Thursday, 2018-08-23

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halsteadbluelightning, I've created some problems with the prod layer index that make cherrypicking that commit harder than it should be. I'll come back to this in 2 hours and get it sorted.00:24
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bluelightninghalstead: ok01:57
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favalexHi! I'm attempting to add `curl-dev` to an Extensible SDK for fsl-community-bsp (sumo release.) On a fresh checkout I've added to `conf/local.conf` `TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " curl-dev"` and then run `bitbake -c populate_sdk_ext core-image-minimal`.07:03
favalexThis is the error I get:07:03
favalexERROR: core-image-minimal-1.0-r0 do_populate_sdk: Could not invoke dnf. Command '/home/pvs6/fsl-community-bsp-sumo/buil07:04
favalexd/tmp/work/imx6ulevk-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/dnf -y -c /home/pvs6/fs07:04
favalexl-community-bsp-sumo/build/tmp/work/imx6ulevk-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/sdk/image/etc/dnf/dnf.conf -07:04
favalex0/sdk/image/etc/yum.repos.d --repofrompath=oe-repo,/home/pvs6/fsl-community-bsp-sumo/build/tmp/work/imx6ulevk-poky-linu07:04
favalexx-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/oe-sdk-repo --installroot=/home/pvs6/fsl-community-bsp-sumo/build/tmp/work/imx6ulev07:04
favalexk-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/sdk/image --setopt=logdir=/home/pvs6/fsl-community-bsp-sumo/build/tmp/wo07:04
favalexrk/imx6ulevk-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/temp --nogpgcheck install curl-dev nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk07:04
favalex-host packagegroup-cross-canadian-imx6ulevk' returned 1:07:04
favalexAdded oe-repo repo from /home/pvs6/fsl-community-bsp-sumo/build/tmp/work/imx6ulevk-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minima07:04
favalexLast metadata expiration check: 0:00:00 ago on Thu 23 Aug 2018 06:06:21 AM UTC.07:04
favalex Problem: conflicting requests07:04
favalex  - package curl-dev-7.61.0-r0.cortexa7hf_neon does not have a compatible architecture07:04
favalexLooks like an attempt to install in the native sysroot the RPM for the target. What have I done wrong?07:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: How to whitelist GPLv3+ recipe? <>07:53
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lukmaI'm just wondering08:30
lukmais it possible to have a variable flag for a task dependent on MACHINE?08:31
lukmalike do_kernel_configme[depends]_<MACHINE_FOO> += "gzip" or such ?08:31
lukmait is possible to define do_kernel_configme_<MACHINE_FOO> ()08:32
lukmaor shall I use just DEPENDS_<MACHINE_FOO> += "" in the recipe ?08:33
lukma(but on the other hand DEPENDS is a bit coarse - I cannot set DEPENDS on a separate tasks .... though )08:33
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ak77lukma: do "grep -r _qemux86 openembedded-core"09:06
ak77lukma: to see in what ways a <MACHINE_FOO> is used09:06
lukmaak77: Thanks :)09:54
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mcfriskis there a way to execute SDK tests after bitbake build?12:08
zeddii_homeRP: I have 4.18 ready to go as the kernel for the release, 4.18 libc headers, all arches, musl + glibc, sato + kernel-dev tested. The only thing that is missing is the reference BSPs updated to 4.15 and Kevin is working on that.  I’ve deleted 4.15 in my current series .. but am waiting on the BSP uprevs to make it final.12:08
RPzeddii_home: sounds good! Do you have that bbclass getstatusoutput change in there?12:09
zeddii_homeI can send 4.18 and follow up in a few days with 4.15 and 4.12 removed from master. I’d rather do it all in one shot ..12:09
zeddii_homeRP: yah, its there and fixed12:09
zeddii_homemy audit output has been invalid for about 8 months12:09
zeddii_homeI found a lot of invalid options while doing 4.18 after I fixed it.12:10
RPzeddii_home: getting the bits we can tested now might be wise12:10
zeddii_homeok. I’ll send it in a few hours when I’m into the office.12:10
zeddii_homeI even have -rt working on it, so it is fairly complete.12:10
zeddii_homeI’m sure I’ve missed something, but I built a lot of combos against it.12:10
zeddii_homeqemuppc sato was my last test, and it just worked.12:11
zeddii_homeas usual, I had to uprev lttng, etc, all in the series I’ll send.12:11
RPzeddii_home: we can see what the autobuilder makes of it :)12:11
RPzeddii_home: all sounds good. Clearing out some older kernels is nice :)12:12
zeddii_homeindeed. 4.15 has been haunting me, as 4.12 has been haunting paul gortmaker. time to put a stake in those two.12:13
zeddii_homethat leaves us 4.14 and 4.18 in master.12:13
RPzeddii_home: keep wondering if I could get away with removing gcc7 ;-)12:14
* RP is being haunted by oeqa issues atm12:14
zeddii_homethe remove-and-see-who-complains .. is always tempting.12:14
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zeddii_homeand when they complain, they’ve been promoted to maintainer!!12:15
RPzeddii_home: might send out an RFC12:16
RPzeddii_home: I'm going to be happier when a lot of these "wip" pieces are in (like devsrc was)12:16
zeddii_homeI’m glad to see that at least my part of the pain point is “done"12:17
RPzeddii_home: we have new ones like the python pgo stuff :)12:19
RPpatch is really neat but slow12:19
zeddii_homeinteresting. and all the equivalence stuff I suppose12:19
zeddii_homeRP: I also see Robert Yang has a getstatusoutput kernel patch in his queue (which I assume prompted your earlier comment), I assume it will be ignored, and I will send that patch today in my queue.12:20
RPzeddii_home: right, I need to get to that12:20
RPzeddii_home: that was why I asked. I didn't queue it12:20
zeddii_homeperfect. I’ll get rid of that minor pain point today as well :D12:21
RPzeddii_home: I wondered about merging it so we could get to talk :)12:21
zeddii_homewhat was funny was when I was working on the other patch for getstatusoutput, when I realized that the audit has been *completely* hidden for months. ooops. So I had to tweak tools + the patch, and then got caught up in fixing the audited fragments … whee.12:22
RPzeddii_home: we have a few problems like that which that cleanup found...12:22
RPzeddii_home: which is partly why I think it was in fact a good thing to sort out12:22
zeddii_homeyup, can’t argue with that!12:23
RPzeddii_home: also means when some of the changes in python 3.7 are "normal" we won't have so much pain12:24
zeddii_homewould be nice not to have to scramble for everything when that happens :D12:25
* kanavin is getting increasingly agitated about perl/python situation in oe-core12:27
kanavinwe'll probably eventually have to throw both away and rewrite them12:27
RPkanavin: you mean updating to 3.6?12:27
kanavinRP: 3.7 actually, and 3.8 is not far away I think12:27
kanavinDerek was supposed to handle this...12:28
RPkanavin: I'm not sure we can afford to "throw away" :(12:28
kanavinyes, but technical debt :(12:28
RPkanavin: with openssl that approach is causing me a lot of pain as we gradually find and need various things12:29
RPkanavin: Jens is keen to help but I'm struggling to get even simple cleanups from him to build :(12:29
kanavinRP: I would like to raise this at OEDEM maybe?12:31
kanavinmy first ever :)12:31
RPkanavin: fine to raise it but we really need people to take action12:31
RPsomeone who cares enough and has time to work on it12:31
kanavinthat would be me :) perl-sanity project is halfway done12:32
kanavine.g. introduce perl-cross from buildroot project, update perl to latest, and yes, clean rewrite of the recipe12:32
kanavinthe recipe is ready, but various things refused to build... then I resigned from Intel :)12:33
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* zeddii didn't realized he'd been off #yocto13:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why does the yocto bblayers.conf file use absolute paths? <>13:24
* zeddii shouldn't have bragged earlier. lttng just blew up on my last mips build13:25
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RPzeddii: always the way :(13:43
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nayfeHi everyone, anyone using declarative jenkinsfile for Yocto CI? Do people use CROPS with it?13:55
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zeddiiRP: I'm going to send you 4.18 with lttng-modules broken for mips32. I've been staring at their horrid macros, etc, and have zero idea what is wrong, or how to fix it.15:36
zeddiiand the upstream has no updates to address it.15:37
RPzeddii: not good :/15:38
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zeddiiI mean, comon, look at this garbage:
zeddiithe .c file that is breaking, has *no* actual code,  just includes15:38
zeddiiand then it goes on and on from there.15:38
* zeddii is tired of every kernel update getting pended on that junk15:38
* zeddii has an extreme dislike of lttng.15:39
RPzeddii: think that link is bust. Perhaps we need to rethink lttng...15:40
zeddiioops. yah:
zeddiiI'd delete it immediately if I could :D15:40
RPzeddii: that trace doesn't look fun15:41
zeddiiI'll try a bit longer, but I will send the series as a RFC regardless by end of day.15:41
RPzeddii: good plan, thanks15:42
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Simatic IoT 2000 SSL/TLS connection <> || Yocto recipes’ dependencies <>15:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Finding dependency issues in yocto do_rootfs() activity <>16:25
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tgoodwinJust switched to sumo and now a package that is in MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS is no longer able to be installed on do_rootfs because nothing provides it (according to the error), but my layer config and layers didn't change.  Anyone else have that happen?18:34
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kergothJaMa: ever run into an issue where qt5's qmake in an sdk using populate_sdk_qt5 is looking for /bin/qt4/qmake on the host?19:36
kergothJaMa: really strange19:36
kergothdon't know enough about qmake behavior and its toolchain configuration to know the cause at htis point19:37
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JaMakergoth: no I haven't seen this one, but I don't use qt5 sdk anywhere21:37
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kergothk, figured i'd check. thanks21:37
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RPbluelightning, armpit, halstead: Finally, the instructions for rebuilding the new buildbot plugin:
RPI tested in a container and I think the deps are right and its not as bad as it first seemed22:10
armpitRP, thanks.. I will take a look22:10
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