Friday, 2018-07-13

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Compulab Yocto: Failure in expanding PATH <>07:22
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tgoodwinMarex: thanks, will do!11:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto. Package version generated by git command <>11:54
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rburtonRP: drop pycairo from next please12:09
RPrburton: gone, also removed xmlrunner12:13
rburtonsend patch, forward to qa12:14
rburtonfired a new mut to run over lunch12:17
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yatesif my linux kernel PN = linux-variscite, then is it invalid to have both a linux-variscite_%.bbappend and a linux-variscite_x.y.z.bbappend overrides in my own layer?13:30
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JPEWyates: No, both will be applied13:43
yatesis the purpose of the do_preconfigure_prepend() defined in the documentation, as well as other similar "standard" scripts?13:46
yatesJPEW: ok, thanks.13:46
yatesof course the one .bbappend will be tied to the version, right?13:46
JPEWyates: correct13:48
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yateswhat if i had multiple .bbappends that i did not want tied to the version? is the convention to create multiple <meta-mylayer>/recipes-kernel/abc folders, each with a linux_%.bbappend files?13:49
yates..and i wanted to maintain them separately..13:49
eduardas_mhello, how can I modify a device tree to get one GPIO pin to change from HI to LO on suspend  (when entering suspend to RAM via "echo mem > /sys/power/state")? The reverse should happen on resuming from suspend.13:52
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eduardas_mor am I thinking incorrectly about this and GPIO manipulation should be done in userspace via systemd?13:53
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yateseduardas_m: either way, ##kernel would probably be a better place to ask13:53
yatesi suspect this wouldn't be a dt configuration, but not sure13:53
JPEWyates: You could.... but there are probably better ways than maintaining multiple bbappends like that13:53
yatese.g. via includes?13:54
yatesotherwise, do tell..13:54
yateswhat is the purpose of a do_preconfigure_prepend(). i cannot find it in the docs13:58
eduardas_myates: sorry if my question seemed inappropriate for this channel, it's just that I know there are a lot of people here doing embedded Linux work and having to solve similar problems14:00
yateseduardas_m: i don't have a problem with your question at all. it just might benefit you better to ask in the other channel.14:01
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JPEWyates: It depends on what you are trying to do14:05
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yatesJPEW: i want to have a .bbappend that applies a fixed tweak, but also allow the devtool process to autogenerate the .bbappend and patch files14:06
yatesis devtool smart and will not touch pieces of the .bbappend file which don't apply to the patches it generated?14:07
JPEWyates: Hmm, not sure. I don't use devtool FWIW, so I don't think I can help you there :)14:07
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yateshelps to talk it out in any case.14:07
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yateshow do i refer to the path of a .bbappend file? it appears that THISDIR is the path of the .bb file that is being appended and not the path of the .bbappend file itself.14:25
yatesi want to define a shell function in that .bbappend that copies a file in a subdirectory of the .bbappend file14:25
fray-in a bbappend-14:26
frayFILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${P}:"14:26
fraythat would add the path to the BBAPPEND (dir), and a subdirectory of the name of the package to the search path for patches14:26
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fraySee the ':='  causes an immediate evaluation14:27
fray(I'm not 100% sure that is necessary)14:27
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yatesfray: +2!14:28
yates"=" and ":=" make a difference in this context14:28
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frayok.. some variables (very few) are immediately evaluated.. while most others (sounds like THISDIR) is a late evaluation14:29
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yatesdoes no one know what the do_preconfigure_prepend() function purpose is? i've grepped all files in my project and cannot find where it is invoked, only the only place it is defined.14:35
yatesmy vendor-supplied kernel (variscite) use the function in their kernel recipe:
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yatesit copies the defconfig to ${WORKDIR}/defconfig. that's all well-and-good.14:36
fraysomeone added a task 'do_preconfigure' to a recipe..14:36
fraydo_preconfigure_prepend then prepends to that task the items included there14:37
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fraydo_preconfigure is not a default task in OE..  so you'll have to find where it's defined.  (It might be part of OE, or the [evil] vendor tree...  but there really is no magic to it)14:37
frayyou'll see an 'addtask do_preconfigure before ... after ...' somewhere14:38
yatesmost things are "simple" when you understand them and "hard" when you don't...14:39
yatesyes i've found that in a .bbclass file from fsl14:40
yatesthanks fray14:40
yatesgalois theory, e.g.14:40
yateswell, that's not a good example. galois theory torqued my brain even after studying it for a few weeks back in grad school.14:41
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acrapHi, folks!14:51
acrapI need an encryption support in db, so i've created a patch (bbappend)14:51
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acrapso, db compiles with encryption support, but these changes broke my image somehow14:53
acrapI got
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acrapI get the error at do_rootfs phase14:55
acrapThe db recipe
acrapoh, sorry, my version is 5.3.2814:56
acrapThe right recipe :
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acrapthat's my patch:
acrapI've removed --disable-cryptography and addded --with-cryptography14:59
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yateshow is do_task_append() related to d_task()?15:14
yatesfray mentioned addtask, but that only seems to establish dependencies for do_task15:14
yatescorretion: how is do_task_prepend() related to do_task()?15:16
yatesif you define and addtask do_task(), does bitbake also invoke do_task_prepend() before it invokes do_task()? (for example)15:19
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kergoth_prepend and _append are operations that concatenate a variable15:20
kergoththat's true whether the variable is a task or not15:21
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kergothsee the bitbake user manual15:21
yatesbut this isn't a variable, rather a function15:22
kergotha function is a variable that happens to have a flag set telling bitbake it's executable15:23
kergothit's all just key=value15:23
kergothsame for a task, it's a function with a couple flags set15:23
kergothwhich is a variable with the func flag set15:23
kergothfrom bitbake's perspective, a variable is a variable, whether a function or not15:24
yatesso are you saying do_task_prepend(){foo}, when do_task(){bar} prepends do_task() so that it is now {foo; bar} ?15:26
kergothwith a newline instead of a semicolon there, but yes15:26
kergothand bitbake -e will show you exactly that15:26
yatesding. i didn't know all this...15:27
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kergothagain, see the bitbake user manual, it covers the file format15:27
yatesi have referred to the bitbake manual many times now. i don;'t remember, or have not seen, and do not see now, it stating this information about functions versus variables.15:30
yatesperhaps i'm missing it.15:30
yatesi see it now. section 3.4.515:31
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yatesif there are two prepends on a function, one in a .bb file and the other in a .bbappend file, are they concatenated or does the .bbappend prepend override the .bb prepend?15:33
kergothit's cumulative15:33
kergoth_prepend is an operator, like +=, not part of the variable name15:33
* RP can't believe how painful it is to get timing numbers out of unittest :(15:37
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yatesi strongly suggest you modify section 3.1.8 of the bitbake manual to cover the fact that this syntax applies to functions as well as variables.15:53
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RPThe frustrating thing with this parallelisation code is that it assigns tests to queues in advance and assumes test runtimes average out :(16:23
rburtonoh, nuts16:33
rburtonthat's just dumb16:33
rburtonhave they rejected doing it with a proper queue?16:34
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RPrburton: the trouble is testtools is retrofitting around upstream unittest so you're stuck with its interfaces16:34
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RPIt may be possible to do this dynamically, not sure16:35
RPits the kind of python I'm less good at :/16:35
RPrburton: just confirmed a load of the test threads completed and are idle16:38
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RPdown to 2 of the 15 threads I think16:39
rburtonare you using ConcurrentTestSuite?16:40
RPrburton: yes16:40
rburtonwould ConcurrentStreamTestSuite be any better?16:40
RPrburton: it could solve some problems but not this one16:40
rburtonwasn't sure from the summary16:41
RPrburton: with the downside of requiring rewriting everything to use streams16:41
rburtonah nuts16:41
RPstreams aren't in upstream unittest16:41
rburtonah ok, fair enough16:41
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RPrburton: We could split up the devtool tests into more modules. I'm going to have a look at that16:58
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khemrburton: I resent the mesa wayland/egl patch with typo fix in it17:22
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armpitkhem, mesa typo fix ; ) did you see "bild" one19:28
armpitin the subject19:29
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yatesso meta-<layer>/swupdate gets applied even if meta-swupdate is removed from bblayers.conf?!?20:41
yates(the build's bblayers.conf, that is)20:42
nathani_how do I force the kernel to rebuild, outside of a cleanall?21:06
JPEWnathani_ bitbake -C compile virtual/kernel ?21:07
nathani_yeah I think that will do it, thanks!21:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building pandoc into yocto core-image-minimal <>22:26
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ant_homekhem, fyi;23:33
yoctiBug 86520: was not found.23:33
ant_homebut it sppears fixed with our gcc8.1.023:33
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ds2is there a easy way to find out what is pulling in a recipe?23:59

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