Saturday, 2018-05-05

khemTartarus: I agree, but I think its a professional ask :)00:07
khemno cool toys run ppc at my home so I have no incentive to keep it going00:08
khemRP: sent a v2 of the pull request, if there is slot give it a go on master-next00:14
khemI am holding off gcc8 for subsequent pull request after this lands in master safely00:15
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Which module to install to fix "module QtQuick.Controls.Styles is not installed" error for Yocto? <>00:35
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tlwoernerfray: that's quite a pile of bricks you laid in the bathroom!01:32
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fraytlwoerner goal is tomorrow putting them in buckets and getting them out of the house.. :)   then finish removing the chimney to the floor of the bathroom.. (there is about 3 1/2 feet of brick left.)02:32
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1035 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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tlwoernerRP: wow! that's really bad (! that makes my complaint seem a lot less important13:50
tlwoernerso how does one communicate with the AB anyway?13:50
armpittlwoerner, Crofton|work is the OE rep14:16
tlwoernerarmpit: thanks14:17
tlwoernerCrofton|work: since the project is spending $$ on, you might want to see about getting a couple things fixed because the data its providing is not accurate14:18
tlwoernerCrofton|work: 1. RP does not appear!!14:18
tlwoernerCrofton|work: 2. i haven't worked for Linaro for 3 years, yet all of my commits in the last 3 years have been categorized towards Linaro14:19
tlwoerneri've got nothing against linaro, but my commits shouldn't be counting towards their bucket, it skews the numbers14:20
Crofton|worktlwoerner, can you email those remarks to Jefro14:28
tlwoernerCrofton|work: np14:28
Crofton|workWhere is the link?14:28
Crofton|workfound it, yeah something is funny14:34
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tristanhello all! i´m new to yocto. i found a github repo with a yocto project to build an image for my target hardware (orangepi-pc). I follow the instruction in the that leads me to launch the bitbake opipc-minimal, and: as i know the whole compilation will use much space, i´ve put everything on an external USB disk, not having enough space on my system. But bitbake ran out of space. So I changed the TMPDIR in local.conf to a21:31
tristanshall i change TOPDIR ? and where ?21:31
tristani want to be sure everything is on this 1TB external drive21:31
tristandownloads, temp files, final build, everything21:32
tristanhow can i achieve that ?21:32
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tristanwell, i did it quick and dirty: linking /tmp/Yocto-glibc to a folder on my external drive where yocto is installed. hopefully the build will go all fine. But i´d like to know the right way to do this21:55
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khemtristan: you can set TMPDIR and DL_DIR in local.conf to point to some place on external disk22:58
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: To build custom BSP layer using Yocto for a bare metal board [on hold] <>23:39

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