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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: RPC package for my Yocto Linux build <>05:31
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aehs29Hello, does anyone happen to know Juro's handle in here?06:22
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nayfeaehs29: Hi, what is "Juro's handle"?07:15
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LetoThe2ndnayfe: probably the nickname of some person with a real life first name of "Juro"07:18
* LetoThe2nd points at the /who feature of irc07:18
nayfeLetoThe2nd: oww ok I was far from that07:20
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aehs29LetoThe2nd: thanks,haha now I just have to loop through all the names08:01
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nayfeotherwise, ask him by mail? :D08:09
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acrapHi folks! What *-initial recipes certainly do? For example, we have glibc recipe and glibc-initial. Why?08:18
ossei have set up SSTATE_MIRRORS but no setscene tasks run at all. how can i investigate why?08:19
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LetoThe2ndacrap: AFAICS this is related to the bootstrapping stage, primarily of the toolchain08:21
aehs29acrap: yes, initial recipes provide basic functionality for the toolchain to be built08:23
acrapaehs29: thanks a lot!08:24
acrapLetoThe2nd: thanks!08:24
aehs29acrap: you can get more info if you look at the manual, on the cross development toolchain section08:25
acrapaehs29: i can't find it. Could you get me the link, please?08:30
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acrapaehs29: i mean the link to "cross dev toolchain section"08:30
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jesandHi Just a quick beginner question.   I am trying to fix a problem on my build.  I need to make a symlink like similar to "ln -s /sys/bus /dev/bus "  in a recipe. So I added ln -sf /sys/bus ${D}/dev/bus in my do_install_append section and FILES_${PN}-dev += "/dev/bus".  There is no warning when i run bitbake but the symlink is missing in the final image09:05
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LetoThe2ndjesand: you cannot make symlinks there, as /dev, /sys, /proc and /tmp usually are only virtual filesystems09:07
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jesandLetoThe2end: ok. I see.. Do you have any suggestion on how to make the link then since when it is missing libusb will not work?09:08
LetoThe2ndjesand: find the *real* source of the problem. what does libusb expect, why and where? is your image even providing it? if it is something in /dev, maybe it is a missing kernel module or udev rule09:10
jesandLetoThe2nd: I will try do that, Thank you  for pointing me in the right direction :-)09:12
LetoThe2ndjesand: good luck09:12
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: To build custom BSP layer using Yocto for a bare metal board <>10:32
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eduardas_mhello, has anyone used the meta-qt5 master branch recently? what is the best way to test it? is it compatible with the current poky sumo branch?10:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can't connect to free wifi network with iwconfig in Linux embedded <>11:02
rburton_eduardas_m: right now, sumo and master are identical11:07
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LetoThe2ndrburton_: btw, out of pure interest - wasn't sumo slated as release like 2 weeks ago?11:09
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osseif the same variable is defined in both local.conf and site.conf, which wins?11:26
LetoThe2ndosse: bitbake -e tells you :)11:28
kanavinLetoThe2nd: bear with us while we sort the fallout from
LetoThe2ndkanavin: ah, didn't notice :-(11:30
LetoThe2ndkanavin: and i'll bear with anything, i was just wondering.11:30
kanavinLetoThe2nd: it gets worse
kanavinLetoThe2nd: if you can help in any way, do11:31
osseLetoThe2nd: good idea. seems it's local11:31
Son_Gokuthis is unfortunate11:33
Son_Gokuand really messed up11:34
Son_Gokuone of the advantages of corporate communities is supposed to be shit like this not happening11:34
LetoThe2ndkanavin: jsut catched up on the thread... whew11:37
kanavinLetoThe2nd: there's also the may message
LetoThe2ndkanavin: yeah, saw it11:39
Son_Gokuwith Wind River moved out of the Intel umbrella, maybe they could hire Richard?11:40
kanavinSon_Goku: I think for everyone's benefit it's best that RP operates independently11:41
Son_Gokusure, but it seems LF doesn't care enough11:41
rburton_Son_Goku: WR is still in flux as the sale hasn't gone through, so nobody really knows exactly what is happening there yet11:42
* Son_Goku waves at rburton_ 11:42
*** RP1 is now known as RP11:42
Son_Gokuwell, there's only one more month left in 2Q 201811:43
kanavinSon_Goku: we need to wait and see, I believe there is an important YP advisory board meeting coming up11:43
Son_GokuIt's most likely closing in the next few weeks11:43
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rburton_LetoThe2nd: anyway the main reason for 2.5 being a little late was that m3 was really late (read the status reports to see why).  we caught up a bit with the last milestone being short, the first RC is in qa now11:48
rburton_LetoThe2nd: the RP situation actually has nothing to do with sumo release, but there will be changes during the 2.6 cycle (intel is having a bit of a shuffle, WR sale, etc)11:50
T_UNIXI'm trying to debug (unsing `-e`) why bitbake evaluates a variable (`COMPATIBLE_MACHINE`) in the way it does. However, I cannot do so, because it abborts because the provided `MACHINE` is not part of `COMPATIBLE_MACHINE` -.-'11:50
LetoThe2ndrburton_: i see, thx11:51
varjaganyone here uses mercurial with bitbake11:57
varjagfetcher has problems getting specified revisions11:57
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rburton_kanavin: anuj's gst upgrade fails in g-i if you fancy having a lot whilst he is asleep12:03
kanavinrburton_: I was *just* about to go ride a bike :) I'll look at it, is there a branch where I can pull from?12:04
rburton_kanavin: go ride a bike :)12:04
kanavinI mean I will look at it later ;)12:04
rburton_ross/mut is justed pushed and breaks if you build gstreamer-plugins-base12:04
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kanavinrburton_: at some point someone has to do the heavy lifting of meson switchover :-/12:06
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kanavinrburton_: it can be done piecemeal though12:07
kanavinrburton_: ERROR: Task (virtual:native:/home/ak/development/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/flex/ failed with exit code '1'12:09
kanavinrburton_: | Makefile:1687: recipe for target 'stage1scan.c' failed12:09
kanavin| make[2]: *** [stage1scan.c] Segmentation fault (core dumped)12:09
kanavinrburton_: to be exact,12:10
kanavin| ./stage1flex   -o stage1scan.c ../../flex-2.6.4/src/scan.l12:10
kanavin| Makefile:1687: recipe for target 'stage1scan.c' failed12:10
kanavin| make[2]: *** [stage1scan.c] Segmentation fault (core dumped)12:10
kanavinreverting for now12:10
kanavinI will stop and go riding when I reach the gst failure ;)12:10
kanavinso it's all nice and ready12:10
rburton_kanavin: yeah revert the flex upgrade12:11
rburton_not sure how that worked for me12:11
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RPrburton_: -next merged to master12:30
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc cross compile issue <>12:33
rburton_RP: \o/12:48
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angelo_tshello all12:50
angelo_tsOur company yocto is not happy with my debian unstable distro. And it exit for errors. It requires an ubuntu of a certain version. Is there a way i can install an ubuntu here without going to virtualbox ?12:51
varjagif my package needs autotools to build, i don't have to specify anything in the .bb, am i right?12:52
varjagother than inherit autotools12:52
rburton_varjag: 'inherit autotools'12:52
neverpanicangelo_ts: the usual way is to use a container.12:52
varjagrburton_: *nod* but the rest should happen automagically?12:52
angelo_tsneverpanic, sounds acceptable12:52
angelo_tsneverpanic, if any guide, welcome12:52
rburton_angelo_ts: if it requires a specific ubuntu then your company yocto is a bit broken.  should work on debian but unstable means new which means you get to discover the bugs in your company yocto first.12:53
rburton_varjag: right, that does configure/make/make install for you12:53
varjagbecause bitbaking the project fails, it tries to go with make right away12:53
rburton_varjag: sounds like you need to read the configure log to see why12:53
varjagrburton_: there's no configure log anywhere12:53
varjag"mbdaemon/1.0-r0/build/config.log: No such file or directory"12:54
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varjagin my log.do_configure12:54
varjagare my paths botched up somehow, or12:54
rburton_varjag: the log.do_configure in the temp/ directory12:55
rburton_are you *sure* this is using autoconf?12:56
varjagyep that one, see the quote above from it12:56
varjagrburton_: quite sure, i wrote that package myself12:56
rburton_sounds like the configure is bust12:56
angelo_tsrburton_, building a recipe i get12:56
rburton_try using autotools-brokensep and see if that fixes it12:56
varjagi can build it via ./configure and make manually no issues12:56
angelo_tsWARNING: Host distribution "debian" has not been validated with this version of the build system; you may possibly experience unexpected failures. It is recommended that you use a tested distribution.12:56
rburton_if it does then your configure is broken12:56
angelo_tsi probably better go with the container ?12:57
rburton_angelo_ts: sure, you're not using a supported distro, so if it breaks then you get to fix it.  its just a warning, i turn that warning off :)12:57
angelo_tsat the end shouldn't lose in performance12:57
varjagno, it makes no difference12:58
rburton_varjag: well your configure must be doing something odd as it clearly works for the 463 recipes in oe-core that inherit autotools :)12:59
varjagit does not run configure12:59
varjagfor whatever reason12:59
varjagso that's not the issue12:59
rburton_the class will show you where it looks for the configure, if its not available in ${S}13:00
rburton_i don't have your recipe or sources so your on your own a bit.  proper autotools just works with the single inherit, yes.13:00
varjagdo i have to specify ${S} manually, or it should work with some default13:01
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rburton_it defaults to WORKDIR/PN-PV, so if your tarball doesn't unpack to PN-PV then yes you need to set it13:03
varjaghmm.. that could be it13:05
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rburton_kanavin: anuj found the problem13:09
anujmrburton_: should I re-send this patch?13:10
rburton_anujm: please do13:10
rburton_anujm: didn't realise you where here.  why are you still here? :)13:10
anujmrburton_: ok, will do in a minute. was watching a movie, sword of the stranger, nice anime :)13:13
varjagrburton_: it *was* the wrong S13:20
varjagit all snowballed from me using hg instead of git like every other damn project on the net13:20
varjagso fetch unpacks it under workdir/projectname13:21
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to get an older version of gcc in yocto beside the default one <>13:33
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Dockerfile to run a package revision (PR) server <>14:03
ernstpif I want to set something like image-prelink permanently, can I just put a USER_CLASSES in my distro.conf or something like that?14:05
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mcfriskHi, does yocto master branch now support multiple kernels per machine? Any pointers to documentation?14:16
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ernstpoh, USER_CLASSES is just goes into plain old INHERIT14:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error for a custom Yocto layer <>15:03
tlwoernerrburton: i'm sorry to hear you've been disabled15:05
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RPtlwoerner: that data looks wrong :/ I don't get a mention! :)16:10
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armpithalstead, when is the maint window on the .io AB ?16:14
halsteadarmpit, Usually start around now.16:15
halsteadarmpit, I'll ping you once it's complete! :)16:15
armpitk. thanks16:15
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to set python version to 2.7 for Yocto project work in Ubuntu 18.04? <>16:34
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halsteadarmpit, Build away!16:37
armpithalstead, cool. thanks16:37
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otavio[m]armpit: I got two update branches for stable queue17:53
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otavio[m]armpit: is there I way I can make it easier? or using the branches are good ?18:10
armpitbranches are easy for me. thanks18:11
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zeddii_homekhem: I’ll grab it now and integrate it to the tree.18:20
khemzeddii: we need these fixes for ppc to work with gcc818:20
khemI think first one is good to sent to lkml too18:20
khemzeddii_home: I need similar fix for mips18:21
khemwill let you know once I push it18:21
zeddii_homegotcha. I’ll track the one upstream and reference it in the commit.18:21
JaMaarmpit: can you please take to rocko as well? it's waiting for couple months18:23
armpitJaMa, thats currently included in the stable/rocko-next bring built. it got caught up in the some the uninative issues18:25
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khemarmpit: there are few changes coming for ssp changes that I am getting into oe-core soon18:43
khemmeta-openembedded intake is too slow18:43
*** scottrif <scottrif!~scottrif@> has quit IRC18:43
khemare you waiting on maintainers too long ?18:44
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khemthis is mips fix18:55
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can't connect to free wifi network with iwconfig in Linux embedded [on hold] <>19:04
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1032 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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khemzeddii_home: pushed another fix for mips64 as well :)19:47
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khemRP: I have 3 major changes 1) ssp 2) gcc8 3)drop nis,nsl (obsoleted glibc features), I ran image tests on core-image-sato all looks good on all arches for both musl/glibc21:43
khemRP: one thing occured to me, that spe backends are on a lifeline in gcc 8 and can only be enabled with --enable-obsolete option to you know where they are headed21:44
khemso I wonder if we should also plan to drop ppc from first class citizen in 2.621:44
fraykhem is ssp required for PPC support?  I thought it was only useful on some of the e500/e5000 lines..22:03
fray(and yes, I realize that e5000 is probably one of the last available PPC chips...)  I'm also not sure if there are ANY PowerPC codes listed for 'new' designs anymore22:03
khemssp does not work on ppc22:04
frayok, then I'm confused22:04
khemssp work I did is common it has nothing to do with ppc22:04
khemwe were using gcc provided impls and libc provided impls in a non deterministic way22:05
khemthe ssp rework ensures that we use libc provided impls always22:05
*** lusus_ <lusus_!~lusus@> has joined #yocto22:06
khemexcept for mingw32 where we need gcc provided libssp22:06
khempowerpcspe as a backend is deprecated and might disappear from gcc in 9.x time frame next year22:07
frayya, I'm not surprised.. it's probably not getting much love..22:07
khemso We have to start deprecating as well22:07
khemI am sure we can have year or two but it will be pain to maintain it during this time22:08
fraykeeping support, but deprecating and explaining why would be fine with me.. if NXP (or someone else) shows up, we can reverse that22:08
*** lusus <lusus!~lusus@> has quit IRC22:08
khemour qemu is not using spe so we can keep usingit22:08
* fray goes back to demolishing the central chimney to the house.. :P22:08
khemits 74xx22:09
fraykhem, ya... I would expect NXP to step up if they want further e* support..22:09
fray(but I think we've moved to a dualopoly of IA and ARM right now...  (I'm not seeing any new mips designs either)22:09
frayRISC V -might- be something to promote when it's ready, but it seems to be still in it's infancy...22:10
* fray really goes.. abck in a bit22:10
khemfray: dont forget riscv :)22:10
khemrisc-v is coming in big way into non intel markets thats my prediction for next 5 years22:10
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RPkhem: I'm aware we have several series outstanding, thanks for the heads up22:34
RPkhem: we should perhaps ask about ppc on the arch list, see who if anyone is intersted22:34
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1034 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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TartarusRe powerpc keep in mind there's a lot of stuff on long term support wrt hardware23:35
TartarusSomeone stepped up for ppc8xx for uboot23:35
TartarusAnd they have to support it until 2020? 2022? I forget off hand23:35
TartarusAnd it's also true that old designs need to get supported with newer SW for security reasons23:36
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!LocutusOfB@gateway/shell/panicbnc/x-uqgeqqdppfschhkp> has quit IRC23:36
TartarusI'm also not saying it needs to be done without finding people to help23:36
TartarusBut I'm thinking it should be possible to find people23:37
TartarusMaybe poke some ppc lists too23:37
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