Tuesday, 2018-05-01

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armpittlwoerner, why00:38
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denixshould I be sending oe-core recipe updates (incremental) against master or master-next? or wait until sumo is out and master-next merges to master?01:14
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pk_hi! when i'm running bitbake xcursor-transparent-theme it is giving error as04:38
pk_ERROR: xcursor-transparent-theme-0.1.1+gitAUTOINC+23c8af5ba4-r0 do_package_write_rpm: Function failed: BUILDSPEC04:38
pk_any suggestion please how to get rid of it. it is so helpful to me04:39
pk_i have posted error msg in this link. please check it- https://pastebin.com/raw/vmQvGBi804:53
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pk_hi! when I'm doing bitbake xcursor-transparent-theme it is giving error05:50
pk_i have posted error msg in - https://pastebin.com/raw/vmQvGBi805:51
pk_please check and post any suggestion to get rid of it05:52
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skyace3if I set INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE = "GPL-3.0 LGPL-3.0 AGPL-3.0", do I then need meta-gplv2 to be able to build?05:58
skyace3I got an error saying nothing provides "make" whem trying to build core-image-base05:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: The easiest why to extend linux version in Yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50112647/the-easiest-why-to-extend-linux-version-in-yocto>07:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: The easiest way to extend Linux version in Yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50112647/the-easiest-way-to-extend-linux-version-in-yocto>07:48
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stephanoThe Yocto Project Technical Team Meeting starts in about 30 minutes.13:59
stephanoTo connect, see here: https://www.yoctoproject.org/monthly-technical-call/13:59
stephanoFor more info about 2.6 planning to be discussed, see here: http://lists.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-core/2018-April/150040.html13:59
stephano%s/30 minutes/60 minutes/g  :)14:00
armpitstephano, I knew Oregon was on a different timezone14:06
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frayya, about 50 minutes from -now-14:10
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stephanoarmpit: we're all really on our own very special timezone here in OR :)14:20
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stephanoYPTM starts in 25 minutes.  Follow along with this handy Google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Lr8KgkmmCZ84RF_ThIwnT3WWxMv_tUsHkpRV5PXTd0s/edit14:35
armpithalstead, I think the builds may be hung again on .io14:41
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RParmpit: I'm still confused whether things are ready for merging or not :/14:48
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armpitRP, stable/rocko-next I want to re-run. it passed once, then failed using the same hash14:52
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armpitYPTM armin is on14:57
stephanoYPTM stephano is on14:57
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stevel_ YPTM: steve joined the meeting14:58
RPYPTM: Richard joined14:58
vmesonYPTM: Randy joined14:59
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dreynaYPTM: David R joined14:59
frayYPTM: Mark here..15:00
arbrindle_YPTM: Amanda joined15:00
JPEW_YPTM: Joshua Watt here15:00
halsteadYPTM: Michael joined.15:00
xtopherYPTM: Christopher Clark joined.15:00
tlwoernerYPTM: trevor is on15:00
denixYPTM: Denys joined15:01
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mwhoosierYPTN: Matt Hoosier from Garmin15:01
mwhoosier*YPTM :)15:01
kanavinYPTM: AlexK joined15:02
JefroYPTM:  Jefro (YP Community Mgr)15:02
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TartarusYPTM: Tom Rini15:03
bhargav YPTM: good morning, bhargav is on the call15:04
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tlwoernerYPTM: small nit: Scott's last name spelling15:04
manjumanju:YPTM: Good Morning all, manju is on the call15:05
stephanotlwoerner: check :)15:05
tlwoernerthanks stephano15:06
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JaMaYPTM: JaMa joined15:07
maxinYTPM: Maxin joined15:07
moto-timoYPTM: moto-timo joined15:07
dpsmithYPTM: Daniel Smith joined15:07
rburtonYPTM ross joined, sorry i'm late15:08
rcwYPTM: rcw joined.15:08
* tlwoerner gasps!!15:08
rburtonmwhoosier: hello matt, long time no see15:08
tlwoernerholy news15:09
rburtontlwoerner: you need to read the mailing lists more if thats news ;)15:09
* tlwoerner is barely treading water :-(15:09
mwhoosierHey Ross15:10
mwhoosieryou might see me here and there on wayland-devel :)15:10
tlwoernerrburton: which mailing list? yocto?15:11
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halsteadtlwoerner, This is the post I saw https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto-ab/2018-April/002178.html15:15
TartarusIt is on the list15:22
Tartarus(sigh, missed it being created, subbing myself)15:22
denixis yocto-ab now open for general public?15:25
tlwoernerdenix: not that i'm aware15:25
JaMabut the archive seems to be available as of now15:25
tlwoerneri wasn't even aware of its existence until about 10 minutes ago :-)15:25
halsteaddenix, I think anyone can subscribe but only board members can post.15:26
denixtlwoerner: not aware of existence of AB?15:26
fraydenix  yocto-ab is a read-only public list.. but it's restricted on emailing TO the list15:26
tlwoernerdenix: not aware of specific ab mailing list15:26
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #982 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-qa-extras/builds/98215:28
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tlwoernerthere's also meta-measured15:29
Crofton|workab list is listed on public page :)15:30
fraymeta-secure-core came about because meta-measured could not do certain things15:30
rburtontoo many layers!15:30
fraymeta-measured is also very IA specific15:31
Crofton|workrburton, I am dying in layers atm15:31
fraymeta-secure-core (on github) is more generic15:31
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Tartarus(m-s-c can be used on pi for ima with just a minor tweak, at least for 32bit)15:32
tlwoernerfray: i'm using meta-measured on rpi :-)15:32
Crofton|workanyone know if I can fix a failing patch with devtoool15:32
dpsmithhi, was the one mentioned trenchboot, our intention is to pick up meta-measure since currently aligned best to our approach15:32
tlwoernerbut yes, too many layers15:32
Tartarustlwoerner: https://github.com/flihp/meta-measured ?15:33
tlwoerneri've pinged philip trica to see if he's interested in joining in15:33
tlwoernerTartarus: yes15:33
Tartarustlwoerner: kk15:33
TartarusI suspect we need to pull various pieces out of each of these layers (+ some of the intel layers)15:33
fraylast time I did a serious review of meta-measured it was tied to IA.. (specific build dependencies, and processes)..15:33
Tartarusm-s-c has tpm/tpm2 stuff too15:33
fraythat would (unfortunately) out of necessity15:34
rburtonkicked off a thread on the arch list about this, everyone ^^^ please post what you know and any thoughts15:34
tlwoernerfray: i've been contributing :-)15:34
Tartarusrburton: Sounds like I got my sub to the list done in time then :)15:34
tlwoernerlots of great info! more research needed ... :-)15:34
* armpit funny.. only a few AB member companies on call15:35
rburtonarmpit: funny or usual? :/15:36
armpitrburton, its sad15:36
JefroI'm pleased to see so many people on call, AB members or otherwise. We set the project up with technical leadership separate from administration to enable this kind of participation, very good to see.15:37
tlwoernerlargest call i've seen15:37
tlwoernerstephano did a lot of advertising :-)15:38
Jefro+1 stephano15:38
xtopher@dpsmith's trenchboot will be presented at the above summit15:44
JPEW_Is there currently anything on wiki/mailing list about the sstate-equivalency?15:45
Tartarusxtopher: ah neat, thanks for the link15:45
xtopherand there's an OE talk to add to that event, not currently on the site (getting sign off for it)15:45
rburtonJPEW_: nothing concrete beyond 'this should be possible' afaik15:45
JPEW_rburton: I would have some interest in looking at that... I'll start a mailing list post?15:46
rburtonJPEW_: yes, might be worth ccing richard to be sure he sees it :)15:46
Tartaruswrt testing, it sounds like someone should look into hooking up ptest and U-Boot?  We have a testcase for vboot atm15:47
Tartarus(along with a bunch of other tests)15:47
denixxtopher: do you have a schedule yet?15:48
xtopher@denix: I don't - sorry15:49
tlwoernerTartarus: vboot = native u-boot?15:50
rburtonTartarus: ptest only makes sense for "this recipe can be tested on the target", is there more to test in uboot apart from "it booted!"15:50
Tartarusrburton: Oh my yes15:51
Tartarusdigging up a link, moment15:51
moto-timoI need to drop to prepare for another meeting15:51
* moto-timo waves15:51
tlwoernermoto-timo: bye!15:51
rburtonTartarus: if its possible to install those tests to a package and run them, then yes a ptest would be great15:52
Tartarusrburton: Yeah, it's a little tricky in that it does run on the "hardware"15:53
rburtongtk+ et al gets points for basically giving you --install-tests to configure, so that the entire test suite can be packaged and ran on target15:53
TartarusBe it actual boards or qemu, for a qemu target15:53
TartarusOr a real HW target that has QEMU too15:53
rburtonTartarus: the ab has beaglebone/uboot machines15:53
TartarusThat link is for building u-boot sandbox target15:53
Tartarusrburton: Can you flash those too? :)15:53
rburtonprobably not :)15:54
Tartarusrburton: I'd be happy to _help_ someone plumb things15:54
TartarusSince we have a number of labs where people test u-boot on HW for CI15:54
Tartarusrburton: But, what got me here was the link above includes testing the FIT image verified boot flow15:55
rburtontlwoerner: interesting15:56
Crofton|workOK, I ahve a recipe that builds, now add a patch from an older version that doesn't apply15:58
Crofton|workcan devtool help?15:59
armpituse eclipse15:59
Crofton|workor real tools like vi and git15:59
armpitstephano, 9.02 is not 916:02
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stephanoarmpit: my clock calls random()16:02
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tlwoernerwow, that was a meeting and a half16:03
rburtonCrofton|work: pretty sure if you tell devtool to unpack/patch then it will leave it in the applying state and you can use git mergetool16:03
tlwoernershould RP's announcement be somewhere more public?16:04
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RPtlwoerner: I've not really been able to decide where if anywhere else would be appropriate :/16:07
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tlwoernerRP: you could spin it as part announcement, part job hunting :-D16:08
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RPtlwoerner: maybe, I'll probably by guided by the OE board16:09
kergothgah, just noticed i missed the meeting, hopefully the minutes are good :)16:09
Crofton|workhmm, this is going to explode as patches are in bbappend16:11
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rburtonkergoth: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Lr8KgkmmCZ84RF_ThIwnT3WWxMv_tUsHkpRV5PXTd0s/edit#16:28
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TartarusAlso I forgot meta-optee, heh, oops17:51
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