Friday, 2018-08-17

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why ptest-runner cannot find any ptests in my image? <>06:27
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rob_wguys, before (krogoth times) i was able to use build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/ as compiler direclty .. what would that be in rocko ?07:36
rob_wah nevermind .. think i found him07:39
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eduardas_mhello, can anyone confirm that static builds with Qt 5 and Qt Quick (qtdeclarative) using meta-qt5 master actually work?08:31
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eduardas_mI have enabled the option and am now stuck on the do_compile step of qtdeclarative... not sure if something is wrong or this is actually supposed to take that long08:34
rob_wi remember qt taking quite some time08:34
eduardas_mrob_w: it does, but having enabled the static option, it is taking much longer than previously for some reason08:35
eduardas_mqtdeclarative is already at 6662 s08:36
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lukmaI do have a question regarding: sstate_create_package09:06
lukmaI port yocto/oe from 2.3 to 2.5.109:06
lukmaFor packagegroups-foo-common I do see following error09:07
lukmacd <workdir>/packagegroup-foo-common/1.0-r0/sstate-build-package/09:07
lukmaas expected, there are needed directories:  package packages-split pkgdata09:08
lukmaThe problem is with tar:09:08
lukmatar -czf temporary.tgz.XXXXXXX package packages-split pkgdata09:09
lukmatar (child): gzip: Cannot exec: Invalid argument09:09
lukmatar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now09:09
lukmaTar version tar (GNU tar) 1.2809:09
lukmaAny argument how to debug this?09:09
lukmaThe "workaround" is to do_packages[noexec] = "1"09:10
lukmabut this causes a break in for example do_deploy_archives09:10
lukmaBefore porting the <build_dir>/ tmp, sstate, cache were deleted and all started from scratch09:12
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lukmaIt also seems like the tar is from BUILD machine09:27
lukmals -alh <install>/poky/build-lwn/tmp/hosttools and there is a link tar -> /bin/tar09:27
lukmaIt seems like so problem with host tar running under the env (shell) created by sumo09:37
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lpappI am trying to build an old Yocto on debian stretch:
lpappcan anyone point me to the right direction?11:09
lpappany workaround that would help me avoid updating an entire Yocto?11:09
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CoLa|workis there an easy way to check which recipies pull a certain RDEPEND package into an image?11:48
neverpanicCoLa|work: If you have a package manager installed, you can ask that. E.g., for opkg, use 'opkg why $packagename'11:50
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CoLa|workunfortunately I have no package manager12:06
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TurBossHello, I'm getting this erro while bulding with toaster12:28
TurBossb'ERROR: Unable to start bitbake server\n'12:28
TurBosscommand: unset BBPATH;12:28
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TurBosshow or where I should set BBPATH=12:30
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TurBossok doesn't matter12:55
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Jape_Hi, I would need to make a image for raspberrypi3 having U-boot. I have set RPI_USE_U_BOOT = "1". But still I think I am not having U-boot. At least tools like fw_printenv fails because there is no /dev/mtd0. Any ideas? :)13:24
lukmaJape_: The lack of /dev/mtd0 is not necessairly show that the u-boot is missing13:25
Jape_lukma, Ok! I try to get rauc updates working in RPI. When I apply the updates, it wants to use for example fw_printenv tools. Now I feel I get closer to get that working if I would get those tools working.13:27
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lukmaJape_: The fw_setenv / getenv is from u-boot-fwutils13:49
lukmait is not the same as plain u-boot build13:49
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Jape_yes. I have added u-boot-fw-utils and I have the tools in RPI. But those fails because there is no /dev/mtd014:21
crazy_impsomeone in here building xdc-tool / ti-dsplink without complications on rocko?14:23
lukmaJape_: So you may want to check if MTD support is enabled in your kernel14:33
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lukmaor what will give you dmesg|grep mtf14:33
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armpitis Derick S here ?15:03
armpittlwoerner, regarding odroid-xu mali.. found no dts support and the Arm drivers don't support anything > 4.1415:05
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armpitRP, halstead is the space issue on the new clusters fixed?15:18
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armpitRP, just started a build. you can kill it if needed for master/master-next15:21
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JPEWarmpit: Mind picking up for sumo-nmut (sorry about the Change-Id tag)?15:22
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armpitJPEW, got it thanks15:27
JPEWarmpit: Thank you15:28
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake: "Nothing PROVIDES" error <>15:29
lpappno one for my issue? :D15:37
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Jape_lukma, thanks! I will check that ! :)15:58
Jape_nothing in dmesg, probably I have it then missing from kernel...15:59
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tlwoernerarmpit: okay, thanks for the update. unfortunate. hopefully the lima/panfrost projects bear fruit16:03
armpittlwoerner, I found patches for the Arm drivers and possible the dtb. wont get to playing with that until this weekend16:04
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khemtlwoerner: armpit my XU4 is on its way16:29
armpitkhem, should get mine today16:29
armpitfinally bought one16:29
khemtlwoerner: TFT driver for c2 needs to be ported I believe, otherwsise I could start using mainline kernel for my C216:30
khemI have to keep 3.5 LCD going16:31
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* armpit did khem just do an irc mic drop ?16:38
kismHi everyone I have a kernel space vs user space question. I successfully wrote a hello world kernel module that I can load or unload into the kernel. I also added in a function into this kernel module so I can attempt to call it from a user space application. My problem is what do I include in this new file to get access to the kernel function? Does make need to generate a new file for me other than the .ko file??16:42
kergothCoLa|work: buildhistory dumps a depends graph for the packages in the buildhistory/images/ dir, iirc16:43
kergothreplying to an old post, but didn't see if you got an answer16:43
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I override another .bbappend <>16:59
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khemarmpit: needed to reboot so I can switch to 4.18 kernel17:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How does BSP looks like in Embedded Linux? <>17:59
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* armpit got my xu418:28
JPEWAnyone else having trouble downloading strace?18:30
armpitcan you trace it ; )18:31
armpitlet me try18:31
JPEWLooks like an SSL problem on their end:
JPEWHmm, I can't seem to find a good mirror to download v 4.23 from. Anyone happen to know one so I can get my build to complete?18:36
armpitworked for me18:36
JPEWOk, it's my friendly neighborhood IT department again... they don't exactly advertise well when the block something. Sorry.18:38
* armpit not the eclipse plugin build failure again :/18:41
khemJPEW: seems that you can send a patch to upgrade to 4.24 as a result :)18:53
khemso time spent on this issue results in something more productive18:53
JPEWWell, *I* can't until IT unblocks the site ;)18:54
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tlwoernerarmpit: just in time for the weekend (receiving your xu4) :-)21:06
armpityep. got it booted already21:08
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khemJPEW: that was your homework :)21:27
khemI wonder if there is a good way to append to bblayers.conf21:27
khemrather I wish21:28
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* armpit bblayers.bbappend23:17
khemI could use bbappends in many places in my life yeah :23:59

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