absolutely right.09:00
TafThorne1Thank you09:12
TafThorne1I ended up doing:09:12
TafThorne1rgrep -ho '\w*://' | sort | uniq -c09:12
TafThorne1In my unbuild repo09:12
TafThorne1Little crude but it seems to have given some hints:09:12
TafThorne1rgrep -ho '\(f\(ile\|tp\)\|git\|svn\|http\(s\)*\)://' | sort | uniq -c09:12
TafThorne127 ://09:13
TafThorne1      1 addr://09:13
TafThorne1      1 Binary file bitbake/doc/template/VeraMoBd.ttf matches09:13
TafThorne1      1 Binary file bitbake/doc/template/VeraMono.ttf matches09:13
TafThorne1      1 Binary file bitbake/doc/template/Vera.ttf matches09:13
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TafThorne1Sorry about that.09:14
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prabhakarladHi all, wanted a suggestion what would be the best way to do the following, I want to add  a dependency on image which I did do_install[depends] += "xx-image:do_image_complete" now I want add some additional files to the tar.gz which was created by xx-image recipe, what is the best approach for it ? Or should I just manually extract and add the file..11:06
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neverpanicprabhakarlad: why would you not just create a new image recipe and include the files in that?11:37
neverpanicOr bbappend the image and append some code to a phase where the tarball is created?11:37
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prabhakarladneverpanic: I just wanted a proper way to do things, which I was not aware of the correct way to do it, thanks for the suggestion, Ill create a new image recipe and include file in there, I want to encrypt the fs (fs.tar.gz) which is created by the image recipe so should I be using pkg_postinst_${PN} to do it ?11:55
neverpanicI don't know, sorry. You'll have to read the image recipe and its bbclasses to find a suitable place.11:56
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rburton_so the image generation code is flexible.  if you want to encrypt the image, then make a new image type which does the encryption12:09
rburton_see IMAGE_TYPES in image_types.bbclass12:10
rburton_that lists all the image types that are available12:10
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nayfeyou can look https://github.com/sbabic/meta-swupdate/blob/master/classes/swupdate.bbclass for  example, a bit more complex than just encryption12:19
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prabhakarladnayfe: rburton_: thanks for the pointers :), I want to do something similar to swupdate12:35
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Font size and icons are very small in Yocto Image <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50001928/font-size-and-icons-are-very-small-in-yocto-image>12:49
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nayfeprabhakarlad: you want to create your own system update?12:56
rburton_please not another system update tool12:57
LetoThe2ndthere are 15 competing standards... </SCNR>12:58
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mckoanis it possible that bitbake refuses to start on a Ubuntu 14.04 host? I tried now rocko and sumo, bitbake starts with no messages and freezes13:11
mckoanI can't figuer out whether depends on the OS versione though13:11
prabhakarladnayfe: I already have swupdate system which works, the only thing is it takes in an encrypted (openssl) tar file which has all the files to update a system, which I wanted to create a recipe which creates a encrypted tar file (mlo+u-boot+rfs)13:14
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mckoanafter a while it complains about network, but network is working (ping and git clone worked)13:15
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: IMAGE_INSTALL and IMAGE_INSTALL_append fails to add packages in yocto build <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50002571/image-install-and-image-install-append-fails-to-add-packages-in-yocto-build>13:19
mckoanexample.com not responding, doh!13:20
mckoanso if example.com is out of order bitbake freezes?13:21
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ostenWhere can i find all the parameters that i can use in my wic files ?13:49
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sveinseIs there a simple way to link a package's PACKAGECONFIG with a image feature? Or perhaps disto feature?14:02
sveinseIs is possible to link a recipe's config up with a image feature, or is image features just about the specific collection of packages and thus shouldn't image feature get linked to a packageconfig?14:02
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nayfeosten: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/mega-manual/mega-manual.html#ref-kickstart14:15
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nayfesveinse: PACKAGECONFIG are modified at distro conf level, so you can do PACKAGECONFIG_append = "${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'XX', ' XX', '', d)}" i don't think you can change it for a specific image14:20
rburton_sveinse: with image feature, literally impossible14:21
rburton_distro features, lots of examples in oe-core14:21
rburton_in that the majority of packageconfigs respect distro features14:21
rburton_you can't do it per image because the workflow is recipe creates packages, packages are used to construct images14:22
rburton_if you've two images being built at the same time, they'll use the same packages14:22
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sveinseThanks guys, that's what I expected for image features.14:42
fberghello guys ! I want to start dhcpcd on eth0 at boot. I have the dhcp@.service , how can I instruct bitbake to enable dhcp@eth0.service on the target system ?14:43
fbergIs it sufficient to add SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} = "dhcpcd@eth0.service " ?14:47
falk0nrburton_: how can we have two images being built ?14:47
rburton_$ bitbake some-image some-other-image14:47
rburton_if you build a hddimg then you're already building two images as that has an initramfs in, which is an image14:47
falk0nrburton_: Great thanks I though it be only one image or one package per bitbake command14:48
rburton_nope, any number14:48
falk0nok, thank you for that info14:48
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sveinseIs PACKAGECONFIG_pn-xyz_append needed or is it implicit in the PACKAGECONFIG that you can do PACKAGECONFIG_pn-xyz = "additional-config" ?15:36
sveinsenayfe: regarding PACKAGECONFIG with DISTRO_FEATURES, what I don't like about selecting that featureset over distro features is that it forces a complete rebuild of a lot of things, including glibc, which makes changes here affect more than just selecting a global config for a few packages15:41
rburton_no append would just assign instead of extend15:41
rburton_also append before pn_xyz15:41
sveinserburton_: great, thanks15:41
sveinseSo it makes me think that using DISTRO_FEATURES is not the right hammer for that kind of settings15:42
rburton_sveinse: yeah don't abuse distro features for custom settings unless they affect *a lot* of recipes15:43
kergothaltering distro features doesn't rebuild everything that uses it, only recipes conditional upon the existence or non-existence of particular entries in it, due to use of contains()15:43
rburton_also changing DISTRO_FEATURES should only rebuild eg glibc if you change a feature it uses15:44
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sveinseStrange, not what I'm seeing. So let me backup a second: I want a "official" flag which shall build a release image. It affects package composition and it shall affect PACKAGECONFIG config for a few packages which needs this information (like not displaying "BETA version").15:46
sveinseThe only thing I added from local.conf was DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " official-build" and now I'm seeing the glibc and qt is all being recompiled15:46
rburton_sveinse: just use a variable for that., much easier15:48
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kergotha variable would work, yeah, though adding something to distro features shouldn't rebuild anything if it's not used, if that's happening, and you can reproduce the behavior, please open a bug, and potentially use bitbake-diffsigs or bitbake -S printdiff to examine the delta15:53
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rburton_sveinse: of course if you make a really low-level library respect the feature then everything that depends on that will rebuild16:10
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sveinsekergoth: 1) bitbake image, 2) make conf changes, 3) run bitbake -S printdiff image  ?16:21
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rburton_pretty much16:30
rburton_khem: are you running a host with gcc8?16:31
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sveinseI don't get this: If I run bitbake image through to completion, and then run bitbake -S printdiff image straight after it complains about one of my packages like "Variable PV value changed from '6.4.0+hgAUTOINC-7ebe100557a0+' to '6.4.0+hgAUTOINC-e8bedaa2912c+'". However I checked the image manifest from the first build and it does already contain the correct latter version. Why then is bitbake considering17:09
sveinsethe former?17:09
sveinseIf I add DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " official" to local.conf, I get a change which triggers glib-2.0:do_install due to hash change, see https://bpaste.net/show/25bd0e2e5020 . What can I do next to compare why and what in the glibc-2.0:do_install taskhash which has changed?17:15
JaMasveinse: are you using AUTOREV for that compoennt?17:19
JaMasveinse: I'm using openembedded-core/scripts/sstate-diff-machines.sh to create a "snapshot" of all the signatures before and after, then you can use bitbake-diffsigs to compare any unexpectedly changed task signatures17:20
sveinsebitbake-diffsig sais its only the DISTRO_FEATURES value that has changed in glib-2.0:do_install17:20
sveinseJaMa: Not precisely AUTOREV, but somewhat similar feature17:21
kergoththat reminds me, i'd really like to add another -S command like printdiff, but which *only* considers  STAMPS_DIR and doesn't compare against any possibly existing sstate checksums, to make it more like bitbake-whatchanged17:23
sveinseSRCPV := "AUTOINC-${@get_hgid('${R}',d)}" and PV = "${BASE_VERSION}+hg${SRCPV}". It a part of a longer story. Its a larger in-source layer17:23
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sveinseonce I reran bitbake image after setting DISTRO_FEATURES_append, it started recompiling glib-2.0. do_compile is earlier in the process than do_install. Something fishy is going on17:28
sveinseAnd if I abort the compilation (of everything) and run bitbake-diffsigs -t glib-2.0 do_compile, I get an extensive list https://bpaste.net/show/1bb0c0e0bd5b17:31
sveinseFor some reason my target seems to be have been configured as TUNE armv5e, while I'm having a cortexa9hf-neon17:32
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sveinseEither bitbake-diffsigs is giving me junk, or there is something really incorrect with this machine definition, alternating between values17:33
sveinseIf I build an image, make a change to local.conf, rerun bitbake image and abort it in the compilation, can I then trust that bitbake-diffsigs will give me sane values?17:35
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batman_Hi, I have a eventhandler in one of my bbclass file in my layer. I have set the mask to bb.event.BuildStarted. But, I do not see my event handler getting triggered. I put debug prints  sanity.bbclass and I see that getting triggered for the same event handler17:37
batman_Can someone please tell me if there is anything else I need to do in my layer to register event handlers?17:38
sveinseCan it be that this machine does not like that I put DISTRO_FEATURES_append=" something" in local.conf and that that ruins some default setting which alters the behaviour completely?17:39
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sveinseI'm trying to run a bash script relying on here commands. This script runs under fakeroot. I get /dev/fd/62: No such file or directory. Is that because of the run environment?18:06
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kergothall you need to do for diffsigs is have sigs to compare. bitbake -S none someimage; : make some change; bitbake -S none someimage or bitbake-diffsigs. afaik18:10
khemrburton: not host but I have gcc8 recipes for OE18:14
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khemso pseudo seems to be using __builtin_apply which is a gcc specific built-in I guess I will mark it non-clangable now18:17
khemrburton: see https://github.com/kraj/openembedded-core/commits/kraj/master18:17
sveinseI've given up. Something strange is happening if I set DISTRO_FEATURES_append from local.conf, but I'm out of time to fix this. Going to to use another variable for it18:22
sveinseIt insists on rerunning glib-2.0:do_compile, but bitbake-diffsigs doesn't highlight what it is18:24
khemsveinse: Just generate bitbake -e output with and without DISTRO_FEATURE_append and see what changes in DISRO_FEATURES settings18:25
sveinsekhem: I did, and the only difference was the setting I was appending18:26
sveinseAs was said earlier: Changing DISTRO_FEATURES should only rebuild glibc if a feature it uses changes. But apparently something is trigging a rebuild of glibc which I'm unable to find18:28
khemwhat feature are you appending ?18:28
sveinse' foobar'18:28
sveinse' anything'18:28
khemoh anychange in DISTRO_FEATURE results in glibc rebuilt18:30
sveinsekhem: ah, ok, that clears it up then. Good. The DISTRO_FEATURE is definitely not the right hammer for this functionality. Thanks18:31
khemno that was not a statement, but an assertion18:31
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khemI am not expecting glibc to rebuilt if unrelated distro feature is changed18:32
khemso something is amiss here18:32
khemalthough if something that glibc depends on is changed due to DISTRO_FEATURE change then it will rebuild of course but that will not be direct dependency18:33
sveinseI got some strange diffsigs during testing: https://bpaste.net/show/1bb0c0e0bd5b . I have no idea why these values toggles like this.18:34
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sveinseAnyhow, I've ditched setting the DISTRO_FEATURE, I had to move on to the next item18:36
sveinseWhich is failure to run bash here commands under a fakeroot task18:37
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rburtonkhem: host gcc8 is a barrel of laughs18:46
sveinserburton: how come?18:46
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rburtonkhem: python2 crashes on startup (got a fix from fedora28) and the kernel won't build (fixed upstream just need to extract the patches)18:47
otavioquite: rburton hello18:59
khemsveinse: what are you changing ? it seems machine19:04
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sveinsekhem: I'm not doing that deliberately, but I suspect some funky stuff in the machine layer19:04
khemrburton: yeah was expecting some of it, surprisingly OE's python2 is working out to be ok with gcc819:05
khemsveinse: yeah some distro and machine features are changing might be that default tune is changing19:05
khemis this same build config done twice ?19:05
khemor are you changing anything19:05
sveinsethis is me adding DISTRO_FEATURES_append=' foobar'19:06
sveinseotherwise equal and sequentially19:06
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khemsveinse: you tune value is changing tune-armv5te to tune-cortexa9thf-neon19:15
khemwhat is foobar19:15
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sveinsekhem: nothing, just a placeholder proving that appending a value to distro features causes change to my system somehow19:16
mdnneohi ... is there an easy way to disable the license check for a packagegroup I added GPLv3 to the INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE var but for debugging I want to add packagegroup-core-debug?19:19
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cannot edit or delete files with WebDav (Apache2) <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47058113/cannot-edit-or-delete-files-with-webdav-apache2>19:20
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noway96How do I add xml.etree.ElementTree as a RPENEDS in my .bb file? Is it just python-xml?19:34
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aarcaneOiy, I'm really at a loss here..  I am trying to install pynacl, and it's causing so much grief and holding up a whole project.  It finally compiles and installs and seems to have no error until runtime, when ImportError: No module named 'nacl._sodium' .  Anybody here familiar enough to actually sit down and assist with this?  I'm at bugger all for a loss...21:41
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rburtonaarcane: that suggests that file didn't get packaged, so look at what your pynacl packages actually contain22:49
* rburton ->bed22:50
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aarcanerburton, I have it open in devtool workspace right now, and it's not even being built as far as I can tell...  like pynacl has a weird hybrid python+binary build system and it's sooo confusing.23:24
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