Wednesday, 2018-08-15

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tlwoernerhalstead: are any of the openSuSE builders going to be updated to Leap 15.0?04:17
halsteadtlwoerner, There certainly will be a 15.0 builder in the new cluster. I have additional hardware coming up for that. Do you have any tips?04:20
tlwoernerhalstead: nothing specific. maybe avoid btrfs (which i think it'll want to do by default)04:22
tlwoerneralso, don't disable barrier (as suggested on it seems to randomly mess up pigz (don't know if this is openSuSE-specific)04:24
halsteadWill do. Thank you.04:28
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* armpit pigz don't like barriers04:52
khemwe should be testing distro defaults, so if btffs is default for suse then so be it. since we expect the opensuse users to use the defaults05:10
khemWe should stick to distro defaults as much as possible for best coverage05:10
tlwoernerarmpit: apparently they don't05:16
halsteadWe use defaults except the build partition is always ext4.05:16
tlwoernerkhem: hmm... is anyone else using btrfs for a build disk? i thought "don't use btrfs for OE" was a known rule-of-thumb05:17
tlwoernermaybe the manual should be updated to point this out? either specifically for openSuSE or just in general?05:18
khemif it is documented it might be ok, otherwise there is no point of testing various distros if we dont stick to mostly defaults05:20
khemwe could just publish a build container05:20
Jape_I am trying to build a RPI image having read only rootfs. Build fails because busybox post installation fails (update-alternatives: Error: not linking build/tmp/work/raspberrypi3-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-lsb/1.0-r0/rootfs/sbin/klogd to /bin/busybox.nosuid since build/tmp/work/raspberrypi3-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-lsb/1.0-r0/rootfs/sbin/klogd exists and is not a link). Yesterday got an tip that probably klogd is coming from05:35
Jape_sysklogd. But what my options are to get the build go through? :)05:35
Jape_learning how the system works, so pretty much no idea to which direction to go with that05:35
Jape_and definitely /sbin/klogd comes from package  sysklogd 1.5.1-r005:57
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mcfrisk#ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'libxml2-native' (but virtual:native:/home/builder/src/base/meta-openembedded/08:01
mcfriskmeta-python/recipes-devtools/python/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)08:01
mcfriskAny ideas how to resolve that on sumo? libxml2-native builds, but python-lxml somehow can't find it. Is it because python is arch all and libxml2 not?08:01
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RParmpit: nice green rocko :)08:28
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JoeRHi all. Is anyone here au fait with the meta-qt layer? I have a krogoth build that I'm moving to sumo, however I had been using the EGLFS backend for Qt, now Qt seems to require either x11 or wayland? Is that true?09:01
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sigma_cvHi, I want to include "gdbserver" in my image. But despite adding "tools-debug" to EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES in my local.conf gdb/gdbserver is not included in my image. Is there anything else that must be enabled?12:26
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JoeRHmm, I've always just added it as an item within my image, just as "gdbserver".12:27
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jofrI'm writing a bbappend to add an init-script for a daemon I'm installing. I have added my files like so: FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:" and SRC_URI_append = "file://init" (plus all the inherit update-rc.d stuff).. But for some reason it seems to override the strings for the original-package source-files. It fails because it can't find the required patch-file, which seems not to be copied in anymore..13:35
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jofrAhh no. It finds the patch-file allright. But it can't find the source-file to patch13:41
kergothjofr: you forgot to add a space to the beginning of your SRC_URI_append, so the last entry in the main SRC_URI was joined to file://init without a space13:41
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JPEWRP: No luck reproducing that persist_data failure.... I suspect it is some sort of sqlite DB schema problem. Would it be possible for me to get a copy of the bb_persist_data.sqlite3 file from one of the failed autobuilders?13:42
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jofrkergoth: Thanks! But I'm still getting the same error13:43
jofrApplying patch 0001-Remove-hardcoded-usr-local-includes-from-configure.a.patch13:43
jofrcan't find file to patch at input line 1813:43
jofrIs there a way to get a devshell before patches are applied?13:44
jofrBecause it failes on patching so my devshell never gets started..13:44
JoeRComment out your patches maybe?13:44
jofrIn theory I could .. but those patches are a part of the original recipe which I'm just bbappending.13:45
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JoeRjofr: Oh. So you're saying you have problems even with the original recipe and no append?13:46
jofrNo. Original recipe works fine. Until I break it with whatever I'm doing wrong in my .bbappend13:46
JoeRjofr: Ahh. Gotcha.13:47
kergothcomment out the entire bbappend and try to build it. if it still fails, bitbake -c clean the recipe and build it again and go from there13:48
RPJPEW: surely if that were the case it would be consistent. Failed builds do run again later with no change :/13:58
JPEWRP: Oh.... hmm13:58
* RP is happier now glibc 2.28 is merged13:59
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jofrFound my problem. It did NOT like my: S = "${WORKDIR}"14:07
jofrSo in my do_install_append () I just used WORKDIR instead of trying to make it shorter. This is something I copied from another recipe...14:07
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sigma_cvJoeR: thanks, simply adding gdbserver works.14:10
tgoodwinIs there a way to configure the u-boot recipe to load an FPGA from within the SPL (v2018.0x)14:26
jofrtgoodwin: AFAIK, no. I think you still need the Xilinx FSBL if you want the bitstream *before* u-boot is loaded.14:27
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tgoodwinI would have sworn I saw options back in v2017 for this (via menuconfig).  I have some PL -controlled devices that need to get loaded before the drivers, otherwise it's hanging.14:28
tgoodwinjofr: right now I'm trying to look through how the microblaze config works since it's a soft processor.14:30
tgoodwinsimilar issue... the FPGA would have to be loaded first.14:30
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jofrYes. But doesn't that still require the FSBL? I'm more than happy to be corrected, though  :)14:31
tgoodwinjofr: no idea; never tried it.14:31
jofrMe neither.14:32
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jofrI used to use the FSBL, but since I didn't need my bitstream to get loaded before u-boot (I only need it before Linux, so I just load them from u-boot) I just switched to the u-boot one. Makes the build-environment so much simpler.14:34
tgoodwinjofr: I hear you.  I'm trying to avoid having to do a canned FSBL recipe or use meta-xilinx-tools given its external toolchain requirement.14:36
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lukmaIs there any way to suppress -j X when calling oe_runmake ?14:43
lukmanormally this produces make -j <MAX NUM of threads> <options to oe_runmake>14:43
RPlukma: set PARALLEL_MAKE = "" ?14:45
lukmaRP: I would like to have PARALLEL_MAKE properly set (for other build stuff)14:45
lukmathe current build system do not accept make -j X14:46
lukmabut instead it wants make JOBS=X14:46
lukmaand show error when -j is passed to make14:46
RPlukma: PARALLEL_MAKE_pn-<recipe> = "" ?14:47
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lukmaRP: Ok, this works14:52
lukmaSo if PARALLEL_MAKE is NULL the oe_runmake doesn't pass -j ?14:52
RPlukma: the better way to think of it is the value of PARALLE_MAKE is passed to oe_runmake14:53
lukmaAch.... ok14:55
lukmaRP: The problem is that I do call make (oe_runmake)14:58
lukmathe during this make ...... another sub project is invoked, which calls ./configure14:58
lukmaI do need to set FOO=x86 for this configure14:59
lukmais there any way to do it from the oe_runmake level?14:59
lukmasimple export FOO=x86 doesn't help....14:59
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tlwoernerarmpit: i'm curious to know if you have mali working on the odroid-xu3? i know you don't have an xu4 but that's what i have (i don't have an xu3) and i can't seem to get mali to work15:50
tlwoernerarmpit: the driver doesn't load (complains about unknown symbols, and when i run glmark2-es2 it says the DDK doesn't match any GPU on the system15:51
tlwoerner(the xu3 and the xu4 are basically the same devices, just different boards?)15:53
armpittlwoerner, I thought I did. Yeah, I saw the missing symbols. the driver is calling functions on typically finds in userland not the kernel15:53
armpittlwoerner, so you built mali as a module ?15:54
RParmpit: thanks for the work on rocko, I took the liberty of merging :)15:55
RParmpit: I also moved a couple of patches into sumo-next and rocko-next to clean up my inbox15:55
armpitRP, no problem.. I have more patches to push out15:56
tlwoernerarmpit: the module is /lib/modules/4.17.14-odroid/extra/mali_kbase.ko15:56
tlwoerneri'm baking odroid-x11-image and adding 'MACHINE_FEATURES_append = " mali"' in local.conf15:57
armpittlwoerner, I guess I should try that. I built mine static.. I think the fixes are simple enough15:57
RParmpit: I wondered if you might...15:59
armpitRP, I have 30+ sitting on my desk. now I get to figure out what is applicable to master/sumo before rocko16:01
RParmpit: sounds like fun :/16:01
* RP is feeling a bit happier to have patches moving again and several annoying things resolved. For some reason I'm mentally feeling shattered :(16:02
RPI should perhaps take a break from the computer16:02
armpitsounds like a good plan16:03
armpitgo riding16:03
kergothsounds like you need a proper vacation :)16:03
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RParmpit: supposed to be club cycling tonight but not sure I can face it...16:04
RPkergoth: yes! :)16:04
khemRP: got the core-image-sato-sdk -ctestimage passing with security-flags now we need and
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RPkhem: very cool. Have them queued locally for the next -next run16:09
RPkhem: glibc upgrade is finally in :)16:10
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khemRP: yes saw it this morning, I was holding all meta OE patches on it16:14
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* armpit time to see what breaks16:24
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armpittlwoerner, I am updating to the latest mail driver and will see how it goes16:47
kergothDo we have a process for posting good tasks for new contributors or janitorial type stuff?16:48
RPkergoth: other than bugzilla entries, no16:50
kergothis there a flag or something in bugzilla to mark them explicitly yet, or just need to note it int he summary?16:51
kergothseems like a helpful thing a lot of projects are doing nowadays, adding entry points for new contributors16:51
RPkergoth: no, this is the bit that needs work as we've not found a mechanism that works16:51
* kergoth nods, fair enough16:51
RPkergoth: I'd suggest a new tag in the whiteboard and we mention it to stephen when he sends out the unassigned bugs list...16:52
kergothprobably a good idea16:52
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RPkergoth: I was just looking at which is probably an interesting task without too much prior knowledge needed16:53
yoctiBug 12614: enhancement, Medium+, 2.99, richard.purdie, NEW , Add include_all directive16:53
kergoththere are a lot of things in my 'should do something about this someday' list, and a lot of them are actually trivial but low priority, so figured it'd be worth pointing them out somewhere for folks looking for something to do16:53
kergothah, indeed16:54
RPkergoth: spending a few minutes creating bugzilla entries would be a good move16:56
RPkergoth: we have a good record of doing things longer term16:56
tlwoernerarmpit: great! btw should i be using master or master-next of meta-odroid?17:09
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armpittlwoerner, master.. I playing around with next too much. you can try it thou17:25
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* kergoth ponders17:42
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JPEWIs there a way to see all builds of a specific revision on the autobuilder?18:03
armpitJPEW, don't think so18:04
armpittlwoerner, still getting error18:07
JPEWAh, the builds are logged to the wiki by SHA1:
tlwoernerarmpit: okay, thanks for looking into it :-)18:14
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tgoodwinjofr: Turns out if you use u-boot-xlnx you can do this with an SPL setup for zynq parts (but not zynqmp).  Using their 2018.2 version, I enabled CONFIG_SPL_FPGA_SUPPORT and CONFIG_SPL_FPGA_LOAD_ADDR (to 0x100000 in my case).  That was enough for it to go find fpga.bin and load it.  You just have to make sure your endianness is right for the bin file.  It wouldn't take the bit file output from Vivado.18:35
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xtronwhile building linux kernel 4.14 I'm getting this error "Cannot generate ORC metadata for CONFIG_UNWINDER_ORC=y, install libelf-dev", now the libelf-dev in not available in oe-core, how to disable this CONFIG_UNWINDER_ORC=y19:23
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tgoodwinIs there a means to clear/  prevent appends to a variable?20:07
tgoodwinSort-of "seal" it?20:08
tgoodwinFor example, you have a machine that is derived of another so in most recipes you want to inherit those upstream machine items, but in this case, you want to block them.20:10
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kergothbest would be to undo what they've done in your own bbappend. worst case you could use BBMASK to prevent those appends from being parsed entirely20:19
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RPJPEW: you can also query error reporting for failures in a given revision20:47
JPEWRP: I don't know if I'm familar with "error reporting". Is that some sort of service?20:49
RPJPEW: autobuilder uploads all failures to it20:53
JPEWAh excellent!20:53
JPEWRP: I did notice that the only failures with persist_data (that I could find) were on the fedora26 node, which is now offline... concidence?20:54
RPJPEW: builds in the tgrid view on the autobuilder have a link to the right errors query20:54
RPJPEW: there were some on other builds. f26 was running selftest which was perhaps causing the problem to show more20:55
RPJPEW: there was at least one on ubuntu1710 iirc20:55
JPEWRP: fair enough. Ok. I'll see if I can find that one somewhere.20:56
RPJPEW: we're morphing the f26 worker to f28 now I think21:00
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khemRP: sent my share of recipe updates21:52
RPkhem: thanks!21:53
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khemRP: we need new uninative now too23:12
khemRP: WARNING: Your host glibc verson (2.28) is newer than that in uninative (2.27). Disabling uninative so that sstate is not corrupted.23:12
khemso you not only have to consider older distros but newer ones too :) sandwich23:13
armpitat least there was a check23:19
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* armpit hmm, more unknown symbols23:31
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* armpit gets hammer out23:45
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denixso, rocko got updated today and several of my external modules now break in do_make_scripts... :(23:51
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