Wednesday, 2018-05-30

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jynikAnyone else seeing qemu-native builds failing on sumo or sumo-next due to a failure to find capstone.h?02:54
jynikAccording to q02:58
jynik*to tmp/work/x86_64-linux/qemu-native/2.11.1-r0/build/config.log it's looking for captone headers on the build host (-I/usr/include/capstone) rather than in its own source tree or in the sysroots... hrm...03:00
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khemRP1: I think some of those patches are going to be needed along with gcc804:41
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khemdrop it in current pull04:45
khemonce I send the final gcc8 knob pull that will be more appropriate and atomic04:46
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khemI sent the final pull request for gcc805:09
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RPkhem: I'll reply on list about it but we'll have to do something different as it won't work with the current approach :(07:18
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fberghello guys ! I'm trying to bitbake ardupilot:
fbergI have a recipe with explicit do_configure(){} as: do configure(){09:39
fberggit submodule update --init09:40
fberg modules/waf/waf-light configure --board=navio209:40
fbergbitbake halts with the following error:09:40
fberg| Checking for program 'arm-linux-gnueabihf-pkg-config' : not found09:40
fbergwhile configuring09:41
fbergDoes anyone has any idea ?09:41
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: cmake error in falcon compilation in yocto-krogoth <>11:34
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fbergis anybody out there ?12:34
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angelo_tshi all12:46
angelo_tshave to add a wpa-supplicant package to my lcoal yocto, what are the steps12:47
fbergabgelo_ts: add it to your local.conf12:51
fbergCORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "wpa-supplicant"12:51
fbergCORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += " wpa-supplicant"12:52
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JPEWfberg: Not sure on the pkg-config.... but you should fetch with gitsm:// instead of running 'git submodule update' in do_configure13:10
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fbergJPEW: solved simply by renaming pkg-config to arm-linux-gnueabihf-pkg-confi13:12
JPEWhmm, interesting. You could probably also maybe add 'export PKG_CONFIG = "pkg-config"' to the recipe?13:13
fbergnow the problem is that I am mising a python module, specifically "future" in order to compile13:14
fbergI've tried anything but still nothing13:14
Sachinquestion regarding sstate-cache, I tried to build the "Hello World" application as explained in the but don't see any sstate-cache being generated. Why is that ?13:14
fbergJPEW: maybe yes.13:15
fbergI'll give it a try.13:16
fbergDo you know how to install a python module inside a recipe ? I've tried adding "pip install future" in do_compile() after adding DEPDENS += "python3-pip" but bitbake says that pip is not found13:17
JPEWfberg: Sorry, the variable waf looks for is 'PKGCONFIG' not 'PKG_CONFIG'13:17
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fbergJPEW: ok, Do I have to export the variable inside a task ?13:19
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JPEWfberg: No, you would just add it to the recipe13:21
JPEWfberg: export PKGCONFIG = "pkg-config"13:21
fbergJPEW: it worked13:23
fbergNow I have to understand how the ***** get this future python module installed !13:24
fbergI'm dying13:24
JPEWfberg: Sorry, I don't know much about using pip in a recipe13:25
fbergJPEW: no problem ! me too !13:25
JPEWAlso.... that project's use of waf is borderline pyscotic13:25
fbergJPWEW: ahahha ! word !13:26
JPEWfberg: Just FYI, there is also a waf.bbclass you can use try using also. Good Luck!13:31
JPEW(in oe-core)13:31
fbergJPEW: thanl13:33
fbergthanks !13:33
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markafberg: be careful with python, you don't want the build to be fetching eggs in the background14:38
markaI usually use iptables rules to kill outgoing 443 and 80 to ensure this isn't the case14:39
fbergmarka: what's an egg ?14:39
markafberg: if you have pip around and a dependency is missing it will hope on the web and download it14:39
markait is a packaging mechanism specific to python14:39
markaruby and go have a similar issue14:40
fbergmarka: oh, ok. By the way can't have pip running.. Still getting "not found"14:40
markamost python packages now included a requirements.txt which will list dependencies14:40
fbergsince the problem is due to the "future" module I have added DEPENDS += " python-future"14:41
markaor sometimes they are listed in setup.py14:41
fbergand export PYTHONPATH="$PYTHONPATH:${WORKDIR}/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/future"14:41
markayou need to make sure you have the build depends in DEPENDS and the runtime depends in RDEPENDS14:41
markafberg: you shouldn't need to adjust the PYTHONPATH, just DEPEND on python-future14:42
fbergthe DEPEND only tag is not sufficient14:43
fbergwhile compiling I got the future module not found error14:43
markaodd, it should be building up a python install in the RSS based on the DEPENDS14:44
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markafeel free to send me your recipe and I can have a look, mark.asselstine@windriver.com14:44
markaI deal with a couple hundred py recipes in meta-cloud-services so haven't met one that stumps me yet14:45
fbergmarka: thanks14:46
markagot it, will get back to you in a bit14:48
fbergmarka:again, thank you for help14:49
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markatheir use of the git submodules to satisfy the py module dependencies is unusual14:55
fbergit's all a bit strange to me. still struggling to figure it oout since this morning14:57
markawith go you end up with a standalone executable so go packages often have a vendor file with dependencies and their versions14:57
markathe versions can vary from pkg to package since when it is installed they are stand alone14:57
fbergin their documentation they say to run "pip install future"14:58
markawith python the modules could be the same as other python pkgs require so you need to be careful with versions14:58
fbergbefore the waf command14:58
markaya, they are relying on pip to install dependencies, eggs14:58
markareally in the end each of these submodules should be done as its own package/recipe14:59
markathe git://* ones could potentially be done all in this one recipe14:59
markabut git:// and friends are independent py packages14:59
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markaya, you can see the "fun", the URL has "building" in there, but really they are using pip and really doing installation, not build15:01
markayou can pretty much substitute pip with apt/dnf/rpm in this case15:02
markaanyway, I said I would help so I am stuck now, I will get something to you shortly15:02
markastuck in a good way here btw15:03
fbergmarka: I really appreciate15:03
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markafberg: wow this is some tangled web15:22
fbergmarka: uh ?15:22
markaoriginally I thought all the git submodules were python, there are some C/C++ ones too15:23
fbergwhy not to mix it up a little bit ? it's spicy, isn't it ?15:23
markaat this point I almost suggest you install the target compiler, pip and python-future in your image15:24
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markais there a reason you want to package this using recipes. It can be done but it is going to take some legwork15:25
fbergmarka: thanks.15:26
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markanot surprised this has had you stumped, the upstream did a good job to make this hard to package15:26
markaat minimum you will need 10 recipes15:26
fbergmarka: It would be better if the generated image is ready to go15:26
fbergotherwise I will have to build the ardupilot eveytime I flash a new image15:28
markaso basically for each of these15:29
markaSubmodule path 'libraries/AP_HAL_F4Light/hardware/STM32F4xx_DSP_StdPeriph_Lib_V1.1.0/Libraries': checked out 'a4cac64af5db8d61798dcc6fe103fa628897e640'15:29
markaSubmodule path 'libraries/AP_HAL_F4Light/support/minimosd-extra': checked out '134fcc1a549b5ed639af6017a0d726c6961367d3'15:29
markaSubmodule path 'modules/ChibiOS': checked out '2b7abdc3ead0cbcade1deb828fc37c0f88a52e7b'15:29
markaSubmodule path 'modules/PX4Firmware': checked out 'b535f9744f74d537580f3d396ba01a6f31d917ae'15:29
markaSubmodule path 'modules/PX4NuttX': checked out '1472b16c36e37312b722fbe4540e48b39abfa23a'15:30
markaSubmodule path 'modules/gbenchmark': checked out '006d23ccca1375a973b7fae0cc351cedb41b812a'15:30
markaSubmodule path 'modules/gtest': checked out 'c99458533a9b4c743ed51537e25989ea55944908'15:30
markaSubmodule path 'modules/mavlink': checked out '7766ea24b8e2a5a2e09ea5738dc25e1526615d9d'15:30
markaSubmodule path 'modules/uavcan': checked out '70df64480a7512fbbb85b442234dbd9b3bdae548'15:30
markaSubmodule path 'modules/waf': checked out '888ea5af0f4fd3bb5920d903f22697d7fa23ede8'15:30
markayou will want to have a recipe15:30
markayou can drop waf, it will be unneeded15:30
markait is itself a build tool which when using their instructions is doing the build15:31
markayou will be using bitbake so waf is redundent15:31
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kergothuse a pastebin if you're pasting something longer than 5 lines, pelase15:32
markakergoth: sorry15:32
markafberg: anyway, start by creating recipes for each of these15:33
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has quit IRC15:34
markathe 'ardupilot' itself is just a wrapper to fetch and install each so in the end it is also unneeded15:34
fbergmarka: thanks15:35
fbergi think it will take me some time :)15:35
markaya, a days work there15:35
*** neverpanic <neverpanic!> has quit IRC15:35
markacompletely possible but will take time15:36
markawaf is a dirty word around here15:36
fbergyeah, also here now15:36
markaat a quick glance I don't see anything worrying in the individual parts15:37
angelo_tstrying to build hostapd into my rootfs, getting15:38
angelo_tserror: %prein(hostapd-2.6-r0.aarch64) scriptlet failed, exit status 115:38
fbergmarka: I hope so ! I'll start reciping !15:39
fberghave a nice day !!15:39
markafberg: definitely some unconventional stuff to keep you busy15:39
markafor example, instead of just a straight up Makefile15:39
fberghere we go... I'll try to figure out if all the submodules are really needed first of all15:42
fbergI'm using the navio2 board so maybe some of them are not really necessary15:42
*** neverpanic <neverpanic!> has joined #yocto15:42
markasounds like a good plan15:47
markapick the high level parts and work through what it needs15:48
fbergmarka: yep. Now I'm off for today. thank you for your suggestions !15:49
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