Monday, 2018-07-30

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Bluetooth a2dp audio choppy/skipping [closed] <>02:38
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dawodI am new to yocto project.08:35
dawodI need to know how to add wayland to my image istead of x1108:35
dawodcan any one help ?08:35
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fl0v0dawod: this is the first hit when i type 'yocto wayland' into google. What have you already tried?09:03
dawodthe same for me, but at first i couldn't understand some details . i read it again and understand .thank you09:09
fl0v0dawod: if you dont know what something means, the first thing i would do is go to the Mega Manual and ctrl + f for the term you are loooking for (
dawodfl0v0: thank you veru much . I will do in the next times.09:26
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lukmaGood afternoon,10:12
lukmaIs there any easy way to install a legacy toolchain? For example gcc-4.8 on a modern YP ?10:12
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* tlwoerner congratulates ndec 11:28
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ndectlwoerner: thanks ;)12:03
tlwoernerit's sad to see jefro playing a reduced role (officially?) in this community, but it's great to see you taking this over12:04
mckoanndec: congrats!12:04
ndechi tlwoerner , yes, jefro has stepped back officially. see this was the trigger for Lieu Ta to take the AB chairman position, and myself.12:06
ndecalso, i hope you've noticed that the 'member' page has been updated recently, with new platinum members..
rburton_ndec: yes very nice to see :)12:07
tlwoernersomeone needs to update the subject of this channel (i.e. update the community manager)12:14
tlwoernerndec: i was very surprised to see fb and am curious about their interest12:14
tlwoernerndec: and i saw the ARM announcement in my feeds very recently12:15
* tlwoerner thinks these are interesting times for the project12:15
rburton_well thats their fork but they're working upstream more now12:18
tlwoernerrburton_: nice! it's nice to see less home-brew12:19
rburton_extrapolating from the size of their data centre and the fact that their servers run yocto makes me think they've got one of the largest deployments in the world12:21
tlwoernernow that they've joined the -ab, maybe we'll also start to see them at devdays, ELC(E)s, and OED{A|E}Ms12:25
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tendieHello! I am new to yocto, and have a question: How do I add apt-get to my target? I have added PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= " package_deb" and EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES ?= " package-management". apt-get is added, but is functionally worthless, as it doesn't have any sources or anything.12:38
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malanecoraHow can I make available a file of one recipe (recipe-A) in another recipe (recipe-B)?12:42
malanecorae.g. package-config binary configuration script12:42
malanecoraI guess it should be in recipe's B ${WORKDIR}/recipe-sysroot/usr/bin/crossscripts/12:47
malanecoraBut it doesn't12:47
neverpanicmalanecora: recipe-A needs to install it so that it gets put into the sysroot, and recipe-B needs to have recipe-A in DEPENDS12:49
neverpanicbeware that not all paths that are installed by recipe-A are automatically part of the sysroot, but the standard paths for pkg-config scripts definitely are, so unless you're installing your .pc file in a non-standard location, this should work out of the box12:49
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karthik__does anyone know how to write a recipe file for installing a folder in the rootfs ?12:51
karthik__i was trying the "cp"command, but's not working for me12:51
malanecora neverpanic: recipe-B already have recipe-A in DEPENDS. It's not a .pc script but kind of (the very same as the old configuration scripts used to be).12:52
malanecoraSo, I have to install it in sysroots, right?12:53
malanecorakarthik__: It does works for me.12:54
malanecoraI manage the folder as a normal file12:55
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QantelHey guys! Having trouble with meta-intel-qat. Anyone faced issues with that before ?12:56
malanecoraneverpanic: BTW, I'm installing it in ${bindir}12:57
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neverpanicmalanecora: As long as it's in one of the standard paths (, it should still work.12:57
neverpanickarthik__: can you pastebin the recipe that you're tried and the error message you're getting?12:59
malanecoraneverpanic: should I install it also in sysroot-dest folder in order to make the file available for other recipes?13:02
neverpanicNo, that should happen automatically.13:03
karthik__neverpanic : I don't have access to pastebin and let me see if i can find some alternative.13:07
neverpanickarthik__: p.dnnr.de13:07
karthik__malanecora : can you share you bb file ?13:07
karthik__share your*13:07
karthik__neverpanic : you saved me from google :P13:08
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karthik__neverpanic : this is my recipe13:09
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karthik__neverpanic : cannot stat the folder "eventmachine-1.2.7" in work directory is the error13:10
malanecoraSRC_URI = "file://test"13:11
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malanecoraS="${WORKDIR}"  do_compile() { : }  do_install() { install -d ${D}/ cp -r ${S}/test ${D}/ }  FILES_${PN} += "/test"13:11
malanecoraBeing "test" a folder with subfolders and files13:11
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karthik__malanecora : what does the S varibale stands for ?13:12
malanecoraUsually S = "${WORKDIR}/${BP}"13:13
malanecoraIn Yocto environment13:14
neverpanickarthik__: Not sure wildcards will work in SRC_URI.13:15
karthik__install: cannot stat ‘/home/iriejc/my_workspace/tmp/work/cortexa7hf-neon-linux-gnueabi/eventmachine/1.2.7-r0/eventmachine-1.2.7.gemspec’: No such file or directory13:15
karthik__this is the error the build is throwing when i tried the cp command in bb file13:16
karthik__neverpanic : then how do i point to that folder ?13:16
neverpanickarthik__: have you tried using a tarball?13:16
karthik__tar the folder ?13:17
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neverpanicyes, and point the recipe to the tarball. that should automatically extract the contents into ${WORKDIR}, where you can cp them13:17
karthik__will try that13:19
malanecoraAlso, my /tmp/sysroots folder is empty, is that normal?13:22
neverpanicIIRC the sysroots moved with the recipe-specific sysroots feature, but I'm not regularly using a modern Yocto with that feature, so I'm the wrong person to ask.13:26
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tendieHow do I add apt-get to my target? I have added PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= " package_deb" and EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES ?= " package-management". apt-get is added, but is functionally worthless, as it doesn't have any sources or anything.13:28
malanecoraneverpanic: Ok! Thank you!13:29
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karthik__neverpanic : good suggestion. There is improvement. Thank you.13:39
karthik__arm-linux-gnueabi-objcopy:/home/iriejc/yocto_digi/my_workspace/tmp/work/cortexa7hf-neon-linux-gnueabi/eventmachine/1.2-r0/package/usr/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/eventmachine-1.2.7/ext/fastfilereader/ File format not recognized13:39
karthik__but now i am getting this error13:39
karthik__why is not objcopy not recogonizing .so files ?13:40
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neverpanicwrong architecture, maybe?13:58
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Qantelhey guys! When I run bitbake I get a 'CC= ... -fdebug-prefix-map = ...' but I do not get the --sysroot=path so some headers while they are there are not found14:29
Qanteland it throws a missing error while using devshell14:29
Qantelany idea?14:29
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rburtontendie: set PACKAGE_FEED_URLS in your local.conf to the base URL that you're running the feed on14:33
rburtontendie: bitbake doesnt' run a http itself, so you need to do that bit yourself14:34
rburton(i just have a lighttp on my build box)14:34
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tendierburton: What do you mean, the base URL that I'm running the feed on? I think I'm a step or two behind that.14:45
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malanecoraPlease take a look over this post!
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rburtontendie: if you want apt-get to work then you need to host the feed somewhere...15:11
rburtonas i said, i just run a lighttp on the build machine and point to the right ip15:11
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tendieMy target has an ethernet plug and can download things from repos with mercurial, why does is depend on the build host to get package feeds for apt-get?15:16
rburtonok who understands mips15:24
fraylol.. 'what part'15:24
rburtontendie: where else is apt going to get package feeds from?15:24
rburtonfray: arch flags and tunes and etc15:24
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rburtonfray: debugging the sdk failure where cmake won't link15:24
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tendierburton: I guess I'm still misunderstanding. I am going to ask some questions to clarify what I'm not getting: A package feed is like the urls you would find in sources.list in /etc/ept. Is this correct?15:32
rburtonthe URLs point to a package feed yse15:32
tendieOkay. So if i'm looking to get apt-get on my target to mimic how it default is set up on for example ubuntu, PACKAGE_FEED_URLS should contain those urls found in sources.list. That's one step, correct?15:36
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kergothubuntu has a web server hosting their package feeds15:39
kergothyou'll have to do the same, bitbake doesn't install a web server for you15:39
kergothsome *distros* may or may not provide a package feed, but it's not possible for oe/yocto to provide a generic one, as there are too many ways to change the build in ways that break binary compatibility15:40
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Build Qt5 with Cmake in Yocto <>15:40
tendiekergoth: so because my image isn't using ubuntu, I can't use the ubuntu package feeds by just copying those URLs. Is this correct?15:44
kergoththat's true for any distro of any kind. packages from one distro aren't safe to install on other distros unless they're explicitly compatible. that's true on the desktop as well as embedded.15:45
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rburtontendie: *if* you want a working package feed then set PACKAGE_FEED_URLs to the base URL that you'll have the feed on, and bitbake will write the correct sources.list using that URL16:12
rburtoni run a local httpd on my build machine so PACKAGE_FEED_URLS=http://flashheart.local/deploy/16:12
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yateslike many yocto projects, my image recipe generates a foo.rootfs.ext file in the deploy/images/machine directory.16:23
yatesi need to custom-generate a similar type of file. how do i a) specify the components which go into the file, and b) create a partition of a specific type (in my case, fat32)?16:25
yatescomponents == files..16:25
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yatesdoes it require wic?16:26
yatesper section 5.6 of the development manual?16:27
yateswant to generate my own16:27
yatesignore that last line ^^^^16:27
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kergothpartitioning would require wic or something similar/custom, yes16:28
yatescan you just use fdisk somehow in the recipe?16:29
yates(running on linux)16:29
kergothto create a partition table, sure, but scripting fdisk is a pain in the ass, and you'd still have to know the correct offsets to dd the filesystem image into the right spot in that image16:30
kergothparted is better, but still a royal pain. there's a reason wic exists, it wraps exactly this sort of thing for you16:30
kergothbut sure, you could definitely roll your own if you want to, i've done it before16:30
yatesi use a bong.16:31
yatesis there an example of this somewhere?16:32
yatesof an entire recipe, that is, which performs these steps?16:33
kergothit's generally done in an image type class introducing a new image type, not a recipe16:33
kergothand you'd likely have to check old branches, since most everyone has moved to wic16:33
yatesso you mean folks do this by using wic outside of bitbake?16:34
yatesdid you mean the wic commands are used within the class routines to generate an image type?16:35
yatess/did you mean/or did you mean.../16:36
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yateswhy am i constantly feeling like using yocto is like getting directions without knowing which way north is?!?!?16:42
kergothimage types are functions/variables with the commands to create an iage of that type16:48
kergoththose types are added to IMAGE_TYPES by the machine .conf to control what image binaries are emitted16:49
kergothi.e. tar.gz, ext4, wic, etc16:49
kergothyou can create your own as well16:49
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kergothfairly sure image types are covered by the docs, but it's been a while since i read them16:49
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retoWhen I boot my Yoco distribution (systemd based), for some reason it already has a somewhat recent date set (Fri Jul 20 08:26:37 UTC 2018) - where does this come from? Asking because /var/lib/systemd/timesync/clock does not exists initially.17:36
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yatesreto: your board may have a battery backup17:55
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retoyates: nope18:08
retoit is our own board and there is no rtc (MediaTek MT7688 based)18:09
retoAnd on every startup the time is reset to around Fri Jul 20 08:26:37 UTC 201818:09
retoPretty sure it just takes a timestamp as reference and uses it - I just would like to understand which file and which server (likely systemd)18:10
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yatesdoes the mips24kEc have an on-board clock? perhaps the kernel is initializing it?18:17
yateslet me back WAY up and ask a top-level question: what is an "image"? is it the rootfs?18:26
*** tgraydon <tgraydon!~textual@> has joined #yocto18:27
yates"IMAGE_FSTYPES: Specifies the formats the OpenEmbedded build system uses during the build when creating the root filesystem."18:27
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yateskergoth: i've looked through the docs and don't see any section specific to images and image_types. can you please provide a poitner?18:29
yatesi am not trying to create a rootfs "iamge"18:31
yatesi am trying to create a fat32 "image" with zImage and the .dtb files on it18:31
yatesthis for for swupdate, so that image can be added to sw-description18:32
kergotheven if you don't use the image type mechanism directly, you can easily *read the image type functions* to see how they're constructing the binaries18:32
kergotheither look at the wic one to see how wic is used, or look at an old branch's custom image types to see how folks use fdisk/parted/etc to construct images18:32
kergothi.e. many layers have done an image_types_sdcard in the past prior to migrating to wic18:32
yateshow old is "old"? morty?18:33
kergothor just do it yourself, really your call18:33
kergothi don't know the exact timeline of wic adoption, it was gradual18:33
kergothjust search the layer index for image_types, or mksdcard, or whatever, or again, just research how to script fdisk and do it yourself18:33
* kergoth shrugs18:33
tendiekergoth: regarding the package management discussion earlier: is there a distro I can use that is compatible with the ubuntu package feeds? That is most likely a requirement for my current project.18:34
yateswhere are the "*image type functions*"?18:37
yatesi'd love to read them and adapt to them.18:38
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tendieyates: I'm including apt, but the target doesn't get flashed with anything in sources.list.19:00
yatesi'm no expert on package management, but i get the repo doesn't have your machine type19:03
yatesand i'm an apt-idiot - i use rpm/dnf (fedora)19:04
yates(for my host machine)19:04
yatesand "flashed"?19:05
yatesi don't apt would do any flashing, just copying to the filesystem.19:05
yatess/don't/don't think/19:06
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1182 of nightly-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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yateshow does something in a .bb file cause anything in the image_types.bbclass to be run?20:38
yatesi'm not getting that connection20:38
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yatesand what distinguishes a "non-image" recipe from an "image" recipe?20:42
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1234 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
yateswhat is a "bootable live image"?20:48
yateslike "fedora live"?20:49
yatessomething you can boot off a thumbdrive?20:50
yateskergoth: perhaps you don't understand where i am confused. if all i had to do was write my own script to use fdisk or whatever to generate a .fat32 file, i'd have been done days ago. that part i know.20:57
yateswhat i am trying to do is get YOCTO to do this as part of a recipe (or a recipe which invokes functions in a bbclass, or what the hell ever)20:57
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yatesi want ultimately to generate the .swu file by running "bitbake swu", which would then do what's necessary to generate the ext4 of the rootfs (i think i have this part down) and then fat32 of the "linux" image (zImage + dtbs)20:58
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yatesthe .swu file is one output from the babic's swupdate process21:00
yatesi see that there is a built-in "do_rootfs" routine which is part of a standard set of image tasks. but i want to build a "linux" fs (zImage + .dtbs in a fat32), not a rootfs21:02
yateswhat distinguishes an "image" recipe from a "non-image" recipe?21:04
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kergothyates: whether the recipe inherits the image class. "inherit image"21:12
kergothand screaming and repeating yourself isn't particularly productive21:12
yateswhat does the syntax "python () {...}" accomplish in .bbclass files?21:19
yateshow are such functions invoked? by what name?21:20
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yatesis it true that all non-manual tasks ( get invoked when running bitbake, but the bbclass files which some recipes may not define every task function, so that function basically does nothing?21:28
yatess/which some recipes/which some recipes are based on/21:29
kergothby default bitbake runs the do_build task (specifically, the task defined by the BB_DEFAULT_TASK variable)21:29
kergothit runs any tasks that do_build depends on21:29
kergothaddtask foo creates a task that has to be run manually, addtask foo before do_build or before some otehr task that's run by default, will be run automatically21:30
yateshow do you make do_build depend on a task?21:35
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yateskergoth: are you saying the addtask (after/before) mechanism is precisely how you accrete dependencies to the do_build task?21:40
kergothi just told you21:41
kergothwithin a recipe, anyway21:41
kergothcross-recipe dependencies are defined with DEPENDS/RDEPENDS_<pkg> and various variable flags21:41
yatesi see21:41
kergothbut yes, before == the other recipe runs after this task, aka depends on this task, and after is vice versa21:41
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justintttyates: you could look at _generate_boot_image()21:55
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yatesthanks justinttt21:56
yatesagain, what does the syntax "python () {...}" accomplish in .bbclass files?21:57
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kergothsee the bitbake user manual, it covers the file format21:59
yatessee Anonymous Python Functions22:01
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justintttyates: here is the source of some of the bitbake utils functions to look at.
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RParmpit: We can't take that rm_work patch for sumo, it breaks things. There are fixes from me in master to rm_work but its invasive22:29
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armpitRP, ok22:34
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RParmpit: I did merge the rest, thanks!22:38
armpitnp. glad I can help22:41
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RPrsalveti: I think a patch I just posted should fix your hardlink issue in package.bbclass23:05
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