Thursday, 2018-08-09

armpitkhem, glibc 2.28 test run failed.00:00
armpitchecking version of make... 3.82, bad, is this the host issue ross talked about ?00:00
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khemarmpit yes06:59
frscI have a Yocto problem and no idea how to debug this. Maybe someone has a hint?07:03
frscI have a recipe with PACKAGE_ARCH = "${MACHINE_ARCH}, but when I switch between different MACHINES no rebuild happens.07:04
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bluelightningfrsc: first thing to verify would be to bitbake -e recipename | less to see whether that value is being overridden07:12
frscbluelightning: I can see that PACKAGE_ARCH changes correctly when I change the MACHINE07:12
bluelightningwhen you say no rebuild happens, how are you determining that?07:13
xtronhow to use [bb.utils.contains] in anonymous python function?07:14
frscbluelightning: nothing happens at all, I get "Attempted 472 tasks of which 472 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded."07:14
bluelightningfrsc: if you've built it before with that MACHINE set (which surely you must have) then that would be expected ...07:15
frscbluelightning: No, because actually it's a u-boot recipe and I expect at least that the correct bootloader image for this MACHINE is deployed07:16
frscNo matter if it was already built07:16
frscSo what I expect is that it uses sstate, but rerun do_deploy. At least that's how I think it should work.07:18
bluelightningthe first time, yes, I would expect the same07:19
frscOr maybe it doesn't even need sstate, but I need to have the correct binary for the selected MACHINE in my deploy dir07:20
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bluelightningI can't honestly say what might be happening in your tree without further information, but I can confirm it should work as you expect07:20
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frscbluelightning: Ok, do you have any idea how to debug this? What places do I need to look at, that might provide some hints?07:26
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frscBecause the current situation is, that I switch MACHINE and build an image and the image contains a wrong u-boot binary and it doesn't boot and that's really bad.07:28
bluelightningfrsc: the thing is, if PACKAGE_ARCH is changing then WORKDIR must be changing, and that would have to force at minimum a restore from sstate07:28
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bluelightningfrsc: first thing to do would be to bitbake -c clean for both values of MACHINE07:29
bluelightningthen run the experiment again07:29
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bluelightninghow is the recipe written such that MACHINE influences how it is built?07:31
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frscbluelightning: There's a bbappend that includes some files in SRC_URI for all machines, but there are subdirs for the different machines that hold different versions of those files for each MACHINE07:34
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bluelightningRP: this is something you would expect to work without anything more explicit in the recipe, right?07:36
frscbluelightning: I cleaned and retried and it seems to work on the first run with each MACHINE, but once both versions exist in tmp no re-deploy happens and I am stuck with the same binary in the deploy dir07:36
bluelightningah - right... so how exactly is the deploy being done07:37
bluelightning(for this to work properly the deploy must *not* write directly to the output directory, it needs to be going through sstate)07:37
RPbluelightning: it should work, yes07:39
bluelightningOE-Core's does seem to be doing the deployment the correct way07:39
frscbluelightning: I'm using the core's in my recipe07:39
frscIt's basically the core with a few additional variables and files07:40
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bluelightninghmm... puzzling07:43
bluelightningfrsc: in your testing right now are you still building the image or just u-boot ?07:44
frscbluelightning: just u-boot07:44
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bluelightningok, that simplifies things a little07:45
bluelightningso there are two possible avenues: 1) bitbake -DDD (which will print a whole bunch of uninteresting things but should somewhere make reference to u-boot's deploy task)07:47
bluelightningand 2) the stamps for the two different machines, which you should be able to compare with bitbake-diffsigs07:47
frscbluelightning: Ok in the log I get: "We can skip tasks [...]/u-boot/"07:51
frscWhatever leads to this07:51
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frscbluelightning: This is what I get when I compare the stamps for the deploy task of both machines:
bluelightninghmm, so it differs in the way you would expect it to...08:08
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frscbluelightning: So what could lead to the task being skipped?08:16
frscThis is what I see in the log:08:16
frsc[...]/u-boot-exceet/2017.03-r0.do_deploy_setscene.b19c8a38f546274270c1fb5a4603e03c.imxceet-ul-2-s not available08:17
frscDEBUG: Normal stamp current for task [...]/u-boot/
frscDEBUG: Found task [...]/u-boot/ which could be accelerated08:17
frscAnd after that the task gets listed in the "skip list"08:19
RPfrsc: are these things deploying to the same filename?08:19
frscRP: yes, and additional some machine-specific symlinks08:20
frsclike u-boot.imx, u-boot-imxceet-ul-2-s.imx, etc.08:20
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luneffhey guys! I have wrong machine-specific SRC_URI_append which I'd like to override. how do I do so with such a beast? :-)08:46
luneffI've filed an issue report to original layer, but it could take some time before the fix gets in. Given, I understood it's an issue correctly.
RPfrsc: I'm going to guess that this is the problem, the underlying files are probably all there but the main link which isn't machine specific is going to be the last one the task deployed08:49
RPfrsc: the file names really need to be machine specific since the deploy task will only run once, then the system will think its current and not run it again08:50
bluelightningluneff: it's not ideal but you should be able to do SRC_URI_remove = "0015-Add-eglfs_viv_wl-to-IMX-GPU.patch" and then SRC_URI_append = "0015-Add-eglfs_viv-to-IMX-GPU.patch"08:52
bluelightningluneff: you could make those conditional as well if you need to08:52
luneffyeah, thinking about the same, thank you :-)08:53
bluelightningheh, I missed the leading space in the append, but you probably won't do that :)08:53
frscRP: I guess you're right. Actually we use a common UBOOT_CONFIG for all machines and that leads to the filename of the binary being the same.08:55
frscSo we probably have to change our setup as this does not seem to be an intended use case.08:55
RPfrsc: you need to use different filenames for the two different machines, its not designed to work otherwise08:55
frscRP: Ok08:56
RPfrsc: I am surprised the system didn't warn about the filename overlap08:58
RPah, sstate.bbclass:SSTATE_DUPWHITELIST = "${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/08:59
RPfrsc: I'd guess if you remove that from the whitelist you would see warnings08:59
frscRP: Indeed. If I remove the dir from the whitelist and rebuild I even get errors.09:05
RPfrsc: I think we shouldn't need that in the main whitelist any more, if we have some idle time on the autobuilder I might see if we do still overlap files anywhere09:10
frscRP: Ok, great09:12
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Linux on a virtual machine <>09:24
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bluelightningRP: in the ab helper, does layer-config need both targetbuilddir and targetdir? they appear to be the same thing and neither get changed09:38
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frscbluelightning: RP: I changed my setup to use different UBOOT_CONFIG for each MACHINE instead of the common one and now everything seems fine. The common link like "u-boot.imx" is not updatet, but I guess that's normal and it's not used to include the binary in the image.10:34
frscbluelightning: RP: So thanks a lot for helping!10:35
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bluelightningfrsc: no problem, glad we were able to help figure it out10:49
bluelightningseems like you uncovered a bug in any case (or at least undesirable behaviour)10:49
frscbluelightning: Yes I guess my setup was uncommon and it seems it is not really supported and therefore leads to some undesired results10:52
bluelightningI tend to think that if it's possible to trigger bad behaviour it should be prevented somehow, so I do think it could be improved10:53
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frscbluelightning: Right, I think the root cause is more like a restriction of the u-boot recipe and config classes that caused my setup to fail11:04
frscbluelightning: So having a warning for that case would be nice and as we have seen it would actually trigger an error if the deploy dir wouldn't be whitelisted11:05
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to exclude packages when populate_sdk in Yocto <>11:25
RPbluelightning: the fix is fewer things in the whitelist11:28
RPbluelightning: that looks like some kind of abstraction which never worked out, they are set set to the same thing?11:30
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luneffis there something to auto-edit a google repo manifest file? like "convert all branch references to exact commit revisions'?11:35
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JoeRHey all. This is perhaps a wish rather than a realistic hope but is it possible to find the list of CVEs open against any particular image recipe?..11:41
JoeRI mean, in any kind of automated manner :-)11:42
bluelightningRP: ok... I'm working on the argparse stuff so I guess I'll just replace the two with one11:44
RPbluelightning: I think we need to get rid of OETestDepends, its particularly urgent for sdk/esdk/selftest, images don't parallelise so those are less of an issue12:05
RPbluelightning: just looking at the esdk devtool tests and wondering if they really need that dependency?12:06
RP(the test_devtool_location one)12:06
bluelightningRP: I'm pretty sure we can do without that dependency yes12:08
RPbluelightning: we could make it a function and call it but I'm not sure that is worth it?12:12
bluelightningI believe the only purpose is to save time in case that test fails, pretty much like all of the other dependencies we've put in12:13
RPbluelightning: the other dependencies were less about time and more about better error messages12:14
RPbluelightning: particularly "your network is dead" which otherwise can be hard to figure out from a series of different timeouts12:14
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Openembedded: How to add python-robotframework to Yocto <>12:55
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tlwoernerhas anyone else noticed builds failing due to pigz crashing?13:47
tlwoerneri've been seeing these failures since we started using pigz, but maybe only 1 or so per week13:49
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tlwoernerso far, 3/8 of last night's builds failed because of pigz crashing13:51
tlwoernerpigz: abort: internal threads error13:51
tlwoernerpigz: abort: internal threads error13:52
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tlwoernerpigz: try.c:42: try_throw_: Assertion `try_stack_ != NULL && "try: naked throw"' failed.13:52
tlwoerneri see it's the host's pigz that is used, my host is openSuSE 15.0, pigz --version 2.3.313:54
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How do I clone a custom Intel Edison? <>14:55
mihai- looks nice :)14:56
mihai-halstead, ^14:57
mihai-I'm not sure who should look at that14:57
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moto-timowhich mailing list is used for submitting yocto-autobuilder related patches?15:14
bluelightningmoto-timo: the main yocto list15:17
moto-timobluelightning: thank you15:18
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kanavin__RP: I'd like to know where is the source and configuration for the 'new' autobuilder? the last commits in yocto-autobuilder are several months old, yet there's been activity lately, from the status emails16:38
kanavin__RP: basically pelux is struggling with jenkins and I suggested, why not use what upstream is using :D16:38
RPkanavin__: yocto-autobuilder2 and yocto-autobuilder-helper are the two codebases16:39
kanavin__ah, '2' :)16:40
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joaocfernandeshi, I have generated a Build system derived toolchain for arm and I am able to run and debug it on the Qemu through the eclipse launcher + plugin using the autotools project , still if I create a cmake project I have some issues with the toolchain16:49
joaocfernandesit looks like is looking for /lib/ on my local machine instead of using what is contained within the toolchain16:50
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joaocfernandessome logs
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joaocfernandes$CC -print-sysroot17:12
joaocfernandes /home/user/yocto/poky/build/tmp/work/armv5e-poky-linux-gnueabi/meta-ide-support/1.0-r3/recipe-sysroot17:13
joaocfernandescan't really understand what is happening and why only with cmake17:14
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JPEWHmm, this isn't vim... my leader key doens't work here....18:54
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RPkanavin__: The "2" codebase since there wasn't much in common with the older buildbot!20:30
*** pabaddy1995 <pabaddy1995!4066f914@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto20:31
pabaddy1995is anyone in here familiar with u-boot-fw-utils?20:32
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aehs29RP: are we planning on switching to AB '2' entirely at some point?21:05
RPaehs29: yes, soon21:08
pabaddy1995I know I keep asking this, but I'm really confused why my u-boot-fw-utils is using the wrong header file to mirror env variables.  When the .config file appears correct.21:34
JPEWAlright, version 2 of hash equivalence.... bombs away!22:11
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kergothdamn, that reminds me, i need to look at that at some point22:14
JPEWkergoth: I think I was trying to use persist_data in a way it wasn't originally intended.... but it was kinda fun fixing it :)22:15
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armpitJPEW, if you labeled it hashish, you might get more reviewers22:25
JPEWarmpit: hmm.... but maybe not too many full reviews.... to distracting22:28
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RPJPEW: persist data was not my best moment...22:43
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