Tuesday, 2018-08-21

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khemtlwoerner: ping?02:04
tlwoernerkhem: pong02:04
khemtlwoerner: got a question on meta-rockchip what boards do you test regularly02:04
tlwoernertinker-rk3288 and firefly-rk328802:04
tlwoerneralthough i just was made aware that firefly u-boot doesn't work post 2008.01 (?) or something02:05
khemhttp://en.t-firefly.com/product/rk3288 cool02:05
khemyou mean 2018.01 ?02:05
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khemdo you also have display working with firefly-rk3288 ?02:06
tlwoernerfirefly u-boot has been broken since 2008.0302:07
khemI see02:07
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tlwoerner2008.01 should still work, i just need to add back a recipe for it02:08
tlwoerneri had display working with firefly-rk3288, although not accelerated02:08
khemI am interested in lvds02:09
khem2018.01 is ok I guess for me02:09
tlwoernerthe rockchip people had their own meta-rockchip layer that had acceleration bits, i tried it a couple times, never saw it working, but they've abandoned their OE work02:09
tlwoerneri think they're only supporting buildroot now, although there isn't anything in upstream buildroot02:10
tlwoernerwould the tinkerboard-rk3288 work just as well for your purposes? i recommend it over the firely-rk328802:10
tlwoerner(not just because u-boot works)02:11
tlwoernerone of these days i'll get around to doing kernel fragments for meta-rockchip like all the other "real" bsp's are doing ;-)02:11
tlwoernerdealing with rockchip eMMC is a pain, requires you to install/run binary-only programs on your linux machine02:12
tlwoernerthen, to get the firefly into maskrom mode, you need to short out two test points on the board with a wire while trying to plug in the barrel jack02:12
tlwoernerand if your wire slips...02:13
tlwoernertinker is _much_ easier02:13
tlwoernerno eMMC, just sdcard and go02:13
tlwoernerso what I do with new firefly boards is to get it into maskrom mode and wipe out the eMMC, the ROM bootloader will then try sdcard if it finds the eMMC is blank02:14
tlwoernertherefore this only needs to be done once, but still needs to be done02:14
tlwoerneralso there are 2 revs of the firefly-rk3288 board, so make sure you're crossing the correct test points based on which board you have!02:15
khemhttps://www.asus.com/us/Single-Board-Computer/Tinker-Board/ is the tinker board right ?02:18
khemit seems to not have lvds02:18
tlwoerneryea, i was just coming to that conclusion :-(02:19
tlwoernerso, firefly it is!02:19
khemis that the other layer ?02:20
tlwoernerthey have a repo somewhere too02:20
tlwoernerthat will make building more likely to succeed02:21
tlwoernerahh.. just re-reading what i wrote02:23
tlwoerneryes, sorry 2018.01 is the last working u-boot for firefly-rk328802:24
tlwoernerpost-2018.03 stopped working02:24
tlwoerner(my brain is 10 years in the past)02:24
tlwoerneris it really 2018 already??!02:24
khemlast commits in meta-rockchip is feb 201802:25
tlwoerneryes, then they stopped and switched to buildroot (i should look for it one of these days)02:26
tlwoernerprobably: https://github.com/rockchip-linux/buildroot02:27
tlwoernerlatest commit jun 1402:27
tlwoerneroops 19 days ago on the 2018.02-rc3 branch02:27
khemtlwoerner: do you know why they stopped doing yocto ?02:33
khemor is it that they just started doing BR as well ?02:34
tlwoernersomeone, who doesn't work at rockchip, told me privately that they had switched, which is what someone who does work at rockchip had told him privately02:35
tlwoerneri believe it was a combination of things02:35
tlwoernerthey found buildroot easier02:35
moto-timountil they need to support 10 platforms02:36
tlwoernerbut also, a lot of the people who use rockchip chips for their boards were using buildroot (again, because they found it easier)02:36
tlwoernermoto-timo: sometimes people have to find the right answer the hard way ;-)02:36
* tlwoerner speculates...02:37
tlwoernerfrom their point of view, and from the board manufacturer's point of view, all they want is an image that will "show off" their board's/chip's capabilities02:37
tlwoerner"throw it over the fence"02:38
khemcustomers are smarter now a days, they look for scalable SW support02:38
* moto-timo holds tongue02:38
khemno wonder why some SOCs are better02:38
tlwoernerkhem: yes, very true. and embedded engineers are also getting smarter too02:38
moto-timosome SOCs are much easier to build a product from...02:39
khemsometimes its better to learn the lessons hardway02:39
khemI let you fail :)02:39
moto-timofailure is an excellent trainer02:40
tlwoerneri wouldn't immediately disagree with someone who said that buildroot is easier for working with vendor kernels/u-boot/compiler/etc.02:40
moto-timoas long as you have patience02:40
tlwoernerkeeping OE on the bleeding egde wrt compiler/glibc makes it harder to support vendor kernels based on 3.10 and gcc-4.8.x (i don't mean this comment to be rockchip-specific)02:41
tlwoernerit'd be nice to have a "gcc graveyard" where older gcc recipes could live in the hopes of being useful for non-fully-upstream boards (i.e. all ARM boards??) ;-)02:42
* tlwoerner exagerates for effect ;-)02:42
moto-timoI call that git02:43
moto-timoI think the issue with that is maintenance tlwoerner02:44
moto-timowe have enough trouble as it is02:44
tlwoernermoto-timo: absolutely! i can't think of anyone who could possibly promise to maintain any such thing02:44
tlwoernerwhich is why i called it a "graveyard", it's there, if it works for you -> great, if it breaks -> you get to keep the pieces02:45
moto-timoI see a t-shirt02:45
tlwoernercall hellotux.com02:46
tlwoerner...and tell the yocto-ab to get the yocto t-shirts up already!02:47
moto-timoYocto Linux?02:47
tlwoernerof course! what else?02:48
moto-timo"the shirt that shall not be named"02:48
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khemtlwoerner: you have a point, we used to have toolchain-layer under meta-openembedded but test matrix explodes02:52
tlwoernerkhem: interesting, thanks for the info, wasn't aware of that!02:53
khemwe killed that layer, its just not tested and things broke almost always02:53
moto-timoprobably better to spend community effort maintaining older release branches which have said toolchains in them02:54
khemthere are uglier hacks for supporting older kernels/uboot see my meta-odroid hacks02:54
khemsee how cleverly it used an old layer02:54
tlwoernerbut now meta-toolchain is a target02:54
moto-timokhem: I forgot what risc-v 32 bit was missing, was it gcc support?02:54
tlwoernerso at one point "meta-toolchain" was both a target and a layer?!02:55
khemmoto-timo: it was glibc but its not added and will be in glibc 2.29 yay02:55
moto-timokhem: ah yes. that is good news thanks02:55
khemtlwoerner: it was called toolchain-layer02:55
tlwoernerkhem: ah right, sorry02:55
khemwhile BR might be easy to start it does not scale02:56
khemI have seen people look for *something else* after 1 or 2 year affair02:57
moto-timokhem: yeah, I saw that on day three of using BR (when I knew I had 3 SOCs to support)02:57
moto-timonot that I was a BR expert... I was a n00b02:58
khemwe still keep last two released of toolchains around and I guess that gives people 2-3 year old toolchains03:03
khemwe make changes to core architecture that will make it maintaining older toolchains a lot more harder sometimes newer toolchains have features we adapt our workflow03:04
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* tlwoerner much appreciates khem's hard work on toolchain support for OE03:05
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khembut you do bring a point to have a LTS release03:05
khemmuch like ubuntu/rhel model03:06
tlwoernerhmm, so having a graveyard of old gcc recipes wouldn't work, because the latest workflow won't work with newer gccs. so using an older gcc requires an older OE release03:08
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khemtlwoerner: yes03:45
khemwe have to maintain this layer, even though I would love to be called the "undertaker"03:46
khemit wont be really a graveyard03:46
khembut you are bringing the embedded world's original sin to fore and yocto project actually wants to solve that03:47
khemon a different note, rpi3 b+ is fully supported in 3.18 upstream03:48
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ak77hello all12:02
ak77I am trying to build npm based project, and just install compiled js to the target system. I use npm command which is provided by DEPENDS += "nodejs-native".... problem is, I do npm install in do_compile step, but this is done using another user -- doesn't know about ssh keys it needs to access packages specified in package.json12:04
ak77I've tried to do a do_fetch_append() { npm install }, but that throws an error as it would expect a python block.12:08
ak77how can I add a step to generic fetch ?12:20
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ak77or what is the way to produce compiled js for the target? I don't need nodejs on the target, so inheriting npm is not the right way12:23
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ak77how to use same user for my task (after do_fetch) as for do_fetch()13:29
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Custom Image Recipe does not install a file into the final rootfs <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51949775/yocto-custom-image-recipe-does-not-install-a-file-into-the-final-rootfs>13:46
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JPEWIs there a YPTM today?14:19
kanavinactually, no. there is a 'engineering sync' meeting in 1 hour 36 minutes14:24
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Image Recipe and SRC_URI <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51952495/yocto-image-recipe-and-src-uri>16:17
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kismhi everyone. I have a noobie userspace/kernelspace question17:03
kismhow can I call a kernel module function from a userspace application?17:04
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kismFrom research I gathered that I need to create a new syscall ot be able to link a module function to userspace.18:23
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aaronovzHello all!18:25
RPkhem: lots of patches merged :)18:26
khemRP: yes for first time I have no local patches today18:26
aaronovzDoes anyone have indepth knowledge of how FILES and do_install() work? I am trying to create a common recipe that contains a number of packages inside it and only install files associated with a particular package into certain images. It doesn't seem to be working the way I thought it would.18:27
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RPkhem: nice :)18:30
* RP thinks he may have found the test parallelism problem18:30
aaronovzI basically have two images and one needs to install 1 package from a recipe, and the other image needs to install X number of packages from that recipes. It doesn't appear to be working correctly as the initrd that just needs one package from the recipe is throwing an error "The initramfs size 138230(K) overrides INITRAMFS_MAXSIZE: 131072(K)" which suggests it is installing more then just the 1 package.18:31
RPaaronovz: does your one package depend on other packages, maybe by shared library linkage?18:31
aaronovzIt does depend on some system libraries such as glib, libsystemd but I wouldn't expect those to make the image size over 130MB18:33
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kismhow can I add a new syscall at the build level with bitbake?18:34
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aaronovzRP: I shouldn't need a bbappend file with a do_install_append() that removes all uneeded files, right?18:41
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khemRP: I think enabling hardening flags in poky is very nice18:41
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khemfor a change meta-openembedded is also building cleanly now, I have propsoed few world exclusions for musl so we can get clean world builds here on18:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake - tracking builds in binary <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51954644/bitbake-tracking-builds-in-binary>18:47
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RPkhem: sounds good for meta-oe. I'm hoping some of the tools/processes/testing we have for core can help there too19:19
RPJPEW: did you see the oeqa patch I just posted?19:22
armpitkhem, exclude everything and you will aways have clean builds ; )19:27
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JPEWRP: Yes19:27
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JPEWRP: What are the unexpected signals?19:32
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RPJPEW: odd we'd both hit similar issues at the same time! I suspect it was child process exitting signal or SIGPIPE19:38
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JPEWRP: Ya. I suspect we don't (luckily) often have the bitbake server die without flushing stdout, so it wasn't eaily noticed19:43
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JPEWRP: I think I might have a lead on what was causing that persist_data errors. It kinda looks like the server was actually starting but taking more than 30 seconds to reply to the parent process as "ready" (as opposed to crashing)19:58
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RPJPEW: how could it end up being that slow? long database ops?20:18
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JPEWRP: Not quite sure on how it relates to persist_data yet.... I can occassionally get that failure mode if I adequately tax my system when building.20:24
JPEWRP: Not that it means that is what is going on, but it's the only way I've gotten anything at all to go on. I ran about 10000 iterations over the weekend with no failures :(20:25
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RPJPEW: these things can be challenging to track down and fix, been here before :/20:26
JPEWRP: Indeed. I also think that the server being tardy to report "ready" is at least part of the cause for the selftest failure (https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-oe-selftest/builds/1274/steps/Running%20oe-selftest/logs/stdio). There are at least a few places where it reconnectes to an existing bitbake server instead of starting a new one20:31
JPEWIt's hard to say how much that is happening, but I think you would only see the reconnect message if the test where it reconnects happens to fail20:32
JPEWUnless I'm mistaken about the selftest: perhaps it uses a persistent server and reconnecting is normal?20:33
RPJPEW: With the selftest reconnects, it does usually work second try so I've tended to worry about other things20:33
RPJPEW: It can do that but the current default is to restart each time. It usually means the previous server was still shutting down/exitting20:33
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RPJPEW: I want to switch to memory resident but haven't gotten to that yet20:34
JPEWRP: OK, I'll keep hammering on it. Thanks20:36
phreakneshello. I am doing some research for a project of a digital dash / center cluster with 2 LCD screens on a Renesas R2/3 platform....20:45
phreaknesI would like to keep it as open souce as possible but so far it seems that software options are very limited. Is the Yocto project truly open source compared to other platforms like QT and Integrty?20:47
RPJPEW: turns out my fix does fix one problem but not the one I wanted to fix. Back to the drawing board on that then...20:47
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BCMMphreaknes: it's a little difficult to tell which other platforms you're referring to there20:48
JPEWRP: Too bad. It always seems so promising. It's probably a good change to have anyway20:48
RPphreaknes: The core of Yocto Project is true open source, nothing secret/hidden/proprietary. It can build things which aren't open though....20:48
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RPJPEW: it definitely fixes a problem, just not the one I hoped ;-)20:49
yann|worklooks like I can't add python code in a layer.conf - what alternative to I have to conditionally append to BBFILES ?20:49
*** yann|work is now known as yann20:49
BCMMphreaknes: are you talking about the Integrity RTOS and Qt Embedded?20:50
phreaknes@BCMM forgive me for my ignorance, I'm very new to the embeded linux environment, yes I am20:51
BCMMphreaknes: integrity is not even a bit open source. Qt is... not an alternative to Yocto20:51
BCMMalso Qt is open source20:51
BCMMby "not an alternative to Yocto", i mean lots of people are building Yocto images that include Qt applications20:52
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BCMMit's entirely possible to use Yocto to build a totally open-source, redistributable image including Qt20:54
phreaknes@BCMM sorry I knew Integrity was closed, I'm just looking for a platform to start this project with. I've seen a QT demo that has about 90% of what I want to do but It was running Intergrity and I'm wanting to keeep cost down20:54
phreaknesI'm still tryign to figure out how all of these systems work together.20:55
BCMMphreaknes: oh right. yes, yocto is open-source. you can include proprietary software in your images (provided you comply with the relevant licences, yada yada), but you don't have to20:55
BCMMphreaknes: yocto is your linux distribution (or the tool that creates your linux distribution, depending on how you look at it). qt is a cross-platform application development framework, which does user interfaces as well as other stuff20:57
phreaknesI think the demo was using Intergrty as a virual machine for the dash cluster and another for the center section.20:58
BCMMhow they fit together, assuming you want to use qt, is that *an application* written with Qt would be built in to your yocto *operating system image*20:59
phreaknesso basically Yocto is just a base core OS with support for the hardware (kernel drivers) and QT rides on top as the Application / UI layer with hardware hooks.20:59
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BCMMthat's about right i guess21:27
BCMMphreaknes: it's a minor quibble, but it's spelled Qt with a lower case t. QT is apple quicktime21:28
BCMMQt is essentially just a library that applications use (but a pretty all-encompassing library that decides a lot about the structure of the program)21:28
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phreaknesgot it so now I need to research on if yocto can support my hardware (Renesas H2 / H3) for what I want to do.21:36
RPphreaknes: Renesas is a strong supporter of the project which is a good start, I don't know much about their hardware range though21:44
phreaknesRP: elinux.org seems to have alot of information on the intergration. All greek to me ATM but it will come in time.21:45
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puffGood evening.  Working with some hardware that has a yocto version of linux installed.  Trying to set up some python3 code, but it looks like pip3 isn't there.22:53
aehs29Am I the only one getting stuck on building python3?22:56
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aehs29it seems to get stuck on the profile stuff that was just added22:56
aehs29puff: pip3 its there, the recipe is called python3-pip22:57
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aehs29nvm it got unstuck after 2632 seconds...22:58
puffaehs29: The recipe is there, but it's not on this particular piece of hardware, which came with this yocto-produced distro already on it.22:58
puffaehs29: Or is there some way to install the python-pip3 without rebuilding the whole thing, as if it were a debian package?22:59
aehs29puff: oh I see, you can build it and install it from a package feed if the image has package-management enabled22:59
aehs29puff: exactly22:59
puffaehs29: How do we check that?22:59
puffaehs29:  I mean, can we enable that, or does the original provider have to enable it?23:00
aehs29puff: easy way would probably to just check if you have dpkg, opkg or dnf installed23:00
aehs29puff: if you have any of those youre golden23:01
puffaehs29: Cool, checking.23:01
puffis there23:03
aehs29puff: then you can build python3-pip to create a package feed and then add that package feed to dnf , and install the package throught the network, like you would od on any of the distros that support dnf23:05
puffCan you point me at a tutorial on this?23:09
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