Monday, 2018-08-13

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Ca't install my own syslog's syslog-startup.conf via Yocto <>04:10
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khemRP: the size increase is due to this feature and also explained here
yoctiBug 1551073: was not found.07:36
khemRP: I think its a compromise thats was so far deferred07:37
yoctiBug 14095: was not found.07:38
khemit was open since 2.1507:39
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RPkhem: hmm. Not a lot we can do about that I guess07:50
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RPkhem: I started wondering about for images...07:50
RPkhem: I also tried fixing sparse files but that doesn't seem to save enough as yet07:51
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khemRP: for completeness I think the SDK fix is right08:03
RPkhem: the kernel-devsrc improvements may also save us some space. Good news is that if we fix this, I think all the tests in core are good for the new glibc08:06
khemmay be we can say that we only support limited locales for SDK for nativesdk and then just ship may be en_US.UTF-808:07
khemand remove rest08:07
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - Building a SELinux image - RPM Package compilation Error <>08:10
lukmaMaybe somebody could help me08:14
lukmaI do have a non standard problem08:14
lukmaI do need to run ./configure to build my package08:14
lukmathe problem is that this package's configure requires some JDK to be installed (otherwise the configure fails).08:15
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bluelightninglukma: wouldn't the recipe just need something that puts the JDK into the sysroot in DEPENDS (i.e. a JDK recipe)?08:16
lukmaI've added to the recipe DEPENDS = "openjdk-7" , but the log.task_order only shows do_fetch , do_unpack, do_configure08:17
lukmaand the stuff normally installed by openjdk-7 is not visible in the recipe for ./configure ......08:17
lukmaI've always thought that DEPENDS = "foo" is equal to foo:do_install and the needed libs, binaries are copied to my recipe's sandbox ?08:18
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lukmabitbake -e foo | grep ^DEPENDS also shows that openjdk-7 is there08:19
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lukmabluelightning: So I don't know what is going on really (and I do use morty 2.2)08:21
bluelightninglukma: it effectively means do_populate_sysroot for the other recipe (there's a little more to it than that, but that's not important here)08:23
bluelightninglukma: you won't see tasks for any other recipes in log.do_task_order08:24
lukmabluelightning: But this means that the do_populate_sysroot for openjdk-7 is not working properly?08:25
lukma(And probably the rootfs stuff has been installed in do_install of this task) ?08:25
bluelightninglukma: not necessarily08:26
bluelightninglukma: ultimately you'd need to find out what the recipe's configure script is trying to do i.e. what file is it looking for or what binary is it calling, then look at the files in the sysroot to determine why they don't match up to its expectations08:26
lukmabluelightning: The file needed is rt.jar08:27
bluelightningit may be that the configure script is looking in the wrong path - this is common for software that doesn't expect to be built with a sysroot08:27
bluelightningI don't know enough about openjdk to know if it provides that, sorry08:27
lukmabluelightning: Ok, I will check that......08:27
lukmaand yes, the script is only tested (supposed to work) on x86_64 with native compilation .....08:28
Alex___hi guys08:37
Alex___is there any way I can get the output from bitbake of d.getVar?08:37
Alex___eg: bitbake d.getVar('x) ?08:37
bluelightningAlex___: bitbake -e | grep ^VARNAME=08:39
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Alex___thanks bluelightning08:52
RPbluelightning: unless its exported. Really need to add better API... :/08:53
bluelightningRP: right yes...
yoctiBug 10748: enhancement, Medium+, Future, richard.purdie, NEW , Means of querying history for a single variable08:53
bluelightningwriting that script probably wouldn't take long08:54
RPbluelightning: indeed particularly with tinfoil these days08:54
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* RP ponders ways to clear space in core-image-lsb-sdk09:27
RPlocales taking up over 900MB seems like the place to start :/09:27
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building a SELinux image - RPM Package compilation Error <>09:41
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golledgehi, I am trying to add a rootfs image to /boot partition of a wic image. I have added the image to the IMAGE_BOOT_FILES but it seems like the ext3 file is not in the deploy folder. Has anyone doen this before or know what i am missing.13:47
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lukmaI was wondering about one thing20:10
lukmaWould it be possible to emulate native host build of recipe?20:10
lukmaI mean to avoid cross compilation, but provide for it the native environment ?20:11
lukmaSome packages are very difficult to move from native compilation to cross compilation20:11
kergothno, we can't avoid cross-compilation by building in qemu or on device at this time20:12
neverpaniclukma: The biggest problem with that is that build systems may expect to be able to run binaries that were just compiled in native builds.20:12
neverpanicWe (as in $employer) have done some work to make the cross-compiler the default in some environments, which does make cross-compiling very easy, but there are also some downsides to that, and we still have to do proper cross-compiling in bitbake recipes.20:15
lukmaThe problem is that large ./compile file needs a lot of tunning to provide --sysroot here and there20:17
lukmaalso the problem with libraries...... ld: cannot find crt1.o: No such file or directory20:18
neverpanicWelcome to cross-compiling.20:19
neverpanicIf it's a large project, look for cross-compiling instructions by other distributions.20:20
neverpanicIf it isn't, consider re-writing their buildsystem in something that natively supports cross-compiling20:20
lukmaneverpanic: Yeah..... NIH principle :D20:21
lukmaBut I personally prefer "reuse" as much as possible :)20:22
neverpaniclukma: ./compile really sounds like a self-written build system. I'd consider that NIH already, and that's likely your problem.20:23
neverpanicAll build systems suck, but those that have been sucking for a long time (autotools, cmake, and the most recent contender, meson) all get this right20:24
lukmaStrange...... as it is very comprehensive autotools configure script20:35
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rburtonlukma: then they're doing autotools wrong.  if the build wants to build a binary to run on the *build host* then the idiom is to use CC_FOR_BUILD from autoconf-archive20:49
lukmarburton: The problem is a bit more subtle....20:51
lukmathe configure script (from autotools) was tunned for host builds20:51
lukmaand some odd errors pop up from here and there20:51
rburtonwell that's wrong isn't it20:51
lukmarburton: Yes, it is :)21:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bitbake task to run openocd <>21:43
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RPkhem: I tried with the locales, ended up with which I'll have to dig into tomorrow23:03
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