Wednesday, 2018-05-02

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ernstpsetting USER_CLASSES in my distro/foo.conf should work fine right.. ?08:06
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mckoangood morning08:20
LetoThe2ndmckoan: agreed on the "morning" part.08:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Problems with Yocto USB power management <> || Information on how to do git revisioning for yocto <>08:23
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nayfeIs someone is interested, i just made a recipe for Freescale Mfgtools Linux (master) branch, it runs well on ARM . Recipe's quite dirty but do you think it makes sense to upstream it to meta-freescale? (otavio)10:08
nayfeotavio[m]: ping?10:09
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RamoseHello facing, * opkg_solver_install: Cannot install package optee-os while do_rootfs of core image11:43
LetoThe2ndRamose: scroll up your log to find the *actual* error :)11:43
Ramoseis this because optee-os depends on python-pycrypto-native which is not in rootfs ?11:44
LetoThe2ndnative hopefully is not in the generated image, and if it expects it to be then its a total error.11:44
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RamoseUnknown package 'optee-os'.11:46
Ramoseits says somewhere in logs11:46
LetoThe2ndguess you are talking about this?
RamoseI actually wants , optee-os recipe to be compiled when I do bitbake core-image11:47
LetoThe2ndthat again is wrong. create your own image based off core-image and have optee installed there. do *NOT* modify stuff in poky11:48
Ramosewe have just modified this recipe11:48
LetoThe2ndwhy would you modify the optee recipe if you want an image that includes it?11:49
Ramoseyeah but our layers do not provide meta-optee11:49
Ramoseso we are just copying this recipes and compiling them11:49
LetoThe2ndactually i cannot make sense of the bits and pieces you are saying, other than "we cobbled up some stuff and it doesn't build"11:52
Ramosewell, optee-os recipe gets compiled stand alone11:52
Ramosebut when there is do_rootfs of core image , it failed saying that * opkg_solver_install: Cannot install package optee-os11:53
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LetoThe2ndprobably you broke something when cobbling it into an image that is not meant to be modifies.11:53
RamoseIMAGE_INSTALL_append += "optee-client python-pycrypto optee-os", doing this11:54
Ramoseso optee-client package gets into the rootfs11:55
Ramosebut optee-os fails here11:55
LetoThe2ndthen find out why it fails.11:56
LetoThe2ndthere are logs11:56
LetoThe2ndand it is certainly *NOT* because if something -native not being installed in the rootfs11:56
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paulbarkerRamose: You said "our layers do not provide meta-optee". Any reason you can't just add in the meta-optee layer?12:05
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: because random copying is so much more fun, of course!12:06
LetoThe2ndbut actually i guess that it actually is caused by some misuse, the optee stuff seems to use quite some MACHINE magic12:07
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ossehow can I check whether my SSTATE_MIRROR and PREMIRROR are being used?12:21
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paulbarkerosse: What protocol are you using to access those mirrors? I use http/https so I just watch the http server logs during a build if I'm concerned about whether they're actually being used. I've never looked at how to check this if you're using the file protocol though12:37
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ossepaulbarker: I found what I was looking for in the various log.do_fetch files.12:41
osseI am using SSH. The logs say "scp: not found" even though I can copy and paste the scp command from the log and it works just fine :/12:41
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osseHmm, seems it's trying to use scp with a PATH that does not include /usr/bin12:44
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paulbarkerosse: See
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to build image file for Banana Pi M1+ with the help of Yocto Project? <>12:54
Ramosepaulbarker: is there any way to provoke particular recipe build when one do bitbake core-image ?12:57
ossepaulbarker: thank you! Building with HOSTTOOLS += "/usr/bin/scp" now13:01
paulbarkerRamose: "bitbake <recipe>"?13:04
ossepaulbarker: HOSTOOLS += "scp" worked. Thanks.13:13
osseNext: How can I determine how much of the shared state cache it uses? It just says "checking availability" without reporting what was available and not13:16
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nayfeI wish I could change network configuration from systemd in two different images, same machine, same distro, do you know any better way than doing it in ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_... ?14:47
nayfebasically, one image with a bridge, the other without, and some static ip ?14:47
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armpitRP, stable/rocko-next good to go15:10
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mckoannayfe: what about a network configuration recipe for each image?15:17
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RParmpit: ok, great, thanks15:26
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nayfemckoan|away: problem is that you can't have two recipes that provides the same file16:09
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fraynayfe, well you can -- BUT the file -must- be identical16:38
frayso usually it's best to try to avoid it16:38
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vladzouthHi i am facing some issue about installing linuxrc script on my rootfs, the error is :  miscellaneous-0.1-r0 do_package: QA Issue: miscellaneous: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package:   /linuxrc.  Here is my recipe file
rburtonnayfe: you absolutely can have two recipes that provide the same file16:49
rburtonjust don't install them at the same time, obviously16:49
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nayfeRburton: thx, indeed in that case it can work as systemd doesn't provide default if I remember correctly16:55
nayfeI know what I will tomorrow then ;)16:56
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nayfeAfter a year of playing with yocto I still don't wrap my mind with packages even I know it...16:58
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stephanoahhhhh fetcher, my old enemy17:10
* stephano shakes his fist17:10
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* armpit fetcher.. stephano I am your Father17:14
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khemrburton: I think I have nailed down the musl/ssp issue17:29
khemrburton: libssp_nonshared.a should be actually PIC17:29
armpitbigger musl ? force it to comply ?17:29
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rob_griesIs there a way to force the openjdk-8 package from meta-java to be aware of the existence of pulseaudio or alsa when building for a headless system?17:37
khemuse packageconfig to add/remove dep on pulseaudio17:38
khemyou need to find the nuance that openjdk uses to trigger the dep though17:38
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khemrburton: reworked patch sent17:39
rob_grieskhem: any tips on how to find that "nuance to trigger that dep"17:40
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rburtonits java so wear protective clothing17:42
rob_griesrburton: hahah yeah its a bit icky in there, and I've been fighting with this recipe for a few days now.17:43
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rob_griesDoes audio work at all in the aarch64 port of openjdk? This is probably the wrong place to ask... Has anyone had any success with building for openjdk-8 for a headless aarch64 system and had the ability to use audio?18:02
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1003 of nightly-musl is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #967 of build-appliance is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages_1] Build details are at
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nayferob_gries>  in package_config_option_cleanup function, maybe look at set variables19:10
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rob_griesnayfe: I was looking in there and I'm a bit confused. What is the difference between with_alsa and distro_alsa, and with_pulseaudio and distro_pulseaudio?19:16
nayfealsa and pulseaudio are two different sound systems19:17
nayfein fact it checks packageconfig to merge informations and provide the right defines to makefile19:18
nayfeso if you have pulseaudio but you also have soundless, it removes pulseaudio defines etc19:18
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nayferob_gries i don't use openjdk so its just some hints, maybe add some bb.warn to debug what it does or bitbake -D19:22
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1027 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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TartarusYP actually has an MPC8315E-RDB board, right?23:16
Tartarus(Who exactly?)23:16
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armpitTartarus, think so. its a good question23:20
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