Thursday, 2018-07-12

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1136 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests_2 Running Sanity Tests_3 Running Sanity Tests_4 Running Sanity Tests_5 Running Sanity Tests_6 Running Sanity Tests_7] Build details are at
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Change locale setting in Yocto <>01:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Which yocto is best for me <>06:16
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mckoangood morning07:44
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florianhi mckoan07:49
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Alexphi guys08:05
AlexpI have a problem with a build which in an older poky version used to work (2.1)08:06
Alexpin 2.5 I am facing a circular dependency08:06
Alexpcan anyone have a look at the following scenario?08:06
Alexprecipe 1:08:07
Alexpaddtask deploy after do_compile before do_build08:07
Alexpdo_compile[depends] += "recipe2:do_configure"08:07
Alexpdo_compile[depends] += "recipe1:do_populate_sysroot"08:07
Alexpis there any way I can tweak this in poly 2.5 ?08:08
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cornelAlexp: do you _need_ the before do_build condition?08:35
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Enable secure boot in SAMA5d3_xplained [on hold] <>10:17
svoglnpm question: I am porting my nodejs/npm based bitbake recipes from morty to rocko; the package task fails as the install task creates  symlink in image/usr/lib/node_modules that points back to the package directory.  Did anyone work around this already ?10:25
Alexphi cornel, I am not sure I understand your question; what is I need is recipe1 to gather some data from recipe2, then recipe2 will be compiled using the output from recipe1 sysroot10:30
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cornelso maybe yo don't need that condition10:32
Alexpaddtask deploy after do_compile before do_build ? I could try to remove by even so, not sure if the circular dependecy issue won't occur10:36
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astrunin[m]Hi! Does somebody use a valgrind?10:42
astrunin[m]I mean on Yocto10:42
rburtonshould just work10:42
* astrunin[m] sent a long message: < >10:43
rburtoni'd ask the valgrind channel about that10:44
rburtonmaybe valgrind-on-mips is just not that useful10:45
astrunin[m]I read changlogs and it looks like this version supports MIPS6410:45
astrunin[m]unfortunately, I can't find any Valgrind's channels10:46
astrunin[m]to ask them10:46
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astrunin[m]may be the problem is about stripped
astrunin[m]how can I disable stripping for ld?10:49
astrunin[m]Another proof
astrunin[m]I think it may help : INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP = "1"10:50
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astrunin[m]oh, it wasn't my case11:03
astrunin[m]I don't know what's wrong with valgrind, but it doesn't work for me11:04
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rburton'There is an IRC channel for Valgrind developers: #valgrind-dev at'11:13
rburtonor irc at
rburtonerm, mailing list at
rburtonit says quite clearly invalid instruction, so its probably just that your code is using instructions that the valgrind interpretter doesn't know11:15
rburton;a=blob;f=NEWS;h=2e13004e41563e3ecd855c94ee10af7378367068;hb=HEAD suggests that lots of mips stuff was added in git but isn't yet released11:17
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pouet_foreverHow can I install 2 version of the same package with opkg ? I want to install some packages in a specific folder and when it's done, move the folder to the correct directory12:03
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astrunin[m] > it says quite clearly invalid instruction, so its probably just that your code is using instructions that the valgrind interpretter doesn't know12:11
astrunin[m]nope. I use standard 'ls" linux utility to check valgrind (it is described in valgrind's readme). I don't use "my code" to check it. I will try to ask in their channel12:11
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yatesi getting an error for a strange reason12:41
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yateswhen running bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/linux ...12:41
yatesif i do nothing in the menu but exit, i get no error.12:41
yatesif i drop down one level (e.g., drivers), then exit, i get no error12:42
yatesif i drill down two levels, to driver/real time clock, BUT DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING, just exit, then i get this:
yatesthis sounds like a bug12:43
yatesanyone heard of this problem and/or know a workaround/fix?12:44
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svogldon't know if it helps, but I always jump into the build directory of the kernel and call make ARCH=arm menuconfig directly...?12:56
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yatessvogl: i am not sure where that build directory exists and when i have access to it.13:02
yatessvogl: are you talking about when using devtool?13:02
svoglno, i normally don't use devtool13:03
svoglthe whole magic happens here:13:03
svogl   Storage/swupdate-test/sources/poky/build-hw-test-image/tmp/work/imx6ul_var_dart-fslc-linux-gnueabi/linux-variscite/4.1.15-r0/13:03
svogl(plus a leading slash)13:03
yatesagreed it's there now, but when does that directory first get created?13:04
svoglwhen you do a bitbake virtual/kernel13:04
svoglit is created when fetching, under temp/ you find all scripts and log outputs13:04
svoglit is deleted when the package has been built ok13:05
svoglyou might want to add your kernel to RM_WORK_EXCLUDE in local.conf13:06
svoglif you want to keep the intermediates and play aroud13:06
svoglif you want to keep the intermediates and play around13:06
yatesthat will prevent it from being removed when the build succeeds?13:06
svoglhave all my devel projects in there13:07
yatesok, thanks for the pointers, svogl13:10
yatessvogl: is it true that the defconfig file and .config file are the exact same formats?13:11
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svoglyes, you can copy the .config out after running your menuconfig13:13
yatesexactly. thanks.13:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Project SDK Plug-in does not install for Eclipse Oxygen <>13:18
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yatesis there a bitbake command to "clean" the working directories?13:18
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yatesor does one just rm -fr <build-dir>/tmp/work ?13:20
svoglbitbake -c clean <pkg>13:21
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Error support.c no such file in libmpsse for Yocto Pocky <>13:48
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vladzouthHi, did anyone have experienced Postgresql package ? i add it to my build but there is some bin program that i don't have on my built image ( createdb, psql...)13:58
rburtonvladzouth: use oe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs -p [recipe] to see what packages are built by the recipe.  you probably need to add a tools package14:00
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vladzouthrburton: i don't see what is exactly a tools package? is there a functionnality of bitbake because when i run the command, i see nothing on the output?14:07
zibrivladzouth: check the postgres recipe, see what packages it generates.14:12
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vladzouthzibri: When i check my package image on tmp dir, i see that missing package on it. But these are not install in the rootfs. How to explain that?14:16
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Project SDK Plug-in does not install for Eclipse Oxygen <>14:18
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zibrivladzouth: check the packages-split directory14:32
zibriall directory under ${WORKDIR}/packages-split will be packaged as separate packages, so if the files you want are in one of them, make sure that package is also installed to your image14:33
zibri(or.. just check the recipe, where all this is specified)14:34
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yatesi am trying to get yocto to use my own defconfig file and failing. here's what i've done: ...14:43
yates...this is all under sources/meta-variscite-fslc/recipes-kernel/linux ...14:44
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yates1) created a files folder and added my_defconfig (the config file which i want to be used)14:44
yates2) added a linux-variscite_4.1.15.bbappend:
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yatesyet i've verified that the config that is used by "bitbake -c manuconfig virtual/linux" is not the one in my files folder14:47
yatesso where is "bitbake -c manuconfig virtual/linux" getting the defconfig from?!?!?14:47
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yatessvogl: do you have any idea on this?14:49
svogl@yates - as the package name says - it is virtual14:50
svogl@yates - I guess your kernel is called linux-variscite14:50
yatessvogl: i thought, via the magic of yocto, that virtual/linux is translated to linux-variscite. not true?!?!?14:51
yatesregardless, bitbake -c menuonfig linux-variscite yields the same result - my_defconfig is not being utilized. (i just tried it)14:53
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yatesmenuconfig! sheesh..14:53
svoglhm, I always use the concrete package names14:53
svogln.b. that the bb files can be expanded by bbappend files14:54
svoglpropably there's one for your board variant14:54
svoglwith the defconfig youre looking for14:54
yatessvogl: yes, did you see my fpaste above?14:54
svogl@yates saw that, yes - guessed your board from that14:54
yatesi've lost you. linux-variscite is our board, yes. what more are you trying to say?14:55 is the main recipe in the directory i mentioned above14:56
svogl@yates your defconfig should be in the subdir where the bb file is14:57
Marexhey uh, I'm running into multilib errors with python on rocko 2.4.x, are those known ?14:57
MarexRunning transaction test14:57
MarexError: Transaction check error:14:57
Marexthis kind of stuff14:57
Marex  file /usr/bin/python3.5m-config from install of lib32-python3-core-3.5.3-r1.0.armv7ahf_neon conflicts with file from package python3-core-3.5.3-r1.0.aarch6414:57
Marex  file /usr/bin/g-ir-annotation-tool conflicts between attempted installs of lib32-gobject-introspection-1.52.1-r0.armv7ahf_neon and gobject-introspection-1.52.1-r0.aarch6414:57
svogl@yates BUT, there could be a linux-variscite_4.%.bbappend file with modifications, if there are more board variants ( we have that here with our  toradex modules)14:58
MarexCrofton|work: zeddiii ^14:58
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yatesif a .bb file contains a function xyz(), and a .bbappend file also contains that function, does the .bbappend version override the .bb version?15:00
rburton_Marex: i thought we'd put python-config into the dev package for that reason15:01
rburton_yates: yes15:01
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rburton_Marex: re g-i, i guess we need to split the package up into tools and library15:02
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Marexrburton_: I think I'm installing the dev packages too15:02
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Marex+IMAGE_FEATURES += "dev-pkgs tools-sdk tools-debug tools-profile debug-tweaks ssh-server-openssh"15:03
rburton_Marex: sure but those files are kind of expected to conflict15:03
Marexrburton_: so I should try building without the debug / dev stuff and see what breaks ?15:04
rburton_Marex: well i'd say the py one is a bug and i thought we fixed that already, and g-i needs repackaging a bit15:04
rburton_RP: had to drop from triage, need to go to dentist15:04
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Marexrburton_: are you sure it's fixed in rocko ?15:07
Marexrburton_: maybe it's fixed in master only15:07
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vladzouthzibri: In the recipe file: , there is a variable FILES_${PN}-client which includes the program file. Do you know how to enable it?15:15
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yatesin this bbappend, where is the source file for the "cp" command in do_preconfigure_prepend() going to come from?
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vmesonsjolley: bugzilla is still down, will / are you investigating that?15:34
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RPvmeson: its back15:36
RPhalstead: any idea why bugzilla disappeared just now for a few minutes?15:36
Snert_a netfart.15:37
vmesonRP: thx, I waited at least 3 minutes... maybe it's slow intel server booting! :)15:37
halsteadRP: there are a few jobs that might cause that but they should not be running right now.15:37
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RPhalstead: we were loading it a bit during triage but it did seem to disappear for a while...15:39
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halsteadRP, Were you seeing timeout messages in the browser or getting blank white pages?15:45
RPhalstead: timeout connection issues I think, I didn't leave the window open for more than 30s15:46
RPvmeson: ^^^ ?15:46
yatesaccording to the manual, WORKDIR would be somewhere over in tmp/work/..., so i would expect the file in x/files/my_defconfig to not be copied. in fact i would expect an error, but i'm not getitng an error15:47
halsteadOr just super slow to load pages?15:47
halsteadI'm don15:47
yatesit's a net attack from china!15:47
halstead't see any load issues. I need to check on the network.15:48
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RPhalstead: fair enough, just thought I'd mention since multiple people saw it15:50
vmesonhalstead: I got a blank browser tab, I retried serveral times over 3+ minutes.15:50
halsteadvmeson, That indicates an issue with the reverse proxy or the perl workers. Thanks!15:51
vmesonhalstead: k, thanks for keeping YP BZ going with such a high uptime. We only noticed because this happened during the bug review meeting.15:52
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tgoodwinHas anyone had luck building a bootloader for a Picozed 7030 and FMCv2 carrier? The only working image I can find comes from a pre-built binary (WindRiver Pulsar).17:35
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marex-cloudtgoodwin: try mainline U-Boot, you'll need to supply ps7_init files though17:47
*** gnac <gnac!> has joined #yocto17:47
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tgoodwinmarex-cloud: been down that route via meta-xilinx's rocko branch and replaced the ps7_init files with ones from the Vivado SDK (just in case...).  The resulting build just has flashing PS LEDs on the FMC carrier, no console output at all.17:50
marex-cloudI mean mainline U-Boot, not the garbage Xilinx provides17:51
tgoodwinmarex-cloud: I then tried switching to rel-v2018.2 to see if I could get any farther.  After correcting a typo in the machine definition, it's the same result.17:51
tgoodwinmarex-cloud: Right, the preferred provider for that machine (picozed-zynq7) is u-boot (vs u-boot-xlnx).17:52
marex-cloudv2018.07 or u-boot/master?17:52
tgoodwinRocko, so 2017.09.17:52
marex-cloudApparently the meta-xilinx started patching standard recipes in v2018.2 and forcing wrong package versions, what a crap17:53
marex-cloudI saw that yesterday17:53
marex-cloud2017.09 is ancient, try master or 2018.0717:53
tgoodwinYeah, I noticed over in meta-xilinx-tools they torched their xilinx-bootbin class but still reference it in the readme (vs. 2017.4)17:54
marex-cloudU-Boot can generate the boot.bin with mkimage ...17:54
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tgoodwinmarex-cloud: right.  I'm fairly confident they're using the one generated from the u-boot process.  I'm letting a clean build start right now just in case all my hacking at this threw something off.18:10
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marex-cloudtgoodwin: they use fsbl18:11
marex-cloudtgoodwin: I'd just build U-Boot by hand to avoid the overhead18:11
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tgoodwinmarex-cloud: I suppose what I mean is that the way the recipe works is to take the from u-boot.  Unless I'm misreading something, it's SPL+FSBL.19:07
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marex-cloudtgoodwin: you don't need fsbl with mainline U-Boot19:14
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tgoodwinI pulled that comment from their comments.19:16
tgoodwin(from the xilinx layer, even though the machine def'n is pointed back at u-boot)19:17
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tgoodwinAnyway, comment still stands though.  Per the build artifacts, it's using mainline u-boot's boot.bin and spl.19:19
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tgoodwinmarex-cloud: Thanks for your help.  Unfortunately I'm still stuck even with 2018.07 by hand.  I added my ps7_init files to board/xilinx/zynq/zynq-picozed, ran 'make zynq_picozed_defconfig && make'.  That's with 2018.07 by hand. The resulting boot-up is similar: no console output, flashing PS LEDs on the FMC carrier.20:10
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JPEWHuh, apparently Guido stepped down from being the Python BDFL20:11
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RPJPEW: I can understand that email...20:19
JPEWRP: Don't go getting any ideas ;)20:19
JPEWOn my hash equivalence server changes, I have some changes for bitbake mixed in with oe-core changes... they can't really be separated at this point, so should I push the patches to both lists? Not sure on the edicate there.20:21
JPEWI was only going to push them as RFCs.... I think I've getting to the point where I need some feedback20:21
RPJPEW: worst case you change bitbake and then change the min version reqs in OE but there are usually ways to avoid this20:21
RPJPEW: For an RFC you could just acknowledge there is an issue there20:22
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JPEWRP: Ya that was my plan.... which mailing list would you suggest?20:22
JPEWThe bitbake changes are more invasive, but the oe-core changes are more of the actual "make this thing work" substance.20:24
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RPJPEW: oe-core and bitbake?20:25
JPEWSure, I can do that.20:25
yatesi followed the instructions for customizing the kernel here:
yatesthen i did a bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig, but the customization was not in the configuration.20:29
yates-c menuconfig should apply those customatizations before running the ncurses menuconfig thingie, right?20:30
yatesi had previously bitbaked the kernel successfully20:30
Marextgoodwin: talk to monstr at #u-boot tomorrow (GMT)20:32
Marextgoodwin: he should be able to help you with that20:32
yatesalso note that the .bbappend file and customization .cfg file are in another layer (our board's layer). that should still be picked up when building the linux-variscite recipe if it's in my build/confi/bblayers.conf, right?20:33
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yatesi tested the generated kernel and my intended customization is indeed not present20:52
yateszgrep CONFIG_RTC_DRV_ISL1208 /proc/config.gz20:52
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1112 of eclipse-plugin-neon is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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yatesi followed the instructions for customizing the kernel here and it's just not working:
yatesif, after making the .bbppend and .cfg files as explained above,  i bitbake linux-variscite, then look at the sources/poky/build-hw-test-image/tmp/work/imx6ul_var_dart-fslc-linux-gnueabi/linux-variscite/4.1.15-r0/build/.config file, the configuration is not changed21:31
yatesi've also rebuilt the entire kernel and tested on the actual device and found it actually hasn't changed21:32
*** ant_home <ant_home!> has joined #yocto21:32
yatescould someone give me a clue please?21:32
yateswas there a known problem with this on morty?21:33
kergothnot all kernel recipes support configuration fragments, so verify that first21:39
yateskergoth: how do you check?21:43
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kergothif it inherits kernel-yocto it supports them, other than that it's only specific kernel recipes. check for a dependency on kern-tools-native in the recipe21:45
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yatesthose keywords would be in either a .bb or a .inc? if so, then nope, my kernel recipe doesn't have them22:07
yatesthere is a ./poky/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/ kernel-yocto22:08
*** laplante <laplante!> has joined #yocto22:11
kergothif the kernel recipe either requires linux-yocto or inherits kernel-yocto, or manually implements fragment support with kern-tools-native, then a fragment will work, otherwise you'll have to either override the defconfig entirely or implement the fragment supports22:13
rburtonmost vendor kernels just give you a defconfig and expect you to use it directly or write your own from scratch22:13
kergoththere's an open issue in bugzilla about handling it consistently for all kernels, but i don't know if that's made any progress22:13
rburtonwhich is a pain and why the fragment stuff exists, but try convincing the vendors that22:13
*** laplante_ <laplante_!~laplante@> has joined #yocto22:14
kergothwe've bbappended bsp kernel recipes to add fragments handling repeatedly, but it's not always easy, depending on where and when they create .config from the defcnfig22:14
kergoth(we being mentor)22:14
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yatescouldn't i just put a "REQUIRE += "kern-tools-native"" in my .bbappend???22:18
yatesyeah, i like the idea of the fragment implementation22:20
kergothno. depending on it isn't enough22:20
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kergothalso there's no such thing as REQUIRE22:20
kergothbut even if it DEPEDNS on it, it has to run the tool kern-tools-native provides to merge the fragments into .config after .lconfig is created but before it's used22:20
kergoththat's how you include a .bb or .inc22:21
kergoththat's not how you depend on another recipe22:21
kergothits 'require' or 'include' for the former, DEPENDS for the latter22:21
kergothboth of which are documented at that link, read it more22:21
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yatesso it sounds like this isn't feasible without doing several modifications22:59
yatesi'll just find a way to jam my own defconfig in.22:59
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