Friday, 2018-08-10

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Alex___hi guys06:28
Alex___is there a command to see what packages does a specific recipe build?06:29
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bluelightningAlex___: indeed there is06:35
Alex___thank you bluelightning06:38
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nj0rdthere isn't by chance someone from phytec here? ;)08:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: YOCTO - First build for BBB <>09:29
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RPbluelightning: we have an interesting annoying bug. If you INHERIT += "ccache" then bitbake libtool-cross, then remove the inherit, then build apmd or vte on a machine which doesn't have ccache, it breaks :/09:58
RPccache gets coded into the libtool-cross script09:59
bluelightninghmm, yuck :(09:59
bluelightningI would have thought fairly easy to fix though ?09:59
RPbluelightning: what is the right fix?09:59
bluelightningreplace references to ccache with some variable that's only set when ccache is installed ?09:59
RPbluelightning: in libtool?10:00
bluelightningRP: yes, I was thinking we'd hack the script10:01
bluelightningugly, but it should work provided such a variable exists (or could be added)10:01
RPbluelightning: in principle I guess. But its libtool :/10:02
RPSo little uses the cross script perhaps we just remove the ccache references10:03
RPI think I prefer that10:04
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JPEWRP, bluelightning: Do you think Icecream would have the same problem as ccache?13:24
RPJPEW: build libtool-cross with it enabled and see if the CC= lines reference it?13:24
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JPEWDoens't look like it, which make sense in retrospect. Icecream masquerateds as gcc instead of being a prefix like ccache13:27
JPEWAnd I can't spell13:28
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RPJPEW: right, if it masquerades it should be ok13:30
* RP wishes he could replicate
RPhappens on all arches and all host distros in the sdk, occasionally13:31
RPI think its a loaded system race issue13:31
RPusually the python test, probably because its one of the fastest13:31
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yatesi'm trying to swithch from sysvinit to systemd. i put DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED = "sysvinit" in my local.conf but i'm getting "Nothing PROVIDES 'sysvinit'14:59
yatesis that subsystem called by some other package name?15:00
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richardgolledgehi, my image recipe fails as the wic part tries to add a ext3 image an image but the ext3 image is not built yet? tried reorder in the IMAGE_FSTYPES so ext3 is before wic but that didnt work15:15
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tgoodwinHas anyone had luck using "extrausers" in rocko to set a root password from a CentOS 7 host OS?  I have a recipe included in my image that inherits from that class and sets EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS to "usermod -p $(openssl passwd root) root" but I cannot log into the account.17:46
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tgoodwinNever mind... I think I just skimmed pass the "image level" in the docs.17:54
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yatesdoes core-image-minimal include a newtrork stack18:33
yatesnamely i'm wondering if there is a wifi kernel module it's leaving out18:36
yatesthe problem is that when i boot the initramfs, i get no network18:36
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yatesi think there are some kernel modules not being provided in the initramfs: brcmfmac, nfnat, nf_conntrack, etc. ?18:40
yateslike here:
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kergothsounds like you need to add more kernel-module- packages to the intiramfs image, or kernel-modules18:46
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yateslike this: IMAGE_INSTALL_INITRAMFS_append = "kernel-module-moduleName1" ?18:49
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