Thursday, 2018-05-31

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__MC__Someone can help me to understand this error? Thanks.06:38
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JaMa__MC__: which triggered exception OSError: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory07:18
JaMarunning out of memory?07:18
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__MC__JaMa: could be. I've tried many time, but now it is finished without problems. In the next compile I will monitor the ram usage and if necessary, I will pump up the ram of the vm. thanks.07:28
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto sunxi machine name <>08:08
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__MC__Ok, another question.. I'm trying to make an image with qt5 for imx28evk board. I get this error.. I think that opengl-desktop is missing.. what recipe I have to add? Maybe this: qt5-opengles2-test?09:08
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alkinohi o/09:21
alkinoi'm trying to do a recipe for ldc (d compiler)09:21
alkinolast version need a d-compiler to build the d compiler09:21
alkinowhat is the right way?09:21
alkino1) use local d compiler on the host09:22
alkino2) download an old d compiler and build it09:22
alkino3) download a pre-build d compiler09:22
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abiasciHi all. I have a problem with a recipe (.bbappend) using SRC_URI_append_<machine>10:05
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abiasciCould someone help me ?10:05
mckoan__MC__: try adding this to local.conf : DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "x11 wayland"10:12
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mckoanabiasci: describe the problem10:12
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abiasciYes ... I have a recipes (.bbappend) that will perform a SRC_URI_append_<machine>. I added in conf/machine/<machine>.conf MACHINEOVERRIDES tha name of my machine.10:17
abiasciduring the configure/build phase, the SRC_URI_append_<machine> is ignored10:17
abiasciThe .bbappend has also do_install_append_imx6ull_t11() but, it is ignored as well.10:20
abiasciimx6ull_t11 is the name of my machine.10:20
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mckoanabiasci: you can't use a machine name nor a recipe name with underscore '_'10:23
mckoanabiasci: replace with imx6ull-t1110:23
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__MC__mckoan: same error :(10:34
abiasciOK .. does it works !! Thanks a lot.10:36
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fberghello guys ! Does anybody know how to use correctly SRC_URI in order to have two different git repository at a different specific branch ? I've written this recipe but bitbake says that: pathspec 'rpi-4.9.y' did not match any file(s) known to git.12:32
fbergSeems that git is checking out the second repository branch while in the first reporistory12:32
fbergDoes anybody have any idea ?12:32
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armpitbug triage14:36
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moto-timowhat's call info for bug triage meeting? old bridge is silent14:37
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chaineyPoky is described as a reference system, to more or less demonstrate how the components can work together. However, I'm curious if some/many/most people are using Poky in production. I'm three days in to exploring the YP, and this has been unclear to me. Could anyone shed some light?16:06
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kergothnearly everyone needs to customize heavily, whehter that's modifying an existing distro (bad) or creating their own (good)16:08
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chaineymm, so that establishes an ideal. In practice, would you say many are erring on the worse side? I ask because most public tutorials feature Poky, so it's difficult to discern.16:12
chaineyperhaps the learning curve goes something like: try Poky, modify Poky, create from scratch w/ Poky as a reference, monitor Poky for best practices. Is my guess kind of right there?16:14
JaMayes, this sounds right, but nowadays I would start with nodistro config which is quite reasonable as well16:15
chaineyInteresting. Ok.16:15
chaineyThank you kergoth and JaMa.16:16
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kergothI expect most tutorials are wanting to introduce and get the user to a successful build as quickly as possible rather than giving example setups closer to real world application16:18
chaineyThat indeed seems to be the case.16:19
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TimDHWhere should INITRAMFS_IMAGE be defined? In machine conf file it causes a “nothing provides” error. In my image recipe there are no errors, but the FIT image file is not rebuilt.16:54
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khemzeddii: around? we need another fix for kernel for gcc8
khemzeddii: I am using 4.15 of linux-yocto here and it fails to build with gcc8 for x86_6418:47
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khemzeddii: this one too
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fancerkergoth: hello, man!23:06
fancerAs was promised I added a few changes to the meta-external-toolchain and posted them to my repo:23:07
kergothhey, ah thanks. havent had a chance to mess with meta-external-toolchain recently, planning to take a look this weekedn. i need to look at it anyway since there's impact due to the removal of libnsl & rpc bits from glibc in oe-core23:07
fancerThe branch is named fancer-integrate.23:08
fancerBTW are u finished with the commits authorship settings?23:09
fancer* I mean the fancer-integrate branch of the repo.23:09
kergothno, pretty sure i still need to go back and adjust the authorship and add your signoff along with mine to the changes split out from your original commit23:10
fancerI see, thanks. Even though we worked on it not that much time ago, I started to forget details. I do rememeber though when I finished working on my cross-canadian version of the external-toolchain it turned out you already did most of the work I did too. Today I just couldn't believe, that after split and merge my original work converted to two commits only.) Thanks for clarification.23:16
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fancerand sorry for being a bit picky in this matter.23:17
kergothno problem, sorry for the confusion. basically this entire branch is your changes, just broken up to be granular, gradually, it took awhile to go through. never got a chance to go back and finish it and correct the authorship. i expect i'll drop a few of the ct-ng-specifics and add a couple minor tweaks on top of it, but the core of it is your commit on your master-tp branch23:18
fancerthanks. Ping me when you finished I'll test it out on my setup.23:19
kergothugh, still need to update the readme and stuff too, still has sourcery references23:20
fancersoon we'll open meta-bsp layer for this baby:23:26
fancerAlas, it will work with our kernel/u-boot repos for now...23:26
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