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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: PyBuild based OpenEmbedded/BitBake recipe <>00:39
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tlwoernerarmpit: no luck with the xu4, then?03:53
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CoLa|workkergoth: thanks a lot! found the file05:34
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nickz_991Hi all, I am new to Yocto. I am adding ptests to my image. I followed the wiki . Adding EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "ptest-pkgs" in my local.conf doesnt install ptest packages in my image. Instead, ptests are added to my image by adding IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " ptest-pkgs" in local.conf.   Why the former is not working, is the wiki wromg?06:32
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nickz_991how to ask a question here08:41
nickz_991im new to IRC ..08:41
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mcfriskhow to add dependency to binutils-cross-canadian for SDK? I guess RDEPENDS to nativesdk-flex-libfl will not work since binutils is special09:11
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sveinseHi. Has anyone been attempting to dockerize the yocto build process?10:58
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tgoodwinsveinse: The community put out CROPS a while back.11:18
tgoodwinI haven't given it extensive testing, but it has promise depending on what you're attempting to do.11:18
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mns_ specfies that DL_DIR can be shared between multiple builds on the same machine. Does this also apply for multiple simultaneous builds - i.e. builds running in parallel?12:00
sveinseYeah, I've been wanting to raise the same question. And with same question for multiple concurrent builds for common sstate cache RW access.12:05
mns_I recall to have read somewhere that sstate is somehow mutex protected and thus support concurrent RW access. We have a Jenkins setup with shared sstate with multiple jobs running in parallel and haven't observed any issues. We have not enabled shared DL_DIR though12:11
kanavinI've shared a single DL_DIR between builds for many years :)12:17
kanavinit's less critical than sstate cache though12:17
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mns_But is there any mutex protection? I assume it is simple file access?12:52
kanavinmns_: there is file locking12:59
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mcfriskuhm, e44946bff10e04cc52c3871a65830e83ff4a2c41 in poky is dropping all nativesdk dependencies from autoconf. Is that right? It does not work in sdk until a large set of them are installed..13:16
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mns_Ok, thx...13:33
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uglyoldbobI'm having some difficulty setting an option in my wic kickstart file. When I try to make a partition without a mountpoint, (part --source rawcopy --sourceparams="file=custom.img" --ondisk mmcblk0 --align 64 --size 16) I get a "too few arguments" error. Any idea when making a partition that does NOT get automounted got implemented?14:56
armpittlwoerner, no if you mean mali working.. the mali_kbase loads but causes an oops15:01
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uglyoldboboh i think i found it. commit 45743114c8a541cf64745cdd4f9a05169a468a4c15:12
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khemRP: how can I reproduce that sstate failure locally ?17:23
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uglyoldbobwhat user should be the owner of tmp/work/blabla/blabla/1.0-r0/rootfs and sub directories? (assuming the generating recipe inherits core-image ?18:28
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kergothuglyoldbob: the build user18:48
kergoththe processes are run under psuedo, which is like fakeroot. in that context, it's root/root18:49
kergothbut outside that context, it's the build user18:49
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Custom Device Tree <>19:12
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uglyoldbobkergoth: thank you19:37
uglyoldbobI use a wic image when generating my image recipe. I use bmaptool create, then sudo bmaptool copy. File ownership of the files on the root partition are my local user instead of root. What might cause this?19:41
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uglyoldbobdo i need to find a way to run bmaptool create under pseudo ?19:48
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RPkhem: I gave you the command in the email?20:03
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khemRP: yes, and I Sent you a fix :)20:28
RPkhem: I just saw it, thanks. Will include in the next builds20:28
khemI was able to reproduce it20:28
khemI think it will be good to enhance that test to dump the changed data20:29
khemright now it only dumps signature file names20:29
khemso I have to apply my skills to guess what could cause the sstate sig changes20:30
khembut then it was impressive to see it pass once I made the change20:30
RPkhem: right, its hard to get that right given it can dump a lot of data though20:30
RPkhem: I think ross had some patches at one point, maybe he fixed some but not all tsts20:30
khemmay be this could be a extra option to this test20:30
khemwhich is not default20:30
khemself test asked me three thing 1. Disable PRSERV 2.) disable buildhistory 3.) add meta-selftest20:31
khemit added meta-selftest automagically but first two I have to change in distro config20:32
khemprobably selftest should do that automatically as welll20:32
yann|worka shared-state dir can accept to cache 2 entries with same key (when a job is built twice with exact same PR - I guess this should never happen, local breakage confused prserv here) - is there a way to prevent that ?  I guess that a lookup in sstate prior to building a recipe should be unexpensive enough to do to avoid breaking things more than they already are, what do you think ?20:33
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RPkhem: It gets tricky as we need some user local config but not all. Improvement is definitely possible20:35
RPkhem: particularly now the selftest parallelism forces it to have to create a new builddir anyway20:35
khemYeah indeed20:39
khemRP: given my patches are ok. Next to try are for poky20:41
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RPkhem: added to -next for the next run20:45
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uglyoldbobok so i figured out running bmaptool create in my bitbake recipe solved my file ownership problem21:07
JPEWHmm, I've done almost 10000 invocations of bitbake in a fedora 26 container without seeing that autobuilder error related to the persist_data changes :(21:07
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khemRP: you have to take out the patch that enabled llvm in mesa for now :(22:19
khemmy local build failed on musl | configure: error: LLVM target 'amdgpu' not enabled in your LLVM build. Required by radeonsi.22:20
khemI pushed a fix for it
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RPkhem: thanks22:43
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jae1Hi Is there a list of supported shells for yocto? is Dash one of them?23:02
bluelightningjae1: dash as /bin/sh is supported; bashisms shouldn't be used in shell functions as a result23:19
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jae1Ok thank you23:33

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