Sunday, 2018-08-12

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* armpit curse you libfortran17:31
* armpit we need to add some testing for this. it appears to be broken again17:35
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* armpit opens bug18:03
crazy_impwhat happens in yocto if a variable is not set that's used in file/dir name creation? will it put ${FOO} in the filename or replace it with an empty string?18:07
crazy_impi get "/build/tmp/work/overo-poky-linux-gnueabi/ti-dsplink/1_1_65_00_03-${MACHINE_KERNEL_PR}h/recipe-sysroot-native/etc/quiltrc" which looks broken to me18:08
kergothcrazy_imp: yes, unexpanded variable references are left as is. originally the intent was ease of use, to let shell expand them instead of bitbake itself. in retrospect, i'd rather it just errored out in such a case, then typoes would be easily caught, and defining default values is easy enough..18:21
kergothcrazy_imp: just set it to r0 or something18:21
crazy_impi read in some old post that this might be related to some wrong layer order, but after changing those (only reoreded the layers in conf/bblayers.conf) didn't change anything.18:27
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crazy_impkergoth: what's the best place to set it?18:49
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lukmaMaybe somebody could help me20:53
lukmaI do have custom do_config20:53
lukmaand for this do_config I do need package XXX:do_populate_sysroot executed20:54
lukmaThe simple: do_configure[depends] += "XXX :do_install" doesn't help20:54
lukmaI mean when I run bitbake -c configure foo there is no stuff installed20:55
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TellMeMoreIf you add the package to the the DEPENDS, the sysroot should be populated21:24
lukmaTellMeMore: Yes, this is the expected behaviour21:26
lukmaI'm just wondering if this worked for morty21:26
lukmaIt seems like the DEPENDS is ignored when I run bitbake -c configure foo21:27
lukmaand the ./configure of foo sources do check if the stuff from XXX was provided to the foo rootfs sandbox21:27
lukmaIt seems like DEPENDS is ignored21:29
lukmaand one more note I'm playing with the recipe in devtool21:30
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TellMeMoreand the files that you need from foo? are they staged?21:30
lukmaNo, I only do see pseudo and temp21:32
lukmain the build directory21:33
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lukmaTellMeMore: It is strange as temp/log.task_order shows only do_configure (24848): log.do_configure.2484821:34
TellMeMorethe files from the other package go into the ${S}/recipe-sysroot directory21:36
TellMeMoremaybe tell us what you need to achieve?21:37
lukmaI'm running ./configure for openj921:39
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lukmaThe ./configure check if stuff from openjdk-7 is installed in the "sandbox" for openj921:39
TellMeMoredoes the package, that's in your DEPENDS have a sysroot_stage... defined?21:40
lukmaYes the open-jdk-7 has do_populate_sysroot{_setscene}21:40
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TellMeMorehave you checked the bitbake runtime environment? (with bitbake -e)21:46
TellMeMoreshould show you what functions are called, and why21:47
lukmaI'm now trying to setup it without devtool21:47
lukmaas in morty it was still not production ready21:47
lukmamaybe this will fix the problem21:48
TellMeMoresure, try the devshell21:48
TellMeMorebitbake -c devshell21:48
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TellMeMoreGot to go, lukma, don't give up!21:57
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* armpit WTH22:04
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* armpit what is is bitbake doing22:04
armpitWARNING: Unable to get checksum for guvcview SRC_URI entry vmlinuz.old: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/vmlinuz.old'22:05
* armpit then hangs22:05
* armpit think I create a bitbake DoS22:07
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RParmpit: that does sound slightly worrying22:38
armpitRP, I created a "specially crafted recipe'22:39
* armpit I should open a bug..22:41
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