Wednesday, 2018-08-08

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webreformerHi All,10:00
webreformerHow can I force bitbake to fetch git repo. everytime I compile code10:01
webreformer> bitbake <target> should always fetch git repo. and build it.10:02
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misy163I'm having trouble with mariadb / mysql in yocto - any kind soul online ready to help?10:09
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frscHi, I have a recipe that appends some files and different versions of these files are kept in subdirs named like different machine overrides10:45
frscNow I have the problem, that the rebuild isn't triggered when I switch to an other machine10:46
frscwebreformer: You can do "bitbake -C fetch -f <target>"10:47
webreformerfrsc : Thanks10:51
webreformerDo I need to follow below steps everytime I make some changes in source code,10:55
webreformer- push it to respective git repository then10:55
webreformer- fetch it and then10:55
webreformer- compile using bitbake10:55
webreformerIs there any shortcut way for development ?10:56
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kanavinwebreformer: SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}" should always use the latest commit11:43
kanavinonly recommended for local development11:43
kanavinno need to use -C fetch -f, just bitbake normally11:44
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frscwebreformer: while working on the source code you should probably use devtool11:47
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frscwebreformer: e.g. devtool modify <target> copies your sources to a working directory11:48
frscwebreformer: you can change the sources and recompile without needing to fetch et.c11:49
frscwebreformer: after finishing you have to bring the changes back to your original code base or create patches11:51
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frscHi, I have a bbappend that appends some files to SRC_URI and different versions of these files are kept in subdirs named like different machine overrides12:31
frscDepending on the MACHINE set the recipe picks up the files from the correct subdir and builds the package12:31
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frscBut I need to force the rebuild after MACHINE has changed. Otherwise the old package for the previous MACHINE will be kept.12:33
frscAnyone has an idea how I can fix the rebuild behaviour?12:34
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rburtonmake the package arch MACHINE-specific12:49
rburtonfrsc: ^12:50
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frscrburton: that sounds reasonable, but PACKAGE_ARCH is already set to "${MACHINE_ARCH}"12:54
rburtonthen changing MACHINE should be causing a rebuild12:54
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frscrburton: I just checked once more and it doesn't12:57
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frscrburton: I can see that PACKAGE_ARCH changes correctly to the name of the selected MACHINE, but no rebuild happens13:04
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pabdaddy1995Does anyone know how to force u-boot-fw-utils to use the correct board configuration?13:16
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to disable Warning error flag in yocto recipe <>13:20
frscrburton: Any idea how to debug such an issue?13:21
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JoeRHi all, is anyone here familiar with the Vivante driver and its relationship with Qt? I'm getting into a circular argument with it and mesa.13:41
JoeREverything seems to have contradicting PROVIDES, I think this is because the Vivante recipe will needs some mesa, as it doesn't do everything. I can't get it to play ball with EGLFS Qt though.13:43
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sagnerI recently see lots of file-rdeps issues on master, anybody seen this too? (ERROR: dbus-1.12.8-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/libexec/dbus-daemon-launch-helper contained in package dbus requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_dbus? [file-rdeps])13:47
frscJoeR: Are you on i.MX6 and are you using meta-freescale?13:49
JoeRSetting PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/egl to imx-gpu-viv just upsets other things further down the line, and on and on.13:51
JoeRI'm using meta-freescale on sumo, this is an upgrade of a working system from Krogoth to Sumo. So I need to change what I have, but I'm not quite sure how. My image includes linux-imx, kernel-modules, kernel-module-imx-gpu-viv, imx-gpu-viv13:53
JoeRAnd qtbase, which should be running on EGLFS, preferably backed by the vivante driver.13:53
frscJoeR: Hm, the last time I was using this setup was on morty. I haven't looked into sumo so far.13:55
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JoeRfrsc: We don't move forwards between releases of Yocto that often. So it seemed like now was the time to get on the new release. Perhaps it's a jump too far!14:01
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frscJoeR: We also just move to a later branch rarely. The last jump we did was from morty to rocko, but on rocko we are using a upstream kernel now without the Vivante drivers, etc.14:07
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yateswhat is the PROVIDES name of the rootfs, so that i can add it to a recipe?14:19
frayname fo the image recipe14:20
frayunless you add an explicit provide14:20
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pabdaddy1995Does anyone know how to force u-boot-fw-utils to use the correct board configuration?14:36
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eric__31hi, I have a strange issue with a recipe fetching from git : I'm using PRSERV_HOST = "localhost:0" and PV = "gitr${SRCPV}" so I expect the version numbering to be handled by the prserv. If I add a SRCREV_pn-mysw = "1ad58b2488ce91ce4d0c4aae4189108b0281aae6", I see in buildhistory PV = gitrAUTOINC+1ad58b2488 and PKGV = gitr0+1ad58b2488 .15:20
eric__31if I then fix the hash to 6bd8208a0754a23b5437cb34a361fc22d7dc0c3b, I see -PKGV = gitr0+1ad58b2488 +PKGV = gitr0+6bd8208a07 +PKGR = r0.0 which is expected15:20
eric__31but then if I come back to the hash 1ad58b2488ce91ce4d0c4aae4189108b0281aae6, I see -PKGV = gitr2+6bd8208a07 -PKGR = r0.1 +PKGV = gitr0+1ad58b2488 and thus I have the package numbering going backward.15:21
eric__31Do you have any idea on how to fix this ?15:21
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kergotheric__31: most likely it pulled the previous package and packagedata from sstate.15:36
* armpit tests patchtest15:36
eric__31kergoth : is that expected even if I clean the sstate cache between both run ?15:37
eric__31using -d --cache-dir=sstate-cache -y15:37
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: menuconfig window pop-up issue in linux <>15:51
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justintttWhat is the best way to disable or mask a systemd service from starting at boot? I don't want to remove the service just stop it from starting at boot time. Should I create a bbappend file for the service recipe and use the SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE var?17:11
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kismis the phytec bsp developer here by any chance?17:27
khemkism: you can ask your question here if its related to yocto/oe17:28
kismafter building and flashing to hardware. My device ip address is set to a default static ip that is hardcoded somewhere because everytime I reset it's always the same one. Now I can temporarily change it with "ifconfig eth0 192.168.x.xx" with success moving forward but if the hardware is turned off and on again it defaults to the original one I talk about in the beginning. There is a network settings file in /env/network/eth0 but when i c17:35
kismip doesnt change. so it appears this file is not what im looking for or there might be another file somewhere overwriting this one.17:35
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kismany help appreciated. If there are any other files that set up the boot up ip address I am missing?17:39
yatesi attempted to devtool modify -x swupdate and get this error:
yatesi don't understand why.17:41
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yatesany ideas?18:05
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yatesis there an image type that will generate a gunziped (gz) ext4?18:27
yatesi'm looking at image_types.bbclass and i don't see that.18:27
kergothjust put ext4.gz in IMAGE_FSTYPES18:29
kergothgz is a generic image compression type, you can append it to any other type18:29
kergothsee COMPRESSIONTYPES or CONVERSIONTYPES depending on your oe/yocto version18:29
yatesthat's what i thought, but i'm not seeing it in the deploy18:29
yatesthis should work for my file: IMAGE_FSTYPES[hw-test-image] += "ext4.gz" ?18:34
kismany thoughts to my above issue of not being able to save a new ip addr for reboot?18:36
kergothIMAGE_FSTYPES is a list18:37
kergothIMAGE_FSTYPES[hw-test-image] won't do anything at all18:37
kergoththat's setting a flag that isn't used18:37
kergothIMAGE_FSTYPES += "ext4.gz"18:37
yatesit's confusing to me when flags are used and when they aren't..18:38
kergothflags are only used in *specific* cases18:40
kergothdo not use a flag unless you know it's what you should be using18:40
kergothoriginally flags were intended as a way to add metadata about the metadata. flags control how tasks are run (dependencies, etc), how signatures are calculated, etc. in certain cases they're overloaded as a generic dictionary, but that's fairly rare18:41
yatesok, my bad on flags... lol18:41
kergothi.e. the only difference between a variable and a function from bitbake's perspective is the presence of a 'func' flag set to '1'. defining a function with foo () {} just sets key=value and sets the func flag for you18:41
yateskism: so you want to save the ip address you have set across reboots?18:42
yatesi would grep for your initial ipaddress and see how/where they're setting it.18:43
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yateskergoth: thanks for the correction.18:45
khemkism: is your system using systemd or sysvinit ?18:46
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kergothnp, was hoping to clarify the usage18:46
yatesyes, you did.18:46
kergoththe datastore is really just a dictionary/hash table with additional dictionaries/hash tables about particular keys (flags) and the ability to clone a copy-on-write child of itself (this is how the global configuration data goes into a reicpe's metadata)18:47
yateskergoth: are you showing off? :)18:48
yatesi didn't understand 2/3rds of that..18:48
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kergothhmm, was hoping to make it seem less mysterious, but i think it backfired18:48
yates:) np, thanks for trying.18:49
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kergoththe copy-on-write thing is an implementation detail, you can think of it like inheritence. a child instance can access all the data from its parent, just happens to avoid actually copying anything until it has to. probably should have left that out :)18:49
yateswhen you say "the datastore", are you referring to the "d" object that is globally available to the classes?18:49
kergothyeah, precisely18:49
yatesi had (i think) a bit of a revelation about yocto/bitbake recently.18:51
yatesmore of a basic way to understand it.18:51
yatesthink of a matrix of rows and columns. the columns are all the "standard" tasks (do_configure, do_compile, etc.). the rows are recipes which configure/populate those tasks.18:53
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pabdaddy1995kergoth:  do you have any experience with u-boot-fw-utils?18:54
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hundebollhi, I get this error when building on Arch Linux with python 3.7 / 2.7.1519:01
hundebollI know Arch Linux isn't an officially supported host OS, but I am not sure if this is related to python 3.719:02
hundebollso might as well just give a heads up19:02
hundebollhmm, no19:05
hundebollisn't related to python version19:05
hundebolli had relative paths in conf/bblayers.conf19:05
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xtrondo variables in a recipe are available in shell function?19:57
JaMaxtron: they are expanded by bitbake before the shell function is executed, but if you need them in shell environment (e.g. for some shell script called inside do_compile) then you need to export them20:07
kismkhem: systemd20:11
kismyates: I want to set a new ip addr that is saved in memory so when i reboot it uses that one instead yes, The current one I can't see in my local network.20:12
kismsorry for delay I just got back from lunch.20:13
kismI'm completely new and working towards getting a working prototype for internship20:14
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xtronJaMa: I want to modify them in recipe from shell function, can I do this in shell function + using python d.getvar and d.setvar20:18
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emgHow can I make my install image boot into a shell instead of running init? Trying to debug an issue on new hardware, kernel can't recognize my emmc so I want to poke around in a shell in the initrd/initramfs (which is it?)21:19
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aehs29Im really liking this new sstate summary21:53
aehs29emg: pass the init parameter to the kernel, set it as bin/bash21:54
aehs29emg: or use poky-tiny which does a little more than just that21:54
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kergothnice to see an sstate summary become default, been using buildstats-summary.bbclass for that for yeras21:55
justintttHow can I disable systemd-timesyncd service? I am running ntpd instead.22:01
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emgaehs29: I added init=/bin/sh but that didn't work, I think because of the initrd?23:04
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aehs29emg: it really depends on what youre using but it looks like  you should change your init script on initrd to drop to shell23:22
aehs29emg: basically you want to avoid switching root23:23
emgaehs29: where do I find that? (new to yocto, guy who normally does this isn't here)23:23
aehs29emg: initrdscripts recipe, might be what youre looking for23:23
emgaehs29: thank you23:25
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