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illariosHey! I am getting "rsync: not found" error when trying to bake a recipe. Still if I use the devshell rsync seems to be working properly11:25
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illariosWhat could be going wrong?11:25
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lukmaMaybe it is a bit odd question12:41
lukmaFor e.g. kernel I do have12:41
lukmado_kernel_configme , do_prepare_recipe_sysroot,12:42
lukmaI would like to make the configme depend on prepare_recipe_sysroot12:42
lukmafor new task I would use : addtask12:42
lukmabut is there any command to force the dependency on already defined tasks ?12:42
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lukmaOk, got it - it is possible to add more tasks after "after" in addtask13:00
binarymhi all. I've setup a Yocto sumo environment and now, i'm trying to build e2guardian using the recipe here:13:00
binarymbut when i do bitbake e2guardian:do_cleanall and then do_fetch13:01
binarymit fails telling me there's no do_fetch13:01
binarymany idea ?13:01
ak77binarym: try with bitbake e2guardian -c cleansstate13:04
ak77lukma: did you check
ak77lukma: to define task interdependency13:05
binarymak77: it worked. But ... bitbake e2guardian:do_cleanall isn't supposed to do that too ?13:05
binarymak77: btw, thx :)13:05
lukmaak77: It seems like do_kernel_configme[deptask] = do_prepare_recipe_sysroot will do the trick13:07
ak77binarym: I am not familiar with recipe:task notation, did you try bitbake e2guardian -c cleanall ?13:14
binarymak77: yeah, several time. Looks like cleanall doesn't do cleansstate13:15
binarymthis is strange13:15
ak77binarym: indeed strange acording to
binarymak77: yeah, i took a look to this page before asking here...13:19
binarymother strange thing is that bitbake told me that task didn't exist13:20
binarymeven if i tried to forced it using bitbake -f e2guardian -c do_fetch13:20
ak77binarym: -c is always without do_13:22
binarymyeah, sorry13:24
binarymi only did the mistake while writing it here :p13:25
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annathI'm not entirely sure where to start asking this, so this might not be the right channel, but I'm trying to debug a kernel problem on a distro created with Yocto for an embedded Linux system and need some leads. I'm experiencing an intermittent "rcu_preempt self-detected stall on CPU" and not entirely sure how to even start debugging it. Can anyone give a nudge in the right direction of what I can do to diagnose?15:52
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khemRP: how often is main page of updated ? it shows the commits but they are from a week ago18:34
khemRP: this gives stale info, we should make it grok the info more frequently from git18:35
RPkhem: halstead would know18:50
halsteadI'm at an appointment for the next hour. I will check in after.18:51
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khemhmm seq is used in kernel kconfig system20:03
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khemI wonder if this should be whitelisted in HOSTTOOLS20:04
RPkhem: is that from coreutils20:09
bluelightningRP: it is on Fedora at least20:19
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RPJPEW: interestingly, a build with those flush calls added is showing odd output:
RPJPEW: note the missing progress reports...21:09
JPEWHuh, odd. I wonder if it that is due to needing the flush() before fork()21:12
JPEWRP: Although, I will admit I don't really know what the output is *supposed* to look like21:12
JPEWLooks like there should be a "2: 30/40 137/331 (24.57s) (bbtests.BitbakeTests.test_local_sstate)"-like line for every test?21:14
halsteadkhem, Those status update every 6 minutes but they only show commits to release branches and release-next branches. I don't know why we didn't include data from master, master-next, and others. I could monitor more branches though.21:16
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RPJPEW: yes, loads of them are going missing21:18
RPhalstead: we want to monitor master really21:18
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JPEWRP: K, I'll look into it.21:18
halsteadRP, I'll just fix that. No need to run it back through committee in my opinion.21:19
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RPJPEW: the print code is in lib/oeqa/core/ and it could be my own flush changes rather than yours. I'm just a little puzzled by it :/21:19
RPJPEW: that code uses separate fork() code it is probably my problem21:20
JPEWIt is odd, usually you expect flushing to improve the output, not degrade it :)21:20
RPhalstead: You can blame me ;-)21:20
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RPJPEW: indeed, thats why I'm puzzled21:36
RPJPEW: experimenting a bit locally, I think its the stdout buffering that the tests do. Just not sure why its sometimes buffering and sometimes not. Changing print() -> logger() makes it work21:44
RPJPEW: a sys.stdout.flush() immediately after doesn't help21:44
JPEWRP: Do the test change the default buffering?21:44
RPJPEW: sometimes :/21:45
RPJPEW: I thought I'd turned off buffering though21:45
RPJPEW: sorry to bother you, I think this is changes other than the flush even if it looks similar...21:48
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JPEWRP: No problem. Good luck!21:49
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khemhalstead: we need to show activity21:56
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RPJPEW: I keep forgetting there are threads and processes involved and here runner threads 'corrupt' the main one21:58
RPJPEW: easily fixed, just need to remember this21:58
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khemRP: I was wondering if -pipe option to gcc has any benefits left22:12
RPkhem: doesn't that stop it creating files on disk?22:15
khemRP: we now have tmpfs serving /tmp22:16
khemin olden days it made difference because files were creared on real disk22:16
khemit still saves some I/O so may be it still has value dont know, it will be interesting to do a world build with and without this option22:18
RPkhem: not all distros setup /tmp with tmpfs22:19
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* khem checks centos6 box22:22
khemhmmm /tmp is not tmpfs22:23
RPkhem: its not on my ubuntu either22:23
khemswitch to arch22:24
RPkhem: not going there ;-)22:24
* RP is trying to avoid a glibc rebuild in -next, again22:24
khemRP: I use arch and debian9 container for older builds22:26
khemkeep master working on arch and then let releases use a container works really well, I like to have all latest on my machine22:27
RPkhem: makes sense. I'm still trying to sort out build hardware locally :(22:30
khemRP: get a E5-2696 based one22:31
khemreally silent and blazing fast22:31
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khembut veeery expensive22:32
RPkhem: I'm working on getting sorted out...22:36
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khemRP: do we have mechanism to setup feeds for eSDK23:00
khemI need pointer to docs or tutorials if any23:00
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khemRP: I think we need to show the release section on website too especially prebuilt toolchains and SDKs23:15
khempeople dont know that we have prebuilt stuff23:16
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