Wednesday, 2018-04-25

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KartikHello there, wanted to add mongoDB to my yocto image, not getting anything on the internet, can anyone help?05:32
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bitbake fails at the simplest recipe <>06:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: do_rootfs function failed in yocto project <>06:52
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nayfemorning everyone07:29
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nayfeotavio: Hi, I see some activity on, did you try mfgtools on Linux recently? I though it wasn't supported08:16
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K-CarliHi, someone can tell me if in the meta/recipes-extended/tzdata/tzdata/ ( there is a typo in the word Bankok ? Shouldn't it be Bangkok instead ?08:19
nayfeK-Carli: Indeed, you can submit a patch for it08:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: qt4-embedded executable error: No such file or directory <>09:22
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pkanyone tried bitbake -c fetchall core-image-sato09:57
pkgiving error as do_fetchall doen't exist09:57
pkanyone please help how to get out of that09:59
LetoThe2ndpk: you can check with -c listtasks which tasks exist for a given recipe. and yes, it seems that there is no fetchall task10:01
LetoThe2ndpk: and here you go:
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pkLetoThe2nd: thanks for you'r help it's working10:17
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ostenI've added grub2 to my project, and i can boot my system with grub. But when i'm trying to use env variables in grub, and more advanced script in grub it seems to now working. Do i have to change my compile parameters of grub to be able to use if statements and grub env variables ?11:59
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pkhi! anyone is running bitbake-selftest -v12:38
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pkbitbake-selftest -v  is giving  Assertion error, any suggestion please to make it success12:44
LetoThe2ndpk: suggestion: provide proper details.12:46
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pkIt is giving as ERROR: test_wget_checkstatus_connection_cache (bb.tests.fetch.FetchCheckStatusTest) (url='')13:01
pkTypeError: getresponse() got an unexpected keyword argument 'buffering'13:02
paulbarkerpk: It's usually best to post the full bitbake output via a pastebin13:02
LetoThe2ndpk: what distro are you running on, which state of poky, have you checked that wget actually is there and working... etc, pp.13:02
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rob_griesHello everybody, does anyone have a working recipe for openjre-8 and openjdk-8 for Morty?13:11
paulbarkerrob_gries: Have you searched the layer index?13:12
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rob_griesYes, I should clarify... I'm looking at this layer and I'm running morty for aarch6413:12
rob_griesIn the morty branch aarch64 seems not to be supported. But in master and sumo they are. Morty appears to be too old to use those recipes.13:13
paulbarkerAh ok. I'd recommend updating if you can then. If you can't you might have to do the backport yourself13:15
pkI'm running on poky-2.5 rc113:16
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rob_griespaulbarker: The BSP that I'm using only goes up to pyro, do sumo recipes have a good chance of working on pyro?13:17
paulbarkerWhat's the BSP/HW target that's so out-of-date there?13:18
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rob_griesI'm using a Snapdragon 410c with this manifest from CAF --
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rob_griespaulbarker: It also seems that I was incorrect it appears that the later manifests do in fact support rocko...13:26
paulbarkerI'd say move to rocko and try backporting the meta-java commits that update the openjdk recipe you need then, hopefully not too much work as it's only going back one release13:28
pkpaulbarker- please go through the link
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paulbarkerpk: If you run it again does it fail on the same URLs? I'm wondering if it's a flaky network or if it's a repeatable problem13:37
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devaIs it possible use Yocto with an MCU without an MMU? A quick search suggest 'no' but that was several yearse ago and I was wondering if it is still the case today?13:40
pkyes ! it's failing again on same url's13:42
LetoThe2nddeva: this is not really a yocto problem. i guess you actually are talking about linux?13:43
paulbarkerpk: Weird. Can you wget those URLs from the command line on the machine you're running bitbake?13:43
varjagdeva: the limitation here is getting the kernel to run on mmu-less system13:43
LetoThe2nddeva:  because *technically* you can use some stuff from the yocto project to build some other OS, like zephyr. in which case the answer is yes.13:43
varjagyocto is just a fancy set of build scripts13:44
LetoThe2ndvarjag: nope.13:44
LetoThe2ndvarjag: yocto is just a fancy marketing name for a lot of stuff, no real thing at all :-)13:44
varjagfair enough13:45
pki'm able to fetch url through cmd line13:47
LetoThe2nddeva: so in a nutshell: if you boil down your question to an actually specific thing, it can be anwered with "yes" or "no".13:47
nayfeYocto can stand for an umbrella ella ella he he13:47
LetoThe2ndnayfe: it has officially been called "umbrella project" many times AFAIK13:48
nayfeLetoThe2nd: sorry, everytime i have this in mind, it reminds me that beautiful Rihanna song \o/13:49
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LetoThe2ndnayfe: want me to come up with some heavy metal to make up for it?13:50
paulbarkerpk: Definitely looks like an issue with bitbake's test on your machine then. What distro are you running?13:50
nayfe<paulbarker> +1 :D13:50
nayfe<LetoThe2nd> sure! ^^13:51
LetoThe2ndnayfe: here you go: ttps://
nayfeLetoThe2nd: thx didnt hear it before, that guy is talented13:55
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devaLetoThe2nd, varjag, I was thinking about using uLinux (2.6 kernel with patches) which apparently can run on MMU-less systems.13:58
LetoThe2nddeva: technically there's nothing that keeps you from pouring that into a specific build. but its not done yet, its tricky, and will cause a lot of pain.13:59
devaLetoThe2nd, Do you know of anybody who has been working on it already?13:59
paulbarkerdeva: I'd look at for recent work in this area14:00
LetoThe2nduclinux is mostly obsolete since cortex m3, AIUI14:00
devaok, so I guess the answer is "maybe" and "if you manage to get it to work we really want to hear about it" :-)14:00
LetoThe2nddeva: nah, the answer is "its probably possible, do so if you like, but its already obsolete and don't complain if it causes you serious pain"14:01
devaHehe, clear speech14:01
devaThanks for the input :-)14:02
LetoThe2ndthere has been some effort lately to run linux on lower-end cortex m3 and m4. if you really need to go lowest notch, thats where you go to these days.14:02
paulbarkernommu does exist in recent upstream kernels, you might just have to do a lot of research to figure out your options14:02
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: yeah, it would kinda nowhere resemble a "normal" syste14:03
paulbarkerbut if you're looking at something without an MMU I'd suggest Zephyr, FreeRTOS or similar as a first option14:03
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devapaulbarker, You are probably right14:04
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varjagthere's been an lwn article on getting to run on non-mmu/constrained systems iirc14:20
varjaga couple months ago14:20
LetoThe2ndvarjag: thats exactly what i mentioned. "shrinking the kernel with a hammer", four parts about the work of nicolas pitre14:21
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varjagright, that one14:24
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sveinseIs is possible to make an image with arbitrary packages and without any system or kernel? I.e. a collection of packages?16:10
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rburtonjust list them in IMAGE_INSTALL16:11
sveinsewhat is it that pulls in the system normally?16:11
rburtonsee core-image16:12
rburtonjust inherit image instead, ignore the core-image class, and set IMAGE_INSTALL16:12
sveinserburton: perfect, thanks16:12
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aarcaneoiy, I'm back to work, and that PyNaCl thing is still bugging me...  Does anybody have any idea how to get PyNaCl, a python module, to compile properly?  For some reason it needs to compile its own C(++) code, but has an entire build/make/make install process isolated from the outside world inside itself, and is very poorly documented16:20
rburtonsounds like you'll need to understand how it works to write the recipe16:20
rburtonassuming you've already checked the layers database for existing recipes16:21
*** Ely <Ely!> has joined #yocto16:21
aarcanefar as I can tell, most of the other layers just have patches to comment out OS or Distro checks...16:22
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* paulbarker looks at for pynacl16:26
rburtondon't do it paulbarker !16:26
paulbarkerThey have their own copy of libsodium in the source tree16:26
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paulbarkermadness all the way down16:26
aarcanepaulbarker, essential madness u,.,u16:27
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aarcaneyet..  pip install works fine for it16:27
rburtonbecause pip doesnt have to cross build16:27
rburtonthere's no standard/sensible way to do cross building of hybrid python/c16:27
aarcaneand there is supposed to be an _sodium module that gets built by some part, but which part isn't clear to me from the setup.py16:28
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* armpit yeah.. bitbake rebooted my system17:05
zeddii_hometyping / coding break17:06
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* armpit domo arigato mister core-image-sato17:08
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aarcaneso strange question...  Does there exist an example of installing python modules from a wheel?  I generated a custom image with all the requirements of PyNaCl, and have generated a wheel of PyNaCl, and want to properly install that as my PyNaCl package.  It's not pretty, it's not neat...  but the code is for the correct platform and built properly...18:16
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seebsso i'm looking at 12434 again, and there's a reported smaller example failing with qml-webos-framework.18:30
seebsbut i can't build that, and i'm not sure why:18:30
seebsWARNING: /home/seebs/src/poky/meta-webosose/meta-webos/recipes-upstreamable/gnutls/ Unable to get checksum for gnutls SRC_URI entry correct_rpl_gettimeofday_signature.patch: file could not be found18:30
seebsthis looks like i might need a different branch, or something?18:30
aehs29aarcane: pretty sure distutils builds from wheels18:31
aarcaneaehs29, I'd like to see/find an example of how, since most of the recipes are downloading .tar.gz files18:32
seebshuh. and shoving those out of the way, i get a weird python error from qt5/, saying:18:33
seebsException: bb.fetch2.MalformedUrl: The URL: '${@''' is invalid and cannot be interpreted18:33
seebsthis feels like an expansion is failing because something else wasn't set/defined as expected.18:34
kergothyeah, ${@} wasn't expanded, which likely means there was a syntax error or ${} ref inside that was unexpanded18:40
kergothcheck for a missing quote or paren or something18:40
seebsSadly, I can't tell what to check for it *in*, and I can't do the environment dump either because of the unhandled exception.18:41
seebsSo, I can't tell what all ended up in SRC_URI.18:42
seebsThe most likely thing looks like it might be, which adds "${QT_GIT}/${QT_MODULE}.git;name=${QT_MODULE};${QT_MODULE_BRANCH_PARAM};protocol=${QT_GIT_PROTOCOL}"18:44
JaMaseebs: you're probably missing meta-gplv2 in your mix18:45
seebsbut all the variables seem to be set, and I don't see any obvious quote/paren issues.18:45
JaMaseebs: and you need to use morty with meta-webosose18:45
seebs... what's "morty" and how do I use it?18:45
JaMamorty is the name of Yocto 2.2 release18:46
seebsif i have a poky clone, is there a specific branch i can/should check out here?18:46
JaMayou would need to use exactly the revisions defined in build-webos for it to work18:46
JaMalastest morty won't work as well18:46
JaMaand qml-webos-framework reproduces it about as often as glibc-locale, the only advantage is that it's smaller/simpler component18:48
seebsyeah. but that's a significant advantage given that i'm running on a 4-core laptop. :)18:48
JaMaI can strip it down a bit like the luna-init in pseudo-test2, but for luna-init I wasn't able to reproduce it after that18:49
seebswait, pseudo-test2?18:49
seebsbut yeah, something is weird. do we have any information on, say, whether this requires a given number of cores/parallel processes to happen?18:50
JaMathis is what I was testing last friday and over the weekend, but wasn't able to reproduce it with combination of pseudo-test and pseudo-test2 builds in latest oe-core over weekend (unlike rebuilding glibc-locale)18:51
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JaMarburton: can you give seebs shell account on your build beast? all I have access to are behind VPN out of my control18:52
seebsOkay, the tarball extraction case... Huh. That's weird. That's one of the usual test cases, and shouldn't have had problems even before.18:55
seebsUnless we're ending up with the datadir files deleted without the pseudo database being updated, or something.18:55
seebsIt's *really weird* that your failure rate with glibc-locale was ~5%.18:56
seebsThat's too low to be something like "every other build fails" or something else. And I'm betting the set of specific files changes.18:56
seebshuh. *stares*18:57
JaMathis is another quite common reproducer:18:58
JaMaqtquickcontrols-5.9.5+gitAUTOINC+75e9561d4f-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: qtquickcontrols: /qtquickcontrols-qmlplugins/usr/lib/qml/QtQuick/Controls/Styles/Base/TreeViewStyle.qml is owned by uid 1101, which is the same as the user running bitbake. This may be due to host contamination [host-user-contaminated]18:58
JaMathis should be reproducible with latest meta-qt5, let me trigger the build to check failure rate with this one18:59
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #949 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
seebsSo, if you're looking in pseudo.log, I'm *guessing* you'll see a bunch of "creat for '<path>' replaces existing <inode> ['path']" messages.18:59
seebscreat for '/jenkins/mjansa/build-nodistro-master/BUILD/work/i586-oe-linux/glibc-locale/2.27-r0/locale-tree/usr/lib/locale/ru_UA/LC_NUMERIC' replaces existing 73330495 ['/jenkins/mjansa/build-nodistro-master/BUILD/work/i586-oe-linux/glibc-locale/2.27-r0/locale-tree/usr/lib/locale/nl_BE/LC_CTYPE'].19:02
seebstemp/log.do_package_qa.21758:ERROR: QA Issue: glibc-locale: /glibc-binary-localedata-nl-be/usr/lib/locale/nl_BE/LC_CTYPE is owned by uid 2001, which is the same as the user running bitbake. This may be due to host contamination [host-user-contaminated]19:02
JaMayes, there are loads of tem in various components19:03
seebsbut note that the host contamination error is for the file which got "replaced".19:03
seebsunfortunately, a tarball won't let me check the actual inode numbers of the things.19:03
JaMamany of them got replaced, but only one of them ends with host-user-contamination19:04
JaMaand the one with the issue, is the one with fewer hardlinks than others19:04
seebsokay, so, their inode change times are within the same second19:05
seebsLC_NUMERIC has 13:19:12.657566874, LC_CTYPE has 13:19:12.661566863.19:05
seebsSo LC_CTYPE was actually created later. The question is, why did LC_NUMERIC stop having that actual inode on disk?19:05
seebsBecause whatever happened to it, the net result was a CREAT message for it.19:05
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seebshmm. doesn't tar not-preserve hardlinks?19:06
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denixwhy would a package re-run do_compile and do_install, but won't re-do do_populate_sysroot? this would result in stale sysroot, even though the package got rebuilt? any pointers how to debug this?19:07
seebsInterestingly, there's no corresponding host contamination for *most* of the "replaces existing..." messages.19:07
kergothtar does preserve hard links between entries, afaik, unless you pass the arg to dereference the hard links19:07
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seebs*thinks* oh, i'm thinking of the space thing -- it still uses space for each copy, i think.19:10
seebsbecause that's useful for getting the file contents by looking up the entry.19:10
seebsThing is, this really shouldn't be an issue with a single tar process, I think?19:12
seebsI was thinking this might involve unlinks, but the more I look at it, the more I think that's probably not it.19:14
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seebsBut it's totally true that pseudo can't guarantee that it gets messages in order, so if there were *two* processes unpacking things in the same place, I could imagine conflicts like this happening.19:15
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seebs... man, and just when i was getting some ideas, my calendar informs me it is Time For Dentistry.19:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Installing PHP Composer on Yocto/Arm Beaglebone <>19:25
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aarcaneSo taking PyNaCl, building a wheel of it ON my target, then copying that wheel out and making a package out of it on the yoct02 host before in turn building an image with the new package...  it works.19:55
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tlwoernerzeddii_home: ping?20:38
tlwoernerzeddii_home: i don't think i'm using meta/classes/kernel-yocto.bbclass correctly with a KBUILD_DEFCONFIG20:39
tlwoernerafter the of kernel_configme is done, i'm left with no .config file in ${B}20:42
tlwoernerso do_configure then starts with a .config that only has the last two lines of do_kernel_configme: "CONFIG_LOCALVERSION="\"${LINUX_VERSION_EXTENSION}\"20:43
tlwoerneralso, i don't ever seem to be able to find the log file from the output of :-S20:46
tlwoerneras a result, the .config file that gets generated from do_configure has nothing to do with the KBUILD_DEFCONFIG that i want it to be20:49
tlwoerneri can work around it by simply copying my KBUILD_DEFCONFIG file to my layer, renaming it to defconfig, and adding it to SRC_URI, but that defeats the purpose20:50
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zeddii_hometlwoerner: is this with master ?21:56
zeddii_homeit is just supposed to pick it up, copy it to ‘defconfig’ in WORKDIR and then the normal processing continues. but we have had bugs in that code before .. I know, shocking.21:56
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* tlwoerner is shocked!22:52
tlwoernerzeddii_home: yes with master. the KBUILD_DEFCONFIG file is copied to defconfig and makes its way through a lot of code. in fact, just before is run it is still there, but does something that ends up blowing it away22:53
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denixany sstate gurus still around? it's too late for RP. kergoth, are you around? need help with some weird problem where a package gets initially installed from sstate mirror, then some dependency triggers its rebuild - do_compile, do_install, do_package. but it never gets do_populate_sysroot called and the dependency ends up using old copy from sstate... shouldn't new do_install invalidate old sysroot and re-do do_populate_sysroot?23:09
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kergothafaik it should, yes23:21
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zeddii_hometlwoerner: feel like opening a bug ? I’ll take care of sorting it out.23:26
tlwoernerzeddii_home: i'll dig into it a bit more, if you don't mind... i got this far :-S23:27
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tlwoerneri'm not entirely sure it isn't me who has made a mistake or misconfiguration23:28
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zeddii_hometlwoerner: ok. sure, let me know. via email is better, since I’m not going to be on IRC for the next few days. but merge_config should never delete it, I’m wondering if the wrong mode is getting chosen or something new has appeared.23:33
zeddii_homeI have a newly sync’d ready to go, but I’m sitting on my queue until after the release.23:33
tlwoernerok, will do23:33
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denixkergoth: thanks. are there any checks that may decide that new do_populate_sysroot is not needed? the package is quite unique, as it has no bins or libs, but generates some data files in ${datadir}. looking over staging.bbclass, ${datadir} is handled normally along with libs and bins...23:34
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