Thursday, 2018-08-16

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armpitkernel modules?00:27
denixarmpit: yup, see email00:28
armpitso did you try what you suggested?00:31
* armpit gets distracted by M-in-law and wife arguing00:32
denixaratiu: yup, I changed oe_runmake back to make and everything worked00:32
denixarmpit: grab a beer and go to another room? :)00:32
armpitdenix, we should bug it or send a patch.. rocko has more working coming00:34
denixarmpit: yeah, it's bad timing for me - I'm in the middle of a release, trying to do RC3 now. I either have pin oe-core (but miss CVEs) or overlay module-base.bbclass00:36
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khemarmpit: starwars !!00:38
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anujmdenix: are you sending the patch or do you want me to?00:44
denixarmpit: what's the process for fixing backports in stable? normally patches should go through master, but this is rather specific to rocko only00:45
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denixanujm: I can send a patch shortly00:45
anujmdenix: thank you! I will give it a try too.00:46
anujmsorry, it broke your builds.00:46
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armpitdenix, if its specific in Rocko no need to apply to other branches01:02
armpitif the patch looks good I can through it a the AB later tonight01:04
denixarmpit, anujm:
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armpitdenix, thanks01:54
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anujmdenix: thanks!02:04
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khemRP: I sent a v2 of llvm patch, I confused it with meta-clang and sent a patch with newer SHA but older port of OE patches04:16
khemv2 should be good04:16
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hundebollkhem: any plans on backporting some of the glibc-2.28 compatible patches to sumo/rocko/pyro ?06:33
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hundebollI am currently running with d1e02516dc 741415c58b and acca7f964b to make sumo build on my Arch host with glibc-2.2806:34
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hundebollbut I guess the number of patches needed depends on the image/native-tools being built06:36
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RPhundeboll: That is something I've not considered yet but is probably going to be a pain :/08:21
RPhundeboll: pyro is end of life though so I'd not expect patches there08:21
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hundebollRP: I'd be happy to send patches to akuster, but I don't the machine-power to do one or more world builds09:59
hundebolls/don't/don't have09:59
RPhundeboll: I guess putting the patches on a branch would be a help, we can then fire at the test cluster when it has some time available10:02
fl0v0i get an awk error in do_image_multiubi10:02
fl0v0awk -i inplace -v n=4 -v ERASESIZE=0x20000 /\/dev\/mtd/{$(n)=ERASESIZE}1 /home/local_root/jenkins/workspace/rocko-build/build_x11/tmp/work/zp_ha_0v6-fslc-linux-gnueabi/zp-image/1.0-r0/rootfs/etc/fw_env.config10:02
fl0v0has anybody experienced this too? It justs exits with rc 1 and shows the "help" output10:03
fl0v0oh i just realized it seems to be an variscite specific thing10:07
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eduardas_mhello, I wish to implement MTP for my embedded Linux device to act as a USB Mass Storage peripheral...what is the prefered way to go about doing this in Yocto?10:48
abelloniwell, MTP is not USB mass storage10:50
eduardas_mabelloni: I am not a domain expert in this... I just want my embedded Linux device to allow file access from a PC in a similar manner and Android phone does10:52
eduardas_mabelloni: I am currently using the legacy g_mass_storage USB gadget driver, but it does not work properly sometimes10:53
eduardas_mabelloni: I am not using Android, this might not apply to my i.MX6 Linux 4.9 kernel provided by NXP10:55
abellonimost of it does10:59
eduardas_mabelloni: ok, thank you...will look into this more closely11:02
eduardas_mabelloni: my kernel does not have CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_F_MTP, CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_F_PTP or the CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_UEVENT options mentioned in the article11:19
abelloniah right, we ported the patches over11:30
abelloniyou can try instead11:30
eduardas_mabelloni: thank you, I was not aware of uMTP-Responder11:32
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eduardas_mabelloni: sadly, it appears to be under the GPLv3 license and I need something that is usable for a commercial product... are you aware whether Viveris offers to relicense this component under a commercial license?11:40
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abelloniI would think so11:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to add optee in barebox for imx6ul <>11:54
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sigma_cvI'm trying to create a kernel diffconfig fragment.cfg. I did "bitbake linux-yocto -c menuconfig" and activated some drivers. After saving and exiting menuconfig I do "bitbake linux-yocto -c diffconfig", but not fragment.cfg gets created, there are no errors or infos. Do I need to do something in between?12:33
sigma_cvRunning "menuconfig" again shows that my new options are still enabled. So it seems to save .config successfully but is not able to create the diff12:34
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tgoodwinOn rocko, what's the appropriate way to have a recipe depend on another's -dev package?  I have a DEPENDS="whatever-dev" and the whatever recipe PROVIDES += "whatever-dev", for example, but when populate sysroot occurs for the dependent package, the -dev package isn't installed.12:38
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tgoodwinNever mind.  Not enough coffee...forgot about sysroot preprocess funcs.12:54
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yannI recall seeing a layer that includes some recipes based on the other layers selected, but can't find it - anyone has this in mind ?13:19
yann(or, how can I peek the list of other layers from layer.conf to act accordingly)13:20
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yannoh, found BBFILES_DYNAMIC13:29
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RPIts kind of sad that I'm surprised when patches actually work :)16:40
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kismHi everyone, just another day learning more about the yocto project tools and linux. Right now I'm practicing writing device drivers for my dev board. The question I have is where can I find the device driver code from phytec? Will the C files be in the phytec-headless layer? I want to see their LED driver.18:01
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khemhundeboll: I don't plan to backport since I use containers for old releases18:08
khemkism: I think you can look at the recipes in phytec layer and they either might have patches to kernel or separate external kernel module for this stuff18:10
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lukmaI do see a strange regression with tar and empty directories on sumo 2.5.121:08
lukmatar -czf 3:4a65606111ba13bf6266a97d5195e503_deploy_archives.tgz.F51vBN5L deploy-sources21:08
lukmawhere deploy-sources is a empty directory21:09
lukmathis was working with 2.3.321:09
lukmatar (child): gzip: Cannot exec: Invalid argument21:09
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pabdaddy1995does anyone know if there is a known systemd-udevd issue with Rocko?  I keep seeing this crash21:25
pabdaddy1995INFO: task systemd-udevd:2850 blocked for more than 120 seconds.21:25
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lukmaOk, some more info21:36
lukmait turns out that for my for sumo 2.5.121:36
lukmathe do_deploy_archives[noexec]·=·"1" needs to be added21:36
lukmaas the do_deploy_archives task has been added (when compared to my old 2.3.3 version)21:37
lukmaWhy this task is added? And why tar has issues with tar'ing empty directories ?21:37
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Replace busybox ntpd with ntp from meta-openembedded <>22:26
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